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Learn more about the features of the Pyramids El Galala Resort in El Galala City, Dorra Ain Sokhna


Pyramids Al Jalala project is the future in Al Jalala City, Dorra Ain El Sokhna

Pyramids Al Jalala Resort is one of the giant projects that was announced to join the projects of Al Jalala City, this city that confirmed that there is no impossible in the world of construction and building, as it appeared among the mountains to see the light like a bright star that managed to get out amid the darkness strongly to light the way for a large number of important developmental projects to become a beautiful and magical Egyptian tourist façade, and these lines will refer to the new and distinctive project and its features that make it a dream for those looking for comfort, beauty and successful investment.

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Al Jalala Plateau City

It is one of the largest Egyptian national projects supervised by the Engineering Authority of the Armed Forces in cooperation with the civil sector.

This huge project includes major projects and many facilities, most notably Al Jalala City, Al Jalala University, Al Ain Al Sokhna Al Zaafarana Road that was carved into Al Jalala Mountain, and Al Jalala luxury tourist resort that enjoys the most beautiful view of the Gulf of Suez.

The most important features of Al Jalala Tourist Resort are:

  • A resort that looks like a glittering pearl on the shores of the Gulf of Suez, specifically in the "Ras Abu Al-Daraj" area.

  • The resort is built on an area of ​​about 1000 acres.

  • The resort has two hotels, the first is mountainous and the second is coastal. The mountain hotel consists of 300 hotel rooms and 40 chalets, and the coastal hotel is made up of 300 rooms and 60 chalets, in addition to the diversity of rooms and suites.

  • There is also a large mall connected to the resort via a 17 km long road.

  • You can enjoy the cable car designed by a French company and is about 6 km long and executed by an Egyptian company.

  • Visitors find the height of fun in the water games city.

  • There are large yacht marinas supervised by a major global company.

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Al Jalala City Features

Al Jalala City is a promising city built on the Al Jalala plateau in an unprecedented accomplishment. Its location is distinguished between Al Zaafarana and Ain Sokhna roads, it can be easily accessed, and its most important features are:

  • The city enjoys an excellent climate because it is located at an elevation of about 700 meters above sea level, so it is suitable for life in all seasons.

  • The area of ​​the city reaches about 17,000 acres, so it accommodates a large number of services, projects and most recent of which is the Pyramids Al Jalala project.

  • A fully integrated city with all basic and recreational services that make it suitable for year-round living.

  • It has a medical city based on the latest global systems.

  • There are stations for energy, electricity and others for wind energy.

  • Clean solar energy stations are available.

  • Stations have been implemented to desalinate and purify seawater.

  • An Olympic village was designed in Al Jalala City to host all sports events.

  • It includes various residential areas suitable for all middle and high levels, as the Ministry of Housing has cooperated to implement many of these projects.

  • A new industrial zone is scheduled to be set up next to the Ain Sokhna Al Zaafarana road, where the National Service Projects Agency of the Armed Forces will establish a factory for phosphate fertilizers and their derivatives, and its production capacity will reach about one million tons per year.

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Al Jalala City Educational Services

  • The city includes all educational services, especially King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz University, which will be established on an area of ​​100 acres, and will include many specialties, including modern agriculture, solar energy generation technology, the College of Medicine and the College of Mining.

  • Al Jalala University of Science and Technology will be established to include 15 colleges for a large number of specializations, including the colleges of engineering, pharmacy, administrative sciences and pharmaceutical industries, in addition to the Academy of Sciences, the Academy of Food and Food Industries, Arts, Humanities and Sociology, in addition to specializations. Media, medicine, dentistry, physiotherapy, nursing, allied medical sciences, Faculty of Science, Architecture.

Pyramids Al Jalala Project

The Pyramids Real Estate Development Group announced the launch of its new project, which it described as the largest of its projects ever, and it will be one of the most important projects in Al Jalala City, taking advantage of all its services and facilities. It is expected that this promising project will attract a large number of investors, especially since it is located in the heart of Al Jalala City, the most important achievements of the Egyptian Armed Forces in Ain Sokhna.

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Where you will find important services including:

  • There are large shopping malls and centers that provide all commodities.

  • Recreational areas for adults and children have been designed to occupy a large area of ​​the project.

  • You can see the beauty of nature, charming mountains and the harmony of its colors with the colors of the sea and sky through the cable car, which is one of the most important services available in the place.

  • Residents can enjoy walking in the vast green areas, gardens and parks and seeing the beautiful natural scenery.

  • A large number of cafes, luxury restaurants that offer delicious food and drinks.

  • Cinemas and recreational places for kids.

  • Everyone enjoys the fun in the distinctive water games area.

  • There are a large number of sports fields and golf courses.

  • A gym, gym and spa with the latest sports equipment.

  • 5-star luxury hotels.

  • Luxury clubhouse with recreational services.

  • Medical centers and medical services operating around the clock.

  • Halls for meetings, lectures and celebrations.

  • Swimming pools with modern designs and varied areas suitable for adults and children.

  • Residential units of varying sizes to suit all tastes.

  • International schools and nurseries for children.

  • Security and guard services and modern surveillance cameras operating around the clock.

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Pyramids Real Estate Development Company

The Pyramids Al Jalala project is offered by the famous Pyramids Real Estate Development Company for its huge real estate projects. It is an Egyptian joint stock company headquartered in Al Fardous City in 6th of October. The company has important projects in many places within Egypt, most notably:

  • Sheikh Zayed City.

  • Al Fardous Gardens.

  • Al Fardous City.

  • Dream Land.

  • Pyramids Gardens.

  • October Gardens.

  • Fifth Settlement.

  • North Coast.

  • Alexandria City.

The company provides many real estate activities such as providing engineering consultations and feasibility studies of projects, and it is famous for its commitment, accuracy at work and punctuality, as it provides the highest quality at the best price.

The most important projects of the Pyramids Company are as follows:

  • The company started its work in 2000 in France, so it provided a number of works in Paris, including making modifications to the Louvre Museum and modifications to the French Parliament, as well as renovations of the French Holiday Inn.

  • It provided a large number of projects in a number of Arab countries, foremost among them Egypt, including the La Capital project in the New Administrative Capital, Mall of Grand Square in the New Administrative Capital, and more.

In short, the Pyramids Al Jalala project is the future project that lovers of many investors looking for a distinguished opportunity in Al Jalala City are waiting for. It is considered Dorra Ain El Sokhna and its most important giant developmental projects, which revived the plateau of Al Jalala again and illuminated it and made it the focus of attention and admiration of everyone, to become one of the promising new Egyptian cities.

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