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Mountain View 3 - The most important information about Mountain View 3 New Cairo Compound

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Mountain View 3 Compound in Fifth Settlement is characterized by its wonderful design that was implemented at the highest level of precision and quality, and it is considered among the series owned by Mountain View Company that provides many services and features that customers need in their daily lives, as it is an integrated community from all aspects and for more details click on Egyptian Real Estate.

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Location of Mountain View 3 Compound in Fifth Settlement

Mountain View 3 Compound is characterized by its strategic location in Fifth Settlement, as it is located near the New Administrative Capital, that attractive area for investment because of its many services and features. It is not far from the American University as well as Nasr City in addition to the Ring Road. It enjoys its proximity to vital areas because it is located specifically in the heart of New Cairo, especially between Al Jablia and Al Malakia Parks.

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Space of Mountain View 3 Compound by Mountain View Real Estate Company

The area of ​​Mountain View 3 Compound is about 25 acres, which were divided for residential units of different sizes to suit all customer needs, including "townhouses and stand-alone villas". Other areas were allocated for green spaces and artificial lakes that give a beautiful view.

Standalone villas are divided into four types with different areas as follows:

Villa A:

These villas consist of 4 master bedrooms in addition to allocating a room for guests and another for servants. Its area is about 425 square meters. It also contains two gardens in the backyard of the villa, with the average area of ​​each garden about 150 square meters. The usable area is 512 square meters including ceilings.

Villa B:

Its area is about 340 square meters, while the usable area reaches 367 square meters. It consists of two master bedrooms and three for guests and a fourth for service, in addition to the presence of two gardens in the backyard, with the same area as its predecessor in Villa A.

Villa C:

The usable area reaches 304 square meters, while the total area of ​​the villa is about 275 square meters. It includes a master bedroom in addition to 3 other spacious rooms and a room designated for service. The garden is designed in an L shape and its area is 150 square meters.

Villa D:

The area of ​​the last type of standalone villas is about 245 square meters, while the usable area reaches 290 square meters. Its components are the same as Villa C.

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As for the townhouse units in Mountain View 3 Compound, they consist of several connected buildings but at the same time provide tranquility and comfort to its residents. It is divided into three types as follows:

First type of corner townhouse:

This type includes about 6 houses known as corner houses. Its area is about 240 square meters, while the usable area is 290 square meters. It consists of 4 rooms divided into a master room and two living rooms and the third to receive guests, in addition to a wonderful private garden with an area of ​​100 square meters.

Second type of corner townhouse:

Its area is about 220 square meters, while the usable area is 260 square meters. It is the type that provides the most privacy to customers due to its strategic location in the heart of Mountain View 3 compound. It includes 4 houses, each unit consisting of 3 rooms including a master room, in addition to the garden whose area is the same as the first type.

Third type of corner townhouse:

This type of townhouse units resembles the previous type in both area and number of rooms, but the difference lies in the garden area which ranges between 60 and 70 square meters.

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Features and Services of Mountain View 3 Compound New Cairo

Mountain View 3 Compound offers many services and features that the client needs in his life so that he feels that nothing is missing and will not have to go out to buy what he wants, and these services are:

Green spaces: There are many green spaces that give a beautiful view in addition to providing a sense of comfort and relaxation, as well as the presence of artificial lakes, trees and flowers.

Swimming pools: The compound includes swimming pools of various sizes to suit all customers while providing privacy and safety.

Entertainment areas: Specific areas have been allocated for children equipped with the best and latest entertainment games to entertain their time.

Track: A specific track has been allocated for walking, jogging and cycling, in order to preserve everyone's privacy.

Areas designated for yoga: Specific areas have been designated for contemplating the beauty of gardens, trees and also for practicing yoga.

Garages: Garages are provided for cars to avoid congestion in front of residential units.

Commercial stores: The project includes many commercial stores that provide all the supplies of customers, as well as providing the latest international brands and brands, in addition to the presence of supermarkets.

Pharmacies and medical centers: As for the medical side, pharmacies and medical centers equipped with the latest devices have been established to provide complete health care for customers.

Areas for holding barbecues: Specific areas have been allocated for holding barbecues in addition to other social events.

Sports courts: The compound includes wide sports courts to practice all kinds of different sports, whether football, tennis or basketball.

Security: Security has been provided 24 hours a day and equipped with the best security devices and surveillance cameras.

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Prices and Payment Systems of Mountain View 3 Compound New Cairo

Mountain View 3 Compound offers affordable prices for all customers compared to the services that will be provided. The residential units will be delivered semi-finished after 4 years from the date of contracting. The prices of townhouse units are 5,600,000 EGP, while the corner townhouse is 6,600,000, villas start from 15,000,000 EGP for A, B price is 11,000,000, C villa price is 8,500,000, and finally D reaches 7,500,000.

 And there is a payment system that works to comfort the client when choosing the appropriate residential unit for him, which is represented in paying 10% as a deposit upon contracting, provided that the rest of the due amount is paid over 7 or 8 years, while the maintenance value is estimated at 8%.

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The owning company of Mountain View 3 Compound and previous works

Mountain View Real Estate Company has been able in recent years to achieve many successful projects in several areas, which made it gain widespread fame in the real estate field, as it always seeks to show its projects in a different and distinct way, whether in designs or services provided.

Its previous projects were implemented in West Cairo, North Coast in addition to New Cairo and the Red Sea as well as Fifth Settlement, which included its latest project, Mountain View 3, which was executed by the best architectural designers around the world.

The projects are: The New Cairo area included 6 projects, which are "Mountain View 1, 2 and 3, Mountain View Executive Residence, in addition to Mountain View Hyde Park, Mountain View E City Fifth Settlement", while October City included "Mountain View October Park, Shell Out Park, as well as Mountain View Giza Plateau, Mountain View E City October", while projects of "Mountain View Ras Al Hikma, and Mountain View Rhodes Ras Al Hikma, Mountain View Diplomats Ras Al Hikma" were implemented in the North Coast, and finally the Ain Sokhna area included the projects “Mountain View Ain Sokhna 1 and 2”.

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