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Project Description

Project Name: Korpenta New Heliopolis.

About Korpenta Heliopolis Project: One of the best residential units offering a world of luxury and high-end accommodation in New Heliopolis, where it offers the best facilities and services that meet the needs of residents and make them feel the luxury of accommodation.

Korpenta Location: it is located in New Heliopolis near Madinaty on the road to Suez.

Korpenta New Heliopolis Space: it was executed on a vast area of land with the majority of the area allocated to green spaces and the rest of the space for buildings, facilities, and services.

The Developer Name: Heliopolis DG.

Korpenta Units Type: Villas with various spaces.

Units space in Korpenta: villas space starts from 317 m² up to 398 m².

Units Prices: villas' prices start from 2,450,000 EGP.

Payment Methods: you can pay 20% downpayment and the rest in installments up to 5 years.

Join our world and enjoy the finest designs and best experiences in our unique project, where creativity and excellence are in every corner of Korpenta New Heliopolis  

If you are looking for a luxurious and most sophisticated residential life, and you can own your distinctive residential unit amidst an atmosphere of mental comfort and total tranquility, designing with an atmosphere of luxury and enjoyment, exclusively within the finest luxury projects launched by the major real estate company HDG Development, which launched Korpenta Heliopolis, it connects the most important roads and main axes, and the distance between it and active service areas is only a few minutes, not to mention the possibility of reaching the major institutions from Korpenta easily and away from the severe congestion suffered by the residents of the surrounding cities. 

In addition, the area on which the residential Korpenta is located is vast, which includes green spaces and beautiful natural scenery, which occupies 80% of the total area, reflecting positive energy on the residents within it, making it one of the unique projects in that area.

As for the residential units within it, they are five-bedroom villas designed on the CLUSTERS system and attached with private gardens and a private swimming pool for each unit in Korpenta Heliopolis. It has provided varying areas within it, which gives you complete freedom to choose the most suitable for you. The facades are classically designed with grandeur and sophistication, and are provided with the largest amount of integrated services that meet all the requirements of customers and investors.

Experience the luxurious life in the heart of the most tranquil and beautiful locations, where magic meets elegance inside the new Korpenta Heliopolis 

The Korpenta project has achieved tremendous success after the real estate company HDG built it in the best strategic locations in New Heliopolis. It connects the most important roads and main axes, and the distance between it and service areas is only minutes away. It is also close to the most famous and largest projects in the area.

Key features of Korpenta Heliopolis project location:

  • Korpenta Heliopolis is only about 3 minutes away from Ismailia Road.
  • Korpenta Heliopolis is located near major areas and cities, directly on the Suez Road.
  • Korpenta compound is about 40 minutes away from downtown Cairo.
  • Korpenta Heliopolis is adjacent to Sarayat El Korba villas.
  • The distance between Korpenta Heliopolis and the Four Seasons Sheraton compound is very short.
  • Korpenta Heliopolis is close to Cairo International Airport, about 15 minutes away.

Discover the pleasure of unique architectural design with our project, where we provide you with an exceptional experience that meets all your aspirations inside Korpenta Heliopolis 

A unique residential project that is distinguished by many features and includes many integrated services that meet all customer requirements. The real estate company was keen on its design, relying on the largest consulting firms that worked to develop the best decor and unique touches that made it the focus of many clients due to its great value among many projects. The designs of the Korpenta compound are innovative, containing five-bedroom villa units designed in a Clusters system. They are adjacent buildings with one entrance, garage and private garden inside Korpenta Heliopolis. It provides varying areas within it, giving you complete freedom to choose the most suitable for you and your family, ranging from 317 square meters up to 400 square meters. Each villa consists of 3 floors: basement + ground floor and private garden, and first floor. Units are finished in either full or half finishing according to the customers' preferences, with immediate delivery or after one year from contracting.

Take a step towards excellence and luxury with the exclusive set of privileges we offer exclusively to you in our Korpenta Heliopolis project

The Korpenta Heliopolis project is one of the huge projects established on a large area divided between green spaces, beautiful natural scenery that occupy 80% of the total area, allowing you to enjoy unique times full of mental comfort and tranquility. As for the services and facilities, they are exclusive and provided to everyone for an unparalleled luxurious residential life. Villa units of varying sizes have been provided so you have the freedom to choose the most suitable for you and your family, ranging from 317 square meters up to 400 square meters. Each villa consists of 3 floors: basement, ground floor and private garden, and first floor. Units are finished in either full or half finishing according to the preferences of customers, with immediate delivery or after one year from contracting.

