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Project Description

Project Name: Telal.

About Telal Ain Sokhna Project: A residential compound by Roaya Group located on the Red Sea beach in Ain Sokhna.

Telal Village Location: Al Ain Al Sokhna.

Telal Ain Sokhna Space: 600 acres.

Units Type: chalets telal sokhna for sale - villas.

Units Space: range between 140 square meters and up to 360 square meters.

Executing Company: Roaya Group.

Payment Systems: 25% downpayment and installments over 4 years.

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Get ready to immerse yourself in an experience you won't find anywhere else, and be part of the innovative vision we offer in our unique and advanced project Telal Ain Sokhna Village 

Living near the sea is a dream that everyone aspires to achieve, especially if that life is characterized by luxury, sophistication and integrated services, in addition to being close to vital places and being able to access them in the shortest time. Here is Telal Ain Sokhna Village, the latest work of Roaya Real Estate Development Company, which has provided all the elements of happiness and comfort you are looking for. Telal Ain El Sokhna has put the essence of its experience in choosing an ideal strategic location for Telal Roaya El Sokhna project and implementing eye-catching modern designs, as well as providing residential units with charming views in different areas at prices that cannot be obtained in any other tourist project in Ain Sokhna. So waiting no longer makes sense, go ahead and book your unit on the most beautiful Red Sea beaches and enjoy residence and ownership in the most luxurious tourist projects in Sokhna.

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Take a magical tour inside Telal Ain Sokhna Village, where beauty and comfort come together to provide the perfect balance for you between work commitments and daily relaxation

One of the most important secrets of the success of any tourist project is the location chosen by the developing company, which is an attractive element for customers and investors. Therefore, the developing company of Roaya Ain Sokhna Village chose a strategic location for the project near the Zaafarana Road, which facilitates access to the project, in addition to its proximity to vital areas.

The most important landmarks near Telal Ain Sokhna Village:

  • Telal Sokhna Resort is located near Zaafarana Road in minutes.
  • The project is close to Porto Sokhna.
  • The resort is about 100 square kilometers from Cairo.
  • Telal Ain Sokhna Village can be reached from Suez within 30 minutes.

Join us and discover the beauty and creativity we have added to make Telal Ain Sokhna Village telal el sokhna an umbrella of sophistication and excellence

The owning company of Telal Ain Sokhna Village was keen to design the project in the latest international styles that give an aesthetic touch and leave an impression of comfort and enjoyment of being in the village. It assigned the task of developing engineering plans and designs to the most famous engineering consulting firms. The project was implemented with great accuracy and efficient use of spaces between plazas, water surfaces and buildings that were built in the form of terraces with the best construction materials and finishes in colors consistent with the turquoise waters, golden sands and green spaces surrounding it. The project was divided as follows:

  • Telal Ain Sokhna was built on an area of ​​617 acres, equivalent to approximately 2,591,400 square meters, on a 6 km long beach.
  • Green spaces, artificial lakes and swimming pools occupy about 75% of the total area of ​​the project, and the rest for buildings and units.
  • Roaya El Sokhna project includes chalets and villas in different areas.

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Experience the choice between a diverse and innovative collection of units and spaces, specifically designed to suit all your needs and aspirations in Telal Ain Sokhna Village

You can now make your dream come true and get a residential unit to enjoy a great summer vacation in Telal Ain Sokhna Village. The owning company has provided residential units in different areas so that you can choose between the following areas:

  • The area of residential units in Telal Ain Sokhna Village ranges from 140 up to 360 square meters.

Experience a colorful and unique lifestyle with the exclusive privileges offered to you by our upscale Telal Ain Sokhna Village project telal el sokhna

Telal Ain Sokhna Resort includes a large group of features that suit you as a distinguished customer looking for privacy and a comfortable lifestyle, which are:

