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Cairo Gate Emaar Sheikh Zayed

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Project Description

Project Name: Cairo Gate.

Cairo Gate Location: it is located at Cairo-Alexandria desert road in front of Dandy Mall.

Cairo Gate Emaar Space: 150 acres.

Cairo Gate Executing Company Name: Emaar Misr.

Cairo Gate Units Type: apartments - villas - townhouses.

Payment Methods: downpayment upon contracting and rest via installments over the longest payment period up to 6 years.

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Cairo Gate Sheikh Zayed

Cairo Gate is the most luxurious residential complex you can see in Sheikh Zayed City, which is the latest work of the UAE company "Emaar Misr", in which it has developed the summary of its expertise in the real estate world to produce a residential hotel project at the highest level and includes integrated services needed by every family that wants a comfortable and luxurious life, where Cairo Gate compound features integrated infrastructure and educational, entertainment and consumption services, it includes all the services that make the family live a life of luxury, beauty, and comfort within the charming nature.

Cairo Gate Located on a wide area of 150 acres divided into two parts, the first part is for Cairo Gate buildings and construction services and the second part for the green spaces and recreation areas that have been distributed in harmony with the total area in a way that allows residents to enjoy it, as well as the presence of Landscapes and Crystal Lagoons with multi-spaces.

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Where Is The Location of Cairo Gate Emaar Misr?

The most important landmarks near the Cairo Gate Emaar Misr project:

  • Cairo Gate Compound is strategically located on Cairo Road as well as the Alexandria Desert Road.
  • Cairo Gate is close to the main roads and axis, including Sphinx Airport, which is just a quarter of an hour away.
  • Cairo Gateis less than 50 minutes from Heliopolis, and in just a few minutes away from Dandy Mall.
  • Cairo Gate Located in Sheikh Zayed City, one of the most vibrant areas of 6 October city, the Complex also has plenty of recreational services, especially Zed Park, one of the largest recreational parks for adults and kids.

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Let the unique design and sophisticated innovation of Cairo Gate Compound Sheikh Zayed inspire your dreams and guide you towards the luxury life you have always dreamed of

One of the most important features that distinguishes Emaar Misr is its attention to the finest details in designing the residential projects it launches. It was keen to make the Cairo Gate Compound Sheikh Zayed project an architectural masterpiece that mimics European cities on Egyptian soil. So it contracted with the best engineering consulting firms to develop plans and designs for the project according to international standards. The project was implemented using the best building materials and balancing between green spaces, water surfaces, buildings and units. The compound was divided as follows:

  • Cairo Gate Emaar Misr Sheikh Zayed was built on 150 acres.

  • Green spaces, artificial lakes and recreational facilities occupied the largest part of the project, and the rest for buildings and residential units.
  • The project includes apartments, townhouses and villas in different sizes.

Cairo Gate Compound Area

Emaar has the highest level of expertise and engineers, so Cairo Gate project is designed over a large area of about 150 acres to include all possible services to ensure the well-being and comfort of customers.

Cairo Gate area has been divided into large areas of greenery and water bodies, while a small part has been allocated to buildings and residential units.

The area includes a large 120,000 square meters shopping center featuring the world's most famous brands, and there is a huge entertainment complex in a special place in Cairo Gate compound.

Emaar Cairo Gate also has taken into account the diversity of apartments and residential units to meet the desires of all customers, where there are regular apartments, duplex apartments, villas, townhouses, and twin houses, with a variety of spaces to choose from according to the needs of each family.

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Housing Features in Cairo Gate Sheikh Zayed

It is worth mentioning that the company implementing the Cairo Gate Project is Emaar Misr where it developed a large plan in a professional way to establish a shopping center on a large area of the project of 120,000 square meters with implementing it as a masterpiece of art on the ground inside Cairo Gate project.

The world's leading brands that have selected Cairo Gate compound are Ikea, Esprit, Marks & Spencers, Guess, and many other brands.

It is worth mentioning that the company has earlier announced the establishment of the largest entertainment complex in a distinctive style of luxury life, especially in the best sites within which Cairo Gate was implemented.

The executing company was keen to provide a number of residential units of various spaces, ranging from villas, townhouses, and apartments, as well as the possibility of delivering units of different spaces with super lux finishes in multiple spaces with payment facilities.

So, and from the above, it is clear that Cairo Gate compound is one of the best opportunities offered to you as it is suitable for its reduced prices which cannot be left, but you have to take the opportunity and invest your money in buying a unique unit in Cairo Gate Sheikh Zayed compound where you can take advantage of the great opportunity and initiative to get High quality, perfect location and the right prices as well as the best engineering designs in Egypt, so there is no need to hesitate and book in a fictional unit with international specifications.

