IL Latini New Alamein

السعر مُتاح عند الاتصال
Status Under Construction
Delivery Date 2023
Developed by: Secon

About the project It is one of the most beautiful projects in El Alamein, which was designed in the ancient Roman style. It also has commercial malls and recreational and basic services.

The location of the project in the heart of El Alamein on North Coast.

Project Space The project was built on a space of ​​450 acres.

Units types vary between apartments and studios.

Units Space starts from 70 square meters.

Units prices start from 1,900,000 EGP.

Price per meter the meter price starts from 24,000 EGP.

Payment systems the customer pays a 5% downpayment for the unit reservation, then a second payment after 3 months at a value of 10%, and the rest of the amount is paid in installments over a period of up to 7 years.

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IL Latini New Alamein Brochure and Master Plan


Project name: Latin Settlement.

About the project: It is one of the most beautiful projects in El Alamein, which was designed in the ancient Roman style. It also has commercial malls and recreational and basic services.

The location of the project: in the heart of El Alamein on North Coast.

Project Space: The project was built on a space of ​​450 acres.

Units types: vary between apartments and studios.

Units Space: starts from 70 square meters.

Units prices: start from 1,900,000 EGP.

Price per meter: the meter price starts from 24,000 EGP.

Payment systems: the customer pays a 5% downpayment for the unit reservation, then a second payment after 3 months at a value of 10%, and the rest of the amount is paid in installments over a period of up to 7 years.

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Do not miss the opportunity to live the optimal lifestyle in IL Latini New Alamein

In IL Latini New Alamein, you will enjoy the ancient classic Alexandria character that is influenced by Roman and Greek architecture. The project is built on a huge space of ​​450 acres divided in a distinctive way to include many services and advantages from vast green spaces, water bodies, commercial centers, entertainment and educational services, and hotels along with apartment buildings with superb interior and exterior finishes, and exceptional waiting areas that don't make you think twice about choosing your dream home.

The project is implemented by the Egyptian Saudi Company "SED", and it is one of the most prominent urban projects in  New Alamein North Coast and it is unique in being a residential area, and a tourist attraction at the same time, due to the presence of universities, regional service centers in addition to the charming Mediterranean waters, its soft white sands, and the Beaches, artificial lakes with wonderful crystal waters.

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Don't think too much about where your new home, Own your unit in the heart of New Alamein, in the best locations ever

You will not have to cut ties with your lovers; Latin Settlement in the southern region of New Alamein is surrounded by the most important main roads; Where you can reach it from Cairo through El Alamein Road, Wadi El Natroun Road, El Dabaa New Road, and Alexandria-Matruh Road. The project also represents an important point of attraction for many customers and tourists as a result of:

  • IL Latini New Alamein is close to the university district, the city of heritage and culture, and the cinema and theater complex.
  • It is located a short distance from the heritage city.
  • Overlooking the beaches area, and many luxury towers.

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The most beautiful unique features  of Latin Settlement North Coast

IL Latini New Alamein is undisputedly the most prestigious; It combines calm, luxury, and well being at the same time, and includes all integrated services that are not found in any place, and its most important advantages are the following:

  • The charming beachfront overlooking North Coast Sea.
  • The distinctive classic design that the project enjoys gives it a special charm and attracts many clients and investors from all over the place.
  • You will enjoy a holiday-like everyday life with your home overlooking the magnificent New El Alamein Lake.
  • Gardens, green parks that refresh and keep the air fresh.
  • Jog in the morning, or ride your bike in an atmosphere that feels fresh and luxurious every morning.

Enjoy the best services available within Latin Settlement New Alamein

You are looking for a place with many services of international standards, high quality, and endless luxury; Here is all that and more inside IL Latini New Alamein to create your family in a distinguished community away from noise and pollution, overlooking the wonderful Mediterranean waters, and the most important of these services are:

  • The project provides you with a religious edifice designed in the most luxurious architectural styles to perform prayers and various religious rites. A large mosque and a huge church.
  • The presence of the distinctive beach area provides residents with an attractive summer atmosphere and enables them to enjoy the purest turquoise waters, and the recreational services available on the beach.
  • A luxurious towers area has been established in the project, designed with the best international technologies, the most beautiful architectural styles, as well as the available high-quality services; Which puts it in competition with the Dubai Towers.
  • There are distinctive social housing units at reasonable prices that suit the different classes.
  • High-end commercial centers with the most luxurious brands, international brands for those with fine taste, and a hypermarket with all the goods and services that a home needs.
  • Establishment of sports clubs with many playgrounds, a gym with modern equipment and equipment to maintain the fitness of the residents.
  • A wonderful amusement park that includes various fun games to spend the most beautiful times among family and friends.
  • Employing security and guard personnel working around the clock to maintain security and stability, and there are modern surveillance cameras distributed everywhere within the project.
  • Implementation of a cinema complex that includes many exhibition halls with the latest sound equipment and technologies, in addition to comfortable seats for showing the latest international films.
  • Swimming pools of many different shapes and spaces to suit adults and children.
  • International restaurants and cafes that provide excellent services, along with delicious food, and the most delicious drinks in a quiet romantic atmosphere.
  • Spacious garages to accommodate the largest number of cars, and prevent congestion within the project.
  • For lovers of reading, and looking forward, there is a huge library that mimics the Library of Alexandria that offers many types of different books.
  • A huge spa with many places for spa, jacuzzi, and sauna for recreation and body care; For more relaxation for residents.
  • The project includes Marina El Alamein Museum in a large space of 800 square meters.
  • There is a 14 km Corniche, comparable in length to the one in Alexandria.
  • The New Urban Communities Authority is studying the idea of implementing an Olympic gymnasium, and an agreement with European teams to set up annual camps there.