  • Telal Ain Sokhna Village is distinguished by its distinguished location and elegant designs implemented in Roaya El Sokhna project in different areas at attractive prices that cannot be compared to any other project in Ain Sokhna.
  • All units in Roaya Ain Sokhna Village enjoy direct views of the turquoise waters and golden sands due to the amazing terraced design of the project, which provides enjoyment and tranquility for the residents.
  • There are green spaces on a huge area of ​​Roaya El Sokhna project, which allowed residents to enjoy holding barbecues, gathering with family and friends and getting a great deal of tranquility and relaxation through the rest areas spread across the resort.
  • Separate tracks away from the main road for cars have been provided in Telal Ain Sokhna Village for jogging and biking enthusiasts to practice freely at any time.
  • Several tracks have been paved for people of determination residing in Telal Ain Sokhna Village to facilitate movement and mobility within the project without facing any difficulties.
  • There is an area allocated for walking pets in Telal Ain Sokhna Village, which is equipped with all the necessary materials to take care of them.
  • Telal Ain Sokhna Village has state-of-the-art electronic entrances to facilitate entry and exit from the project and ensure complete privacy and protection for unit owners.
  • Trained security personnel are spread out in Telal Ain Sokhna Village to control security and order in Roaya El Sokhna project around the clock.
  • There is an advanced security system in Telal Ain Sokhna Village through the distribution of a large number of high quality surveillance cameras that monitor movements to provide safety and protection for residents.
  • ATMs have been provided in Telal Ain Sokhna Village to facilitate financial and banking transactions for project residents without leaving it.
  • All residential units in Telal Ain Sokhna Village are supplied with basic facilities such as natural gas, sewage networks and electricity to ensure residents' comfort.
  • There is an area designated for collecting waste from units and recycling it in a safe and easy way to preserve the project's cleanliness and residents' comfort.
  • There are elevators that work to facilitate movement between floors of residential buildings in Telal Ain Sokhna Village freely without hassle.
  • To ensure residents' safety, emergency stairs have been provided that are used in cases of necessity to ensure protection and safety for those in Roaya El Sokhna project.
  • A large mosque has been built in Telal Ain Sokhna Village that accommodates a large number of worshipers to perform religious rituals and prayers and is sterilized and cleaned continuously.
  • There are private generators for units in Telal Ain Sokhna Village that operate immediately in case of any power failure to ensure normal life continues.
  • There are beach bars and kiosks to provide ice cream and drinks preferred by guests amid wonderful summer atmospheres.
  • All facilities and units in Telal Ain Sokhna Village operate on a smart system that allows residents to control them via mobile phones.
  • There is an automated ventilation, alarm and firefighting system of the highest quality in all residential units in Telal Ain Sokhna Village to ensure rapid control over any fire and protect residents.
  • There are air conditioners and a closed TV circuit in all units, which provides a comfortable and enjoyable environment for residing in Roaya El Sokhna project.
  • Intercoms are provided in all units to facilitate communication with security personnel at the main gates of Telal Ain Sokhna Village.
  • There is a team that works to serve residents and guests around the clock by answering their questions and inquiries in Telal Ain Sokhna Village, which ensures enjoyment of the stay.
  • Residential units in Telal Ain Sokhna Village are sterilized to prevent the spread of diseases and epidemics and to ensure the safety of residents.

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With our exclusive services, be sure that comfort and luxury will be an essential part of your everyday life at Telal Ain Sokhna Resort

What are you waiting for now!!! Book your exclusive unit now and enjoy the best varied services that you have always been looking for everywhere in Telal Ain Sokhna Village, which can be identified as follows:

  • Telal Ain Sokhna Village provides high-level maintenance, cleaning and laundry services for units by a trained team available all day to ensure repairs are made as quickly as possible and work on residents' comfort.
  • A laundry and dry cleaning service is provided in Telal Ain Sokhna Village for more luxury and comfort for project guests.
  • Project residents can obtain a great deal of luxury and relaxation through the presence of health centers to provide spa, Jacuzzi and skin care sessions.
  • Covered and open gyms are provided in Roaya Ain Sokhna Village to practice sports on the latest equipment under the supervision of professional trainers.
  • There is a marina for about 500 yachts to practice the hobby of fishing and sea trips in Telal Ain Sokhna Village and have a fun time.
  • There are swimming pools with heaters suitable for all ages to enjoy being in Roaya El Sokhna project, as well as pools with water games and aqua park.
  • Shopping can be enjoyed in Telal Ain Sokhna Village through the presence of a large commercial area with stores that offer the most famous international brands and labels preferred by guests.
  • Residents of Telal Ain Sokhna Village get all the goods and groceries needed for daily living through the presence of more than one fully equipped hypermarket.
  • There is a complex of restaurants and cafes in Telal Ain Sokhna Village to enjoy the experience of the most delicious international and local seafood amid wonderful atmospheres.
  • There are water games and parasailing on the beach of Telal Ain Sokhna Village for adventure and excitement lovers to enjoy the summer vacation.
  • An area has been allocated for hosting parties and festivals by hosting celebrities and stars in Telal Ain Sokhna Village and equipped with state-of-the-art audio devices, screens and stages.
  • There is a recreational area for children in Telal Ain Sokhna Village on a large area containing fun activities and games suitable for their ages under the supervision of specialists.
  • Sports fields have been established on the latest model to freely practice football, tennis and beach volleyball and enjoy being in the project.
  • There are cinema halls that provide the fun of watching exclusive movies in Telal Ain Sokhna Village using the latest technologies to have a good time.
  • A 5-star hotel has been provided to receive customers in Telal Ain Sokhna Village and provide the highest level of hotel services to spend an unparalleled summer vacation in the project.
  • Residents of Telal Ain Sokhna Village get high quality medical service through the presence of medical clinics equipped with the latest devices and a trained medical team of all specialties around the clock.
  • There is a clubhouse in Telal Ain Sokhna Village that includes recreational activities suitable for all ages for family members to enjoy being in the project.
  • There are pharmacies with medicines and medical preparations needed by residents of Telal Ain Sokhna Village at any time with delivery service to the units.
  • Residents of Telal Ain Sokhna Village can park their cars in garages on a large area with the latest technology to ensure privacy, security and prevent congestion.
  • There is a golf course in Telal Ain Sokhna Village for enthusiasts of this sport, equipped with all the necessary tools to ensure enjoyment in the project.

