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From 1,900,000 EGP
Status Under Construction
Delivery Date 2023

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Project name: Skala Mountain View North Coast.

About the project: The latest and most prestigious phases of Mountain View Project, which is characterized by a charming location on the seashore.

Resort Location: It is located in Alexandria-Matruh Desert Road, kilo 200, within the Mountain View project.

Skala North Coast Space: The resort was executed on 41 acres.

Units types: vary between chalets - villas - penthouses - twin houses.

Units Space: The units space starts from 92 up to 225 square meters.

Units prices: prices start from 1,900,000 EGP.

Payment methods: You can pay a 10% downpayment and the rest in installments over 6 years.

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Skala Mountain View Ras El Hikma

Skala Mountain View Ras El Hekma is one of the most prestigious resorts in the North Coast region. It is a new phase of the Mountain View Resort, which managed to attract the attention of many clients who love to relax and enjoy the charming views. It is an imaginative resort that provides its residents with a comfortable life dominated by all the elements of luxury and pleasure, thanks to its exceptional location and exclusive services.

Skala Mountain View Resort Location

The owner company chose a charming and distinguished place inside North Coast to be the headquarters of its project. It was built in the heart of North Coast in Ras El Hikma Bay area at kilo 200 Alexandria Matruh. Among the most prominent advantages of the location are the following:-

  • It is adjacent to the most beautiful villages and tourist resorts such as Caesar Island Resort, La Vista Ras El Hikma, Caesar Bay Resort, Fouka Bay, and Swan Lake Resort.
  • Getting to Cairo from Skala takes only 3 hours by car.
  • Only two hours to Alexandria from the resort, and the distance to Sidi Abdel Rahman can be crossed in just 35 minutes.
  • A fantastic location on the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean, near the new Fouka Road, which is the link between Cairo, Matruh, and El Alamein.
  • About 2 and a half or 3 hours from the resort to Wadi El Natroun, Al Dabaa, and New Alamein.
  • Only 3 hours from Borg El Arab Airport and Greater Cairo Airport.
  • The distance between the resort and Marina is 90 km.

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Skala Resort North Coast Space

Mountain View is one of the giant tourist projects. It was built on 472 acres, with a length of 2 km and a width of 300 meters. Skala phase was built on a space of 41 acres, with a beach width of 250 meters and a length of 800 meters. The company made the largest percentage in favor of services and green spaces with a percentage of up to 80% of the total space of the project, which is the biggest proof of the luxury and relaxation life that customers will enjoy living within the charming Skala.

The project was designed in the charming Greek style known for sophistication and luxury, and the resort was implemented in several stages, namely Crete islands, which is the first stage that was implemented on the slopes, Paros island, which is one of the wonderful phases that was built on a space of ​​50 acres, and Rhodes island that was implemented on the highest island in the project, and Skala, which is the latest phase of this massive edifice.

Skala includes various types of summer units that suit all desires and you may notice the discrepancy in their space to please everyone, such as chalets with spaces starting from 92 square meters, and twin houses starting from 155 square meters, and townhouses starting from 145 square meters were launched. In addition, Standalone Villas with spaces starting from 225 square meters, while hotel apartments have been offered with spaces starting from 39 square meters.

The most important feature of the units of this phase is that 70% of them have a direct view of the sea, and all chalets will be delivered with full finishes, which means that they are valid for housing immediately upon receipt.

The company announced that the delivery date for the units of this phase will be within 4 years of contracting. As for the units of the previous stages, the scheduled delivery date is within one, 2, or 3 years, starting from the date of writing the contract with the company.

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Skala Mountain View Resort Services

Skala Mountain View North Coast includes various types of services that guarantee the residents comfort and mental clarity, thus enjoying the happiest times during the summer holidays, and the most prominent of these services are:-

  • It includes a huge hotel built on a space of ​​8 acres that provides the most luxurious hotel services to the guests.
  • The resort has a sandy beach with clear water and fine-grained white sand.
  • A variety of entertainment venues that suit all ages, so that all family members can enjoy beautiful times of fun and enjoyment.
  • A large social club allows the residents to practice all the games and sports activities.
  • A well-equipped entertainment area for children, which contains a range of fun games, and this area has been well secured for the safety of the children while they are having fun.
  • All kinds of food can be eaten and enjoy its delicious taste inside the fine restaurants located in the resort.
  • Friends and family members can gather in the resort's cafés that serve them special types of drinks.
  • The resort includes a charming Crystal Lagoon that gives the place a stunning beauty and a very splendid appearance.
  • A large number of swimming pools, up to 49 in different designs and sizes, means enjoyment for all family members.
  • For more privacy and security, the resort is equipped with a private beach for ladies, so that they can spend beautiful times without feeling embarrassed or uncomfortable.
  • Various playgrounds contain the latest and most luxurious sports equipment to ensure the provision of distinguished service to the residents.
  • Landscaping occupies a large part of the resort space, which means fresh air and a charming look.
  • An artificial lake and several water bodies were built on a large space of 40 thousand square meters.
  • A walkway and a huge shopping and entertainment area that contains a group of malls with the most famous brands available.
  • Tracks for jogging, walking, and cycling.
  • Seating areas in the midst of the picturesque scenery to relax, comfort, and get rid of stress.
  • Available in the resort, Emirates Gas Station, and power stations.
  • A well-trained security team works all day non-stop, with surveillance cameras in all corners of the resort to secure it well.
  • Free charge Wi-Fi is available in all units.
  • Most of the services in the resort are powered by solar energy to avoid sudden power outages.
  • Medical clinics and pharmacies providing the best health care to the population.

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Prices and Payment systems

The company was able to satisfy a large segment of its customers, as it offered the units of the Resort at a reasonable price and not exaggerated at all, if the price is compared with the life of pleasure and luxury that customers will enjoy, the company announced that the price of the units varies according to their type, area and location from The sea can be explained in the following:-

  • The prices of chalets with a space of 92 square meters consisting of two bedrooms start from 1,900,000 EGP, and chalets with a space of 125 square meters start from 2,100,000 EGP.
  • Standalone villas with a space of 225 square meters were launched at a price starting from 7,800,000 EGP.
  • Townhouses with a space of 145 square meters come at a price starting from 3,100,000 EGP.
  • Hotel apartments at a price starting from 1,300,000 EGP.

The company has provided an easy payment system so that the customer can pay the unit price comfortably without feeling burdens or financial pressures, by paying a 10% downpayment upon contracting and the second payment of 5% after 3 months from the date of the contract, and the rest is paid in installments over 8 years.

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Owner Company and Previous Works

Skala Mountain View Resort is one of the creations of Mountain View Developments, one of the most famous real estate companies owned by Amr Soliman, which has proven its superiority in this field very quickly, due to its reliance on a group of competent specialists in the field of design and architecture, and the company has completed many projects, including the following:-

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  • Swimming pools
  • Shopping center
  • Commercial area
  • Mosque
  • Health club and Spa
  • Water Fountains
  • Aqua park
  • Cinema

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