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Sila - Enjoy the luxurious life of the future in Sila New Cairo Compound

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Sila New Cairo Compound

Sila Compound is considered one of the most luxurious and elegant compounds in New Cairo, located in the heart of the future city, and is characterized by being a fully integrated residential community with services and facilities, and life is full of luxury and comfort, especially as it provides residents with large spaces for units they can choose from. It also provides various payment systems to complete all the elements of comfort, and most notably its great location close to many important locations and services. You can learn more about this place through the following lines For more information click Egypt Real Estate.

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Location of Sila New Cairo Compound

Sila Compound is characterized by its distinguished strategic location, as it was built in the heart of the future city in Fifth Settlement, and the most important features of the location are:

  • You will find the compound in the best place in the future city in the Golden Square.
  • The compound is very close to major roads, especially the Middle Ring Road.
  • The location is close to Beer clubs and bank headquarters.
  • Universities and international schools are located near the compound.
  • The compound is close to many shopping centers, and it is also located near many administrative and entertainment services.
  • It is located minutes away from upscale residential communities, especially Madinaty, Uptown Cairo, and Palm Hills.

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Space of Sila Compound Fifth Settlement

Sila compound is located on a large area of about 270 acres, and includes residential units of varying sizes to suit the demands of all customers. Green spaces and recreational services occupy a large part of the compound area, where beautiful natural scenery makes life have a calm and comfortable rhythm.

Apartment sizes in the compound are as follows:

  • One bedroom apartment with an area of about 92 square meters.
  • An apartment consisting of two bedrooms ranging in area between 112 square meters up to about 131 square meters.
  • An apartment consisting of three bedrooms ranging in area between 147 square meters up to about 154 square meters.
  • A three-bedroom apartment, with an area ranging between 181 square meters and up to 185 square meters.
  •  Townhouse areas start from 239 square meters.
  • Twin house areas start from 257 square meters.
  • The area of independent villas starts from 321 square meters.

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Services of Sila Compound Fifth Settlement

The services at Sila Compound are exceptional and varied, making your life and your children's lives full of luxury and relaxation. The most important services are as follows:

  • The spread of green spaces and gardens everywhere in the compound, which provides space for walking, inhaling fresh air and enjoying the beauty of nature.
  • There are about 2 kilometers allocated for jogging, walking, running and cycling on special paths for that away from car roads.
  • The compound has health, medical, pharmaceutical, clinic and medical center services equipped with modern medical devices.
  • An area dedicated to relaxation and yoga practice.
  • A commercial area with a large number of shops that you will find all the goods and brands that everyone needs.
  • There is a large shopping mall.
  • A large sports club with a large number of playgrounds.
  • A social and cultural club.
  • Entertainment services and movie theaters.
  • A gym and spa equipped with the latest equipment.
  • A large number of swimming pools of various shapes and sizes suitable for adults and children.
  • Covered swimming pools designated only for ladies.
  • Clubhouse and Jacuzzi.
  • Educational services, nurseries for children, international schools and universities.
  • An area designated for children's games to play and entertain safely.
  • A large number of cafes and luxurious restaurants that serve delicious food from the creativity of distinguished chefs.
  • A 5-star luxury hotel that provides hotel service according to international hotel standards.
  • An area designated for businessmen.
  • All units enjoy a wonderful view of the green spaces and gardens, and are characterized by contemporary global architectural designs.
  • Security and guard services operate 24 hours a day.
  • Advanced surveillance cameras have been distributed throughout the compound around the clock.

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Prices and payment systems for Sila Compound New Cairo

  • You can now invest in a distinctive residential unit in Sila compound, which gives you what you deserve in terms of entertainment services and psychological comfort and relaxation. Everything you wish for you will find it here in Sila. The company has also offered preferential prices that make it attractive to many customers and investors. Here are examples of prices that vary according to the sizes of the residential units: 
  • Townhouse units price starting from 4 million and 500 thousand Egyptian pounds.
  • Twin house units price starting from 5 million and 100 thousand Egyptian pounds.
  • Independent villas price starting from about 7 million and 600 thousand Egyptian pounds.
  • One bedroom apartment price starting from 1 million and 120 thousand Egyptian pounds.
  • Two-bedroom apartment price starting from 1 million and 370 thousand Egyptian pounds.
  • The three-bedroom apartment price starts from 1 million and 690 thousand Egyptian pounds.
  • A three-bedroom apartment price starting from 2 million and 100 thousand Egyptian pounds.

As for the payment systems, the owning company of the project was keen to provide convenient systems that suit the financial circumstances of all customers, as follows:

  • The customer chooses to pay the price of the unit in equal installments over the longest payment period of up to 10 years, without a down payment.
  • The customer pays a 10% down payment of the total price of the unit, provided that the remaining amount is paid in equal annual installments for a period of up to 10 years with a 5% discount.

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 Misr Italia, the owner of Sila Compound Fifth Settlement

Sila Compound, the most luxurious compound in Fifth Settlement, is presented by a major pioneering real estate company in Egypt, Misr Italia Real Estate Development, known for its strong and luxurious work, good reputation, accuracy in performance and delivery times.

This company, which was established in 1981, has many years of experience. It has an elite group of engineers and engineering consultants, so all its projects are characterized by the most beautiful and wonderful designs, and follow all international standards in their performance.

The company has delivered successful projects in many places in Egypt, including Ras Sidr, Fifth Settlement, New Administrative Capital, 6th of October, and New Administrative Capital.

The most important of the company's previous work on its major Sila project are:

  • Kai Ain Sokhna village.
  • Il Bosco City New Cairo.
  • Kai North Coast village.
  • Il Bosco New Administrative Capital.
  • Moses Cost Ras Sidr village.
  • Vinci New Administrative Capital.
  • Cairo Business Park project in New Cairo.
  • Vinci Street Mall New Administrative Capital.

From here it can be said that Sila Compound is one of the most beautiful residential communities built in New Cairo. It is enough that it includes the basic and recreational services that many people are looking for. Everyone will find their long-sought dream and fulfill their desires. Comfort, safety and relaxation are the basis of life here in Sila. There is no room for pollution, noise and clutter. Life is luxurious, the air is refreshing, and the scenery is beautiful. Everything here is a direct invitation to happiness, joy and relaxation.

Do not let this opportunity slip through your fingers, choose the unit that suits you, and start real estate investment in a place that breathes luxury, beauty and elegance, and a golden opportunity at special prices and comfortable payment methods.

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