Details of Serrano New Administrative Capital Compound

Published at 2019-04-09

Know About Serrano Compound

Serrano Compound is one of the latest real estate projects that were constructed in the New Administrative Capital where the special location and the wide space and also the residential units with the attractive architectural designs and the glass elevations.

New Plan Development Company constructed its first project in Egypt to produce its artistic antique Serrano Compound which has a special strategic location and various residential units among the hotel apartments and the penthouses.

But also it's from the cheapest meter's price among the residential projects in the Administrative Capital.

Why Serrano Compound one of the best New Administrative Capital Projects?

Information about Serrano New Plan Location

Serrano Compound was designed in a very special location as it links many vital districts with each other inside the New Administrative Capital.

  • It's located in the Embassies Neighborhood and especially the R7 district.
  • It's 2 minutes away from the hospitals and schools compound in the capital.
  • It's 5 minutes away from the British University.
  • It's also near to the new cathedral.
  • It's 20 minutes away from the Presidential Palace, and 15 minutes from the Green River and the Capital Airport.

So it became an important link that connects many districts together so it saves time and makes the client enjoy all the services and utilities in the Capital.

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Properties for sale in Serrano New Capital

Details about Serrano New Capital Space

As for the compound's space, although it's small compared to the other residential projects, this helps in reaching the different services easily and makes the client feels as if he is living in a small village.

The company constructed the project on 15 acres and the residential units were constructed on a space that doesn't exceed 22% of the total space.

And the remaining space was specified for the green spaces and gardens and the artificial lakes and waterfalls and fountains.

Who's the Executing Company of Serrano Project?

This project is the first real estate project for New Plan Company which is a new company in the real estate construction field, as it constructed many residential units in Sharm El-Sheikh and some hotels and many other projects in Dubai.

But Serrano Compound is its first and latest projects in the New Administrative Capital, and it wanted to present a new perspective for the welfare life and providing the different comfort means, through the landscape and the crystal lagoons and many other classy services that suit the residents of the New Administrative Compound.

The Available Services in Serrano Administrative Capital

The company provides all the services and the needs of modern life to suit the smart and civilized future that Egypt wants to achieve it, starting from the residential units and its special view and the division of the streets and also providing special services and utilities as:

  • Providing many sports and health clubs and centers for sauna and jacuzzi and spa, and large sports playgrounds.
  • Providing kids' area with the latest games.
  • Swimming pools.
  • The special streets division that their width reaches 80 meters, with glass elevations for the buildings and free parking areas.
  • Many medical centers and ambulance units, and security and guarding teams and security cameras.
  • Grand shoot for the garbage.
  • Many entertainment locations as cinemas and commercial centers and food court and cafes.

What are the Units Spaces in Serrano?

  • The company provided many apartments to suit the small families and their spaces don't exceed 76 square meters and they are divided into 2 rooms, reception, kitchen, and bathroom.
  • There are other apartments that their spaces reach 251 square meters and they are divided into 4 rooms, kitchen, bathroom, and large reception.

The Units Prices in Serrano New Administrative Capital

  • The company provides the cheapest prices in the Administrative Capital as the meter's price doesn't exceed 8000 pounds.
  • The client can pay a 10% downpayment and the remaining on a 7 years' installment or he can pay a 15% downpayment and the remaining on an 8 years' installment.



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