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Project Description

Project Name: BlueBay Asia.

About Project: Vacation Project by Marseilia Group.

BlueBay Asia Location: located in the middle of Ain Sohkna.

Resort Space: 58 acres.

Blue Bay Asia Sokhna Units' Type: Chalets.

Units' Space: It starts from 96 m².

Units' Price in Blue Bay Asia Sokhna: it starts from 1,344,000 EGP.

Blue Bay Asia Developer Name: Marseilia Group.

Payment Methods: 5% downpayment and installments up to 6 years.

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Blue Bay Asia Sokhna... The best tourist resorts in Ain Sokhna

Marseilia is the executing company of Blue Bay Asia Sokhna project, and it relied on the distinctive architectural design in the Thai style. Blue Bay Asia Sokhna resort provides many vital services, recreational areas and various activities for listening and luxury, it was established on a space of ​​58 acres and includes many different services and facilities.

The residential units are distinguished by their elegance, luxury, and varying areas, and they directly overlook the sea, which gives a feeling of comfort and relaxation, the real estate developer has been keen to put different systems for payment and payment so that the customer chooses the appropriate payment method for Blue Bay Asia Marseilia Group.

Ain Sokhna is characterized by its proximity to many important places such as Cairo and Suez, and many services are available in addition to its mild weather, crystal clear waters, and golden sands, and it has many different tourist villages.

Do not hesitate and book your unit now inside the most beautiful Blue Bay Asia Ain Sokhna.

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Learn about Blue bay Asia location

Marseilia Company was keen to choose a strategic location for its new project on the Red Sea coast, which is far from pollution and noise. Marseilia Sokhna project has a distinctive view of the clear blue waters and golden yellow sands. Blue Bay Asia Ain Sokhna is located in front of the renewable energy plant

The most important landmarks near Blue Bay Asia Village Ain Sokhna:

  • Blue Bay Asia Sokhna resort is 140 km from Cairo.
  • Blue Bay Asia Sokhna is located 4 km before Zaafarana Gate.
  • Blue Bay Asia Sokhna is 30 km away from Porto Sokhna and Santa Claus.

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The most important features inside Blue Bay Asia Ain Sokhna

Marseilia offers many advantages, including social and recreational activities, in addition to countless services.

  • The spread of green spaces and landscaping among the residential units in Blue Bay Asia Sokhna Resort gives a touch of picturesque nature and gives a sense of comfort and relaxation.
  • Blue Bay Asia Sokhna village is distinguished by its distinguished strategic location and its proximity to the main areas that facilitate access to and from it.
  • There are many artificial lakes with crystal water, artificial waterfalls, and fountains designed with the latest international styles to give a civilized view of Blue Bay Asia Sokhna village.
  • It contains a variety of swimming pools distributed within Blue Bay Asia Sokhna village, suitable for adults and children to enjoy the beauty of the blue waters.
  • Blue Bay Asia Sokhna resort is characterized by its design in the Thai Asian style that exudes luxury and beauty.
  • A maintenance service that works throughout the day to repair faults in the shortest time.

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Enjoy the best services and facilities at Blue Bay Asia Resort Ain Sokhna

Blue Bay Asia Sokhna resort provides many diverse services that meet the basic and recreational needs of customers.

  • Attention to the health aspect. The owner company has provided medical clinics that provide the best medical and treatment services with the best devices and equipment, and the most skilled specialized doctors in addition to the pharmacy provide all kinds of medicines and work throughout the day.
  • Hotel units and services are also available at the highest level of customer service.
  • Providing a wide walkway for walking, running, and cycling next to the sea and its clear blue waters, wide green spaces, and fresh air to enjoy the best times.
  • Blue Bay Asia Sokhna includes a recreational area that contains many different activities.
  • Taking care of children, a club and swimming pools have been allocated to provide all means of safety for them.
  • Blue Bay Asia Sokhna resort has an Aqua Park entertainment area with all water games for all ages.
  • An integrated commercial area that includes many different stores that include international brands and brands that suit high taste.
  • The appointment of heavy guards at the entrances and exits of the village to maintain security stability, and there are surveillance cameras throughout Marseilia Sokhna project to monitor strange movements.
  • An international marina that includes many yachts and boats for fun cruises, diving, as well as for fishing in Blue Bay Asia Sokhna Resort.
  • Inside Blue Bay Asia Sokhna resort, there is a health club with all treatment services, sauna rooms, jacuzzi, and spa for relaxation and comfort.
  • To maintain fitness, there is a gym with many playgrounds for different sports for customers to practice their favorite sport in the early morning.
  • An area dedicated to holding parties amidst the picturesque nature and the beautiful air among family and friends, and there are also barbecue areas
  • Restaurants and cafes with the latest modern styles and offers the best services under the supervision of the most skilled international chefs to eat your favorite meal in an atmosphere of comfort and luxury inside Blue Bay Asia Sokhna Village
  • A large mosque with a wonderful style to accommodate many worshipers to perform religious rites in an atmosphere of reverence and tranquility.
  • Blue Bay Asia Sokhna resort has large garages with plenty of cars to reduce congestion inside Blue Bay Asia Sokhna resort and preserve the property.
  • A large hypermarket that includes many food commodities that the home needs and has an express delivery service.

