The Median Residence New Cairo

From 1,970,000 EGP
Status Under Construction
Delivery Date 2023
Developed by: Ezan Development

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Project name: The Median Residence.

About the project: The compound is characterized by the wonderful designs that the company was keen to take care of, as it is distinguished by the high-end location that overlooks all the main axes.

The Median Location: Fifth Settlement

The Space of The Median Residence New Cairo: A huge space of up to 20 acres.

Units Types: Various apartments.

Units price: starts from 1,970,000 EGP.

Payment methods: 5% of the total unit price is paid as a downpayment, and the rest is paid in installments over 10 years.

The Median Residence Compound New Cairo

Luxury and well-being have an address, which is The Median Residence New Cairo, where the project is being built on a huge space of ​​about 20 acres, and a percentage of green spaces has been allocated, amounting to about 74% of the total space, and the rest of the percentage came to buildings and construction.

The real estate developer was able to choose a special location for the project, close to all the main roads and the most important main axes, which makes it very easy to reach, and the prices were fantastic and flexible payment systems to suit all customers looking for residential life in a classy and quiet place.

If you are looking for a sophisticated place to enjoy a new life with unparalleled modern concepts, The Median Residence Fifth Settlement is the perfect choice that will achieve everything you wish for, as it was designed according to the latest international models. 

The Median Residence Compound New Cairo Location

EZAN development has chosen a prime location for The Midian Project; As it is close to the most important main roads and the most important main axes that make access to it very easy and easy, make excellence the address of your new home and enjoy a great deal of luxury and fun.

Enjoy unparalleled advantages in terms of its privileged geographical location:

  • The project is 9 km from Nasr City.
  • 8 km from Heliopolis.
  • 7 km from City Stars.
  • 6 km from Garden 8.
  • It is also 5 km away from Cairo Festival City and City Center Almaza.
  • 5 km from Al-Rehab city and O1 Mall.
  • It is a short distance of about 1 km from the JW Marriott Hotel.
  • 2 km from Cairo International Airport.
  • It is 7 km from City Stars.

All these nearby places make it an attractive strategic location for many clients and investors looking for residential living in the most prestigious and luxurious area in New Cairo, so book now and be part of the Community Of The Median.

Units spaces and types in The Median Residence Compound

The perfect space of The Median Residence helped to achieve creativity in the designs of the compound to match the multiple needs and desires of customers; The compound is located on an area of ​​84 thousand square meters, equivalent to 20 acres in New Cairo, and the largest part of the project's total area, which amounted to about 74%, was allocated to green spaces, artificial lakes, swimming pools, public facilities, and recreational activities.

The smaller space, estimated at 16%, was left for buildings and construction, the company that owns the project presented a compound that contains only apartments, but varies in size, to suit many clients looking for apartments in a sophisticated and distinctive place; Where the apartments consist of ground floors and upper floors, with different spaces as follows:

  • The space of 1-room apartments on the ground floor starts from 76 m² with a private garden of 24 m², and the rest of the upper floors start from 78 m² up to 81 m².
  • The space of 2-room apartments on the ground floor starts from 112 m² up to 122 m² and has a private garden ranging in size from 48 m² up to 141 m², and the rest of the upper floors start from 123 m² up to 127 m².
  • The space of 3-room apartments on the ground floor starts from 138 m² up to 159 m² and has a private garden ranging in size from 58 m² up to 96 m², and the rest of the upper floors start from 144, 160, and up to 174 m².

The Median Residence Ezan Design

The design of the units in The Median Compound was made on a modern, modern and attractive system; Where it combines privacy, calm, and simplicity in one place, where the project includes a group of buildings designed in a balanced way and all units overlook the charming nature with its cheerful and attractive flowers that make the view wonderful.

The real estate developer has been keen to provide beautiful designs from the inside and outside, and all units enjoy privacy, calm, and peace of mind by looking at the green spaces in their cheerful colors, and the entrances to the buildings come with porcelain floors, next to marble stairs and modern advanced elevators, and the project is equipped with the latest infrastructure facilities, to produce an integrated project of all public utilities.