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Exclusive services that are available inside Cairo Gate Sheikh Zayed

Emaar Misr, the owner of this huge project, sought to provide all comfort and luxury services to its residents. It is keen to provide you with many exclusive services to meet all your needs and fulfill your desires, and we mention the following:

  • Inside Cairo Gate Sheikh Zayed, during a full 24 hours, the security personnel and heavy guards were assigned to protect the property and ensure stability for all residents.
  • Full protection was also provided by deploying a number of modern surveillance cameras that monitor all movements and events that occur every day.
  • You can enjoy an international shopping experience inside Cairo Gate, inside the largest mall that has been established and has a number of shops that offer brands and brands that suit those with fine taste.
  • Large and spacious garages that include a number of owners' cars.
  • Cairo Gate project provides you with the best multiple medical services by establishing health centers and units with a number of doctors at the highest levels, and pharmacies with imported medicines and treatments that work 24 hours a day to serve the population.
  • Attention to providing various educational services by establishing nurseries for children to help them practice various activities, and international schools for all levels with teachers at the highest level.
  • For adults and children, swimming pools of different sizes and shapes have been established, including for women, in covered halls for more privacy.
  • For young children, a large entertainment area has been allocated for them, which includes a number of various games that have the highest degree of safety for them and enable them to spend the happiest times with their friends.
  • You can enjoy entertainment and a sense of comfort and relaxation within the health club, which includes spacious gymnasiums that contain advanced equipment and equipment for building fitness.
  • And for women, beauty salons have been established for them, which provide them with the best various services at the highest levels.
  • Private halls with jacuzzi, spa house, and sauna for relaxation and recreation inside Cairo Gate Compound.
  • Distinguished infrastructure on a world-class and meticulously to include all basic services for the population.
  • A mosque to perform religious duties and rites, which is designed in the original Islamic style and is sufficient for a huge number of worshipers.
  • Amid the luxurious decorations and the wonderful quiet lighting, you can enjoy your favorite meal inside restaurants, and cafes that offer the best and most delicious and varied drinks.
  • A social club for friends and families that offers you a variety of services, and is equipped with all the various facilities.
  • The lights for units and streets are powered by clean solar energy, which helps to rationalize electricity consumption.
  • Spacious sports fields are dedicated to football and tennis, and there is also golf practice, and they are equipped with carts to move around with ease.

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Cairo Gate Residential Units Types

The spaces and designs within Cairo Gate project varied among apartments- villas - townhouses, with all residential units to be delivered with full Super Lux finishing.

With us, quality meets affordable cost! We offer you flexible payment plans and prices suitable for all budgets without compromising on quality at Cairo Gate Compound Sheikh Zayed

Keen on easing the financial burden on the client and providing them with the opportunity to obtain the unit that suits their financial capabilities, the owning company of Cairo Gate Compound Sheikh Zayed offered the following prices:

  • The price of residential units in Cairo Gate Compound Sheikh Zayed, starting from 85 square meters, starts from 4,000,000 Egyptian pounds.

In addition to the prices offered by the developing company, it provided more facilities for the client to obtain the appropriate unit with the lowest down payment and the longest repayment period as follows:

  • A residential unit can be obtained in Cairo Gate Emaar Misr by paying 10% down payment, 5% upon receipt and the rest over 8 years.

Disadvantages of Cairo Gate Compound Sheikh Zayed

Despite the difficulty in identifying any negatives about Cairo Gate Compound, some people may see that the lack of residential apartments poses an obstacle. But when evaluating cairo gate prices, it is clear that Kiloobra provided a golden opportunity, as it offers villas at prices competing with apartment prices in many other projects, making it an investment opportunity not to be missed.

A Brief About Cairo Gate Executing Company

Emaar Misr is an Emirati company established by its owner, the businessman Engineer Mohammed Al Abbar, where it has submitted a number of projects inside and outside the Egyptian country and the most important and prominent work carried out by the company at the international and local level includes:

Inside Egypt:

Outside Egypt:

  • Burj Khalifa.
  • JBR Mall.
  • Presidential Rest House in Dubai

The most important projects carried out by the company in the 6 October and Sheikh Zayed

Most of the real estate projects carried out in 6th of October and Sheikh Zayed regions are by well-known real estate investment companies.

These companies have even provided a successful model in a number of other areas and are currently implementing a number of residential projects within the most investment areas of Sheikh Zayed City and 6 October.

