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La Vista Gardens Ain Sokhna Resort

La Vista Gardens Ain Sokhna Resort is one of the most important and luxurious tourist resorts executed by La Vista Real Estate Development Company, which was keen to implement it with a sophisticated level according to the latest architectural styles, making it the focus of attention for anyone looking for excellence and sophistication, and wants a comfortable life full of luxury, relaxation and mental tranquility, thanks to the luxurious designs, and the units enjoying the magical view of the Red Sea beach.

Location of La Vista Gardens Ain Sokhna Resort

The developing company was keen to choose a distinctive location to implement its tourist project on, as it realized, thanks to its real estate experience, that the distinctive location is the most attractive thing for the client. The choice fell on the finest areas of Ain Sokhna, specifically at kilometer 146 km from Cairo, which made reaching the resort very easy and fast.

La Vista Gardens Area

This resort is one of the largest projects implemented in the Ain Sokhna area. It was implemented on a large area of ​​180 acres, equivalent to 700000 square meters, and part of this area was allocated for buildings and constructions, and the other part was left for facilities and services, as the company was keen to provide everything that customers dream of in terms of requirements and needs, to provide them with a luxurious level and a quiet life.

The resort is characterized by containing a large number of units with varied areas, which made them suitable for all tastes, desires and financial capabilities. The units varied between villas and chalets, which were designed with extreme accuracy and sophistication that were implemented by experts and engineers with high quality and efficiency in engineering design, and the area of ​​the units ranged from 100 square meters up to 180 square meters, and all units are built in a terraced system along 6 rows towards the sea, which made them enjoy a clear and magical view of the Red Sea.

Prices and Payment Systems at La Vista Gardens Resort

Tranquility, relaxation and diverse services, all this is available inside La Vista Gardens Ain Sokhna Resort, and not only that, but the company was keen to offer its residential units within this huge project at affordable prices for everyone. It provided its clients with the opportunity to own a unit starting at 1,900,000 Egyptian pounds, which is a very small amount compared to the services and advantages of the resort, which are countless.

The company has also provided more than one payment system so that each client can choose the system that best suits him according to his capabilities and purchasing power. These systems came as follows:

  • Paying 20% of the total unit price as a booking deposit upon contracting, and paying the remaining amount in installments over 6 years.

  • Paying 25% of the total unit price, and paying the remaining amount in installments over 5 years.

The company announced that all contracted units will be delivered with deluxe finishing within 2021 AD.

La Vista Gardens Services

La Vista Gardens Ain Sokhna Resort is characterized by the tremendous diversity in its services, whether basic or recreational, which made the residents easily get their needs and requirements without having to leave the resort at all. Among these services, for example, not limited to:

  • Units with green spaces overlooking the finest beaches in Ain Sokhna.

  • Restaurants equipped to the highest level, offering a variety of foods to suit all desires and tastes.

  • Spa, Jacuzzi and yoga centers equipped to the highest level, for more luxury and sophistication for the residents.

  • A gym equipped with the latest fitness equipment and gear, to give residents the opportunity to practice various sports activities that contribute to a healthy athletic body.

  • La Vista Gardens Ain Sokhna has been equipped with distinctive recreational areas to give residents the opportunity to spend a great time with friends and family.

  • Swimming pools in various shapes and designs to suit all residents.

  • Efficient and high quality medical services.

  • Huge green spaces spread throughout the resort, which contributed to giving the resort a beautiful aesthetic appearance, and thus instilling calm and relaxation in the hearts of the residents.

  • 24/7 security and guard service equipped with the latest security means and technologies, to provide maximum comfort and safety for customers.

  • Sports courts to practice different sports activities.

  • A health club equipped to the highest level, to provide the best possible service to the customer.

La Vista Gardens Resort Developer

La Vista Gardens Resort is one of the projects of La Vista Investment and Real Estate Development Company, which is one of the leading real estate companies in Egypt established in 1991, which is characterized by having a team of highly trained engineers and experts, which contributed to the distinctive implementation of all its projects. Among the most important projects supervised by the company are:

  • La Vista City Compound, New Administrative Capital.

  • El Patio ORO, New Cairo.

  • El Patio Zayed Project, Sheikh Zayed.

  • El Patio Casa, El Shorouk.

  • El Patio 5 East Compound, El Shorouk.

  • El Patio Prime Compound, El Shorouk.

  • La Vista Ras El Hekma, North Coast.

  • La Vista Resort, Ain Sokhna.

  • La Vista Topaz Resort, North Coast.

  • La Vista Bay Resort, North Coast.

Here is the company completing its journey of successful work with La Vista Gardens Ain Sokhna Resort, this tourist project that was implemented at the highest level in order to provide a sophisticated level and a life dominated by tranquility, privacy and excellence.

Advantages of La Vista Gardens Ain Sokhna Resort

Owning a unit within La Vista Gardens Ain Sokhna Resort is a real opportunity that cannot be compensated, as the resort has become a distinctive destination for many clients thanks to its unique advantages and services that allow them to enjoy a comfortable life and a higher level. Its most important advantages are:

  • A strategic and distinctive location in the finest places in Ain Sokhna, making transport to and from the resort very easy.

  • Competitive prices suitable for many social classes with different purchasing powers.

  • Various payment systems that enable the client to choose between them.

  • Diverse services for a luxurious life that lacks nothing.

  • Huge green spaces for relaxation and mental tranquility.

  • Diversity in the areas of the units, which made them suitable for customers for both small and large families alike.

  • More security and protection thanks to the integrated security system.

  • Great designs according to the latest architectural styles.

  • Beaches within the resort with a width of 1000 square meters, which made all units in the resort enjoy a beautiful view of the beautiful Red Sea beaches, which helps in feeling relaxation and joy.

From the above, it is clear to us that La Vista Gardens Ain Sokhna Resort is a unique resort, as it is a haven for everyone looking for a different, more sophisticated and luxurious life, with complete services and units with a magical view of the beautiful Red Sea beaches, which makes the residents enjoy a pure atmosphere and a quiet life far from the hustle and bustle of the city. So don't hesitate and hurry to book your unit in this luxurious compound and enjoy a life full of sophistication and luxury, you and your family.


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