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Enjoy distinction and innovation, as our project guarantees meeting all your needs and expectations in the most beautiful way inside Korpenta Heliopolis project - Korpenta Heliopolis

By owning a residential unit in Korpenta Heliopolis compound, you have a golden opportunity to benefit from all the services and advantages available within the project, which are hard to compare with any other compound; so no need to think twice, go ahead and book your place now, the features are as follows:

  • Korpenta residential compound is distinguished by its many unique features, as it was launched in one of the best strategic locations in New Heliopolis. It connects the most important roads and main axes, and the distance between it and service areas is only minutes away.
  • The area on which Korpenta Heliopolis project is located is large and divided between green spaces, beautiful natural scenery that occupies the largest percentage of the total area, reflecting positive energy on the residents inside, making it one of the unique projects in that area.
  • Water bodies are designed inside Korpenta Heliopolis compound including artificial lakes, water fountains designed in unique shapes to help you enjoy relaxation.
  • Providing residential units of different sizes and types inside Korpenta Heliopolis gives you the full freedom to choose what suits you and your family.
  • There is a large mosque inside Korpenta Heliopolis project designed in ancient Islamic styles, accommodating the largest number of worshipers to perform prayers throughout the day.
  • A distinguished infrastructure is designed inside Korpenta Heliopolis including the largest number of essential basic services that are indispensable in any residential project, such as electricity, natural gas and sanitation.
  • Large garages are located underneath the units in Korpenta Heliopolis, accommodating a large number of private cars in order to maintain the unique civilized appearance and prevent congestion in front of it.
  • For young children, playgrounds have been provided inside Korpenta Heliopolis compound, containing the largest number of games suitable for their ages to spend a distinctive recreational time with friends.
  • A large maintenance center is located inside Heliopolis project, operating around the clock, with a number of technicians whose mission is to detect and repair faults in the units.

What are you waiting for? Book your distinctive unit now and enjoy the best diverse services that you have always been looking for everywhere, exclusively inside the Korpenta Heliopolis project...!!!

Make luxury and excellence a daily part of your life with the set of luxurious services we provide in our elegant project inside Korpenta Heliopolis - Korpenta Heliopolis

Because you deserve it; Heliopolis real estate developers have implemented the Korpenta Compound, the address of sophistication and excellence among residential projects. It has been designed in a wonderful modern style and includes unique services, most notably:

  • Various sized swimming pools have been designed inside Korpenta Heliopolis project to suit everyone, allowing you to spend a great time in front of your unit and enjoy unique atmospheres.
  • The largest amount of prestigious security services are provided inside Korpenta Heliopolis by appointing security personnel operating around the clock to secure it from all directions and ensure a decent life for residents with more stability.
  • A number of modern surveillance cameras are distributed inside Korpenta compound to monitor events happening around the clock for more complete reassurance for those inside it.
  • A Club House is designed inside Korpenta Heliopolis including the largest health center with different sections such as sauna, spa, jacuzzi, allowing you to enjoy the best entertainment atmospheres and provide the best services at the highest level.
  • For those who love to exercise in the morning, long running tracks have been paved inside Korpenta compound to enjoy the most beautiful atmospheres, away from the car road to avoid accidents.
  • There is a social club inside Korpenta Heliopolis project that includes services and facilities, allowing you to meet friends and build relationships with others, in fun atmospheres that suit you.
  • An area is designed inside Korpenta Heliopolis to include many tools and equipment, prepared in a unique way, to hold barbeque parties, birthdays and other events amidst unmatched atmospheres.
  • Keen on your safety, the real estate company owning the Korpenta project has provided prestigious medical clinics containing the largest number of departments, providing the best medical service to patients, as well as pharmacies containing imported medicines.
  • Prices inside Korpenta Heliopolis have been announced and are commensurate with all customers' purchasing desires. Flexible payment methods have been offered to pay the total amount in installments over many years without interest.
  • To maintain the sophisticated appearance inside Korpenta Heliopolis, a number of cleaning workers have been appointed, operating around the clock for a more elegant and civilized residential life.
  • To facilitate spending and depositing money, ATM machines have been provided within the scope of the new Korpenta compound to assist you without leaving its premises.
  • To buy all household supplies, a hypermarket and supermarket are available inside Korpenta Heliopolis, containing everything residents need. Home delivery is available around the clock to the homes for more customer convenience.
  • For fitness and maintaining body shape, a large gym has been built inside Korpenta Heliopolis containing the largest number of modern exercise equipment and top trainers.
  • A large area inside Korpenta Heliopolis contains restaurants and cafes designed in the same international styles, providing the best delicious meals and drinks amidst romantic and very calm atmospheres.
  • For sports enthusiasts, a number of sports fields have been provided inside Korpenta Heliopolis project including football, tennis, volleyball, different gymnastics halls and more. It also contains a large number of coaches to provide you the opportunity to enjoy the most beautiful atmospheres with friends.
  • A large commercial mall is located inside Korpenta Heliopolis compound, containing shops that offer the finest global brands suiting customers of sophisticated taste.

