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CAVO Ain Sokhna Resort

Cavo Al Ain Sokhna resort is one of the most beautiful and prestigious tourist resorts that belong to the famous Almaza Bay project on the North Coast, which was implemented by Travco Properties Company.

It has a charming nature, sophistication, and luxurious designs that ensure customers live in luxury, due to the views of the units on the picturesque artificial lakes and charming mountain features and for more details please click Real Estate Egypt.

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Information on Cavo Sokhna

Owning a unit at CAVO Resort is a unique irreplaceable opportunity, as the customer can enjoy several advantages there, including the following:

  • The resort has been implemented by Travco Properties, one of the most important real estate companies.
  • During the implementation of the project, the owner company took care of modern designs while maintaining simplicity and sophistication, as well as ensuring the provision of all recreational services.
  • The resort overlooks the Red Sea directly on the top of one of isolated mountains which are located in the best places in Ain Sokhna.
  • There is an upscale hotel of the same name where customers can have fun and relax.
  • This seaside resort provides a pleasant climate for customers throughout the seasons around the year, where the warm winter weather and mild summer.
  • This resort is one of the most prominent projects of Almaza Bay on the North Coast and was implemented at the highest level by Travco Company.

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CAVO project location

Travco Development Company has chosen a vital geographical location for the establishment of the resort in the best areas of Al Ain Sokhna, which is located next to a number of vital areas that are indispensable to customers, which are the following:

  • The resort is only about three minutes away from Blumar El Sokhna project.
  • It is only about ten minutes away from IL Monte Galala Ain Sokhna village.
  • The resort is established on a top of a mountain equal to the same height as Ataka Mountains, which overlooks directly the shores of the Red Sea, above sea level at a height of about 110 meters.

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Services provided by Cavo Travco Properties

Travco has provided customers who own residential units in the resort all the services and amenities that guarantee them a decent life, and the most prominent services that make the project distinct from others include the following:

  • Inside CAVO Resort there is a health club offering five-star services for those interested in sports and fitness.
  • The resort offers hotel-level services to customers.
  • A high-level security system and best-trained security personnel are available 24 hours a day to keep customers safe.
  • There is a well-equipped and specialized yoga center that helps to meditate and relax.
  • There are a number of sports centers that ensure that customers live a healthy life and enjoy the fresh air and fresh atmosphere.
  • At the top of the resort, there is a luxurious restaurant offering high-quality customer service.
  • There is a wide track for exercise and walking.
  • Kids entertainment area is available for kids-only, with all the games and entertainment provided with the best safety and care.

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Area of Cavo North Coast

The entire area of Cavo resort is about 421,083 square meters, furthermore, 80 acres of this large area has been exploited for the implementation of the 700 residential units, ranging among standalone villas, luxury chalets, and luxury townhouses, the spaces are as follows:

  • There are chalets of various sizes within the resort, where there are chalets consisting of one bedroom, and there are other chalets consisting of two rooms and three bedrooms, ranging from 82 square meters up to 167 square meters as a maximum.
  • There are townhouses A that has been established on 208 square meters of land with an estimated building area of 244 square meters, and have direct views of the Red Sea.

  • As for Townhouses B, it has a building area of 278 square meters and a total land area ranging from 200 square meters up to 230 square meters.

  • There are various standalone villas within the resort consisting of four or five rooms, and the spaces start from 324 square meters with a charming view of the sea directly.

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Cavo El Sokhna Prices

Despite the integrated services and the excellent location of the project, the prices of the units are very suitable, beside the prices vary depending on the type of unit and the area chosen, and the prices are as follows:

  • First, the prices of standalone villas within the Resort, where the price of villas with a relatively small area starts at 11,700,000 pounds.
  • The price of villas with a large space starts at approximately 12,200,000 pounds.
  • Chalets prices start at EGP 1,350,000 for small-sized chalets.
  • As for large chalets, the price starts at 2,600,000 pounds.
  • There are also mid-size Twin House units with a price of 4,400,000 EGP.
  • The large Twin Houses are priced at approximately 6,900,000 EGP.

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Payment Systems & the delivery dates

Despite the competitive prices offered by Travco Properties to all its customers in exchange for owning a residential unit in CAVO Resort, it did not want to charge them with material burdens, so it enabled flexible payment systems consisting of paying a 5% of the total unit rate as a contract and booking down payment, with the client paying the remaining amount over a period of 72 months, equivalent to six full years in the form of equal monthly installments without any interest rate at all.

The developer of the project is committed to delivering all units to customers with the highest quality finishings and decorations.

Please note that the company complies with the pre-agreed delivery dates that are written in the contract, which provides for receipt four years after the date of writing the contract with the company.

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The developer company profile

Travco Properties is the developer of Cavo Resort in the best areas of Al Ain Sokhna, founded in 2014, and has been one of the largest companies in the field of real estate investment in the Egyptian market.

Travco Properties is part of Travco group of companies that has succeeded over 35 years in tourism, and although it is the smallest in the group, it has recently successfully overseen a large number of tourism and resort projects in both the Middle East and Europe.

The company has a large number of the most qualified employees and has implemented a number of projects that have achieved great success, the most important of which is  Almaza Bay Project in the North Coast, the most recent of which is Cavo Al Ain Sokhna.

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