Top 10 Features Of Capstone Compound

Capstone compound
Published at 2019-10-30

Capstone Compound is a different residential complex characterized by calm and beauty, owns several separate and different residential units, with many ideas and distinctive designs because the owner and developer of it has developed a wonderful marketing plan through the project place, its services, engineering offices, and grand designs that cooperated with it In addition to some of the largest and most efficient architects working on the project, all these competent authorities have been able to produce a wonderful residential project and this is what customers will feel when they see it on the ground.

Capstone compound will be one of the most attractive and different residential complexes in Egypt since Paragon Company is a senior company in the field of construction and architecture, it is working hard to remove any defects you find in the projects it is doing so that the project becomes complete without any defects or shortcomings and for more Click Egypt Real Estate.

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About Capstone Zayed Compound

  • The location of Capstone project is distinct and different from other residential complexes, one of the most prominent signs of its location is that it will be located near the Al Ahly Club and the Second Islamic Complex, as it will be close to several important places in Egypt such as Zayed Center Park, Canadian University, Cairo University, and British School.
  • It will be located in the most luxurious place in Sheikh Zayed area because the company that owns the project has chosen a place above sea level 220 meters and this idea will give a different shape for all the residential units in the compound and view from above will be a fabulous thing and worth investing your money in.
  • The total area of the compound is 20 acres.
  • The internal roads of the project will be deliberately and systematically divided.
  • The compound buildings will occupy only 20% of the total land area and the rest of the area will be used in the construction of clubs, fitness centers, commercial centers, and others until the compound becomes complete and comprehensive and the client does not need to get out of it in order to meet any of his needs.

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Who Is The Developer of Capstone Egypt?

  • Paragon is one of the important companies in the field of real estate development and urban investment, the chairman of the company is Engineer Mohamed Wajih and it was founded in 1988 AD and this brings in its hands many years of experience up to 30 years.
  • The company relies on high experience and competence in selecting its employees.
  • The company has a history of huge architectural projects, numbering up to 20 projects ranging from factories such as cement factories, large clubs, large malls, led by Al-Wajih Malls, and has also established several residential neighborhoods in Sheikh Zayed City.

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What Are The Top Features Of Capstone Sheikh Zayed?

  • For lovers of living in places above ground, Capstone Compound will be their special place, because it will have a great view that you can see Sheikh Zayed city while you are at its highest residential unit.
  • The height of the residential units inside the compound will take the form of a pyramid from afar giving compound a fairy-tale view through which the client can see all the landscapes that the compound will contain and see the views outside the compound as well.
  • The project will offer many features such as medical features such as pharmacies, medical clinics, commercial features such as shops, shopping malls and a large number of recreational services such as clubs, games and green gardens.
  • One of the advantages of the compound is that it will own 600 residential units ranging from studios, apartments, penthouses, twin houses, and villas each with their own spaces as the spaces generally range from 55 square meters for the studio up to 240 square meters for villas and each of these units has its own prices as well.
  • Capstone has a convenient payment system which is to pay 15% of the total amount and then pay the rest of the amount in installments for 7 consecutive years without any interest, knowing that the completion of the compound will be in 2021 AD

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  • Security
  • Playgrounds
  • Swimming pools
  • Shopping center
  • Commercial area
  • Mosque
  • Social Club
  • Health club and Spa