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Project Description

Villas for sale in Palm Hills 5th Settlement!

Villas for sale in Palm Hills Fifth Settlement are characterized by a high level of sophistication and distinction.

It is considered one of the most prominent compounds in New Cairo, providing an ideal residential environment for families looking to live in a quiet and safe place.

The compound offers many distinguished services and facilities, including vast green spaces and attractive lakes that create a calm and beautiful atmosphere.

Villas for sale in Palm Hills Fifth Settlement include a diverse selection of villas, designed with the latest architectural styles and the highest quality finishes.

The available areas of villas for sale in Palm Hills Fifth Settlement range from small to large, allowing you to choose according to your needs and desires.

Not only do the villas for sale in Palm Hills Fifth Settlement provide a high level of housing, but they also ensure the availability of recreational facilities and modern services that allow you to enjoy your leisure time.

These facilities include swimming pools, sports fields, health clubs, children's play areas, restaurants and cafes.

Palm Hills Fifth Settlement is the ideal place for those seeking to live in a beautiful, tranquil natural environment while maintaining access to commercial and recreational activities in the city.

If you are looking for a villa with the highest level of comfort and luxury, villas for sale in Palm Hills Fifth Settlement will be a great choice for you.

Exclusive offers and irresistible prices at Palm Hills Compound in New Cairo!

Palm Hills in New Cairo offers a unique investment opportunity for those looking to acquire distinctive residential units. This company was founded on the principle of providing the best for its customers, along with competitive prices and convenient payment systems.

Element Details
Price per meter 12,500 Egyptian pounds
Residential unit prices Range between 3,750,000 and 4,600,000 Egyptian pounds
First payment system 10% booking deposit, 5% contracting, remainder paid in 7 years
Second payment system 20% down payment, remainder paid in 8 years

Palm Hills Compound features a diverse selection of residential units with modern designs and luxury finishes, including apartments with spacious bedrooms, comfortable reception areas, and fully equipped kitchens. In addition, the apartments overlook stunning balconies characterized by wonderful natural views of the compound, which also includes swimming pools, gyms, barbecue areas, and gardens for walking and relaxation.

With many services provided, the company is keen to offer reasonable prices for all financial categories, with flexible payment plans to facilitate for customers, making the compound an ideal investment opportunity in a prime location that provides all facilities and services for a comfortable life.

In summary, the exclusive offers and apartment prices in Palm Hills represent a great opportunity to invest in modern, comfortable housing in a prime location, as it provides the necessary services and facilities for a comfortable, high quality life.

Choose the ideal location! Palm Hills in the heart of Fifth Settlement!

Palm Hills Fifth Settlement project enjoys a unique strategic location in the heart of the Fifth Settlement in New Cairo, as the location selection reflects Palm Hills Company's commitment to providing comfort and excellence for investors and residents. This project embodies the concept of luxurious living, as well as providing flexible installment periods that make it easy for customers to purchase and invest.

Key Features of the Project's Location:

  • Prime location close to important places, international schools and universities.
  • The project's proximity to major roads and axes facilitates access to vital areas.

Nearby Locations:

  • Directly on the Middle Ring Road.
  • Reaching Madinty in less than half an hour.
  • The Sports City in the New Administrative Capital is 14 km away.
  • Less than half an hour away from the American University and the German University in the New Administrative Capital.
  • 35 minutes away from Future City and the Nativity of Christ Cathedral.
  • Reaching Egypt's tallest skyscraper in about 32 minutes.
  • 47 minutes to Cairo International Airport and 41 minutes to the New Administrative Capital Airport.

It is worth mentioning that the compound provides a luxurious and integrated living environment that includes all modern services and facilities, making it the ideal choice for families and individuals seeking comfort and distinction in one place.

Residential units that combine luxury and practicality at Palm Hills Compound!

In Palm Hills Fifth Settlement compound, those looking for prestigious and modernly designed residential communities find a place that ensures quality of life and comfort. The project includes an ideal mix between simple classic spirit and distinctive contemporary designs, adding a unique, sophisticated touch to it.

Palm Hills Compound covers a total area of up to 500 acres, which have been carefully distributed with 80% for green spaces and natural scenery, while 20% are for buildings and 100 acres for services. The diverse residential units, between apartments and villas, provide areas that meet residents' needs, including:

  • Apartments: Ranging in area from 150 to 300 square meters.
  • Townhouses: Starting from 295 square meters up to 330 square meters.

