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Project Description

Project name: Cattleya.

About Cattelya project: Arabco Development has provided a wide range of services and recreational activities that meet the daily needs of residents, including green spaces and crystal lagoons to give a unique atmosphere to the residential units. Take advantage of this opportunity and enjoy luxury and privacy life in Cattleya New Cairo compound.

Cattleya location: Located on 90th Street.

Cattleya New Cairo compound area: 8 acres.

Unit types: Various residential apartments.

Unit areas: Areas starting from 80 square meters.

Unit prices in Cattleya: Starting from 3,600,000 Egyptian pounds.

Payment methods: A reservation down payment starting from 0% is paid, and the remaining amount is paid in installments up to 8 years.

Real estate developer: Arabco Real Estate Development.

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Seize the golden opportunity and start a unique journey with us at the heart of our distinctive project that combines excellence and creativity in Cattleya New Cairo compound

Cattleya New Cairo compound is a great opportunity that will not be repeated for lovers of sophistication and refined taste. It is a distinctive residential project established on an area of 8 acres in the heart of New Cairo, and is characterized by its rare green nature that is not found anywhere else, which gives its units very beautiful and wonderful views. In addition to Cattleya Arabco compound's breathtaking designs that make you fully understand the meaning of luxury and sophistication within this amazing architectural edifice, the developing company was also interested in choosing a strategic location for Arabco New Cairo project and offering prices that suit the clients' financial capabilities with flexible payment systems. Therefore, do not hesitate to book your residential unit in the largest residential edifice in New Cairo and get the luxury living you've always dreamed of.

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Look for your own haven in the corridors of the distinctive Cattleya New Cairo compound, where tranquility and comfort meet natural beauty 

Cattleya New Cairo compound is characterized by the strategic location carefully chosen by Arabco Development Company, as it launched Arabco New Cairo project in one of the most vibrant areas close to government facilities and services necessary to ensure the comfort of clients. The compound is located in the heart of Fifth Settlement in the Golden Square area.

The most important landmarks near Cattleya New Cairo Compound:

  • Cattleya Arabco New Cairo compound is 5 minutes away from 90th Street.
  • Arabco New Cairo project is about 5 minutes away from El-Suez Road.
  • Cattleya compound is close to the American University at a distance of 5 minutes.
  • Cattleya New Cairo project neighbors Wadi Degla Club, and Platinum Sporting Club.
  • Cattleya Fifth Settlement compound can be reached from Cairo International Airport in 15 minutes.

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Enjoy the best in the world of architectural engineering with our modern and unique designs that embody innovation in every corner of Cattleya New Cairo compound

Arabco real estate company has paid great attention to Cattleya Fifth Settlement project to make it one of the best residential projects in the area with designs that mimic European cities in luxury and sophistication. It cooperated with the best architectural designers and engineering consultants to develop Cattleya New Cairo project's designs and engineering plans according to international standards. Cattleya New Cairo project was implemented with the best building materials that ensure great harmony between the units and the surrounding nature of green spaces and water surfaces. The project was divided as follows:

  • Cattleya New Cairo compound was built on an area of up to 8 acres.
  • Green spaces, artificial lakes, entertainment facilities occupied the largest part of Arabco project area, and the rest for buildings and residential units.
  • Cattleya New Cairo project includes residential apartments in different areas and divisions.

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Choose your ideal unit from our diverse collection of units designed to provide you luxury and comfort at the same time in Cattleya New Cairo project

Through Cattleya Fifth Settlement project, Arabco Company managed to provide residential units in varying areas so that the client can easily obtain the unit he needs. It offered the following areas to choose from:

  • The area of residential apartments in Cattleya compound starts from 80 square meters.

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Discover the secret behind our excellence and innovation, and how we provide you with a unique and unparalleled residential experience in Cattleya New Cairo compound

Once you own a residential unit in Cattleya Arabco New Cairo compound, the opportunity has come to you on a silver platter to benefit from all the services and advantages available within the project, which are difficult to compare with any other compound. So there is no need to think about it, take the initiative to book your place now, and get the best advantages which are:

