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Stores for Sale in Sheikh Zayed - 119 Properties for sale


Stores for sale in Sheikh Zayed

Buying or renting a shop in Sheikh Zayed is a golden investment opportunity that is not often repeated, because one of the most important secrets of the success of any commercial project is its location. Sheikh Zayed City is a very vital area, thanks to a number of luxury compounds and residential projects in it as well as various centers and service facilities. This has ensured the popularity of shops within the city, and a constant buying and selling activity.

Reasons to open a shop in Sheikh Zayed

Don't hesitate to buy a shop for sale in Sheikh Zayed because opening your business here gives you many benefits that will increase your chances of success within a short period of time. Some of the most important advantages are listed below:

  • The wonderful location of the city can attract a wide range of customers from within it and from the surrounding area. The city is close to many vital locations such as the tenth district and the Pyramids Plateau. Residents from Giza and Cairo can reach it in less than an hour. Movement to and from the city is easy, thanks to its proximity to 26th of July Axis, the ring road, Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road.
  • The city is full of service facilities, including educational services such as: Nile Kangaroo Language School, Sheikh Zayed Experimental Schools, Beverly Hills School, and others. Other services include hospitals such as Al-Zohoor Hospital, and sports clubs led by Al Ahli Club. All of these services increase the level of activity in the area and promote more sales for your shop.
  • The city has plenty of shops and stores, making it a large commercial market for plenty of people from different regions. This large congregation of shops makes it more likely to attract customers to your shop and increase profits.
  • The city's multi-cafés and entertainment venues, which contribute to the great revitalization of the business, both for shops and other projects in the city.

The best areas to buy shops for sale in Sheikh Zayed

It’s important to consider all the possible locations before buying a shop in Sheikh Zayed, because each location has its own advantages. In any case, the city is full of popular and vital places that are very attractive to investors and business owners, so you can’t really go wrong with any of these choices:

District 1

The success of your business is certain if you can own a shop inside this neighborhood, because it is close to many residential areas. It is close to 26 July axis which connects to it and makes it easier for the residents to be regular customers of any shop that opens here. The district itself is very vital and includes many cafés, restaurants, and universities, including Cairo University Sheikh Zayed Branch.

District 3

This district is a truly unique situation. It covers a large area that is very active, and yet stores have low prices here, making it an attractive option for a large number of investors and entrepreneurs. It is a distinct opportunity to buy a shop in a popular area at a reasonable price.

District 7

If you want your shop near your target customers from both Sheikh Zayed and nearby areas, the 7th District is your golden opportunity, because it is close to important roads such as the 26th of July axis and the main Dahshur Link Road, there’s also plenty of residential compounds within it that have a decent population.

Malls in Sheikh Zayed

Buying a shop inside a mall in Sheikh Zayed ensures that you attract a lot of customers and make big profits, because mega malls are a key destination for all people wishing to shop. Some of the most important malls where you can buy a shop include:

  • Diamond Mall: It has a wide reputation not only in Sheikh Zayed but also the entirety of Giza governorate, thus owning a shop inside it is a unique investment opportunity.
  • Mall of Arabia: It is a large commercial complex because it is not limited to shops but also has headquarters for major companies, entertainment venues, cinemas and cafés, all of which contribute to the number of visitors and increase sales in all the mall’s stores.
  • Dolphin Mall: This mall is located in the 7th district and offers two main advantages, the first is that it is a famous mall all on its own, and the second is that the 7th district has very active and well-known commercial areas, making it a lot easier to attract customers and have a successful business.
  • Dandy Mega Mall: Located on the Egypt Alexandria Desert Road and enjoys a wide reputation, the diversity of projects based within it between entertainment venues, restaurants and cinema reflects positively on the shops in it, so feel free to book your shop inside the mall if you want to make a guaranteed profit.

Shops for sale in Sheikh Zayed

Sheikh Zayed City has a large number of stores in many areas to suit many different commercial projects. Whatever the nature of your business, you will not need to look much until you find a shop with the specifications you want, whether in terms of space or otherwise. Below, we review some examples of the available shop spaces in Sheikh Zayed:

  • A semi-finished shop suitable for cafés with an interior space of 63 square meters and an outdoor area of 14 square meters, located in the finest mall in Sheikh Zayed, specifically behind Saudi Market and overlooking Al Shabab Street. This kind of unit would be priced at 5,355,000 EGP, which can be paid in installments for 4 years after providing a down payment.
  • A commercial unit in a courtyard with an interior space of 240 square meters and consisting of three floors (ground, first, second) is priced at 7,250,000 EGP. The unit is delivered immediately to the customer.
  • A Beverly Hills store with an interior space of 127 square meters, an outdoor space measuring 180 square meters, and an extra 20 square meters for a storage space. This unit is priced at about 5,500,000 EGP.

Shops for sale in Sheikh Zayed and their prices

You don’t have to pay a lot of money to own a shop in Sheikh Zayed, because you'll find a wide range of prices that give you the option to choose whatever suits your budget. Additionally, you’ll find premium payment systems that will assist you when buying a unit. If you’re not interested in paying installments, then cash payment is also available, which usually comes with a good discount.

You may feel more excited to buy a shop in Sheikh Zayed when you know that most of them are offered with an installment system, which is the easiest payment method ever. You’re also very likely to enjoy a long payment period that can last many years, which can circumvent many problems in terms of budget and financial burden. Below, we review some examples of shop prices within Sheikh Zayed City:

  • There are shops in the first district with excellent specifications and largely reasonable prices that push many investors to buy them. In general, the average price is estimated at about 250,000 EGP.
  • A shop in The Walk Mall with an interior space of 71 square meters and a storage space of 22 square meters, with Super Lux finishes, is priced at 2,900,000 EGP.
  • Continental Gardens Mall offers shops for sale with an interior space of 64.5 square meters and semi-finishes. It fits various business activities including a restaurant, café, arcade, hair dresser, retail accessories, or any other business. The shop is priced at 3,000,000 EGP.

In general, the prices of stores in Sheikh Zayed vary depending on their general location and whether they are located within a mall or not, there’s also variety in terms of the type of finishes and the available spaces. You can easily find a place within your budget thanks to this large variety of different stores for sale in the region.