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The residential units and their space to suit your taste in blue bay Asia Sokhna

Do you want to spend your summer vacation in Ain Sukhna, you should choose Blue Bay Asia Sokhna Village to enjoy all the services that always make it the best choice

Blue Bay Asia Sokhna project is being built on an area of ​​58 acres, and the percentage of buildings is up to 25%, and it included many distinguished chalets with services and features that always make it the best choice, Blue Bay Asia Sokhna was designed in the Thai-Asian style that is characterized by luxury, sophistication and amazing decorations. All units feature a wonderful view, Marseilia Sokhna project was implemented in two phases and the first phase achieved great success while the second phase includes 165 housing units.

Where the chalets space starts from 96 square meters, and each floor has 2 chalets, and the building consists of 6 chalets.

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Prices and Payment Systems in Blue Bay Asia

Blue Bay real estate developer was keen to provide all means of comfort and luxury to customers, in addition to basic and recreational services and a wonderfully strategic location, all of this at unbeatable prices.

The unit price in Blue Bay Asia Ain Sokhna starts from 1,344,000 EGP, and the chalet prices range from 1,411,000 EGP to 1,562,000 EGP.

As for the payment systems, the company has announced unparalleled payment systems to suit all customers, which is a 5% down payment, and the rest of the amount is paid in installments over 6 years without interest.

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Disadvantages of Blue Bay Asia Ain El Sokhna village

After mentioning the advantages that Blue Bay Asia Ain El Sokhna enjoys, the matter is not without flaws, as some may look for units with smaller areas, but the company for its part looks for the psychological factor it provides to residents through proper areas. It also provided the chalets at reasonable prices and comfortable installment systems.

Blue Bay Real Estate Developer and his most important Previous Works

Marseilia Group is one of the largest real estate development companies in Egypt and has extensive experience. It was established in 2001 as an Egyptian joint-stock company, with a capital of 150 million Egyptian pounds. It always seeks to establish integrated residential communities that provide all services and benefits, and has a track record of achievements, and a selection of The best engineers and professional consultants, and owns 20 years of experience.

The company launched its huge project Blue Bay Asia Ain Sokhna, which enjoys a distinct strategic location in Ain Sokhna and provided it with all the services and features needed by customers and investors and modern devices and equipment

One of the most important previous works

All Important Details You Need to Know about best compounds in Ain Sokhna

Note that the prices and spaces mentioned herein are for the Second half of 2023, and therefore it is changeable, and we, Real Estate Egypt, are keen to update the spaces and the list of residential and commercial units' types and prices constantly to keep the customer informed of the real estate market changes.

Imagine yourself in the heart of modern Egypt... Ain Sokhna!

Ain Sokhna, this enchanting gem, lies in proximity to the beating heart of Egypt and forms an oasis of natural beauty and modern development. After traveling about 120 kilometers southeast of the capital Cairo, visitors find themselves facing its golden beaches and crystal-clear waters that tell stories of unparalleled beauty, attracting tourists from near and far throughout the year.

Ain Sokhna is replete with everything needed for a comfortable and enjoyable stay, thanks to its luxurious resorts and modern facilities including swimming pools, sports grounds, upscale restaurants, shopping centers, and even water parks that ensure fun for the whole family.

In a world seeking to explore the new, Ain Sokhna offers a rich experience of water activities, from swimming in its enchanting turquoise waters to diving and surfing, giving visitors a rare opportunity to harmonize with nature at its finest.

The Ain Sokhna experience does not stop there; it also highlights aspects of Egyptian heritage and culture through the Ain Sokhna Museum, which displays the region's rich history and cultural heritage, in addition to exploring the ancient archaeological temples that adorn the area.

