Apartments for sale in Azad Compound

From 1,663,245 EGP
Status Completed
Delivery Date 2022
Developed by: El Tameer

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Apartments for sale in Azad Compound

Do not hesitate to book apartments for sale in Azad Compound to enjoy many advantages that are difficult to obtain in any other compound, as the compound provides its residents with the finest services and the best equipment so that they can live a comfortable and full of luxury life because it works to change the traditional concept of the residential project and implements the latest Global trends in the implementation of such projects.

compound location

Azad Project guarantees its clients to live in one of the most prestigious areas in New Cairo, because it is located in the Fifth Settlement within one of its most important locations, so its residents will be able to move easily to many vital places such as:

  • Diyar Al Tameer 1 Compound.
  • Azad Views Compound Fifth Settlement
  • The Oberoi Hotel in Aswan.
  • Rivan New Capital
  • Capital Dream Compound, the new administrative capital
  • Elite Corner Villas 6 October.
  • Palestine Hotel in Alexandria and New Maadi.
  • Le Meridien Cairo Hotel.
  • The residential complex in City View.
  • Other projects such as Syedna Al-Hussein Center, Maryland, and others.

The compound also connects its residents to major streets, axes, and important areas, on top of which is teseen Street, which is 5 minutes away from it, in addition to the Moshir Tantawi axis, which can be reached in a short period of no more than 15 minutes, and is only a few minutes away from Cairo Festival.

Compound design

Certainly, everyone whose eyes fall on the compound will be fascinated by the splendor of its exterior designs, and the secret behind the splendor of the design is attributed to Mona Hussein Design House, who took over the task of designing and finishing it and succeeded in implementing it more than wonderfully because she is one of the best and most famous interior designers in Egypt.

All buildings are equipped with modern smart home systems in addition to video intercom and a modern system for garbage disposal and recycling, as well as a distinctive modern system called (MATV System), as well as luxurious finishes for all its units.

Compound Space

Although the compound occupies only 19 acres, it includes many services, multiple facilities, and various units more than any other project that may occupy a larger space than it, but it is not used well.

The compound allows you to choose between 47 residential units and 530 apartments, and at the same time provides a range of the best services and other facilities such as gardens, shops, a mosque, etc.

The good division of the project’s land helped to make optimal use of the space allocated to it, which did not cause any meter to be wasted, so the client will not only find housing units with modern designs but can also choose from multiple types and many spaces.

There are apartments for sale in Azad Compound in addition to other different types of units including penthouses, apartments with attached gardens, knowing that the units on the ground floor have a private garden, while the units on the last floor have a roof garden.

In general, the residential units include either 2 or 3 rooms, while the minimum space is 153 square meters in some units, and in other units, it is reduced to 115 square meters, while the larger units have a minimum space of 198 square meters.

Services and Features

Booking apartments for sale in Azad Fifth Settlement guarantees you a unique residential experience that achieves you the highest degree of comfort and luxury at the same time, due to the availability of many high-end services and multiple advantages, which are:

  • The security staff is responsible for guarding and permanently present to provide protection and complete safety for the residents.
  • Car garages for the residents of the compound only so that they are not disturbed by the lack of suitable places to put their cars there.
  • A large service area with a space of ​​55 acres to provide all the facilities that the residents may need.
  • Integrated services for cleaning work so that residents enjoy living in a clean environment free of pollution as much as possible.
  • A central garden (Central Park) with wonderful views and decorations that encourage contemplation and relaxation, with water fountains and pergolas that have a beautiful view of the artificial waterfalls.
  • Diversity of places and recreational facilities between a social garden with a beautiful design and a swimming pool, which also has a luxurious design.
  • An area dedicated to those interested in the Jacuzzi or practicing yoga amidst fully equipped and prepared places.
  • A specially prepared and equipped entertainment area for children (Kids Area), which is characterized by the availability of fun games and the high security it provides for children.
  • A cinema showing the latest movies to ensure the availability of all the entertainment facilities that many people prefer.
  • Some areas are prepared for barbecue parties, in addition to the presence of other areas equipped to organize any special parties for the residents if they wish to do so.
  • Open spaces to enjoy jogging in the enchanting nature or to practice fun cycling.
  • A clubhouse with a modern and upscale design that provides a distinct atmosphere for its clients.
  • A dedicated area to playing chess with friends and family.
  • Optimum and smart utilization of every meter of land allocated to the project, and is characterized by reliance on solar energy to provide a healthy and clean environment for its residents.
  • Distribution of fire alarms or any emergency in different places to ensure the maximum degree of protection for the residents.
  • A commercial mall extending over a huge area and a hypermarket, which ensures that its residents can easily obtain all their requirements of the highest possible quality because it displays goods and products of world-famous brands.
  • Several sports fields so that the residents can practice their various activities without having to leave the compound.
  • The spread of green spaces throughout the various Azad Fifth Settlement project, and all residential units on the ground floor have a garden attached.
  • Multiple designs and spaces for swimming pools to suit all residents, without exception, even children.
  • Establishing a mosque to make it easier for residents to perform prayers inside the compound instead of leaving it in search of a mosque.

Azad Tameer Prices

The best prices are available in Azad Compound, despite its sophistication and the availability of many services, which guarantees the buyer to live in luxurious units with integrated services without the need to pay large amounts of money.

The prices of apartments for sale in Azad Compound vary according to the space of each apartment and its location within the compound, and this also applies to the other types of units in it.

Payment Systems

Do not miss the opportunity to buy apartments for sale in Azad Compound for fear of not being able to pay, because you will already enjoy very great facilities that will make it easier for you to pay the value of the unit to the maximum extent possible.

Azad New Cairo offers its clients three of the best payment systems ever, which are:

  • Paying a simple down payment of 10% of the unit price, while allowing the rest to be paid over a repayment period of 4 to 6 years in equal installments.
  • Paying a down payment of 15% or 18% of the unit price (according to the customer's desire), then the remaining installments over 6 years.
  • Paying a down payment of 20% or 23% of the unit price (according to the customer's desire), then the remaining installments over 7 years.

The Owner Company and Previous Works

The owner company that took over the implementation of the Fifth Settlement Azad project is El Tameer, which was established in 1945. Therefore, it is now considered one of the oldest and most experienced real estate companies in Egypt, knowing that it was carrying the name of the Construction and Engineering Consultation Company (DECC) at that time.

The company applied the concept of sustainable development to Azad Compound Project, so it was able to implement it efficiently and used every corner with utmost intelligence, in line with its honorable history, as it was able to launch more than 20 thousand housing units characterized by sophistication and luxury over the different years.

It also contributed to the implementation of many housing projects suitable for middle-income people, in addition to the presence of about 750 units under construction and development. It also launched several important projects such as:

  • Dyar Compound 1
  • Dyar Compound 2
  • Elite Corner Villas 6 October.
  • Sayedna Al Hussein Center
  • Meridian Hotel
  • The Oberoi Hotel
  • Construction of a residential complex in City View
  • Construction of projects in the Shams Club area



  • Security
  • Playgrounds
  • Swimming pools
  • Shopping center
  • Commercial area
  • Mosque
  • Social Club
  • Health club and Spa

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