The Median Compound New Cairo Services

  • The green spaces surrounding the compound spread, giving a sense of calm and psychological comfort, and adding elegance and luster to the place.
  • To spend the most beautiful times and enjoy seeing the artificial lakes that sparkle with their cheerful crystal colors, which were designed on an area of ​​1200 square meters.
  • Dedicated areas for barbecues, events, birthdays, and parties in the open air amid the charming nature.
  • For lovers of walking, running, and cycling, there are designated and safe places away from the traffic of cars.
  • The compound offers swimming pools close to all units within the project.
  • For fitness enthusiasts and lovers of playing all the games inside, an open gym has been allocated to enjoy the middle of the charming nature and the outdoors.
  • A commercial mall on 7800 square meters, inside it you will find everything you need from the best international brands.
  • An entertainment area for children to spend the most beautiful time with their friends and family. The Midian Compound offers many fun games and special activities.
  • To make friends and get to know the rest of the residents of The Median Compound, a social club was established with a space of ​​600 square meters.
  • Nurseries for children to develop their skills, practice all recreational activities and educate them by the most qualified specialized teachers.
  • For fans of football, tennis, basketball, handball, and other recreational games, there is a gym equipped with the latest equipment.
  • The Midian offers modern and advanced electric elevators for easy movement between floors and some of them.
  • Underground secured garages to accommodate a large number of cars and prevent crowding in front of the units.
  • A trained security team at a high level of service and guard, and make random tours inside and outside the compound for insurance and guarding.
  • The surveillance camera operates 24 hours a day to record what is happening throughout the day and can be used in an emergency.
  • A high-speed internet network to serve all units of The Median Residence.
  • A pharmacy with many different types of medicines to meet the needs of patients.
  • The periodic maintenance team works all day to fix any malfunction caused in the units and quickly deal with it immediately.
  • For relaxation and recreation, there is a well-equipped health club, which includes many activities, including a spa, jacuzzi, and sauna.
  • International restaurants and cafes serve various types of food and drinks prepared by the best professional chefs.

Features of The Median Residence New Cairo Compound

One of the most important features of any residential project is its strategic location close to all main roads and the most important main axes, which makes it easy to access, as the project is located in the heart of Cairo and close to several roads, including the new road, Al Wafaa WA Al Amal axis, the ring road, the Suez Road, Heliopolis, and Nasr City.

  • It is also distinguished by its proximity to the Administrative Capital, Al Rehab City, hotels, and commercial areas. Its proximity to all these places helped it reach it easily.
  • With one click of, you can control the lighting and temperature in all homes from a distance, as The Midian offers a variety of advanced technology supported by three times, and to enjoy productivity and entertainment through the Internet service activated inside the TV and phone using optical fibers at the highest standards.
  • The inside and outside design came with modern and innovative designs and also provided the utmost comfort, modernity, and privacy inside the residences, and
  • Enjoy an attractive and distinctive view of the green spaces with their cheerful and beautiful flowers, next to the artificial lakes and the presence of huge DOUBLE HIGH terraces.
  • Gardens are spread around the buildings, giving a creative view, in addition to breathing fresh air, and there are places to sit amidst the charming nature, which gives psychological comfort and unparalleled calm.
  • The real estate developer was keen to make the project integrated and provided a variety of services, public facilities, and recreational activities, as it is considered an integrated city.
  • The infrastructure has been taken care of to suit the requirements of technology, services, and high-quality maintenance.
  • A mosque for prayer and religious rites is designed in the latest style.

Unit prices and payment systems provided by the real estate developer

Ezan Development has offered very distinguished prices through The Median Residence New Cairo, and is considered the best, for its international services, public facilities, and recreational activities that make the project integrated, so the prices start as follows:

  • The price per square meter inside the project starts from 16,000 EGP.
  • Prices for 1-room apartments in The Median New Cairo start from 1,248,000 EGP.
  • As for the 2-room apartments, the price starts from 1,970,000 EGP.
  • While the prices of 3-room apartments start from 2,290,000 EGP.

As for the payment systems provided by the real estate developer, which come with the longest payment period, to suit all customers and so that each customer can pay the value of the reservation and pay the rest over the longest possible period, they are as follows:

  • The customer can pay a downpayment of 5% of the unit price, and the rest is to be paid in installments over 10 years from the date of contracting in equal installments.
  • All units within The Midian Compound New Cairo are delivered after 4 years from the date of the contract, and without finishing so that each client can finish it to his taste.

The Owner Company

If it weren't for the great effort and the long experience of Ezan Development, the owner of The Median Residence, it would not have achieved all this fame, as the company has more than 50 years of experience in various sectors, including real estate investment and construction, and gained all its experience from the parent company, EGYGAB Holding.

Ezan is considered one of the leading companies in the Egyptian real estate market, which owns multiple areas of the real estate sector such as designs, project development, and construction, the reason for naming the company by this name is Ezan, as it comes from the word balance.

The company seeks to meet the needs of its customers by providing many changing real estate products that keep pace with the changes of the Egyptian market, and it owns many projects, whether commercial, residential or administrative, as well as educational projects, Ezan is always keen to provide all its projects integrated with all facilities and recreational activities that make it a project Special.



  • Security
  • Playgrounds
  • Swimming pools
  • Shopping center
  • Commercial area
  • Mosque
  • Social Club
  • Health club and Spa
  • Water Fountains
  • Cinema

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