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Pharmacies for sale in New Cairo - 22 Properties for sale


Pharmacies for sale in New Cairo

The 5th Settlement area is a real opportunity for all investors in various fields, especially the medical field, anyone looking for pharmacies for sale in New Cairo can go to medical malls scattered throughout the region, which have been implemented in order to provide various types of medical services in one place equipped with care and accuracy, so owning a unit in one of these malls ensures the success and financial gains for the investor in a short period of time.

Advantages of investing in New Cairo

Many people have turned their attention to investing in the Fifth Settlement area, which is one of the areas that guarantees investors great success, thanks to many advantages that include the following:

  • The New Cairo area is characterized by its sophistication and luxury, making the investment with it an opportunity to be seized.
  • Its vital location near Cairo and many important areas, including Heliopolis, Nasr City, and the New Administrative Capital.
  • The 5th Settlement position is close to the main and important hubs, ensuring the customer that is quick and easy to reach anywhere.
  • The area is characterized by a huge amount of residential projects and luxury complexes.
  • A wonderful and structured layout that is clearly visible on the wide and paved streets, consequently comfort and safety.
  • Its proximity to a large number of educational facilities.
  • There are many hospitals and many other medical services in the area.
  • It is a quiet place away from the hustle and bustle.

All of this has made investing within that region a dream sought by a large number of customers, it is a truly wonderful opportunity to ensure the investor success and excellence, where the great location and the diversity of services.

Discover the major features of New Cairo compounds

Medical Units for sale in New Cairo

For all those interested in the fields of medicine, they can own their unit with the most famous 5th Settlement Medical Malls, which are carefully designed to be a haven for all investors thanks to their exclusive services, the most prominent of which are the following:

Elegantry Mall New Cairo

This mall is one of the most famous malls of New Cairo recently implemented in the region, and the wonderful location is the most important thing that distinguishes it from other malls, as it is located on 90th Street close to the most important and the most vital areas in Cairo, and the most important features of the project site are as follows:

  • The mall is close to the school complex in New Cairo, the most important of which is the British International School.
  • Adjacent to Mobil Gas Station.
  • It is steps away from the Ring Road and the Suez Road.
  • Approaching important projects including Kai Heights Compound.
  • Only half an hour separates the mall from the New Administrative Capital and Maadi area.

Area of Elegantry Project

The developer of the mall has allocated a huge area for it estimated at 5335 acres and has allocated 47% of this area to the buildings and construction of the mall, while the rest was for services, green spaces, and landscape, making the mall integrated with all services providing customers with everything they need and looking for.

Project Features

The site was not the only special thing about Elegantry Mall, but it provides its customers with a huge amount of exclusive services, including the following:

  • The mall is equipped with medical and regular elevators for easy movement between floors.
  • The mall is equipped with Internet access and alert systems that operate automatically in cases of theft and emergency.
  • Advanced fire control system.
  • The mall is equipped with high-security electronic gates.
  • All the walls of the mall are soundproofed, ensuring the customer works in a calm atmosphere without distraction or noise.
  • Part of the mall is dedicated to distinctive restaurants and cafes.
  • Maintenance service that operates periodically 24 hours a day.
  • Protection and security with the use of the latest technology and security means.
  • Parking area to prevent overcrowding in front of the building, which occupies a large area for approximately 700 cars.
  • The mall is equipped with an automatic power system in case of power outages.
  • The mall has social clubs with jogging tracks.
  • The spaces of the medical units inside the mall have been diverse ranging from 65 square meters up to 171 square meters.
  • There are long payment and installment periods of up to 42 months guarantee the customer to pay the unit price comfortably.

Ozone Medical Center New Cairo

It is one of the most famous malls located in Fifth Settlement, which has been allocated to provide all services related to the health field, as it includes all kinds of medical units such as clinics, pharmacies, laboratories of analysis, radiology, and medicines, as there is a distinctive location has been selected for its implementation, the advantages of the selected location include the following:

  • It is close to the famous Fatima Al-Sharbatly Mosque.
  • It is close to the distinct 90th Street.
  • The mall is close to important areas, including the Southern Investors Border area and the Sphinx region.
  • Approaching Nasr City and Heliopolis as it is no more than half an hour from each.
  • It is only 15 minutes away from Al Rehab City.
  • The mall serves approximately 14,000 people in Al Narges Neighbourhood.
  • It is also close to the German and British Universities with no more than 10 minutes away.

Services provided by Ozone Mall

The mall includes four complete buildings, three of which are dedicated to medical services, and the fourth building is a hospital that has been equipped with all the equipment, which ensures the best medical care for patients, and the most important feature of the mall is that it has an infinite number of services including the following:

  • Fire alarm and fire fighting systems.
  • Security and protection are available throughout the mall thanks to the reliance on a range of the latest modern security tools and technologies.
  • Electric elevators and emergency stairs.
  • Different spaces for the medical units.
  • Green spaces give the place a charming view of all units.
  • Regular maintenance and clean-up services operate all day in the mall.
  • The prices of the units within the mall are varied, which are suitable for a large number of customers.
  • Convenient payment systems that the customer pays a down payment of 10% and the rest is paid over a long period of up to 72 months.

Spaces within Ozone Medical Center

Ozone New Cairo is one of the largest malls that has been allocated a large area of up to 18,000 acres, which has made the company able to provide the mall with all the needed services.

The real estate developer of Elegantry & Ozone Mall

The two malls are one of the projects of Heliopolis Developers Group HDG, one of the pioneers of real estate companies in Egypt, its experience in this field has extended to 17 years, and the company has implemented many successful projects, the most important of which are the following: -

  • Family Home.
  • Medical Center 3.
  • Town Center Mall.
  • Korpenta New Heliopolis compound.

UMC United Medical Center

It is one of the most famous Fifth Settlement malls ever, thanks to the location near 90th Street south of the Academy, and it also offers a variety of exclusive services to customers ensuring their comfort which includes the following:

  • Internet service and surveillance system with the latest security means.
  • Security personnel all over the mall.
  • The mall is equipped with fire fighting and warning systems.
  • There are medical and regular elevators as well as emergency stairs.
  • Gym and Spa which are carefully equipped for unique and exclusive customer service.
  • A dedicated visitor reception area is available at the mall.
  • There are units of varying sizes started from 39.5 square meters up to 177 square meters.
  • Payment facilities for up to 5 years.

So, if you are looking for pharmacies for sale in New Cairo, do not hesitate and quickly book them in any of the famous medical malls located in the region, as it guarantees the investor success and achieves all his dreams and aspirations in a short period.