Units types and spaces within IL Latini North Coast

The large space of ​​the project allows the provision of countless services, in addition to enjoying the highest degree of comfort, security, and luxury. The units have a wonderful view of the bright blue waters and picturesque green spaces. The nature of the place provides a charming atmosphere that gives a feeling of psychological calm and relaxation.

The space of Il-Latini New Alamein is 450 acres and includes 6 areas with 249 residential buildings with a total of 12,000 residential units of studios and apartments, all of which have luxurious architectural designs with international classic touches that blend the Egyptian, Greek, and Roman civilizations, and the floors vary between a ground floor and 4 upper floors, to a ground floor and 7 upper floors.

The following are the spaces of the different units within IL Latini North Coast, which are scheduled to be delivered fully finished during 2023:

  • The average space of the studios is 70 square meters.
  • The average space of one-bedroom apartments ranges from 90 m² to 100 m².
  • The average space of 2-bedroom apartments ranges from 120 m² up to 135 m².
  • The average space of 3-bedroom apartments ranges from 158 m² up to 205 m².
  • The average space of 4-bedroom apartments is 235 m².

Prices and Payment Systems in IL Latini New Alamein

If you are looking for housing characterized by luxury, beauty, and tranquility in a privileged location pulsing with all the concepts of sophistication on North Coast; IL Latini North Coast provides you and your family with everything you wish for, and more in a charming atmosphere overlooking the turquoise waters of the White Sea that harmonize with the clear sky, and the soft sands in an exquisite painting made by god to create joy within the soul; All of this at unbeatable prices starting from 1,900,000 for the residential unit, where the meter price ranges from 24,000 EGP up to 33,000 EGP.

In addition, the owner company offers flexible and convenient payment systems that suit the different tastes and capabilities of customers; So that the customer pays a 5% downpayment of the unit value, then 10% after 3 months, and the remaining amount is paid in equal installments over 7 years, in addition to a 5% maintenance deposit.

About The Developer and The Most Important Previous Works

The Egyptian Saudi Company (SED) is the owner of Latin Settlement Project New Alamein. It is one of the leading companies in the real estate field. It was established in 1975, and it has a long history of achievements during which it implemented many successful real estate projects, relying on the best technologies and Modern building materials, and its most important principles are credibility, achieving sustainable development, and gaining customers confidence, and it is always keen to choose the distinctive site that attracts the customer.

SED provides us with the best basic services and entertainment amid the coastal atmosphere, charming nature, and refined classic designs that attract lovers of fine taste.

Among the company's most important previous works are the following:

Advantages of living in New Alamein

New Alamein possesses many of the ingredients that make it a coastal city with a stable life concept, and one of the most attractive tourist destinations, as in addition to its wonderful climate, clear blue waters, calm waves, and beaches that are comparable to those in Greece, Italy, and France, It enjoys a distinguished amount of various residential, commercial, educational, cultural and recreational services, and this can be clarified through the following:

  • New Alamein is the first million city on the north coast to be built on an enormous 48,000 acres, characterized by its enormous projects and its luxury.
  • It is characterized by a network of easy and wide roads that do not intersect with pedestrian roads. There are also networks of modern utilities such as water, electricity, communications, and sewage, in addition to a seawater desalination plant, which is a major source of water supply to the city.
  • The charming beachfront overlooking the North Coast Sea.
  • It enjoys calm and safe lakes for swimming and all water sports.
  • Large and diversified industrial areas represent the main economic pillar of the city.
  • Establishment of El Alamein International University for Science and Technology in cooperation with the Ministry of Housing, the Ministry of Higher Education, and Alexandria University, and it includes many faculties in various disciplines.
  • Social housing, which was started with 6000 housing units, and distinctive social housing, which was started with 2000 housing units.
  • The City of Culture and Arts covers a space of 190 acres and includes the opera, the Roman theater, cinema halls, entertainment areas, and a hotel.
  • A corniche that extends across the city, and a public beach track decorated with palms and trees.
  • Pergolas for sitting, resting, tennis, and volleyball courts.
  • A natural water spring with a charming fountain that gives an aesthetic view.
  • Entertainment areas, international shopping places, restaurants, and cafes.
  • An international hotel accommodating 20,000 hotel rooms to make New Alamein a destination for international tourism.
  • Hotel and residential towers up to 100 meters high.



in the heart of El Alamein on North Coast.

1,900,000 EGP.



20 apartments

the customer pays a 5% downpayment then 10% as second payment after 3 months a, and the rest of the amount is paid in installments over a period of up to 7 years.

​​450 acres


  • Security
  • Swimming pools
  • Commercial area
  • Mosque
  • Health club and Spa
  • Water Fountains
  • Aqua park
  • Cinema

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