  • Cattleya New Cairo compound enjoys a distinctive geographical location that attracts clients to buy in v project because of its proximity to axes and main roads, in addition to being in the middle of vibrant vital areas.
  • The developing company managed to provide residential units in different areas with designs suitable for people of refined taste at attractive prices and comfortable installment systems.
  • The residential units are accurately designed and separated by green spaces and artificial lakes that provide a charming view of the beautiful nature and a sense of comfort and relaxation.
  • Jogging trails have been created in Cattleya New Cairo compound and special bicycle tracks to avoid collisions and enjoy the scenic views and fresh air.
  • Barbecue parties and gatherings with family and friends can be held in Cattleya New Cairo compound in huge green spaces, as well as practicing yoga and favorite hobbies such as painting and reading amid calm atmospheres.
  • A pet walking area is provided in Cattleya New Cairo compound equipped with the necessary materials and tools to care for and pay attention to them.
  • There are electronic gates in Cattleya New Cairo compound to facilitate access to Cattleya New Cairo project without causing congestion and ensuring privacy and security for unit owners.
  • An automated security system is provided in the project through surveillance cameras distributed throughout the compound to monitor movements around the clock.
  • There are security personnel on duty 24 hours in Cattleya New Cairo compound to control security and order, ensuring reassurance and safety for residents.
  • All residential units in Cattleya New Cairo compound are supplied with basic utilities such as natural gas, electricity and sewage networks of the highest quality.
  • ATMs are distributed throughout Cattleya New Cairo compound to facilitate withdrawal, deposit and money transfer operations for residents without having to leave Cattleya New Cairo project.
  • A large mosque has been built in Cattleya New Cairo compound that accommodates a huge number of worshipers and is equipped with a designated ablution area.
  • All facilities and units in Cattleya New Cairo compound are designed according to the smart building system that ensures comfort and easy control through the personal mobile phone of the residents.
  • There is high-speed internet in all units of Cattleya New Cairo compound to facilitate dealing with facilities and units and enjoy following social media.
  • Central air conditioning and closed television networks are available in all residential units of the residential project, allowing living in a comfortable and luxurious environment.
  • All units in Cattleya New Cairo compound are equipped with alarm systems and state-of-the-art firefighting systems for quick response and control of any emergency.
  • There is a designated area for collecting waste and residues from residential units and disposing of them safely away from the compound to ensure the comfort of the residents.
  • Cattleya New Cairo compound is an environmentally friendly project, as a number of solar panels have been provided that convert solar energy into electricity.
  • There is an intercom in all residential units in Cattleya New Cairo compound to facilitate communication with security personnel at the main gates.
  • Private generators are available for the units that operate in case of power outages to ensure normal life.

Let every day of your life shine with luxury and excellence with our advanced and integrated set of services we provide for you in Cattleya New Cairo project 

Because you deserve it; Arabco Development Company implemented the Cattleya Fifth Settlement project, which is the address of sophistication and excellence among the residential projects in New Cairo. It was designed in a wonderful modern style and includes unique services, most notably:

  • Cattleya New Cairo compound residents get diverse services that provide comfort in terms of cleaning and maintenance of units with the latest technologies under the supervision of a specialized team available around the clock all week.
  • A world-class sports club has been established with large playgrounds for residents to practice their favorite sports such as football, tennis and basketball.
  • There is a complete spa center to provide sauna and Jacuzzi services by a specialized team so that residents get luxury and enjoyment.
  • A large commercial area has been provided in Cattleya New Cairo compound with stores for the most famous brands and goods needed by residents at any time without leaving Cattleya New Cairo project.
  • There is a large hypermarket in Cattleya New Cairo compound that provides household needs of goods and products necessary for living with the possibility of delivery to units around the clock.
  • Swimming can be enjoyed in Cattleya New Cairo compound due to the presence of a number of outdoor and indoor swimming pools for veiled women to spend a fun time in complete privacy and freedom.
  • More than one hall for games and physical activities has been established in Cattleya New Cairo compound equipped with the latest equipment and professional trainers.
  • There is a commercial mall in Cattleya New Cairo compound that includes all the basic and entertainment services needed by residents at any time.
  • A kids area is provided in Cattleya New Cairo compound with games and entertaining activities for them under the supervision of specialists and camera monitoring to enjoy living in Cattleya New Cairo project.
  • The most delicious local and international dishes preferred by Cattleya New Cairo compound residents can be tried through a series of high-end designed restaurants and cafes amid wonderful atmospheres.
  • There are cinema halls equipped with screens with advanced technologies for the pleasure of watching exclusive movies and having a fun time without boredom.
  • Meeting rooms are provided in Cattleya New Cairo compound for businesspeople to hold important deals and meetings equipped with the latest audio devices and display screens.
  • Parents can be reassured about their children in nurseries designed to take care of them and provide recreational, educational and entertainment services suitable for their ages under the supervision of kindergarten specialists.
  • Cattleya New Cairo project is close to the most important international schools and universities that provide education at global standards, which ensures a high quality educational service for students residing in Cattleya New Cairo compound.
  • A medical complex has been provided in Cattleya New Cairo compound that includes all specialties to provide health care to residents by a trained medical team with the latest medical devices, as well as an emergency department available 24 hours a day.
  • There are pharmacies with all medicines, medical and cosmetic preparations needed by Cattleya New Cairo compound residents 24 hours a day.
  • Garages have been built on a large area of Cattleya New Cairo compound to ensure parking of owners' cars safely and privately without exposure to congestion.
  • Keeping pace with the technological developments needed by residents in Cattleya New Cairo compound, an area for charging electric cars has been provided.
  • There are ambulances in Cattleya New Cairo compound equipped with first aid and necessary equipment in emergencies.
  • Cattleya New Cairo project includes headquarters of well-known telecommunications companies, private and governmental banks and exchange offices to ensure that residents get all the services they need.