The opportunity is still available to own the best residential units in different sizes inside Korpenta Heliopolis compound...!!!

We offer you the best competitive prices and payment plans specially designed to suit your budget, to ensure a comfortable and ideal experience with us inside Korpenta Heliopolis compound

If you are looking for a unique residential project that is distinguished by many features and includes a huge amount of exclusive services, all you have to do now is book your unit inside Korpenta New Heliopolis. All customers have been offered competitive prices, which are the best ever in that area. As for payment methods, they help you buy the unit in installments over many years, including:

  • Price of units inside Korpenta Heliopolis - Korpenta Heliopolis: Starts from 2,700,000 EGP
  • You can pay a 20% downpayment of the total unit price in Korpenta compound, and install the rest over 5 years.

For more information, please contact us....!!!!

Disadvantages of Korpenta Compound, Heliopolis Developers Group

Despite the splendor and distinction witnessed by the "Korpenta" project, some clients have expressed their reservations about the density of units within the project, believing that this may reduce the opportunity to enjoy absolute privacy and comfort. However, the developing company paid special attention to this aspect, as the buildings were designed with wide spaces and separations between them, to ensure providing the desired privacy to the residents and protecting their residential atmosphere from any interference.

Get to know our real estate developer, characterized by excellence and experience, where we turn your dreams into a reality you live every day 

Heliopolis Developers Group (HDG) is one of the leading companies in the Egyptian real estate market. It works on developing many communities in a unique modern and civilized manner. It also seeks to make its name common among many developers in the area. HDG has created various distinguished projects that have impressed many clients and investors. It launched its huge project in the heart of Heliopolis city, called Korpenta featuring great amenities and exclusive integrated services. It owns investments worth about 600 million EGP, and works to continue providing outstanding projects in various prime locations.

Its previous key projects:

  • Heliopolis Midway Mall
  • Korba Heights Compound, Heliopolis
  • New Korba Compound, Heliopolis

In the Compounds of New Heliopolis: You are at the Heart of Leadership, Luxury, and Excellence

New Heliopolis stands out as a unique example of progress and organization in the heart of Cairo, offering its residents a living experience that combines luxury and modern comfort. The compounds located in this area are designed in a way that meets all desires through unique architectural styles and a contemporary flair that reflects refined taste.

These compounds encompass a variety of residential units ranging from spacious apartments to elegant villas and townhouses, equipped with everything residents need to ensure the highest standards of quality and comfort.

This area transcends the concept of traditional housing by providing comprehensive service facilities, including vast green spaces and captivating natural landscapes surrounding the residences, creating an atmosphere of serenity. It also boasts a high-level security system that ensures the protection and safety of residents around the clock, with the presence of security guards and surveillance cameras for complete peace of mind.

New Heliopolis is a haven for families seeking a high quality of life, with international educational institutions, advanced health centers, as well as upscale shopping malls, and a curated selection of restaurants and cafes that cater to all tastes. In short, this area offers a comprehensive blend that elevates the concept of modern living, combined with elegance and refinement, making it a prominent and leading destination in Cairo.

Become Part of the Future: New Heliopolis Area and Its Vision for a Bright Tomorrow!

The New Heliopolis project draws the attention of many, attracting both investors and residents alike, presenting itself as a symbol of urban renewal in Egypt. This project aims to create a contemporary urban community that combines housing with outstanding investment opportunities. The city's design embraces futuristic ideas that promote the principles of sustainable development and invest in transforming desert lands into advanced urban spaces.

