Chalets for sale in La Vista Bay North Coast

From 3,200,000 EGP
Status Completed
Delivery Date 2022
Developed by: La Vista Developments

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Chalets for sale in La Vista Bay North Coast

The search for a chalet for sale in La Vista Bay North Coast has become noticeably increasing, and the reason for this lies behind the resort’s many advantages and services that it provides to its guests, ensuring their comfort and relaxation and spending wonderful times on an unforgettable summer vacation, and to know more details about La Vista North Coast we recommend that you follow the following lines.

Resort Location

La Vista North Coast Resort has become the destination for anyone looking for comfort and wishing to enjoy the scenic views, as it enjoys a great location in the charming North Coast region, specifically at km 205 Alex-Marsa Matruh Road, close to important areas, including the following:-

  • It is distinguished by its privileged location in Ras El Hekma, thus a charming view of the sea with its wonderful view.
  • It is characterized by its proximity to high-end villages, most notably Caesar Sodic.
  • It can be reached from anywhere with ease, as it is close to the main roads, including the new Fouka Road.
  • It is distinguished by its proximity to New Alamein, which increased the sophistication and luxury of the place.

La Vista Bay North Coast Space

La Vista Ras El Hikma is distinguished by its vast space, which extends over 310 acres, and this huge space made the company able to offer more than one chalet for sale, to accommodate a large number of guests during summer vacations.

The company has allocated a large percentage of the resort to green spaces and scenic views, leaving the remaining space for construction, which varied between chalets, twin houses, and villas, each of which came with varying spaces, as follows:-

  • A chalet has been put up for sale in La Vista Bay Resort, with spaces ranging from 110 square meters to 320 square meters, in addition to other types of chalets with private gardens of varying spaces starting from 160 square meters.
  • Twin house space ranges from 320 square meters up to 400 square meters.

It has been pledged by the company that all La Vista Bay Ras El Hikma units that will be contracted with customers, will be fully finished and delivered within 3 years from the date of writing the contract.

Project Services

The services within La Vista Bay North Coast Resort vary between basic and recreational, and this makes life more comfortable and enjoyable, as everything that customers need will be very close to them without the need to leave the resort to search for them, and among these services, for example: -

  • Bodies of water occupy large parts of the resort and have been executed with beautiful and elegant designs, which contributed to highlighting the beauty and sophistication of the place.
  • The green spaces occupied a large proportion of the space, which was distributed consistently over the entire resort, to ensure a wonderful view of all units.
  • A gym and a spa with international facilities for more luxury for the residents.
  • A dancing fountain can be seen from all residential units, which inspires relaxation and tranquility in the hearts of residents.
  • A large space dedicated to holding parties, seminars, and various events.
  • A hypermarket that provides the residents with all the daily needs and necessities.
  • Fine restaurants that provide customers with the most beautiful and delicious international and local cuisine prepared by highly trained chefs.
  • Recreational areas for children with a group of entertaining games that suit their ages and make them enjoy beautiful times full of fun and vitality.
  • Modern surveillance cameras have been installed throughout the resort to secure every corner of it.
  • Luxurious cafes serving different types of hot and cold drinks.
  • Security and guard services are carefully distributed throughout the village, which works all day without interruption to provide comprehensive insurance for the residents.
  • The resort is completely closed for added security and privacy for the residents.
  • A huge commercial mall with several shops that provide its customers with a package of the most beautiful and finest products and international brands.
  • A water park and Aqua Park contains a huge number of the most beautiful water games, which are suitable for all ages to ensure enjoyable times for all family members.
  • A pharmacy that works all day without stopping to provide a good level of treatment services to the population.
  • Swimming pools vary in size and shape, with women's types covered for more safety and privacy.
  • Sports clubs with international equipment containing a range of sports fields allow residents to practice various types of sports activities.
  • Social clubs with international facilities that are dedicated to gatherings of family and friends.
  • Grand Hotel offers excellent hotel services to its guests.

All these services were the reason why a large group of clients was attracted to booking a chalet for sale in La Vista Bay North Coast, as the diversity of services ensures the residents an enjoyable life with all aspects of comfort and luxury.

Prices and Payment Systems

Owning a summer residence has become a matter within the reach of a large segment of customers, as the company took into account to make the prices reasonable and not exaggerated, which made many people able to buy their unit with ease and ease without feeling any financial pressure.

The company has introduced a flexible payment system, with paying a down payment of 10% and then 10% every 3 months for a period of up to 5 years.

The Owner Company and Previous Works

La Vista Bay Sahel is one of the most prominent works of La Vista Developments, which started working in the field of real estate in 1991 AD, and since that until our time, it has been providing us with works that indicate the extent of its merit and superiority in this field, the most prominent of which are the following:-


  • Swimming pools
  • Shopping center
  • Commercial area
  • Mosque
  • Social Club
  • Health club and Spa
  • Water Fountains
  • Aqua park

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