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Zed East - Find out all the details about the Zed East New Cairo project

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Zed East Compound in New Cairo

Zed East Compound in New Cairo is one of the most important and latest real estate projects offered by Ora Developers, owned by Egyptian businessman Engineer Naguib Sawiris. He is keen to make the best compound, especially after the overwhelming success of his previous project Zed Towers in 6th of October and Sheikh Zayed. It is scheduled to announce the opening of reservations for Zed East units in the coming days, with residential and commercial units available, in addition to integrated services. For more information click on Egypt Real Estate.

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Zed East Compound Designs

Ora Developers hired the engineering company WATG London to fully implement the designs. This company has extensive experience in the architectural field. It also has offices in some countries such as Istanbul, London, Los Angeles and Singapore.

The developing company is scheduled to deliver the units to customers with Super Lux finishes and air conditioners.

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Zed East Compound Location

The compound enjoys a vital and attractive location, which is one of the most important factors for the project's success and attracting attention to it, as it is located near the following:

  • Zed East Compound is located in Fifth Settlement on the main 90 Street, which is a vibrant street with all services available.
  • It is a short distance from the American University, about ten minutes away.
  • The compound is close to some famous residential compounds in Fifth Settlement, such as Hyde Park in front of it. It is near La Vista City project in the New Administrative Capital.
  • It is a short distance from the Middle Ring Road near Batios Ora project at the end of Fifth Settlement.
  • The vibrant location and integrated services make the project a great investment opportunity that cannot be missed, especially since the compound has elegant designs and multiple advantages.

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Services Available at Zed East Compound

Ora Developers, under the guidance of Engineer Naguib Sawiris, was keen to provide varied advantages and comprehensive services within Zed East Compound in New Cairo, to make it a fully integrated compound resembling a closed city that meets customers' needs without having to go out looking for anything. The most important services available are:

  • There is a large garden spanning 65 acres next to the compound, allowing residents to sit outdoors and enjoy an atmosphere full of luxury.
  • A huge public park and health club have been built on a total area of 50 acres, with the club equipped with all devices and equipment that allow customers to practice sports activities of all kinds.
  • There is a large park surrounded by vast green spaces, beautiful trees and flourishing plants that provide mental comfort to residents and relaxation in the fresh air. It was built on an area of 50 acres.
  • In the middle of the green spaces there are a number of charming artificial lakes that add more beauty.
  • Inside Zed East there is a huge mall containing a large number of diverse retail stores that offer the best products with world-famous brands, whether clothes, accessories, shoes, perfumes, and other goods.
  • There is also a complex inside Zed East Compound in New Cairo containing a number of elegant restaurants and cafes that offer the best meals and tastiest drinks.
  • An advanced security system, and providing a security team around the clock without interruption, to protect residents and property.
  • Huge areas of landscaping are available, as well as a luxury club house equipped with the best entertainment facilities.
  • A number of luxurious swimming pools of varying sizes and designs to suit all family members.
  • A sports club that includes a large number of courts through which various activities are practiced, which was built on an area of 43 acres. There is an area containing units suitable as administrative offices.
  • A luxury hotel that provides high quality services to customers.
  • The project contains residential buildings with varying areas. Each building consists of a ground floor, in addition to seven repeated upper floors, with all services and requirements available under the residential buildings.

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Zed East Compound Area

A huge area has been allocated for the implementation of Zed East Compound in Fifth Settlement, as it was built on a total area of 420 acres. 200 acres were allocated for the implementation of residential buildings and provision of flourishing green spaces, in addition to allocating another 50 acres of the total area for the construction of the largest sports club ever in New Cairo, with all the features and services available.

The compound contains a variety of residential units including luxury apartments and distinctive villas, which differ in terms of areas. However, the developing company pledges to deliver all units fully finished with decorations, providing the kitchen with all requirements and equipping it with a wooden kitchen.

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Residential Units in Ora Zed East

Zed East Compound in New Cairo contains a variety of residential units including luxury apartments and villas. It is worth noting that all Zed East units enjoy elegant finishes and luxurious decorations, with differences in prices and areas, which are:

  • There are also diverse units including luxury apartments, independent villas, luxury twin houses, luxury townhouses, distinctive duplexes, fully finished and equipped with wardrobes and air conditioners, ranging in size from 170 square meters up to 350 square meters.

  • There are also residential apartments in a G+8 system with full decorations and finishes, as they have been equipped with air conditioners, kitchen cabinets and all requirements. The areas of these units range from a minimum of 55 square meters up to a maximum of 240 square meters.

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Areas, Prices and Payment Systems in Zed East New Cairo

Despite the advantages of Zed East Compound in New Cairo and the integrated services available within it, Ora Developers has worked to provide residential units at competitive unmatched prices, as they suit a large segment of customers, knowing that the average meter price is only 23.5 thousand Egyptian pounds, with design and decoration works implemented at the best level as the company is accustomed to through its previous projects, most notably Zed Towers in Sheikh Zayed. Areas and prices are as follows:

  • The price of apartments with one bedroom, with an area of 63 square meters, starts from 1,380,000 EGP.

  • The price of apartments with an area of 85 square meters, with a private garden and a repeated floor, starts from 2,128,000 EGP.
  • Two-bedroom apartments in Zed East, their prices start from 2,258,000 EGP, knowing that their area is 104 square meters.
  • As for the price of ground floor apartments with a private garden and an area of 130 square meters in Zed East Compound, they start from 3,255,000 EGP.
  • Penthouses with three bedrooms in Zed East, their prices start from 6,002,000 EGP, with an area of 219 square meters.
  • Finally, the prices of standalone villas start from 11,300,000 EGP, for areas ranging between 254 square meters up to 355 square meters.

As for the payment systems in the project, Ora Developers, owned by Engineer Naguib Sawiris, provided competitive prices for owning a residential unit within the project, as well as flexible payment methods and facilitated systems, which are:

  • Payment systems for Zed East apartments: The customer pays a contracting deposit of 10% of the apartment price, then pays the remaining amount in 10 years without final interest.
  • Payment systems for villas: 10% booking and contracting deposit is paid, then the customer pays the remaining amount of the unit price in installments without any interest at all for 6 full years.
  • The company pledges to deliver the units fully finished with Super Lux finishes, providing all the services and advantages that serve the customers, for those who want to own a distinctive unit and enjoy a luxurious life. Reserving in Zed East New Cairo is a must.

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Project Owner Company and its Major Works

Ora Developers is the developing company for the project, which has a wide reputation in the field of real estate development, especially since it has implemented several previous works in a number of countries, such as Pakistan, London, Cyprus, in addition to its previous work in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Through its projects, the company works with high quality and unique engineering designs that match global standards, which ensures that its current Zed East project will be one of the best real estate projects in New Cairo ever.


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