Al Riyadh Secon New Cairo

From 2,030,000 EGP
Status Under Construction
Delivery Date 2023
Developed by: Secon

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Project Name: Al Riyadh.

About the project: It is one of the most important residential complexes in New Cairo implemented by Saudi Egyptian Development, which designed it according to the highest international standards.

Compound Location: It is located in New Cairo.

The Space of Al Riyadh Secon Compound New Cairo: The project was implemented on a space of ​​68 acres.

Units types: vary between apartments and duplexes.

Units Space: spaces start from 145 square meters.

Price per meter: starts from 14,000 EGP.

Owner Company: Egyptian Saudi Development.

Payment systems: You can pay a 5% down payment of the total unit price, then 5% as a second payment after three months, and the rest of the amount is paid in installments over 6 years.

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Luxury is the dominant feature of Al Riyadh Compound New Cairo; Hurry to book your apartment now!!

Al Riyadh Secon Compound is a unique and comfortable residential community that provides you with the ideal lifestyle you dream of in a distinguished geographical location in the heart of New Cairo, which was established by the Saudi Egyptian Development Company (SED), with the most luxurious architectural styles that mimic modern and beautiful European designs.

The project’s space is 68 acres, with all the possible services and benefits available to residents, including beautiful landscapes, a tight security system, a social club, a health club, a commercial area, international restaurants and cafes, a wonderful mosque, and others, all along with a variety of housing units between apartments and duplexes that vary In its spaces and prices, in proportion to customers and investors.

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Take advantage of an exceptional and irreplaceable opportunity when owning your unit in Al Riyadh Secon New Cairo in the best location ever

Saudi Egyptian Development presents its most luxurious residential project, "Riyadh Compound New Cairo" in a strategic location in the heart of New Cairo, specifically in the Koronfel neighborhood, and near the most important roads and main axes that facilitate the process of moving to and from the city. This provides a healthy and comfortable environment for its residents.

The most important advantages of the site can be clarified through the following

  • It is located next to the most important vital areas in New Cairo, and its schools and hospitals.
  • Its proximity to Suez Road, about 15 minutes away, and the Sadat axis.
  • It is a short distance from the Attorney General's office.
  • The distance between the project and the famous 90th Street is not more than a few minutes.
  • It is only 7 minutes away from the American University; Which provides its residents with distinctive educational services.
  • It is close to Cairo International Airport, which is about 20 minutes away.
  • It is located near the most important clubs in the area such as; Wadi Degla Club and Platinum Club.

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Learn about the wonderful design of Al Riyadh Compound New Cairo

The design of the project is one of the most important factors for its success; Where the owner company has taken care of using breathtaking international models to meet the needs of lovers of high taste.

The project was implemented in 3 different phases; It includes a large number of residential buildings, up to 120 buildings, each consisting of a ground floor and 4 upper floors, with 1900 units in the compound as a whole, unique to the breathtaking views of the scenic landscape of vast green spaces and shiny artificial lakes; This gives the residents a wonderful atmosphere free from stress and infuses positive energy within their souls.

Own your unit now and enjoy the compound's exceptional features, as all units are delivered in a fully finished, super-luxe system; As well as the impressive architectural facades that attract attention, all with the best prices and payment systems.

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Looking for exceptional features? Al Riyadh Compound New Cairo will be waiting for you!

Do not hesitate and own your unit now inside Al Riyadh Secon New Cairo and enjoy endless luxury through a large number of advantages provided by the owner company inside it, the most important of which are the following:

  • The unique geographical location in the heart of New Cairo, close to all vital places and service facilities.
  • The spread of vast green spaces everywhere in the compound, which adds an atmosphere of relaxation and psychological calm.
  • The presence of artificial lakes with shiny crystal waters gives indescribable aesthetic views.
  • Gardens and parks with quiet places to read your favorite book or practice yoga.
  • The dazzling modern designs of the housing units match the European styles in their splendor and sophistication.
  • Taking into account the provision of separating spaces between the residential buildings for more privacy for the residents of the compound.
  • There are multiple entrances to the project, as there are 4 main gates for easy entry and exit.
  • Dancing water fountains add glamor to the venue.

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The most important services available within Riyadh Secon Compound

The project includes an infinite number of basic and recreational services that meet all the needs of you and your family, the most prominent of which can be clarified through the following:

  • A distinctive social club that includes many recreational places to spend the most beautiful times with your friends and family.
  • A health club with gyms equipped with the latest equipment and sports equipment for lovers of maintaining their fitness, as well as the presence of spa areas, sauna, and jacuzzi for more recreation and luxury.
  • Great places for barbecues and various family celebrations.
  • The availability of many swimming pools that the real estate developer has taken care of in various shapes and sizes to suit adults and children.
  • An international commercial center that includes a number of luxury malls and shops that have the finest brands and high-quality brands for lovers of high taste.
  • The Food Court area has the most beautiful restaurants and cafes, which are designed in striking engineering styles and provide the best services to the residents.
  • A large mosque designed in a refined Islamic style to perform prayers and various religious rites.
  • Paying attention to the educational aspect by implementing international schools that apply the best quality standards, a nursery in which you can leave your children safe while doing your work, and also working on developing their various abilities.
  • Employing highly trained security and guard personnel to maintain stability within the compound.
  • Many modern 24-hour surveillance cameras.
  • A secure garage for each unit to prevent crowding within the project.
  • Modern electric elevators for easy movement between the different floors.
  • A hypermarket that provides all the goods and services a home needs.

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The types of units and their different spaces within Al Riyadh Secon Compound

Because of the advantages and services available within the compound of Al Riyadh Project and the wonderful engineering designs that it enjoys; The demand for buying units inside it has become historical, so hurry up and book your unit with us!

The project is built on a huge space of 68 acres. The vast green nature, wonderful water bodies, and various service facilities occupy the largest part of it. While the residential buildings with their amazing designs occupy the rest of the space and vary between apartments and duplexes of different sizes to suit all the different tastes and needs of customers and investors.

The spaces of the residential units are as follows:

  • Apartments spaces start from 145 m² up to 280 m².
  • Duplex spaces start from 260 m² up to 290 m².

Get unbeatable prices and convenient payment systems within Al Riyadh Compound New Cairo

In addition to the various spaces offered by Saudi Egyptian Development Company (SED) within Al Riyadh Compound New Cairo to suit large and small families; It also provides competitive prices compared to the many benefits and high-end services that the customer gets, and convenient and flexible payment systems that extend over long periods to facilitate the payment process.

Prices and payment systems within Al Riyadh Secon New Cairo can be clarified through the following:

  • The price per square meter within the project ranges from 14,000 EGP up to 15,000 EGP.
  • The customer pays a 5% downpayment of the unit value, then another 5% after 3 months, and the rest of the amount is paid in equal installments within 6 years.

About the real estate developer and the most important previous works

SED is the executing company of the compound with the most luxurious international designs that attract many attention, and it was keen to choose an important strategic location near the main roads and axes and recreational and service facilities, as well as the huge amount of high-end services and advantages it provides within the project and make it an important attraction for many clients and investors.

Saudi Egyptian Development was established in 1975 and owns pioneering real estate projects all over the country; Which made it one of the most famous real estate developers, and it is equally owned by the Saudi government and the Egyptian government with a capital of 1.9 billion EGP, and is currently working on establishing 7 new projects in Egypt, and it always aspires to provide innovative solutions to serve its customers and implement integrated communities that constitute bright future.

Its most important previous projects are:


  • Security
  • Playgrounds
  • Swimming pools
  • Shopping center
  • Commercial area
  • Mosque
  • Social Club
  • Health club and Spa

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