Despite the luxury of the residential unit designs, they combine practicality and comfort, making them consistent with the residents' lifestyle. Life inside the compound is complete in every detail, as the developing company has ensured the provision of all the residents' basic and recreational service needs, such as shops, green spaces, sports clubs, public gardens and other recreational facilities.

Therefore, Palm Hills Fifth Settlement compound is considered a golden investment opportunity for those looking to make the most of living in a modern residential environment, that ensures them all means of comfort and recreation.

The presence of many facilities and services as well as unique designs make Palm Hills Compound an ideal choice for living and investing in villas for sale in Palm Hills Fifth Settlement.

A superior set of services under the roof of Palm Hills Compound!

With Palm Hills Compound's focus on providing a unique luxurious lifestyle, it provides residents with a superior set of services under one roof.

It includes many recreational and vital facilities and services that meet all residents' needs.

Palm Hills Company has provided beautiful green spaces and gardens in the compound, to provide stunning natural scenery and charming views for all units, in addition to the artificial lakes spread throughout the compound.

The compound also includes the Palm Hills Club, which includes professional sports academies, as well as high-level recreational facilities and activities, giving residents a unique opportunity for fun and relaxation.

Additionally, the compound includes a huge commercial complex with many restaurants and cafes, as well as various retail stores for a unique shopping experience.

Palm Hills services are not limited to this, but also include the presence of a world-class hotel to provide an enjoyable experience, in addition to interconnected open spaces including walking trails, bike paths, relaxation areas amidst nature, and community centers.

And to provide residents with comfort and enjoyment, the compound has swimming pools of different designs and sizes suitable for adults and children.

Palm Hills Compound also contains a health club equipped with the latest sports equipment and provides top quality health services such as a spa, jacuzzi and sauna.

Palm Hills Company also cares about the safety of children, and therefore provides a kids area with all the necessary safety measures.

In addition, the company has provided educational facilities in the project, with prestigious international schools inside the compound, as well as health care centers to provide health care for customers.

Finally, swimming pools of different designs and sizes are provided for the comfort and happiness of the residents.

In summary, the superior set of services in Palm Hills Compound provides residents with a luxurious and ideal living experience, making it an ideal residential community for living or investing in the best villas for sale in Palm Hills Fifth Settlement.

New Cairo: The ideal destination for your next investment!

New Cairo is an ideal destination for living, working and investing in Egypt, as it is one of the fastest growing cities in the country.

This city is characterized by its rapid development and huge potential in real estate and commercial projects.

New Cairo includes many real estate projects that enjoy modern architectural facades and innovative designs.

It also contains prestigious residential communities that meet the diverse needs of residents.

This city also enjoys a strategic location close to governmental and service areas, as well as universities, schools and clubs.

Your next investment in New Cairo will open up great opportunities for success and profitability.

The city provides an ideal environment for business and real estate trading, where you can take advantage of the growing demand for housing and commercial offices.

The Vinewood Mall in New Cairo is one of the leading investment projects in the area.

This mall is characterized by its unique and luxurious design, and provides a diverse selection of retail stores, restaurants and entertainment.

Thanks to its prime location on Bank Street, The Vinewood Mall is an ideal destination for shopping enthusiasts and entrepreneurs.

In summary, if you are looking for a successful investment opportunity that combines luxury and rapid development, New Cairo is the ideal place for you.

Investing in this city will ensure you get the financial returns and promising opportunities you aspire to.

Fifth Settlement: Where development and modern life are reflected!

Fifth Settlement in New Cairo is considered one of the most prestigious residential areas in Egypt, combining natural beauty, tranquility and modern lifestyle facilities.

It is an ideal destination for individuals and families looking to enjoy a sophisticated and comfortable lifestyle.

The Fifth Settlement provides a variety of facilities that meet the needs of all family members.

Shopping and entertainment are among the most prominent features of the area, as it contains many large shopping malls, stores, upscale cafes and restaurants.

It also provides many prestigious international schools, nurseries, hospitals and health centers that ensure the care, health and well-being of individuals.

