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The compound Havana Hills includes a collection of fully finished residential units with the highest quality building materials, amounting to around 300 residential units. Despite the investment value that the company worked on in establishing its projects, it sought with all its strength to provide self-financing for marketing money and some financing, and set a high liquidity value to complete the rest of the project and guarantee no construction stoppage. To learn more, visit Real Estate Egypt.

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Around 70% of the existing number of residential units were marketed before its full implementation was completed, and most of its units were reserved. This is due to the available facilities and services within the compound, in addition to the distinguished geographical location and its proximity to some of the most famous cultural landmarks in Egypt, which increases the investment value of the project, thus increasing the speed of demand for it in order to reserve units and enjoy a large number of advantages within the compound.

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Location of Havana Hills Project in October

In the heart of the 6th of October City, the Havana Hills project is located, specifically a few minutes away from Zewail University and the International Village, and in the middle of the investors' land within the 6th of October Gardens, Al-Badaya Complex, and the Egypt-Italy Compound and the Italian District.

Close to the Hayah Hills Complex, which is located on the Faiyum Desert Road with a direct view of the Giza Pyramids, which indicates the privileged location that makes the compound an investment value that cannot be found in any other project, provided that it is completed with professionalism and precision in design.

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Prices and Payment System in Havana Hills

At the lowest prices and distinguished systems, the average price per meter within the Havana Hills compound in 6th of October City ranged from 3,300 EGP to 3,500 EGP, depending on the area, design within the residential unit, the floor it is located on, and the distinguished view and facade.

A down payment of 25% can be paid as an initial installment, and after one year from the contract date, 10% is paid. Upon delivery of the contracted unit, 25% is paid, and the remaining installments are paid over the longest period of 36 months without interest.

A few steps away from the Havana Hills compound, Zewail University for Science and Technology is located, so its location is distinguished and ideal. The number of residential units within the project amounted to around 300 units with the best international and distinguished designs with various areas starting from 85 square meters up to 220 square meters.

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In addition to the company's reliance on self-financing, which increases the company's strength and commitment to the specified delivery date and ensures the completion of all facilities according to the highest international specifications in design and quality.

Marketing and reservation were completed for a large number of the project's units, amounting to approximately 70% of the units before the completion of all buildings and finishes. This is due to the provision of high capabilities that help in executing all finishes and speeding up the completion of delivery with care and precision based on the client's desire to choose all types used in interior finishes.

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