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Do not hesitate and do not miss the opportunity, as amazing offers and comfortable payment plans await you to complete your ideal experience with us at Telal Ain Sokhna Village telal el sokhna

Roaya, the owner of Telal Ain Sokhna Resort, did not just provide residential units in different areas, but also offered very competitive prices that cannot be compared to any other village in Ain Sokhna. It allows the client to obtain the unit that suits their financial capabilities without financial burdens, and these prices are as follows:

  • Chalet prices in Telal Ain Sokhna start from 4,500,000 Egyptian Pounds.

In addition to the prices offered for units in the village, flexible payment systems have been presented with the lowest down payment and the longest period as follows:

  • A residential unit can be obtained in Telal Ain Sokhna Village by paying 25% down payment and installment of the remaining amount over 4 years.

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Telal Ain Sokhna Village Problems

While some may think that the lack of studio units within Telal Ain Sokhna Resort is a deficiency, Roaya has intelligently responded by providing a diverse range of chalets ranging in size from one to three bedrooms. With this available diversity, customers can conveniently choose what suits their needs and expectations.

See for yourself how our real estate developer turns challenges into opportunities, making real estate an easy and enjoyable experience for you

Roaya Real Estate Development is the developer of Telal Ain Sokhna Village. It is one of the leading companies in the Egyptian and Arab real estate market. It was established in 2003 with the aim of meeting customers' desires and achieving their requirements on the ground with the best materials. It has presented many urban projects that have revolutionized the real estate development world with their quality and sophistication, most notably:

Al Ain Sokhna Resorts: Experience Contemporary Living at Its Finest!

Al Ain Sokhna resorts in Egypt have become a major attraction for visitors from all over the world, offering a unique blend of contemporary elegance and natural charm. This stunning oasis, located near Cairo and on the captivating shores of the Baltoun Sea, is an ideal destination for an enjoyable vacation, whether short or extended. Its golden beaches and sparkling blue waters welcome guests to immerse themselves in an atmosphere of relaxation and appreciate the natural beauty.

However, the true allure of Al Ain Sokhna resorts extends beyond the breathtaking natural scenery to encompass its modern facilities that ensure a delightful and comfortable stay for all visitors. The resort boasts a collection of luxurious hotels and resorts offering spacious and elegant rooms, along with captivating gardens and alluring swimming complexes.

For food enthusiasts, the resorts provide a diverse array of upscale dining options, where they can savor the most delicious local and international cuisines at the on-site restaurants and cafes. Dining with a panoramic view of the sea enhances the visitors' experience, making every meal an unforgettable moment.

Additionally, Al Ain Sokhna resorts offer a wide range of recreational activities for all ages, making it an ideal destination for families seeking fun and entertainment. From children's playgrounds to dedicated kids' swimming pools, this destination ensures that every visitor finds something to enjoy.

This integrated destination significantly contributes to boosting Egyptian tourism, enticing its visitors with the opportunity to experience unforgettable moments that blend luxurious comfort and natural beauty. If you're planning a visit to Egypt and seeking a unique leisure experience, Al Ain Sokhna resorts are the perfect choice.

Explore the Rejuvenating Experience of Contemporary Living: Luxury and Exceptional Services in Al Ain Sokhna!

