Who Are The Real Estate Developer Of Telal El Sokhna Resort?

مميزات منتجع تلال العين السخنة
Published at 2019-12-27

The real estate developer of Telal El Sokhna Resort is Rooya Group which is one of the largest real estate investment and tourism development companies in Egypt, which has gained its experience in a few years, it has created and produced a good number of outstanding residential projects.

Rooya Group is keen to meet the needs of all its customers and is keen to fully supervise each of its projects by using those with great experience in engineering design, contracting and construction, and consulting services, ensuring the quality and excellence of all its projects.

Establishment And History of Rooya Group, The Real Estate Developer of Telal El Sokhna

  • Rooya Group was established in 2003 and has many residential and tourism projects inside and outside Egypt, where it has established many projects in various Arab countries.
  • Rooya Group buys plots in the distinctive locations and places, where it selects for its project locations with unparalleled care and accuracy according to a number of criteria and standers.
  • The company then begins to establish its outstanding projects on those lands that it has chosen very carefully and uses the most skilled engineers and specialists to create these residential units at the highest level.
  • The company then offers these residential units for sale, at competitive and varying prices, and with payment facilities, taking into account the diversity of spaces to suit different classes.
  • Residential units in Rooya Group projects range from apartments, villas, and chalets to suit the different tastes of customers.
  • Rooya Group is interested in recruiting professional staff in all departments of the company, such as the engineering department that produces the best engineering designs, responsible for dividing the spaces professionally, and the customer service department responsible for responding to customer inquiries and listening carefully to their wishes and implementation, and the sales department which provides assistance to customers.

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The Previous Projects Of Rooya Group

Rooya Group has contributed clearly to the development of the real estate market inside and outside Egypt through some of the best and most advanced projects, with the number of projects in Egypt and the Gulf states reaching about 150 projects.

Rooya Group focused its efforts on the establishment of outstanding residential projects in Cairo as well as on tourism development on the North Coast through the establishment of tourist villages and resorts that capture hearts with their beauty and splendor.

The Best Projects Of Rooya Group In Egypt:

  • Telal El Sokhna.
  • El Lotus Residential Projects.
  • Biet Al Watan Projects.
  • Al Andalus Projects.
  • Stone Residence 5th Settlement.
  • Stone Park New Cairo.



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