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Stores for sale in 6 October City - 99 Properties for sale


Stores for sale in 6 October City

Owning a store for sale in october is a golden opportunity for all investors that enables them to achieve their dreams, as 6th of October city is a vital area that increases the chances of success of any investment project, and customers have realized this well, this has made them seek to own a commercial unit within this privileged area that helps them achieve a large percentage of profits in a short period of time.

Advantages of opening a business in 6 October

There are many reasons why people are looking for a store for sale in October, and the most important advantages of investing in this area include the following:

  • 6th of October city is one of the most vital areas, with a large number of restaurants, pharmacies, shops, malls, and markets, ensuring the success of commercial projects in various fields.
  • The city is characterized by increased commercial traffic in the 7th district, resulting in significantly increased profits.
  • This area has a high population density and this ensures great popularity in the movement of buying and selling, thereby increasing the chances of success of different businesses.
  • The city has different social classes, and this is reflected positively in the activity of trade of all kinds.
  • The region has a large number of companies and administrative headquarters, which includes many employees and workers, thereby stimulating the sales movement in various fields.

Extra information about compounds in October

The best areas to buy shops for sale on 6th October

When starting a business, it is necessary to choose the area that increases the chances of success and increase profits, and there are many areas in the city of 6th of October that have several components to ensure the great success of commercial activities, there is the seventh neighborhood, which is one of the most neighborhoods of the city of 6th of October, to which many investors are attracted, thanks to its wonderful location near important service facilities.

It is also possible to buy a store in the sixth neighborhood, which is one of the most famous neighborhoods of October, which is attended by many dealers, as it is adjacent to many high-end residential projects, including El Zohour compound and El Montazah compound, which increases the chances of success of the commercial project because the residents of these compounds depend on the services provided by the project, and the prices of shops in the sixth district are suitable and reasonable, as it starts from 7000 EGP up to 500,000 Egyptian pounds, for shops with area starting from 24 square meters up to 60 square meters.

The first neighborhood is also a great choice for investors and has already met with great demand from traders due to the privileged location near important areas including Al-Hosary Mosque, Wadi Degla Club, and The October 6 University, which increases the commercial popularity and success of projects.

This neighborhood includes many shops that have been offered for sale in varying sizes and prices ranging from EGP 300,000 up to EGP 5 million.

The best malls of 6 October to buy a store

The shopping malls are the perfect choice for anyone looking for a shop that wants to make profits through it, the malls serve as a huge commercial market to which many people are attracted continuously, and 6 October includes a large number of malls that you can book stores inside, most notably the following:

  • Mall of Arabia: - it is one of the most famous malls located in 6th of October, as it has a lot of shops and entertainment areas, making it a great destination for shopping lovers.
  • Family Mall: It has a great location within the city of 6th of October, and there are many shops with a variety of business activities including clothes, accessories, gifts, and antiques, and offers many international brands including Rania Moon and Mary Queeny.
  • Degla Gardens Mall: - It is one of the largest malls of The City of October as it is located on an area of 22 thousand square meters, the most important feature of this mall is its wonderful location as it approaches the police club and Zweil University and Zamalek Club, as it includes among its parts a huge number of commercial units carried out in varying areas, which ensures the customer to find the unit that suits his circumstances and needs, the areas start from 35 square meters up to 2000 square meters.

  • Mall of Egypt: This mall attracts a wide base of people on a daily basis, thanks to its location on Al Wahat road and its huge area of 165,000 square meters, and as it also includes a large number of shops that offer various goods and products including clothing, electronics, and home furniture.

  • Quattro Mall: - The most important thing is that it is surrounded by a large number of residential complexes including the Italian quarter and Al Ashgar district, in addition to the privileged location near Zewail City of Science and Technology and the Smart Village.

Store for sale in 6 October City and its prices

If you are looking for stores in installments at 6 October in a lively area at a reasonable price, don't hesitate and head immediately to 6th of October city to book your shop now, you will find many shops for sale that vary in price depending on their area and site.

For example, you can buy a store for sale in 6 October, in Al Bashayer Mall on Gamal Abd Al Nassir axis, with an area of 35 square meters for 840,000 Egyptian pounds, and there is also a shop for sale with an area of 66 square meters inside WEST11 Mall on Gamal Abd Al Nassir axis at 4,329.000 EGP where this amount can be paid by a down payment of 432 thousand and the remaining amount to be paid over 6 years, and there is a shop for sale in West Gate Mall in the first neighborhood on the central axis with an area of 40 square meters and price starts at 1,600,000 Egyptian pounds.

When following the prices of a store for sale in 6 October, the customer can find many stores for sale in 6th October, at lower or more prices depending on their sizes and specifications.

Stores for sale in installments at 6 October City

Many stores have been offered for sale in installments at 6th October city so that the customer can pay for the unit in installments, without any feeling of any burdens or pressures.

It should be noted that the payment system is not fixed, as there are systems that allow the customer to pay the price of the shop in installments without committing to a down payment, and there are other systems in which a down payment of the unit value is required first to ensure seriousness.

Anyone looking for stores in installments in 6th October should be careful about looking; there are many choices that meet different aspirations and circumstances.