Seafood here is another chapter of excitement, with delicious restaurants offering dishes that tease the taste buds and delight the eyes with their enchanting sea views, providing an unforgettable, unique experience.

Comfort and luxury are the hallmarks of accommodation in Ain Sokhna, where options range from hotels and resorts that cater to all needs and deliver the highest levels of satisfaction with their outstanding services and stunning views that allow visitors to wake up every morning to the captivating sight of the blue sea.

Thus, Ain Sokhna appears to be an ideal destination that combines the charm of nature with the sophistication of modern life. It is a vibrant haven of beauty and life, giving everyone who visits it the opportunity to experience something exceptional that embodies all that is enjoyable and new in the heart of modern Egypt.

Be a part of the future with Ain Sokhna resorts: Your ultimate choice for a life of luxury!

The Ain Sokhna area, located approximately 120 kilometers from Cairo, is one of Egypt's most prominent tourist attractions. The beauty of its beaches, which take the form of artistic canvases, with soft golden sands caressing the clear turquoise seawaters, embodies the essence of beauty and serenity, making it the perfect place to rejuvenate and enjoy a vibrant and cozy atmosphere with family and friends.

Ain Sokhna resorts offer a wide range of facilities and services, from luxurious hotels that touch the sky to private villas and fully equipped residential apartments. Additionally, they provide a rich array of restaurants, cafes, and shops that cater to all tastes and desires, as well as entertainment centers that offer a comprehensive and rich experience for visitors.

Whether you desire to dive into the depths of the sea, engage in water sports, or participate in various sporting activities, Ain Sokhna resorts have everything you need and more, with fully-equipped facilities, dedicated children's areas, and recreational amenities that ensure fun for every member of the family.

Moreover, Ain Sokhna is a haven for health and self-care enthusiasts, offering wellness resorts and specialized facilities that provide a range of services from massages and natural treatments to yoga sessions and herbal remedies, all set in an atmosphere of tranquility and beauty.

In addition to luxury and relaxation, Ain Sokhna resorts present valuable investment opportunities in the real estate sector for those dreaming of owning a home in an upscale tourist destination. They offer distinguished residential units with enchanting sea views and luxurious amenities such as private swimming pools and captivating natural landscapes.

Ain Sokhna is an idyllic world that combines breathtaking natural scenery, modern facilities, and diverse entertainment activities, offering an unforgettable, unique experience for all who visit, whether for relaxation, rejuvenation, or investment.

One step away from Blue Bay Asia Village Ain Sokhna: Discover the outstanding neighboring residential offerings!

The Blue Bay Asia Village in Ain Sokhna is a pivotal point in the world of coastal resorts, attracting attention with its beauty and unique charm. However, Ain Sokhna, with all its captivating beauty, holds in its folds even more exceptional options worth exploring and experiencing.

  1. Majada Resort Ain Sokhna:
    Located near Blue Bay Asia, Majada Resort Ain Sokhna is the ideal choice for those seeking luxury and high-quality services. It boasts enchanting sandy beaches, breathtaking pools, golf courses, and restaurants serving delectable cuisine.

  2. Jura El Galala Resort Ain Sokhna:
    If luxury and relaxation are what you seek, Jura El Galala Resort embodies this desire with every detail. It features a private beach and a tropical garden, adding a touch of true rejuvenation to your experience, along with pools, a spa, and international restaurants.

  3. Mountain View Sokhna 1 Resort:
    For those who love combining nature and luxury, Mountain View Sokhna 1 Resort is an irresistible choice. It features a private beach, a breathtaking pool, and restaurants that offer an unforgettable dining experience.

  4. Jebal Resort Ain Sokhna:
    As for Jebal Resort Ain Sokhna, it is the ultimate destination for adventure and excitement. It offers a wide range of water activities such as surfing and diving, complementing your experience with its pools and restaurants brimming with the most delicious seafood.

Ain Sokhna is distinguished by its captivating diversity, combining natural beauty with a variety of recreational and relaxation options. Exploring the mentioned resorts opens new horizons for visitors to experience unforgettable moments in this enchanting area, each telling a unique story that adds to your journey memories that encapsulate the essence of Ain Sokhna.

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Shopping center
Commercial area
Health club and Spa
Water Fountains
Aqua park
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located in the middle of Ain Sohkna.

it starts from 1,344,000 EGP.


Marseilia Group.

13 chalets

5% downpayment and installments up to 6 years.

58 acres.


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