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Telal Al Sokhna resort Ain Sokhna

Telal Al Sokhna resort is one of the giant projects that was established at a distance of six kilometers on the Red Sea coast. It includes a large number of resort units and hotels on the Red Sea hills.

There is also a marine marina with about 500 yachts and a tourist boat.

To find out more about Telal Al Sokhna resort in terms of location, services available, ways of owning units and average prices.

About executing company of Telal El Sokhna resort

Roya is one of the largest real estate companies operating in the field of real estate investment in Egypt since its establishment in 2003.

During that period, it provided a large number of residential units, chalets, hotels and villas.

It also worked on the establishment of residential units including services or packages such as lotus real estate projects.

And has already helped to bring about a comprehensive urban renaissance in Egypt, for example:

  • Establishment of Ain Sokhna Hills Project.
  • Residential units in Garden City, Nasr City and Sunrise.
  • Stone Park project in New Cairo on an area of ​​350 acres.
  • Stone Residence project in the 5th settlement, which was built on an area of ​​nearly 450 acres.
  • The Zayed Crystal Spark project is set to open on 190 acres in the 6th of October City.

The company is still completing the stages of construction and real estate development in Egypt, especially after the partnership contract which it had with Pioneers and Al-Mahib in Saudi Arabia as well as Cairo Housing.

The cumulative profits and sales of the company exceeded LE 5 billion by the end of the year. Egypt and the Gulf States.

Residential of Telal Al Sokhna resort

As for the Telal Al Sokhna project, the company started to build these units in 2011 has already completed the establishment of a huge number of housing units up to 2000 units have been designed in the form of terraces up to four and rising from the surface of the sea gradually .

And there are some units that were established On the hills of the Red Sea, making the company inspired by the name of the resort from those hills, and even keen to establish the entire project on the Red Sea coast, where the white sand and beaches and the beautiful landscape in nature.

So that all the units see the sea from the top and keep the temperature moderate throughout the year as the mountains help to keep the units warm in the winter while the sea to equate the humidity, and Marina Marina was allocated along six kilometers of the coast to accommodate a large number of boats Yachts exceed 350 compounds.

Location of Telal Al Sokhna resort

As for the site of the resort of Sokhna Hills, the company took care of the people of the resort within the most active Red Sea areas of Ain Sokhna, located on an area of ​​2.5 million square meters and extends on the Red Sea coast .

  • With a distance of 6 kilometers where warm sand and sea water net and thus become a destination for many tourists and visitors From different cities in the Arab Republic of Egypt throughout the year.
  • It is a distance of more than 100 meters on the main Zafarana road and about forty minutes away from the city of Suez.
  • This enabling its operators to take advantage of the services of Cairo and Suez together, where there are many other services on the road such as hospitals, restaurants and shopping malls, As the Downtown of Ain Sokhna.

Features and services of Telal Al Sokhna resort

As for the advantages of Al Ain Sokhna Hills Resort, the design of the project in the form of terraces make all units able to see the sea at different levels, while enjoying the open air, breeze and spectacular views.

  • The resort also includes the first hotel suspended on the Red Sea coast with no The five-star hotel was designed directly on the seafront marina in accordance with the international standards to enhance the tourism power in Egypt.
  • It also built another three-star hotel in the resort from the inside with a number of chalets and units of up to 200 units.

As for the hotel services and distinctive in the hills of Sokhna, we find that the resort includes a large number of recreational activities that are compatible with different tastes and lovers of excitement and adventure, but also lovers of comfort and recreation, we find, for example:

  • There are a number of landscapes and Landscape with nearly seventy five percent of the total area of ​​the project in order to provide calm and stability to the guests.
  • There are also a large number of restaurants and cafes offering a variety of new foods and dishes suitable for all tourists.
  • As well as swimming pools for children and swimming pools for the chalets, next to the Aquapark, the Beach Baji and yachts, which gives you a vacation full of fun and excitement.
  • There are a large number of sports venues, health centers, Jacuzzi, hot baths and gymnasiums.
  • First-aid units equipped on the beaches to provide assistance and prevent drowning as much as possible, as well as pharmacies and various medical centers.
  • As for the security and guard services, there are a large team of security teams that work for twenty-four hours.



Security Playgrounds Swimming pools Shopping center Commercial area Mosque Social Club Health club and Spa Water Fountains Hotel Aqua park


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