Amazon Tower- New Capital

From 1,500,000 EGP
Status Under Construction
Delivery Date 2023
Developed by: Holding Development

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Project name: Amazon Tower.

About the project: The most prominent and important towers in Administrative Capital, which is characterized by the diversity of units and competitive prices that meet the needs of customers and investors.

Amazon Tower location: It is located in Central Business District in front of Iconic Tower in New Administrative Capital.

Project Space: A vast space of up to 5 acres.

Unit Types: Units vary between distinguished administrative and commercial hotel units.

Units Space: Spaces of the units vary to suit all customer needs.

Price per meter: Starts from 50,000 EGP.

Real estate developer name: Amazon Holding.

Payment methods: The owner company offered easy payment systems over long periods of time to choose what suits you.

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All information about Amazon Tower New Administrative Capital

It is one of the most important and prominent comprehensive towers implemented by Amazon Holding in the heart of New Administrative Capital, which includes various units among hotel, administrative and commercial units of varying spaces to suit all desires, at competitive prices that are completely far from any exaggeration. Below we are getting to know the features of the tower's location, available services, units' spaces, and other factors that attract customers.

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Amazon Project location

  • It is located in the Central Business District of Administrative Capital, in front of The Iconic Tower, which consists of 79 floors, so it is the highest tower in the entire continent of Africa.
  • It is located near Expo City and Museum Of Modern Egyptian Art.
  • The Tower is minutes away from Administrative Capital International Airport.
  • It is just a few minutes away from the City of Arts and Culture.
  • Near To Monorail Train Station.
  • It is located next to a number of vital places in Administrative Capital, such as Medical Capital City, Conference Zone, and Sports City.
  • It is located very close to the Green River.

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Amazon Tower Space

  • A vast space has been allocated for the construction of the tower, which is the tallest tower in Central Business District.
  • The vast space enabled the owner company to construct the tower building, in addition to providing a vast space of landscaping and artificial lakes that increase the beauty of the project.
  • It is located on a space of 5 acres, equivalent to 22,000 square meters, and consists of a ground floor and 45 upstairs. The commercial units are located from the ground floor to the third floor so that the client can set up his own project.
  • Administrative and hotel residential units are located from the fourth floor to the 45th floor, knowing that they are delivered with a Super Lux finishing system.
  • It contains an underground five-story car garage to prevent crowding in front of the tower.

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Amazon New Capital units space

Amazon Mall contains a variety of units of varying spaces, ranging from large, small and medium spaces to suit all customers' needs and desires.

Amazon Project Services

The tower is characterized by the availability of comprehensive services that create a kind of self-sufficiency for customers and provide them with stability and not have to go outside searching for anything, and the most prominent services available are the following:

  • Inside the tower, there are a group of international restaurants and luxury cafés to provide all kinds of food and drinks.
  • Amazon possesses vast green spaces and water bodies to create a kind of balance between green and blue.
  • Customers can visit the great monuments that are located near the tower, such as Wax Museum, which includes statues belonging to a number of prominent historical figures.
  • The Tower is located near Expo City and Sports City.
  • Customers can have fun by going to Central Park, which is located in a space of 1000 acres.
  • The distance between the tower and some landmarks in Administrative Capital, such as Opera House and Al Massa Hotel is very small.
  • The tower includes a well-equipped gym for those who want to exercise every day to maintain their physical fitness.
  • Amazon Holding has not neglected the warden system that ensures the safety of customers and their properties and has provided security personnel spread 24 hours a day in various parts and floors.
  • Distribution of surveillance cameras that use modern technological techniques everywhere to monitor all events as they occur to prevent crimes and thefts.

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Amazon Holding Prices

Competitive prices are one of the most important pull factors for any real estate project, which the owner company is well aware of, prompting it to provide various units within the tower at very reasonable prices, knowing that the price varies from one unit to another according to the space and type. Prices are in general as follows:

  • The price per meter starts from 100,000 EGP for commercial units in Amazon Tower.
  • The price per meter is 50,000 EGP for both administrative and hotel units.

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Payment Systems in Amazon New Capital

Amazon Holding has introduced a distinctive payment system in order to facilitate customers, where each customer can choose the appropriate payment system for his circumstances according to his financial capabilities without incurring additional burdens, and this is with a convenient installment system over the longest possible payment period.

Owning company and previous business

  • Amazon Holding is the owner of the project in Administrative Capital, and it is one of the largest real estate companies that was established in 2000 AD and has a good reputation enabled it to establish about 40 projects in UAE with international standards.
  • The company cooperates with chief engineers and consultants, and imports building materials from abroad making its projects very distinctive and up to international standards.
  • The company has implemented a large number of huge projects in the UAE, which were very popular with customers and investors, including Three Towers, Corniche tower, Marina Dubai Tower, and Uniesrate buildings, and one of its most prominent works in Egypt is Amazon Tower Administrative Capital.


  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Commercial area
  • Mosque
  • Health club and Spa
  • Cinema

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