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Apartments for sale in Al Ain Al Sokhna - 164 Properties for sale


Apartments for sale Al Ain Al Sokhna

When looking for apartments for sale in Sokhna we must clarify the proximity of the city to Cairo and its privileged location on the Red Sea. Al Ain Al Sokhna includes the most important resorts which are popular in summer and winter. The city is also home to a number of summer camps because it overlooks some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Another advantage to living here is that you can go fishing or play various water sports, or even practice underwater photography.

Name Origin

The name of Al Ain Al Sokhna is due to the presence of hot springs and sulfur mineral springs, which are a popular tourism attraction for their health benefits. The hot springs are generally located in Ataqa Mountain, which is one of the highest mountain regions located in the eastern desert.

Al Ain Al Sokhna Location

The reason why so many people choose to look for apartments for sale Al Ain Al Sokhna is the city's privileged location. It is only a short drive away from many important cities, making it very accessible. For example:

  • The city is located 55 km south of Suez.
  • Al Ain Al Sokhna is about 120 kilometers from Cairo.
  • The Fifth Settlement and New Cairo area is about 100 km.
  • 80 km from the site of the new administrative capital.
  • About 80 kilometers from Ismailia.
  • 200 km from Zafarana road.

Al Ain Al Sokhna Climate

Al Ain Sukhna is characterized by mild weather throughout the year, with temperatures ranging from 32 °C to 9 °C in winter, and from 36 °C to 30 °C in summer. It rain during winter for only about 11 days.

Al Ain Al Sokhna Features

There are many advantages to owning an apartment in Al Ain Al Sokhna, such as:

  • You can visit the city in summer or winter thanks to its amazing climate.
  • The city is directly located on the beach and has unobstructed sea views. It features some of the most beautiful beaches in the world for those wishing to relax.
  • The possibility of playing different sports and fishing at all times.
  • The city is close to Suez, Cairo and various other cities as mentioned earlier.
  • Al Ain Al Sokhna can be accessed through many new roads that save time and contain all the needed services.
  • Many real estate development companies have resorts and tourist projects within Al Ain Al Sokhna, some are still under construction.
  • There are several services in Al Ain Al Sokhna that encourage individuals to buy different units.
  • The most important advantages of Al Ain Al Sokhna are the therapeutic hot springs, which are the main destination for medical tourism in Egypt.
  • The Cairo- Sokhna road was opened in 2004 after it was developed by the armed forces and civilian companies to revive tourism and investment.

The most important services in Al Ain Al Sokhna

The services that are located in Al Ain Al Sokhna are the most important incentive for investors to buy land and real estate in the region. It is also a major attraction for individuals while searching for apartments, which makes it the best tourist destination in Egypt. Some of the services available include the following points:

  • Water cruises can be organized in the Red Sea.
  • Medical tourism is one of the city's most popular services.
  • Al Ain Al Sokhna Port serves a lot of investors and importers.
  • The city has hotels with the best service to guests.
  • There is a transport network within and outside the city.
  • Its beaches allow for many different sports and activities.
  • There are international restaurant chains within the city.
  • One of Egypt’s few cities with a cable car to enjoy the stunning city views from above.
  • Featuring a variety of entertainment venues for adults and young people.
  • It has the largest golf course in the world.
  • You can choose between many resorts and tourist villages for a vacation.
  • Competitive prices within resorts and hotels make it one of the best tourist cities.
  • The city has many oil fields that are being utilized until now.

Tourist Hotspots in Al Ain Al Sokhna

After mentioning the services that attract buyers to Al Ain Al Sokhna, we will explain the most important areas that tourists visit to enjoy the beauty of the city:

  • Beach Paradise: characterized by temperate weather, white sand, and deep blue water, as well as the imposing mountains that makes it one of the most beautiful tourist areas in the world. It amazes anyone who sees it.
  • Wildlife: Which is represented by rare flowers and wild flora, including shrubs and aromatic plants. This area is a favorite for those wishing to practice water sports, including sailing boats, water skiing and diving.
  • Fossilized tree sanctuary: covers about 7 square kilometers with many rare artifacts that many scientists and scholars are interested in studying. Visitors can photograph the remains of extinct animals, insects, reptiles, and birds.
  • Mount El Galala: A location with historic, religious, and cultural significance, making it the perfect place for multi-purpose tourism. The mount reaches up to 1,200 meters. It is ideal for many different activities such as partying, motorcycle riding, photography, safaris, and camp accommodation.
  • El-Adabiya Bay: Its beauty is different from other tourist locations. It is also a favorite destination for many migratory birds, especially during spring and autumn. Various hobbies can be practiced in this area including surfing and visiting archaeological sites.
  • The Monastery of Saint Paul the Anchorite: For lovers of ancient archaeological sites, this monastery is located within a cave on Al-Kuraimat Road. You may visit the Cemetery of St. Paul and look at rare manuscripts.
  • St. Antonius Monastery: Many Copts go to wander into the cave, study a lot of information about the monastery, and enjoy the most beautiful landscapes of the mountains and the sea.

The most important projects and villages in Al Ain Al Sokhna

When searching for apartments for sale in Al Ain Al Sokhna, it’s a good idea to have a look at the most important projects and tourist villages that have been implemented, or will be implemented in the future. Some of our favorite projects include:

  • Porto Sokhna: One of the largest resorts in Egypt and the first of its kind in that the mountains are an essential part of it, it also contains golf courses with vast spaces. The height of the village is about 250 meters above sea level and about 20 km away from Al Ain Al Sokhna. The project covers a vast space of 1.5 million square meters, and features residential complexes, villas, restaurants, hotels, and cable cars.
  • Gardenia Village: a destination for daily visitors who wish to enjoy its golden, sandy beaches. It’s a great place for various beach sports and includes many swimming pools suitable for adults and children.
  • Jet Beach Resort: Located at the 25th kilometer near Ataqa Mountain on the Suez Road, just 90 minutes from Cairo. It has many distinguished services, golden sandy beaches, and crystal clear waters.
  • Telal Village: Not more than 5 minutes away from Porto Sokhna, and its proximity to Cairo qualifies it to be the perfect choice for a quick holiday. The village covers 2.5 million square meters of land and offers direct views of the Red Sea, as well as a number of hotels, sports fields, water games, restaurants, international cafés and security services.

The best beaches in Al Ain Al Sokhna

To make the decision to buy an apartment in Al Ain Al Sokhna, you must be acquainted with the different beaches and other landmarks in the city in order to enjoy your vacation. The following beaches feature the characteristic turquoise waters of the Red Sea and the pure white sands:

  • Loloa Beach: The beach is located on the 24th kilometer of Suez Road. You can enjoy the beauty of the sea and sand thanks to the many seating and resting places available.
  • Sadat Beach: One of the most important free beaches to enjoy because it contains children's entertainment areas.
  • Al Zohoor Beach: It has dedicated chalets that can be rented to those on a short holiday. It also has swimming pools and amusement parks that can be enjoyed by paying 100 EGP per person.
  • Al Samad Beach: It has areas dedicated to relaxation and an entry fee of 50 EGP per person.