Baymount Sokhna Resort

From 689,000 EGP
Status Under Construction
Delivery Date 2022
Developed by: Maven Developments

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Chalet for Sale in Baymount 49m

Chalet for Sale in Baymount 49m

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Twin House for sale in Baymount
Chalets for Sale in Baymount Sokhna

126M Chalets for Sale in Baymount

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Project Name: Baymount Sokhna.

Baymount Location: it is located before El Galala city, 240 square meters above sea level.

Baymount Sokhna Spaces: it was built on an area of 76 acres in the most beautiful areas of Ain Sokhna with varying areas ranging from 53 square meters up to 250 square meters.

The Developer: Maven Developments, which has a number of international projects in America and its first production in Egypt is Baymont Al Ain Sokhna

Meter Price: it starts from 18,400 EGP and all units shall be delivered after 4 years from contracting.

Payment Methods: 9% downpayment and the rest over 9 years.

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Baymount Sokhna

It is one of the most tourist villages sought by many people seeking to enjoy luxury in a sophisticated and quiet style sought by the head of the family or people loving to enjoy a special vacation with direct sea views and enjoy the sunshine and get the greatest of positive energy away from all external influences, work pressure and congestion areas in the best aesthetic areas of Al Ain Al Sokhna.

Baymont Sokhna Location

With the most beautiful direct views of the sea, this village is located at about 240 square meters above the ground, so that the resort is characterized by an attractive vision before El Galala city, which is known as one of the most beautiful sites in Ain Sokhna, the village is located on a white sandy beach blessed as it was built on 17 terraces just steps from IL Monte Galala Resort, the area's famous port of Galala, and only 5 km from Porto Sokhna.

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Features and Services in Baymount Maven

The company implementing Baymount provided many basic or recreational services that customers need of different tastes and so that they do not have to go outside the village to buy their supplies, and these services are as follows:

Hotel: The village is home to the most famous hotel in Al Ain Sokhna, where it has many features that make it different from other hotels in the region and provides all the comforts to customers.

Roman Theatre: The Roman Theatre is one of the most important services that distinguish Baymount El Sokhna from other tourist villages in Ain Sokhna.

Commercial areas: The village has plenty of shops offering the most popular brands and international brands ordered by customers.

Club: Baymount includes a unique club with direct seaside views, as well as swimming pools with a variety of spaces to suit everyone as well as a design that has been implemented based on international models.

Entertainment area: A designated area for kids has been designated for the best and most up-to-date entertainment games, as well as it is fully secured to provide security and privacy for kids.

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Fireworks: The project's executors are keen to set up a designated fireworks area to provide all kinds of entertainment and fun to all customers.

Golf courses: Baymount also has golf courses designed on the European style equipped with the best devices and 12 full stations for Golf Car.

Restaurants and cafes: it has a range of restaurants and cafes that offer the best and most excellent food and beverages to customers, prepared by the most skilled chefs, and served on dedicated beaches as well.

Celebrations and events: A designated area has been designated for barbecues and various events, whether wedding, engagement, or birthdays, as well as mosques with various spaces to accommodate the most people to perform their prayers.

Walkway Bridge: There is a walkway bridge with a width of 20 meters and 50 meters length, as well as artificial lakes that give a sense of comfort and recuperation when viewed.

Security and Guarding: Security and guarding were provided within the project and equipped with the best and most up-to-date security equipment and surveillance cameras to provide security and stability.

Health centers: the village also has health centers equipped with the best and most modern equipment to provide full health care to customers, as well as a medical hospital with the capacity to receive all patients 24 hours a day.

Gym: The project has a gym with the best sports equipment, as well as the best and most skilled trainers.

Mountain lift: A mountain lift has been provided within the village with specific stations for easy movement within it.

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Area of Baymount Ain Sokhna

It is about 76 acres, while the beach it overlooks is about 9.4 acres giving customers the chance to enjoy the landscape, the beauty of the beach, the beautiful yellow sand, and the distinctive clear blue water.

The company executing the project was keen to diversify the spaces of the different units to meet all the needs of customers of different tastes, so the project included villas and studios in addition to chalets, where it adopted the international style that combines the European character with the Oriental style, which gives the units an attractive and different appearance that does not exist in the rest of the villages surrounding the project, which made it distinct from others.

The design of the village is distinctive and different, the company implementing the project has sought to show it in a way that attracts all customers to buy units inside it, so it relied on the attractive appearance so it chose the European design to merge with the Oriental to combine modernity and sophistication and this has already appeared in the buildings and units of the village.

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Units Space within the Project

One of the most unique features of the village is the direct wonderful view of the sea so that the sea can be seen with a clear view of all units of different sizes that varied from studios, apartments, chalets and standalone villas in the form of terraces of about 17 terraces, where the units' space within the resort starts from 53 square meters up to 250 square meters.

Units Prices and Delivery Dates in Bay Mount

After the client chooses the area he wants, the price of the unit can be calculated by multiplying the unit space at the price per meter so the resulting shall be the total unit price, where Maven company has set the price per square meter within the village to start from 13 thousand Egyptian pounds, provided that the company shall deliver the unit after four years, knowing that all units within the project are under construction and comprising 1,756 residential units as well as commercial units.

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The Payment Systems

Maven Developments has developed an amazing plan characterized by a systematic situation meeting all the needs of customers of the areas that many people are looking for, where the company has provided a number of different spaces whether, for small families or large families with the longest period of installment and easy payment systems, where the booking opened in February with a number of ideal payment methods, including:

  • The First System: 9% Downpayment and The Rest Over 9 Years.
  • The Second System: 5% downpayment, 8% after 3 months, and the rest over years in equal installments without interest.
  • 10% downpayment, 5% after 3 months, 10% upon receipt, and the rest over 9 years, no interest or administrative expenses.

The Real Estate Developer

Maven Developments is the owner company which has a long history and long experience in the field of real estate, especially after executing a number of projects in America, which is followed by the American company, Riverwards Group, after that the company started with the strongest and most luxurious first of its real estate projects inside Al Ain Sokhna, Baymont Ain Sokhna, where it chose for the project the best geographical locations in the most attractive and exciting locations within Al Ain Sokhna, the company intends to carry out a number of projects in Ain Sokhna, the North Coast and 6 October city.

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  • Security
  • Playgrounds
  • Swimming pools
  • Shopping center
  • Commercial area
  • Mosque
  • Social Club
  • Health club and Spa

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