know about units spaces and prices in Alburouj Compound

Published at 2019-02-26

Find out more about Alburouj Compound

Alburouj Compound is considered from the residential compounds that were constructed in Cairo to be like the spirit in the district that lies between The International Medical Center and The Regional Ring Road.

And the executing company worked on building a project resembles the large Cairo city in the center of El Sherouk, It's a perfect residential compound on Cairo Desert Road and many green spaces and services were provided in the compound for the clients' comfort.

Where's the location of Alburouj El Shorouk City?

What makes Alburouj Compound so special is its special location inside El Sherouk City as it's located on Cairo Ismailia Desert Road, and it's only a few kilometers away from the most important vital points in Cairo as:

  • it's 15 minutes away from Cairo International Airport.
  • It's 20 minutes away from New Cairo City.

And it was designed by one of the international real estate companies working on designing it on the highest level that insures the specialty and luxury for all the residents.

Units of project Al Burouj El Shorouk City

Know About Alburouj Compound Space

The executing company constructed the compound on 1200 acres, and a simple small space was specified for the residential units and on the other hand huge spaces for the services and the green spaces inside the compound.

The residential units in the compound were designed on 17% of the total space, and the remaining space for the green spaces and parks, and also 70 acres were allocated for agriculture by organic fertilizers in the compound.

Find Out The Executing Company Of Alburouj Compound

Capital Group Properties is considered the executing company for Alburouj residential project in El Sherouk city, and it has many facilities and residential projects all over the world like:

  • One Palace Street project in the British capital London.
  • Also, Al Ein Tower in the UAE capital Abu Dhabi.
  • And many compounds and important residential projects and Alburouj project is considered one of the latest projects that the company constructed it in Cairo.

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Know more about Alburouj Compound Services

  • Many large green spaces inside the compound.
  • Large spaces specified for kids.
  • Conference and parties halls.
  • Security and Guarding 24 hours.
  • The best Elevators in the residential towers.
  • Smart Village in the project.
  • Gym.
  • Social and educational clubs.
  • International Schools like CADMUS schools.
  • Capital Health Center for health services.
  • 70 acres for Orchida Park.
  • 70 acres for the agricultural corps through organic fertilizer.
  • Private parking garage.
  • Walking Track.
  • Riding Bikes lanes and areas.
  • Restaurants and Cafes.
  • Electic generator in case the power goes off.

Know the spaces of the residential units in Alburouj Compound

17% of the total space was specified for the residential units and they were designed in the shape of apartments and townhouse villas. The total number of residential units in the compound reaches 28,000 units and their spaces:

  • Separated apartment spaces start from 90 meters and up to 190 meters.
  • Villas and Townhouse with spaces start from 160 meters up to 300 square meters.

What are the prices of the residential units in Alburouj Compound?

The company provided special prices for the residential units, where the price of the meter according to the different residential units:

  • The meter's price in the apartments starts from 12,500 pounds.
  • The meter's price in the VIllas starts from 19,500 pounds.
  • While for the townhouse, it starts from 11,300 pounds.

Also, the company provided easy systems and ways for paying the value of the units as the installment begins from 4 years up to 10 years as long as the installment in the month is less than 40% of the monthly income of the client.



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