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Golden Yard New Capital Compound Marseilia Group

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Project Description

Project Name: Golden Yard .

About Golden Yard Project: One of the integrated projects by Marseilia Group.

Golden Yard Location: Compound Golden Yard is located in front of the Diplomatic Quarter in the 7th district R7 in plot No. 9G2.

Golden Yard New Capital Space: 42 acres.

The Developer Name: Marseilia Group in partnership with Misr Real Estate Investment and Urban Development Company.

Golden Yard Units Type: Apartments - Duplexes.

Price per meter: Start from 10.000 EGP for semi-finished units only.

Apartment spaces in Golden YardApartments with spaces of 95 m² up to 260 m².

Duplex spaces: Start from 304 m².

Payment Methods: 10% downpayment and installments over 6 years, if you increase the downpayment, you can get a longer repayment period of up to 8 years

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Golden Yard Compound in Administrative Capital

The golden opportunity is at your hands now in Golden Yard New Administrative Capital! The Egyptian Gulf Real Estate Investment Company, Marseilia, offers its clients this latest project within the new administrative capital, where Golden Yard Compound has all the unique entertainment services that are endless at all levels, whether location or services and above all prices.

Golden Yard New Capital compound is your goal if you want a privileged location within the Administrative Capital where it is located in the 7th residential neighborhood R7 plot no. 9G2, and it is worth mentioning that the seventh residential neighborhood is one of the most prestigious and the highest Administrative Capital residential neighborhoods ever.

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Invest and enjoy a quiet residential life at Golden Yard by contacting us now!

Golden Yard Compound is one of the integrated projects that are being established in the heart of the New Capital so owing a residential unit within Golden Yard project is like owing a pic of Gold, because of the high-level luxury services provided by Golden Yard New Capital Compound, as well as the location characterized by the highest neighborhoods of the New Administrative Capital near all the services you need and close to all major roads, making it easy to access and other features that you will know in detail.

About Golden Yard Compound

Golden Yard Administrative Capital is one of the 42 acres projects. It has been designed in a very impressive way to provide you with a high level of well-being, especially since Golden Yard project consultant is the "El-Afifi expertise house", which is one of the best consultants in Egypt.

As for the percentage of buildings of the total area of Golden Yard project, it represents only 20% of the total area, and the number of buildings built is 40 buildings, while the remaining 80% represent services and entertainment, so Golden Yard New Capital Compound is a living example of well-being, relaxation, and distance from traffic and noise.

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Location of Golden Yard New Capital

After conducting a detailed study to choose the ideal geographical location for Golden Yard compound in the New Administrative Capital, the developer chose District 7 - Plot 9G2, which is one of the most important strategic locations in the New Administrative Capital, near vital areas, cities, and main axes linking it to the surrounding roads.

The most important landmarks near Golden Yard New Capital Compound:

  • Golden Yard New Capital compound is close to the Embassies District.
  • It is very easy to reach Times Shopping Center Management from Golden Yard New Capital compound.
  • Golden Yard compound is about 500 meters away from the Green River, which is one of the famous landmarks in the area.
  • The distance between Golden Yard compound and the Presidential Palace is about 10 minutes.
  • Marseilia compound in the New Administrative Capital is 4 km away from the Financial and Business District.
  • Marseilia New Capital project is located near the New Administrative Capital Airport.
  • Golden Yard New Capital compound is 1 km away from the famous Diamond Hotel.
  • Golden Yard New Capital project is 500 meters away from the Exhibition Center.

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Book a residential unit inside Golden Yard Compound New Administrative Capital and enjoy many services available inside Golden Yard

Golden Yard is one of the finest residential complexes in the Seventh District, where it has all the elements of an ideal, quiet life equipped with all the amenities, which are represented in the presence of many unique features and endless entertainment services that can be used on a wide scale, the most important of which are:

  • You can enjoy eating your favorite dishes within the international chain of restaurants that provide excellent, high-quality services in Golden Yard compound.
  • State-of-the-art cafes serving the finest types of drinks inside Golden Yard Compound.
  • Clinics serving all specialties equipped with the latest equipment and devices and a group of the most efficient doctors, experts, and nurses to provide the highest level of medical care to the residents of Golden Yard compound.
  • Secure garages at the highest level with large areas to put guest cars inside to solve the problem of congestion in front of the buildings at Golden Yard Project.
  • Tractors for walking, walking, and cycling away from the public road to reduce the occurrence of any accidents inside Golden Yard New Capital.
  • A sports club in Golden Yard New Capital that includes a range of playgrounds for playing various recreational games, including tennis, cricket, and squash, for more entertainment and entertainment.
  • A commercial mall that includes a group of stores that provide all your needs of goods, services, and international brands without the need to leave the place of residence inside Golden Yard New Capital Compound.
  • Dedicated places for barbecue parties in the middle of the landscape for more recreation and comfort at Golden Yard New Capital.
  • Open recreational areas with gardens, parks, and rest areas so that guests can sit with their children and practice their favorite hobbies in a quiet atmosphere in Golden Yard New Capital Compound.
  • Within Golden Yard project, there are well-equipped nurseries with a group of qualified people to deal with and care for children, in addition to games and recreational activities to keep them entertained.
  • Gym units have the latest sports equipment and the most qualified trainers for those who wish to strengthen their structure at Golden Yard New Capital.