Al Ain Sokhna is an ideal destination for tourists seeking indulgence and relaxation in Egypt, with a rich array of upscale services that ensure guest comfort. One of its standout features is providing luxurious accommodation options, including opulent hotels and enchanting resorts, which boast exceptional service levels and unparalleled hospitality. These facilities flaunt private beaches and a range of recreational activities, such as spacious swimming pools, a soothing spa, and lavish restaurants.

In addition to luxurious accommodation, Al Ain Sokhna offers an opportunity to explore the beauty of the Red Sea through unforgettable boating and diving experiences. Private boats can be rented, or scheduled tours joined, providing sea lovers a unique chance to dive amidst captivating coral reefs. With the Red Sea's renowned status as a prime diving destination, diving courses are also offered to cater to both beginners and experts.

The adventure in Al Ain Sokhna is not limited to water activities, as desert safari experiences offer visitors a unique thrill with their diverse natural landscapes and experiences, such as witnessing sand dunes and deserts, as well as opportunities for camel riding and tasting traditional cuisine.

Dining and shopping are also well-catered for, with Al Ain Sokhna boasting a variety of restaurants offering dishes to please every palate, whether local or international, in addition to shopping centers showcasing a wide range of goods and souvenirs. Al Ain Sokhna offers a rich, comprehensive stay experience, making it an ideal choice for tourists seeking a unique combination of leisure and relaxation.

More Than Just Neighbors: Unique Residential Experiences Near Telal Al Ain Sokhna Village!

  1. Il Monte Galala Compound in Al Ain Sokhna:
    The resorts in Al Ain Sokhna possess a special charm and appeal that draws visitors from all around. One of these prominent tourist destinations is the Il Monte Galala resort, which boasts enchanting sea views and captivating white sandy beaches. These stunning natural vistas lend a sense of relaxation and tranquility to the stay. The resort also offers a wide range of amenities and facilities, such as designated dining areas, swimming pools, and leisure activities.

  2. Aroma Beach Residence Compound in Al Ain Sokhna:
    On the other hand, the Aroma Beach resort is an ideal haven for beach lovers, offering complete privacy and crystal-clear blue waters that invite relaxation, diving, and boating.

  3. Azha Compound in Al Ain Sokhna:
    Additionally, the Azha village offers visitors a truly unique experience with its beautiful views, fresh air, and exceptional services. The resort is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, including swimming pools, restaurants, and fitness centers, ensuring an unforgettable stay.

  4. Blumar Compound in Al Ain Sokhna:
    Finally, the Blumar village is considered one of the most prominent destinations in Al Ain Sokhna, offering a luxurious stay experience with a diverse range of activities to enjoy, such as kayaking, swimming, and surfing. It also features a curated selection of restaurants and sports facilities, making your stay filled with enjoyment and relaxation.

Make Your Dream a Reality: Learn How to Purchase Your Ideal Unit in Telal Al Ain Sokhna Village on!

If you're looking for an opportunity to own a luxury residential unit in Telal Al Ain Sokhna village, you're in the right place. This village is a true paradise that blends captivating natural beauty with contemporary designs, making it an ideal destination for those seeking comfort and relaxation. We'll guide you through this article on how to choose and purchase the perfect unit for you in this exceptional location.

Step One: Gather Information
First and foremost, it's important to gather all available information about the village and the units for sale. You can visit the portal to access all the details you might need about these units.

Step Two: Reach Out for Assistance
It's advisable to contact Egypt's real estate customer service to receive guidance or arrange a visit to see the project firsthand. You'll find all the contact information on the property's website.

Step Three: Choose the Suitable Unit
The next step is to determine the type of residential unit you wish to acquire, whether a spacious villa or a cozy chalet. The unit sizes range from 280 square meters for villas to 170 square meters for chalets, and you'll need to know the details regarding the design and unit prices.

Step Four: Financial Details
Don't forget to inquire about the flexible installment plans offered by the construction company, such as the option to pay 15% as a down payment and finance the remainder over a period of up to five years.

Step Five: Confirm Final Details
Finally, it's crucial to confirm the delivery date of the unit and its current condition, whether under construction or ready for immediate occupancy.

Following these simple steps will ensure a smooth and efficient purchasing experience for your ideal unit in Telal Al Ain Sokhna village, where a life filled with comfort and beauty awaits.

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Al Ain Al Sokhna

1,350,000 EGP


Roaya Group.

81 villas

25% downpayment and installments over 4 years.

600 acres


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