The strategic plan for New Heliopolis seeks to build an advanced infrastructure by utilizing the latest available technologies, in addition to ensuring all necessary services for a decent life. The city places at the heart of its concerns the balance between the environment, economic development, and social development, with a commitment to diversifying public transportation and providing vast green areas for citizens.

In addition to its urban features, New Heliopolis is a center for investment and business, through the construction of commercial and industrial zones capable of attracting local and international companies, thereby enhancing the city's economic capacity and providing new job opportunities for neighboring areas.

This project takes into account the importance of modern technology to improve the quality of services and ease of access, ensuring an elevated standard of living for residents. Upon completion, New Heliopolis is expected to become a living example of life in a modern city that meets the needs of present and future generations.

In every way, this project represents a vision for a bright future of development and urbanization in Egypt, poised to become a distinctive urban attraction and a model for economic and social progress and prosperity.

One Step Away from Korpenta Compound in New Heliopolis: Discover the Exceptional Neighboring Residential Offerings!

If your desire leans towards finding a residence within the neighborhoods of Korpenta Compound in New Heliopolis, we provide you here with a guide that includes a collection of nearby compounds worth considering. This group of compounds stands out with their unique offerings and strategic locations that facilitate access to vital areas in New Heliopolis. Here, we present you with a detailed look at the available options:

  1. SODIC East New Heliopolis:
    This compound emerges as a model of architectural creativity and offers modern finishes that reflect luxury. It boasts an abundance of green spaces and provides elegant residential units, along with a complete range of services. It is also conveniently located near the New Administrative Capital and Cairo Airport, making it an ideal choice for residency.

  2. Beccadeli Heliopolis Compound:
    This compound is a point of attraction thanks to its contemporary residential units with innovative designs and luxurious finishes. It features multiple facilities, including entertainment venues and commercial shops, in addition to lush gardens that add beauty to the place.

  3. Azayla SODIC East New Heliopolis:
    This compound is an elegant choice for those seeking distinctive residential units with their sophistication and modern design. It provides an ideal environment for luxurious living, interspersed with green spaces and equipped with facilities such as swimming pools and children's play areas.

  4. La Vida Compound Heliopolis:
    This compound showcases the beauty of design and architectural creativity, offering spacious residential units with private gardens and providing a diverse range of recreational activities. It also enriches the social life of its residents by offering various services such as restaurants, cafes, and clubs.

These compounds offer those seeking residences unique living experiences, each within its own framework, while providing all the necessary facilities and services to ensure the comfort and happiness of residents.

Boundless Real Estate Investment: How to Finance and Purchase in Korpenta Compound, New Heliopolis with Confidence through!

If you have a passion for real estate investment and are seeking a place that combines excellence and investment opportunities in Egypt, the Korpenta Compound in the New Heliopolis area is worth considering. To make your journey in exploring and purchasing the ideal real estate unit smoother and more convenient, provides comprehensive support by offering a diverse range of investment options.

Here are the steps you can follow to conduct a successful and reliable purchasing process in Korpenta Compound in the New Heliopolis area through

1. Explore the Website: Start by visiting and navigate to the Korpenta Compound New Heliopolis page. Here, you will find a collection of pictured real estate offerings for villas available for sale.

2. Evaluate the Options: Take your time to review the prices and available spaces, and make a detailed comparison to ensure you choose the villa that suits your requirements and financial capabilities.

3. Communicate for Information: Once you have identified your preferred unit, you can contact us through the numbers listed on the website or send a WhatsApp message to obtain additional clarifications and arrange a site visit.

4. Facilitate Financing: If you require financial support to complete the purchase, please contact the recognized financial institutions or banks recommended by the website to learn about available financing options and payment plans.

5. Visit the Site and Conclude the Agreement: Visit the Korpenta Compound site in New Heliopolis to inspect the villa on-site. If you decide to proceed with the purchase, please submit your request and sign the necessary agreement to confirm the deal.

6. Pay the Down Payment: To secure the unit, you will be required to pay the down payment specified in the agreement to complete the remaining contractual procedures.

7. Finalization and Delivery: Complete the payment process and provide the necessary documents to the relevant authorities, and then take possession of your villa.

By following these steps, you can ensure a smooth and secure real estate purchasing experience in the Korpenta Compound in the New Heliopolis area with full support from

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New Heliopolis

2,450,000 EGP


Heliopolis DG.

10 Units

20% downpayment and the rest in installments up to 5 years.

A large space


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