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Spaces and Division of residential units within Golden Yard Project

Golden Yard Compound has 40 buildings with 1,750 apartments between ordinary apartments and duplexes, making Golden Yard one of the least densely populated Compounds in the Administrative Capital.

As for the spaces of the apartments and their internal division, they were as follows:

Duplex apartments in Compound Golden Yard space starts from 304 m².

Apartments at Golden Yard with spaces 95 m² up to 140 m², consisting of 2 bedrooms + 2 bathrooms.

Apartments inside Golden Yard Capital with spaces starting from 160  up to 185 m², consisting of 2 bedrooms or 3 bedrooms.

Apartments in Golden Yard spaces starting from 150 m² up to 260 m² consisting of 3 bedrooms + 3 bathrooms + dressing room.

Golden Yard Units Prices and Payment Systems

The developer has been keen to develop many payment systems in order to suit everyone and the price per meter starts from 10,500 EGP for the semi-finished units, but if the customer wishes to get a full-finished unit, he shall conclude a separate contract for that service.

The residential units prices

The duplexes prices in side Compound Golden Yard start from 3,040,000 EGP.

The apartments with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms are with price starts from 997,500 EGP for 90 m² up to 1,400,000 EGP for 140 m².

The large space apartments price starts from 1,600,000 EGP for 160 m² up to 1,850,000 EGP for 185 m².

The apartments with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms are with price starts from 1,500,000 EGP up to 2,600,000 EGP for 260 m² units.

Note that all previous prices are special for semi-finished units.

As for the payment systems, the developer has also put in place easy repayment systems and you can pay 10% downpayment and installments over 6 years, but if you increase the downpayment, you can get a longer repayment period of up to 8 years.

Note that the prices and spaces mentioned in the article are for the Second half of 2021, and therefore it is changeable, and we, Real Estate Egypt, are keen to update the spaces, list of prices and types of residential and commercial units constantly to keep the customer informed of the changes in the real estate market.

Disadvantages of Golden Yard Marseilia Group Compound

Golden Yard Compound in the New Administrative Capital is one of the projects that focused on providing high quality and a unique residential experience. Despite the high demand and urgent desire of some customers to obtain their units immediately or the desire to invest quickly, the company developing Marseilia New Capital project took into account the importance of providing a residential unit that meets all expectations and high standards. Therefore, the company seeks to deliver apartments after ensuring that they are fully prepared according to the highest standards, to ensure customer satisfaction and provide residential units worth investing in and living in.

About the owner and its previous projects

Marseilia Group is the real estate developer of Golden Yard Egypt  project in partnership with Misr Real Estate Investment and Urban Development Company, which is one of the largest business companies and consists of 7 companies and has been working on selecting Marseilia Group in particular in order to be a partner in Golden Yard project as one of the major companies in the field of real estate investment, as for the company's precedent, it is as follows:

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Compounds in the New Administrative Capital: Where Quality, Innovation, and Elegance Come Together in Every Corner!

The New Administrative Capital project represents a distinguished milestone in Egypt's urban development journey, highlighting the integration of advanced architectural designs and innovation in urban planning. This project shines with its meticulous and refined urban details, encompassing skilfully crafted artistic elements.

Within this new urban framework, there is a diverse range of housing options ranging from modern apartments to luxurious villas, catering to the requirements and expectations of residents across all segments.

The New Administrative Capital uniquely offers an ideal blend of services and facilities, including vast green spaces, educational and healthcare facilities, as well as commercial and recreational centres, making it a model for providing a premium living environment. It also aims to achieve a high level of urban organization that enhances mobility and contributes to improving the quality of life for residents.

Additionally, the introduction of modern technology has played a role in ensuring increased levels of security and well-being within the capital through the use of online monitoring systems, providing continuous security and guarding services, as well as leveraging smart lighting technology and advanced air conditioning systems.

Consequently, with these features, the New Administrative Capital sets new standards for modern and luxurious living in Egypt, providing an ideal environment that combines efficiency, innovation, and sophistication to meet the needs of investors and families in a contemporary manner.

Enjoy Life in the New Administrative Capital: Services and Amenities That Surpass Expectations!

The New Administrative Capital represents a prominent project at the heart of Egypt, effectively contributing to the development of advanced infrastructure and enhancing economic opportunities for both citizens and investors. This project is distinguished by several important aspects:

First, the location is renowned for its exceptional geographic importance, situated near Badr City and on major roads, making it a strategic hub for businesses and major investments, serving as a gateway to comprehensive economic development.

Second, the New Administrative Capital places special importance on the healthcare sector by establishing clusters of medical institutions and facilities that provide healthcare services to global standards, ensuring the quality of life for its residents.