In addition, the Fifth Settlement enjoys a strategic location that provides easy access to major areas in Cairo, such as the airport, New Cairo and Madinaty.

It also contains many international universities and schools, making it an ideal destination for students and parents looking to provide quality education for their children.

To meet different housing requirements, the Fifth Settlement provides a wide range of luxury real estate projects, such as villas and apartments with elegant, contemporary designs.

These projects are characterized by modernity and sophistication, as they include all the features that individuals dream of such as spacious areas, recreational facilities, and high level security.

In short, the Fifth Settlement in New Cairo is a great destination for modern, sophisticated living.

It provides a luxurious, recreational and safe residential environment for individuals and families, with contemporary architectural designs and sophisticated facilities.

It is the ideal place to live a distinctive, happy life.

Choose from the finest compounds in the Fifth Settlement: Luxurious living awaits you!

Choosing the right compound is an important decision when looking for a home in the Fifth Settlement. The area offers many luxurious compounds that combine luxury, security and comfort. Here is a list of some of the finest compounds in the Fifth Settlement that you can choose from:

  1. Villette Sodic Compound: Villette Sodic is considered one of the most famous compounds in the Fifth Settlement. The compound provides unique architecture, lush green spaces, and excellent services. It contains different residential units suitable for all needs and provides recreational and shopping areas.

  2. Mivida Compound: The Mivida area is one of the quietest and most preferred places to live in the Fifth Settlement. The integrated project provides a diverse selection of luxury residential units and luxurious villas. The resort is characterized by its pedestrian areas and vibrant social life.

  3. The Square Compound: The Square Compound is one of the finest compounds in the Fifth Settlement. The compound provides a luxurious lifestyle with extensive green spaces and an advanced security system. The compound includes luxurious villas and spacious apartments that reflect sophistication and beauty.

  4. Midtown Compound: Midtown Compound is located in one of the most desirable locations in the Fifth Settlement. The compound provides elegant residential spaces, a great central garden, and a variety of services and facilities. Midtown is a great place to live thanks to its modern design and availability of sports and recreational facilities.

  5. Mountain View Compound: Mountain View Compound by Emaar Misr offers a large selection of exclusive residential units. The compound is characterized by its stunning natural scenery, green areas, and artificial lakes. The compound also provides facilities such as schools, hospitals, and shopping centers.

Regardless of the compound you choose, the Fifth Settlement provides a luxurious, integrated urban environment with all means of comfort and amenities. Be sure to assess your needs, budget, and choose the compound that suits your personal requirements to obtain a luxurious, comfortable lifestyle in the Fifth Settlement.

Your step towards your dream villa in Palm Hills New Cairo begins with!

If you dream of owning a villa in the upscale Palm Hills area in New Cairo, provides you with the opportunity to turn this dream into reality. This company provides specialized real estate services to help you find villas for sale in this area and meet your needs and desires with the highest professional standards.

To start your journey towards your dream villa, follow these simple steps:

  1. Search for online: Enter in the search engine and go to the company's official website.

  2. Explore the available villa options: Search their list of offered properties in the Palm Hills New Cairo area. Read the description and photos of each villa and compare them to find the design and space that suits you.

  3. Visit the site: If there are specific villas that catch your attention, arrange a site visit to inspect them yourself. This step will allow you to assess the build quality and how well they match your requests.

  4. Contact the sales team: Once you have identified a specific villa, contact the sales team for inquiries or to request more information. They can provide guidance and direction in the purchasing process.

  5. Study the payment plan: The sales team will provide you with information about available payment plans and other details such as installments and duration. Carefully study these plans and make sure they align with your financial capabilities.

  • Reserve your villa: If you are satisfied with everything and want to proceed with the purchase, reserve the villa and sign the appropriate contract. It is important to take this step as soon as possible to secure your right to obtain the desired villa.

  • Complete the purchase procedures: You must execute all the required legal procedures and provide all necessary documents to complete the purchase. The sales team can provide support and guidance in this regard.

  • Receive your dream villa: After successfully completing the purchase procedures, you will finally be able to receive your dream villa in Palm Hills New Cairo. Enjoy fulfilling your dream and take advantage of the facilities and services provided in the area.

Using these simple steps, you can reach your dream villa in Palm Hills New Cairo with Enjoy luxurious, elegant living in this exclusive destination!

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