With us, quality meets affordable cost! We offer flexible payment plans and prices to suit all budgets without compromising on quality in Cattleya New Cairo compound

The owning company of Cattleya New Cairo compound was not satisfied with providing residential units in different areas, but also offered competitive and attractive prices that suit the client's financial capabilities, so that he gets the unit he is looking for without incurring additional financial costs, through the following prices:

  • The price per meter for residential units in Cattleya Arabco New Cairo compound starts from 45,000 Egyptian pounds.

In addition to the prices that cannot be compared with any other residential project in New Cairo, the company offered flexible payment systems as follows:

  • A unit can be obtained in Cattleya New Cairo project without a down payment and the amount is paid in 8 years interest-free.

Disadvantages of Cattleya New Cairo Compound

Despite the wide range of advantages in Cattleya New Cairo project, some customers have expressed reservations about the presence of many housing units in the same geographical area. These customers believe that this may affect their ability to fully enjoy the comfort and privacy they aspire to. However, the company has taken these observations into account and taken measures to provide large distances between housing units and between different residential buildings. This is in order to maintain residents' privacy and ensure their comfort and enjoyment of the highest degrees of privacy in their place of residence.

Move towards reliable investment with our real estate developer, who combines insightful vision and extensive experience over the years

Arabco Real Estate Development is the developer and owner of Cattleya New Cairo project. It is one of the leading real estate companies with a long history of outstanding projects. It was established in 1993 and aimed to achieve customers' ambitions in reality with the best building materials according to international standards and latest technologies. It has delivered many key projects, most notably:

Imagine Yourself in the Heart of Modern Egypt... New Cairo!

This is not just a new area; it's a vibrant, pulsating heart where giant projects are transforming the city's landscape with their unique architecture and breathtaking spaces. Here, you'll find everything to meet the demands of modern living: housing, offices, shopping malls, hotels, schools, universities, hospitals, and tourist attractions.

With the rapidly growing population, New Cairo continues to shine in the housing sector. From luxurious apartments to upscale villas and reasonably priced homes, the area offers a diverse range of options to suit everyone, promising a comfortable, safe, and activity-filled life.

Infrastructure development also means noticeable improvements in traffic flow and public service quality. The road network and transportation systems make life easier, facilitating movement within and outside the city.

But that's not all; New Cairo is thriving with recreational and sports facilities. Green parks, gardens, and playgrounds add a healthy, active lifestyle and promise unforgettable moments.

New Cairo offers a unique living experience in an exciting urban context. This city exceeds expectations, providing an ideal blend of innovation and upscale living, making it the ultimate destination for those seeking luxury and excellence in one of the world's most prominent metropolitan centers.

Discover Your New City: The 5th Settlement, Where Dreams Come True!

The 5th Settlement area stands out at the heart of Cairo as an exemplary model of modern and sustainable development in Egypt, offering a unique living experience for those seeking a high quality of life. This vibrant city is a beacon for those seeking exceptional living and investment opportunities.

The 5th Settlement gives you the chance to enjoy luxurious living with a wide range of residential units, including elegant villas, spacious apartments, and modern studios, designed to cater to all tastes and needs.

