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Privado Madinaty
Published at 2020-09-05

Privado Talaat Moustafa

Privado project is one of the highest residential complexes that Talaat Moustafa Group has implemented in Madinaty, where the distinctive location, promising future, and high life full of tranquility and luxury, if you are a fan of excellence and individuality you should quickly book your unit with this huge residential edifice.

Extra information about Privado Compound

Privado Location

The unique location of the project proved the great experience enjoyed by Talaat Moustafa in the field of real estate, the company realized the importance of the location in attracting a large segment of customers, which made it implement the project in the highest areas in Madinaty that are characterized by its proximity to vital places, including the following:

  • It is adjacent to the central park and Madinaty ring road.
  • Approaching Cairo International Airport and the Suez Project.
  • Access to it from New Cairo is very easy if the 90th Street road is used.

Properties for sale in Privado Talaat Moustafa

Area of Privado Compound

A large area has been allocated within Madinaty to implement Privado Compound, as it was built on an area of 270 acres, a large area that enabled the company to provide the place with all the facilities and services that guarantee its residents a high life and distinctive housing.

The company divided the project into residential buildings adjacent to each other containing a number of units, as the total number of units within the project is estimated at about 9900 units, and these units have been characterized by a variety of areas to suit all potentialities and desires, the areas have started from 60 square meters to 180 square meters.

All buildings in the project are equipped with central air conditioning units for added sophistication and luxury for the residents, as well as all designed according to the latest architectural styles, which has given the place a special character of luxury and sophistication.

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Services Provided By Privado Madinaty

Everything you are looking for and need you will find easily within Privado Madinaty, the company that owns the project has been keen to provide it with all the services, which give the population a sense of comfort and well-being and the most important and most prominent services available within the project include the following:

  • A parking garage for the residents of the project, to avoid being crowded in front of buildings, resulting in a distortion of the aesthetic appearance.
  • It is close to the Central Park, which is built on a large area of 120 acres, it has a large number of services that residents need and care about, with parks and gardens, cinemas and restaurants serving the most delicious food, a shopping mall, a gym, water lakes, and shops.
  • A shopping center with a large number of shops and malls dedicated to selling various types of international brands preferred by the population.
  • Green spaces occupy a large part of the site, giving residents a sense of relaxation and recuperation.
  • A social club on an area of 1,864 meters for family gatherings and spending fun time, it also includes a wide variety of activities including a public library, gyms, sports halls, swimming pools, restaurants, cafes, and beauty centers.
  • Cinema complex for further sophistication and luxury.
  • Gorgeous water lagoons giving the place an unmatched aesthetic look.
  • Town Square has many services represented in parks, gardens, and scenic landscapes, as well as being close to theatres, shops, markets, restaurants, and cafes.
  • It has its own adventure park with various activities, such as car racing, E-games, and climbing adventures.
  • A club dedicated to cycling and learn to drive it.
  • A special ice skating center equipped with all safety measures to provide maximum protection.

Privado Prices

Privado offers many services and benefits to its residents that make their lives flawless and not missing anything, despite the countless amenities and services, unit prices are suitable for the high level of service, which the customer will receive once he/she has a unit within this wonderful residential complex.

The company announced the opening of the reservation for units within its residential project, and that the price per meter starts from 19,765 Egyptian pounds, and this price is special for the first half of 2020 i.e. it is adjustable at any time, this has allowed its customers to pay the amount in installments through the payment of 60,750 Egyptian pounds as a reservation downpayment upon contracting with the company, and the rest of the amount is paid via equal installments to pay 34,70 Egyptian pounds per month.

It should be noted that the repayment period ranges from 4 years up to 10 years according to the customer's desire and his purchasing potential, and the company has pledged that all contracted units will be delivered with super lux finishing ready for immediate occupancy upon receipt and that the project will be officially delivered after four and a half years.

Customers in Privado Madinaty have all the comforts and entertainment, especially since all buildings are equipped with electric elevators, some with two elevators and others with three, with an underground garage and a central air conditioning unit.

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The Developer Profile

Privado TMG was implemented by one of the most famous and largest companies working in the field of real estate, namely Talaat Mustafa Group, which was founded in 1970, hence the company's launch in this field, and the most important thing is its implementation of many projects in the desert with the aim of its reconstruction.

The company has cooperated with the public sector to promote urban communities that will improve the conditions of citizens and enhance their level, and the company has been able to gain the trust of many customers thanks to its credibility, seriousness, and commitment in delivery dates, which made it prove its worth in the field of construction and real estate development, to become one of the pioneering companies working in this field at all.

The company has implemented a huge number of projects that have been characterized by its sophistication and grandeur, which varied among residential, tourism, and hotel projects, the most important of these projects include the following:

  • Madinaty Project.
  • Al Rehab.
  • Al Rabwa.
  • Al Rawda Project.
  • Celia New Administrative Capital.

Features of Privado Egypt

Privado project has unique advantages, making owning a residential unit within it a wonderful and very productive choice, and the most important advantages that the project offers to its residents are as follows:

  • Recreation and relaxation, thanks to the spread of vast green spaces throughout the project.
  • Comfort and entertainment through the diversity of services and the availability of everything the population needs, making them enjoy a high life without having to get out of the project.
  • A variety of spaces suitable for owners of both small and large families.
  • Suitable prices and convenient payment systems over a long repayment period of up to 10 years.
  • Great location in Madinaty where the tranquility and distance from the hustle and bustle.
  • Units with Ultra Super Lux finishing ready for direct habitation without any trouble.
  • Modern designs to suit all tastes and aspirations.



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