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Studios for sale in New Cairo - 119 Properties for sale


Studio for sale in New Cairo with the most luxurious designs and the best prices

The residential units are not limited to traditional apartments but there are other types of luxury architecture designs that suit the discerning customers, the studios are on top of these unique designs, so looking for a studio for sale in New Cairo is the perfect choice for high-end classes and those looking for a premium residential unit that develops the usual routine of the place of residence.

The highest areas of New Cairo

Don't look for a studio for sale in New Cairo randomly, but you have to search within the best neighborhoods and areas of New Cairo that guarantee you a luxurious and comfortable life that does not lack anything, whether it is of basics or luxuries, we will explain a number of the most distinct neighborhoods in New Cairo below:

The Fifth Settlement

Only the lucky ones are lucky enough to live in the Fifth Settlement as it is the highest area of New Cairo, especially since this vital area has luxury malls such as 7 Stars, Silver Star, and Marhaba Mall, which gives them a great shopping experience at any time they like.

The region's great importance sometimes inspires some to call it New Cairo as a whole, especially since it is at the forefront of the first neighborhoods designed there, as well as the presence of many important landmarks, such as New Cairo Court, Katameya Compound, and New Cairo Institute of Information Technology.

El Yasmeen Neighborhood

An upscale neighborhood that attracts the elite of the community to stay in, especially with the presence of service and recreational facilities within it, such as Air Force Specialized Hospital, club, and Petrosport Sporting Club and Stadium, and there are many residential projects that include various units not only suit those looking for a studio for sale in New Cairo but who want to live in villas with a ground floor and two upper floors.

El-Banafseg Neighborhood

The most important thing that distinguishes this area is that it is easy to access from more than one side, whether through the ring road or even the North 90th street, in addition to being a high service district and its extreme sophistication is shown in the existence of a dedicated area for villas divided into 12 areas, in addition to the presence of buildings to provide other types of residential units for those interested in it.

El-Andalos Neighborhood

Don't look here and there for a high-end residential unit without heading to Al Andalus neighborhood, this upscale neighborhood that mimics the world's most exceptional styles, especially with the spread of large green spaces that reflect a delightful and modern landscape in its various parts.

El-Lotus Neighborhood

Fans of entertainment and hiking within the most famous clubs in New Cairo have to go directly to El Lotus neighborhood to book a residential unit in it, it is located directly in front of a large complex of clubs such as Aviation Club, Royal Club, Platinum Clun, and New Cairo Club.

The neighborhood is divided in a very smart way to ensure that the population is distributed within it in such a way that prevents the problem of congestion completely, for example, the Northern Lotus region is divided into 5 regions and the southern region is divided into 6 regions.

The design of the neighborhood confirms that its executors were keen to create a non-traditional and upscale residential place, it is designed in the form of a lotus flower, and placed in a very wonderful location that brought it close to a large educational edifice such as the American University, which confirms in the end that it has many countless features and amenities.

Al Narges Neighborhood

A service area to the fullest, characterized by the presence of luxury and above-average residential projects to suit different levels and in line with all needs, characterized by its close proximity to the Fifth Settlement area, which increases its importance and vitality.

Best compounds in New Cairo and Fifth Settlement

Only luxury compounds provide a studio for sale in New Cairo with imaginative designs beyond anyone's imagination, especially since some of them overlook directly at a magnificent garden, dotted with green spaces that relax the eye and generate psychological calm.

The distinctive residential buildings are scattered in different regions and cities in New Cairo, and the most important of Fifth Settlement and New Cairo are the following:

Hyde Park New Cairo

Hyde Park should be mentioned when talking about the most important and prestigious compounds in Fifth Settlement, there is nothing lacking either in terms of location, services, or otherwise, you will find it steps away from the American University, offering different residential units to its customers, including apartments for sale that its price can be paid in installments over 7 years.

Almaram Landmark

It is located in a very upscale area within Fifth Settlement, which is the southern investors area that is worthy of the luxury level that dominates everything, whether, in its design, services, or various finishes, it is wonderful that it gives its customers a golden opportunity to pay the value of the unit (apartments for sale) in installments over several years, specifically 4 years.

Palm Hills New Cairo

It is located in an area no less prestigious than Fifth Settlement, which is the Katameya area of New Cairo, known for its vitality and extreme sophistication that made it attract those looking for apartments or villas with unparalleled designs and different spaces that provide them with different needs whatever it is, and despite the eagerness of customers to book units in it, it offers them attractive facilities upon paying as it enables them to pay the price of the apartment in installments over 6 years.

Prices of the studio for sale in New Cairo

If you are looking for a studio for sale in New Cairo do not think too much about prices, because you will find a great variety of them according to the compound and the area of the unit you choose, for example, there are studio apartments priced at 650 thousand pounds area with an area of 64 square meters, and you can also buy another unit with a larger area of 96 square meters at the price of 2,600,000 pounds, so prices vary whether with an increase or decrease according to the area and some other specifications.

There is no standard method of payment because some residential compounds enable their customers to pay in installments after a down payment per unit, others do not require a down payment, and other residential complexes that offer instant payment (cash) with the possibility of offering a discount to the customer in this case.

Find out the most important compounds in New Cairo

Features of living in a studio apartment

Your choice of living in a studio means enjoying additional benefits not available in regular apartments and some other types of units, and we will review a number of these benefits as follows:

  • Moving easily within your unit, because it's designed in an innovative, unconventional way that makes its area completely open, so its residents feel as if everything surrounds them in one place.
  • Give the buyer a greater opportunity to innovate in the decorations however they want, because the open space in this type of unit is designed in a way that allows for the absorption of various decorations without any negative impact on their design, but on the contrary, they appear more elegantly.

  • The cost of its rent is often lower than other large apartments and is affordable even when buying.

  • Easy to prepare and clean without any trouble, due to its unique design that allows this.

  • You won't have to afford expensive costs in terms of other equipment, because it needs the simplest types of furniture.

Defects of housing in a studio apartment

Despite all the previous features of studios, it is not without some minor defects but its advantages remain more than its defects, these defects are as follows:

  • Its area is small and therefore suitable for small families only and not for medium or large families.
  • There is no storage space attached to it, which makes you have to exclude luxury items and has just basics.
  • The studio on the ground floor will not provide the necessary tranquility for their residents, but can even suffer from noise problems sometimes.