What sets this city apart is the availability of a wide range of world-class facilities, such as schools and hospitals offering outstanding services, in addition to massive shopping centers reflecting the latest trends. The advanced infrastructure here ensures a comfortable and seamless living experience.

The 5th Settlement also offers multiple benefits in terms of professional and investment opportunities, with global and local companies opening new horizons for growth and development across various fields.

One of the most prominent features of the 5th Settlement is its lush parks and green spaces, offering a tranquil haven for relaxation and enjoying nature within the city, in addition to recreational and cultural facilities that enrich social life.

The safety and security of residents are top priorities in the 5th Settlement, with peace and security prevailing thanks to the robust security system and services that ensure peace of mind for all residents.

In the 5th Settlement, the elements of modern living and a promising future come together under one sky, providing an ideal place for those seeking to build a life filled with prosperity and well-being. The 5th Settlement is not just a place to live; it's the beginning of your journey to achieve your dreams.

Cattleya New Cairo Compound and Beyond: Where Can You Live Near This Real Estate Gem?

Do you dream of living near the upscale Cattleya New Cairo Compound? Let's take you on an exploratory tour to discover a collection of distinguished compounds in close proximity to Cattleya New Cairo Compound, focusing on the advantages and opportunities they offer for a unique residential experience. Keep reading this guide to learn about the available options:

1- Regents Square Compound in New Cairo:

  • Regents Square occupies a strategically valuable location in the heart of New Cairo, making it a hub for the city and providing easy access to the international airport within minutes.
  • It embodies an upscale lifestyle by providing the essentials of modern living with touches of luxury and opulence.

2- Zed East Compound in New Cairo:

  • Situated in a prime location within the 5th Settlement, offering a peaceful living experience surrounded by lush greenery and abundant recreational facilities.
  • It allows residents to enjoy green spaces and various recreational services, adding new dimensions to their lives.

3- Jada Ewan Compound in New Cairo:

  • Located at the gate of the 5th Settlement, providing easy access to the city's major points of interest, including the airport and the American University.
  • It is considered a haven for luxury and excellence lovers, with recreational facilities and integrated services catering to the desires of its residents.

4- The Vues Compound in New Cairo:

  • Unique in its prime location and modern designs that reflect high living standards, with easy access to Cattleya New Cairo Compound and the city's main centers.
  • It offers a private and upscale residential environment, with a wide range of luxurious facilities and services.

5- Sila Compound in New Cairo:

  • Boasts a unique design that mimics nature through its vast green spaces and stunning natural landscapes.
  • It offers an ideal living experience filled with tranquility, comfort, and security, with all the necessary services and facilities to ensure residents' well-being.

All these compounds offer you upscale living options near Cattleya New Cairo Compound, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your personal requirements and preferences for living in New Cairo.

Smart Buying: Discover How to Make the Most of Offers!

For those interested in real estate investment opportunities and getting the best deals, is your ultimate ally. This platform provides valuable opportunities to dive into the Egyptian real estate market with competitive prices and payment options suitable for everyone.

To maximize your benefits from the offered deals, follow these guidelines:

  1. Visit the website: Start your journey by accessing the website through a search engine. There, you'll find a diverse range of offers and real estate projects awaiting you in Egypt.

  2. Explore the available offers: Take your time browsing through the projects and residential or commercial units, whether in vibrant locations like New Cairo or coastal destinations like the North Coast.

  3. Check the detailed information: Once you come across an offer that catches your attention, look for more information and related documents, from site plans to brochures. For additional details or to answer any inquiries, the team is at your service to assist you.

  4. Secure your unit: If you find the suitable unit, you can complete the booking process by filling out the form on the page. The team will then contact you to arrange a site visit and inform you of all necessary details.

  5. Take advantage of the offered deals and facilities: The website provides you with payment facilitation options and exclusive offers, including low down payments of up to 10% and the possibility of installments for up to 8 years, making it easier for you to invest your money.

Additionally, these projects stand out with their contemporary designs and the potential for comfort and luxury, from captivating sea and natural views to amenities and facilities that ensure your comfort and happiness at all times.

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New Cairo on 90th Street.

3,600,000 Egyptian pounds.


Arabco Real Estate Development.

10 units

8 acres.

A reservation down payment starting from 0% is paid, and the remaining amount is paid in installments up to 8 years.


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