90 Avenue New Cairo Compound

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Status Under Construction
Delivery Date 2022
Developed by: Tabarak

About Project  It is the latest project by Tabarak Holding in the Fifth Settlement. If you’re a fan of luxury residences and high-end designs, you’ll not be disappointed.

90 Avenue Location  It is located in New Cairo in the heart of Fifth Settlement, next to The American University.

90 Avenue Space  50 Acres

The Project Developer  Tabarak Holding

Units Type  Small studio apartments – luxury villas – Queen Suite luxury units – Duplexes – residential apartments.

Price per Meter starts from 9,000 EGP.

Units Space  starts from 157 square meters.

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90 Avenue New Cairo Compound Brochure and Master Plan


Project Name: 90 Avenue

About Project: It is the latest project by Tabarak Holding in the Fifth Settlement. If you’re a fan of luxury residences and high-end designs, you’ll not be disappointed.

90 Avenue Location: It is located in New Cairo in the heart of Fifth Settlement, next to The American University.

90 Avenue Space: 50 Acres

The Project Developer: Tabarak Holding

Units Type: Small studio apartments – luxury villas – Queen Suite luxury units – Duplexes – residential apartments.

Price per Meter: starts from 9,000 EGP.

Units Space: starts from 157 square meters.

Payment Methods: 5% downpayment and installments for 7 years.

90 Avenue 5th Settlement is the Latest Project from Tabarak Holding in New Cairo

It is a giant project by Tabarak Holding, which is famous for its successful and integrated projects. Ninety Avenue New Cairo has a unique location in New Cairo close to many vital places, it is a high-end residential compound designed according to international standards, in order to provide its residents with well-being, security, and stability

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Location of 90 Avenue New Cairo Compound

The compound can be found in a prestigious location in 5th Settlement, close to a number of main roads that makes it easy to reach. The location offers the following benefits:

  • A very unique location overlooking the most important street in the Fifth Settlement, which is Teseen St., the liveliest street in the area providing all services around the clock.
  • Ninety Avenue compound is located next to the American University.
  • Its location is opposite to Future University.
  • 90 Avenue is located near a number of luxury residential projects and shopping malls.
  • The compound is a few steps away from Cairo Festival City Mall.
  • Its location is very strategic because it is close to major roads, especially the airport road and the Ring Road.
  • Located near important neighborhoods and locations, especially 6th of October and Maadi

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Available Space

A major project such as Ninety Avenue must be built on a large space in order to accommodate all the required facilities and services.

The project extends over 50 acres of land and is divided in such a way that all units have a wonderful view of the green landscape.

Buildings account for 18% of the project space. The remaining 82% is left for landscape, recreational venues, crystal lagoons, and other water bodies.

90 Avenue compound New Cairo comprises 56 buildings, each consisting of a ground floor and five consecutive floors. Each floor has four apartments and 2 Queen Suites.

The total number of units in the compound is about 1300 residential units. In its second phase, administrative units will be available on 40,000 square meters, there will also be an additional 20 buildings with 300 residential units.

The compound offers a unique unit type called "Garden Front", which is a residential unit attached to a magnificent garden suitable for private parties and children's activities.

Residential units in 90 Avenue are available in many shapes, including apartments, duplex units, small studio apartments, luxury villas, and luxury Queen Suite units.

Duplex units range in size from 157 square meters to 315 square meters.

The previous units are also available in a variety of sizes to suit all customers.

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Avenue 90 Services

90 Avenue is a unique project, thanks to its opulent architectural designs, modern decors, and competitive services, such as:

  • The project provides all means of security, including highly-trained security guards working 24/7.
  • The compound offers sports clubs with a range of well-equipped courts.
  • Walking, jogging, and cycling trails are safely placed away from traffic.
  • The buildings are designed based on modern green architecture styles.
  • The entire compound is equipped with smart home technologies, which allows you to control the electronic gates and other home devices remotely.
  • A strong Wi-Fi signal is available to all units, 24 hours a day.
  • Seating areas are ideal for reading or simply relaxing.
  • Party venues.
  • Event venues for meetings and seminars are available.
  • High-end hotel services brought to you by a hotel management company.
  • Dedicated barbecue areas.
  • Complete infrastructure, including drinking water, sewer systems, electricity, and communication infrastructures.
  • A fire alarm for each residential unit.
  • Central air conditioning for all units, with the option to adjust temperatures in each room.
  • Heat insulation system.
  • Units are delivered with the type of interior and finishes that you prefer.
  • Lighting is solar-powered, particularly on the roads, in receptions, and in residential buildings.
  • The complex is equipped with a range of gardens and green spaces, which give a sense of comfort and relaxation.
  • There’s a complete protocol for handling electrical emergencies.
  • TV broadcasting services using high-speed internet.
  • Smart electronic gates are well-guarded.
  • Special entrances for car parking.
  • Modern electric elevators are available in all buildings.

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90 avenue New Cairo Prices and Payment Systems

90 Avenue has many features, especially its high-end entertainment services and important location that provides residents with tranquility and psychological comfort. The surprise is that all these features can be obtained at a premium price, which is very competitive compared to similar real estate.

In addition to the superior prices, easy payment methods have been announced so that all customers can own and live in the best Fifth Settlement units.

The customer pays an advance of 5% of the total unit price, with the rest paid in equal installments for 7 years without interest.

Note that all units are delivered with full finishes, and are registered with all the required paperwork.

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Owner Company Portfolio

90 Avenue compound is a major project implemented by the real estate giant Tabarak Holding, which has more than 35 years of experience since 1979 through Al Nahda Real Estate Company.

The company has many activities and specialties. It operates within the real estate, investment, and tourism sectors, as well as manufacturing and export. It has many successful projects in Egypt, the Middle East, and Arab Gulf countries.

Tabark has a staff of senior consultants and engineers, and all their projects are self-funded, which makes it able to keep its promises and thus gain the trust of millions.

The owner company of 90 Avenue Project believes that real estate investment is the foundation of development, this is the motto they adhere to in all their projects in order to meet the demands of all segments of society.

The company has a land portfolio of more than 7 million square meters in unique and vital locations.

Many projects have been very successful, the most important of which are:

  • Al-Aali Clinic project in Maadi.
  • Al-Aali Riyadh Project.
  • Fantasia Resort in Ras Sedr.
  • Capital East project in Nasr City.
  • Bayti project in October 6th City.
  • Maadi Heights Compound.
  • Sundry Maadi project.
  • Tabark City.

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Finally, 90 Avenue project in Fifth Settlement, which has benefited from its previous experience to offer a large integrated residential compound with facilities that provide its residents with all the entertainment services. It is also a great investment opportunity.

Tabark collaborated with large companies to complete the project, particularly the American company WATG, which designed the project units and developed its master plan, as well as CRANKEL, which designed the outdoor green spaces and landscape.

There isn’t much to think about. This is a unique opportunity to invest in a project by a credible company, it is also a safe place to put your money.

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It is located in New Cairo in the heart of Fifth Settlement, next to The American University.

2,600,000 EGP


Tabarak Holding

98 villas

5% downpayment and installments for 7 years.

50 Acres


  • Security
  • Playgrounds
  • Swimming pools
  • Shopping center
  • Commercial area
  • Mosque
  • Social Club
  • Health club and Spa
  • Water Fountains
  • Hotel

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