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Penthouses for sale in New Cairo - 381 Properties for sale


Penthouses for sale in New Cairo

Living in a penthouse for sale in New Cairo means housing in a high-end area and a residential unit designed with the latest high-end architectural styles that fit perfectly the elite of the community and those wishing to live a life away from routine, especially with the many advantages available in this type of residential units alone, it is completely different from the traditional ordinary apartments to have a special and more distinctive character.

The best compounds in Fifth Settlement

Do not look for a penthouse for sale in New Cairo randomly but you should select the most exceptional compounds to ensure the availability of a high-end range of services that are only available in outstanding residential projects, the best compounds of 5th Settlement include the following:

Midtown New Cairo

Midtown New Cairo residents will not only enjoy accommodation in an integrated luxury compound with all services but they also can choose from different types of residential units, especially since the buildings occupy 25% of the large area of 18 acres per compound, with 43 buildings and the rest of the total area is for green spaces and service facilities surrounding the units of penthouses, duplexes, apartments with spaces ranging from 135 square meters up to 300 square meters.

Stone Residence New Cairo

It is occupying an area of 143 acres but its buildings do not exceed a quarter of this vast area, its level of luxury guarantees its customers to stay in the highest modern units of penthouses, duplexes, or even ground apartments or first-floor apartments, ranging in size from 128 square meters up to 275 square meters.

Lake View Residence compound

This project should be the first destination for all those wishing to live in a residential unit surrounded by beautiful landscapes, cheerful greenery, and beautifully designed water fountains, residents can have fun in the areas designated for barbecues, shopping malls, or walking on its particular tracks, as well as swimming pools, cafes, restaurants, a gym, and spa.

Besides the penthouses for sale in New Cairo, the client finds other types of residential units such as apartments, duplexes, townhouses, twin houses, villas, and studios, so it can be said that Lakeview Residence is not missing anything, it is an integrated project in all respects.

The Water Way New Cairo

All the service and leisure facilities that the client dreams of his residence will be available at Water Way Compound, where there are cafes, restaurants, swimming pools, gyms, water fountains, and sports fields. Clients will find, within the compound, penthouses and separate and duplex apartments as well as a roof.

Century City New Cairo

Century City should be the first destination for luxury seekers and those wishing to live a modern life in the real sense, because it has various facilities, services, and even residential units, as the project occupies 26 acres and buildings occupying only 25% of all this space.

The complex features a luxuriously designed penthouse with large areas ranging from 230 square meters up to 248 square meters, as well as other units such as apartments and duplexes so that customers will eventually find all residential units with the highest designs.

Al Maram Landmark

Its vast area of 108 acres is a testament to its size and also its luxury, which has made it an opportunity to offer different residential units of various sizes, whether for penthouses or regular apartments, ranging in size from 232 square meters up to 293 square meters.

Features and problems of housing in a penthouse

Only smart people are looking for penthouses for sale in New Cairo because they have not only chosen an upscale area such as the Fifth Settlement but also selected one of the best types of residential units that have so many advantages, we shall explain a number of the advantages of living in a penthouse below:

  • It keeps its residents as private as possible, they will not suffer from the problem of neighbors adjacent units, and therefore have more extent of freedom.
  • The penthouse residents will not suffer from the noise and loud sounds in the streets, unlike the residents of ordinary apartments, especially those on the lower floors.
  • Enjoying great views of the sea, the street, or the greenery surrounding the unit from the outside and breathe fresh air.
  • The penthouses are beautifully designed and luxurious but at the same time are offered at affordable prices compared to some other types of residential units.
  • The large area characterizes this type of residential unit, thus providing residents with enough space to put all the furniture they desire without appearing in a stuffy shape that messes up the overall appearance.

Although the advantages of the penthouse are numerous, it is not free from some defects as well, which we explain below:

  • The vulnerability to the high temperature during the summer or low temperature in winter, but this problem can be overcome by the installation of a heat insulator.
  • This type of residential unit is more vulnerable to rainwater leakage to the roofs, causing too many problems, but installing good waterproof insulation can help overcome this defect as well.
  • Low water pressure in penthouse apartments compared to regular apartments on the lower floors, the solution to this problem lies in the installation of a water motor.

The highest neighborhoods of the Fifth Settlement

Living in a service district ensures a more comfortable life within the residence, so keep in mind when looking for a penthouse for sale in New Cairo, you should go to the upscale neighborhoods until you find what really impresses you and is worth buying, these neighborhoods include the following:

  • 90th Street: It is considered the largest street of 5th Settlement which is characterized by plenty of service buildings and important facilities in it, such as shopping malls and headquarters of internationally renowned companies, schools, and banks.
  • Al Narges Neighborhood: It is particularly characterized by the presence of luxury shopping and entertainment malls, and major malls such as Silver Star, Seven Stars.
  • El Lotus Neighborhood: It is distinguished from the rest of the neighborhoods by its proximity to the cities of Al Shorouk, Madinaty, as well as the increase of administrative buildings in it and also hotels in addition to the presence of the American University and the Future University in Egypt in it, not only that but it also includes distinct recreational places such as parks and Americana Plaza.
  • El Koronfel Neighborhood: The ideal destination for all those wishing to stay in a first-class service area that contains villas, hospitals, and schools.
  • El Shouyfat Neighborhood: It is located at the entrance of the Fifth Settlement, as well as being a perfect service district especially with having a good number of schools and other service facilities on its land.
  • Al Andalos Neighborhood: It is also located at the entrance of Fifth Settlement, the most important feature of it is the spread of private institutes and universities is the proliferation of private institutes and universities, as well as recreational facilities represented in sports clubs and parks.
  • West Arabella: Being near 90th Street gives it a lot of importance in the first place, and this importance increases because there are major educational institutions in the neighborhood, such as language schools, American schools, and the German University.
  • Beit Al Watan: One of the most famous neighborhoods of the Fifth Settlement, it is particularly famous for its large entertainment venues such as Wadi Degla Club, Platinum Club.
  • American University area: The most luxurious residential complex, such as Riviera compound, Heights compound, Kingdom Compound, Gardens compound, and the presence of major clubs such as New Cairo Club.