Third, within its boundaries, there is a large group of contemporary residential units that combine the latest designs and services, providing an exceptional living environment for individuals and families.

Fourth, the Green River adds a unique character to the capital with its green spaces and captivating natural landscapes, serving as a haven for recreational activities and a natural respite for residents.

Fifth, in the planning of the New Administrative Capital, great importance is given to developing an integrated infrastructure that includes an international airport, facilitating access and international movement, making it a point of connection between Egypt and the world.

Sixth, the development plan includes the construction of high-quality residential, commercial, and administrative skyscrapers, equipping the capital with vital facilities that meet the daily needs of residents and support economic activity.

Seventh, an integrated medical city and exhibition and event centres are set to become part of the urban fabric, enhancing the capital's status as a centre for cultural and economic events.

Finally, the modern architectural design of the capital is an embodiment of the fusion of luxury and modernity, reinforcing its position as a preferred destination for living and investment not only in Egypt but across the region.

With these aspects, the New Administrative Capital is committed to painting an impressive future vision for urban and economic development in Egypt.

More Than Just Neighbours: Unique Residential Experiences Near Golden Yard Compound in the New Administrative Capital!

At the heart of the New Administrative Capital, a group of residential compounds emerge, offering diverse options for living and investment. Their proximity to the Golden Yard Compound adds to their distinction and appeal. These compounds compete in offering unique residential experiences, with attention to every detail that ensures comfort and luxury for their residents.

  1. Rhodes Compound in the New Administrative Capital:
    The Rhodes Compound stands out with its contemporary and elegant designs, offering a selection of residential units distinguished by their luxurious finishes and intricate details. Every corner reflects standards of quality and innovation in construction, providing its residents with a wide range of services and facilities that ensure their enjoyment of a modern and comfortable lifestyle.

  2. Oia Compound in the New Administrative Capital:
    The Oia Compound is renowned for its unique architectural design that combines elegance and modernity. This compound offers diverse housing options, including carefully designed apartments and villas to meet the expectations of residents. Additionally, the compound is committed to providing a range of sports and recreational facilities, ensuring that every resident enjoys an active and well-rounded lifestyle.

  3. La Vista City Compound in the New Administrative Capital:
    The La Vista City Compound, on the other hand, is a unique haven for those seeking luxury and tranquillity. It shines with its captivating blend of residential units boasting contemporary and refined designs, surrounded by an atmosphere of comfort and privacy. The compound is equipped with all the facilities that contribute to enriching the living experience and enhancing the quality of life.

  4. Pukka Compound in the New Administrative Capital:
    The Pukka Compound offers luxurious residential options with innovative designs that cater to all tastes. The residential units here are designed to provide more comfort and privacy, with meticulous attention to detail in the finishes. The compound offers an excellent range of recreational and service facilities to ensure an enjoyable and comfortable life for its residents.

All of these compounds offer rich and diverse alternatives for living in the New Administrative Capital, with a focus on delivering the highest levels of luxury and quality, making them ideal choices for those seeking housing that combines elegance and comfort in a contemporary environment.

Ease of Transaction: Follow These Steps to Purchase Your Unit at Golden Yard Compound in the New Administrative Capital on!

If you have aspirations to reside in a luxurious place, the New Administrative Capital, specifically the Golden Yard Compound, might be your ideal destination. Making the decision to purchase a unit there is an important step, and you will need to know how to do it properly. Here is a brief guide to facilitate your purchasing journey:

First, start with a detailed research process. Use the internet to explore everything about the Golden Yard Compound, such as the project's developer, available unit options, and spaces. Real estate-specific websites will be very helpful at this stage.

Second, do not hesitate to contact the sales representatives directly to obtain accurate and detailed information that will aid in your decision-making. Inquiring about payment and instalment plans will be an important aspect at this stage.

Third, visit the site in person. Nothing replaces the sensory experience of the place and seeing the units on the ground. This will give you a clearer idea of how to choose the perfect unit for you.

Fourth, once you find the unit you want, it's time to negotiate. Negotiation is a key element in the purchasing process and can help you secure better payment terms that suit your financial situation.

Fifth, after agreeing on everything, it's time to sign the contract. It is essential to read all the terms of the contract carefully and ensure you understand them before signing.

Finally, once the payment procedures are completed according to the agreed-upon timeline, you will be ready to take possession of your unit. This step represents the beginning of a new chapter in your life as you prepare to move into your new home at the Golden Yard Compound.

By following these steps, you will find yourself able to navigate smoothly through the purchasing process, thereby fulfilling your dream of living in one of the most prestigious areas of the New Administrative Capital.

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Shopping center
Commercial area
Social Club
Health club and Spa
Water Fountains
Aqua park
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It is located in front of the Diplomatic Quarter

1,400,000 EGP


Marseilia Group in partnership with Misr Real Estate Investment and Urban Development Company.

32 apartments

10% downpayment and installments over 6 years and up to 8 years

42 acres.


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