The company has developed a future plan aimed at putting the customer at a loss of choice of the most suitable systems available at different prices with the possibility of installments up to the longest repayment period of up to 6 years in equal monthly installments.

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Experience a unique modern life awaits you in Sheikh Zayed City!

A unique modern life experience awaits you in Sheikh Zayed City in Giza Governorate! This modern city is a unique oasis that combines history and modernity in its design and services.

Sheikh Zayed City is located near the Egyptian capital Cairo and is an ideal tourist destination for visitors looking for a unique experience. The city is characterized by its innovative and advanced urban designs, comprising a diverse collection of modern buildings, shopping malls, restaurants and cafes.

Sheikh Zayed City provides a wide range of activities and facilities for residents and visitors. You can enjoy shopping in its luxurious malls and exploring the many international restaurants and cafes located there. You can also have fun times in its beautiful gardens, which have many designated areas for recreation and promenade.

Sheikh Zayed City is a stunning modern oasis in the heart of Giza Governorate. The city features many exciting sights and attractions that appeal to all tastes. If you are looking for a unique experience in Egypt, Sheikh Zayed City is the perfect destination for you.

Love Every Moment: Sheikh Zayed City, Giza Governorate Offers You More Than You Imagine!

Sheikh Zayed City in Giza Governorate came to provide its visitors and residents with an unforgettable experience. Considered one of the prominent destinations that make visitors fall in love with every moment they spend there, this city located a short distance from Cairo is one of the prominent destinations that make visitors fall in love with every moment they spend there.

Sheikh Zayed City was founded with an innovative idea of creating an ideal life for its residents and visitors, thanks to its meticulous design and family atmosphere embraced by this urban gem. The city is home to many luxurious residential areas and distinctive recreational facilities, making it a favorite destination for families and individuals alike.

In Sheikh Zayed City, you will find everything you need to enjoy a comfortable and fun-filled life. The city is characterized by its vast green spaces and beautiful gardens, where families can spend their time strolling, entertaining and practicing sports activities.

Sheikh Zayed district is known for having many prestigious international schools, which makes it an ideal family choice for parents who want to provide the best education for their children. Additionally, the city has many excellent medical facilities and modern hospitals to ensure high quality health care.

For shopping lovers, Sheikh Zayed City provides modern and diverse shopping complexes containing elegant shops and varied restaurants. Visitors can enjoy strolling around these complexes and exploring the different international and local brands.

In terms of sports and recreation, Sheikh Zayed City offers a wide range of sports facilities and health clubs. Visitors can take advantage of well-equipped gyms, swimming pools, tennis courts, and other sports fields to practice their favorite athletic activities.

Without a doubt, Sheikh Zayed City in Giza Governorate offers you more than you imagine. If you are looking for an ideal place to live or enjoy a fun vacation, this modern city will be the best choice for you. Visit Sheikh Zayed City and enjoy an unparalleled life experience!

When Location and Luxury Meet: Top Compounds Near Cairo Gate Compound Sheikh Zayed!

Cairo Gate Compound is considered one of the best and most expensive compounds in Sheikh Zayed area, but do you want to know more about the amazing compounds surrounding it? We will go through the most important compounds located near Cairo Gate Compound that provide you with a high level of services and luxury.

  1. Ivoire Compound Sheikh Zayed:
    Ivoire Sheikh Zayed Compound provides you with a luxurious living experience and a life full of comfort and varied services. The compound has expansive golf courses and carts to facilitate movement within the complex. The luxurious 80 square meter crystal lagoon attracts attention with its beauty. It also contains a sports club that provides many diverse sports activities such as football, tennis and basketball. In addition to strong infrastructure and an innovative system for processing waste and garbage.

  2. Jeera Compound Sheikh Zayed:
    Jeera Compound is one of the prominent compounds in Sheikh Zayed. The compound provides luxurious living spaces and excellent services. The compound contains a huge commercial mall with famous commercial stores and brands, in addition to entertainment centers that meet all the needs of the compound's residents and the surrounding area in general.

  3. Solana Compound New Zayed:
    Solana Compound is distinguished by its exceptional location in the heart of the area, as it is located directly along the 26th of July axis, near Al Ahly Club and a large group of famous shopping centers. The compound provides a set of luxurious residential units and varied services.

  4. Parkdale Compound New Zayed:
    Parkdale Compound is considered one of the best compounds in Sheikh Zayed with a luxury housing level. The project consists of three phases, the first phase is located in the middle of Sheikh Zayed City, while the second and third phases are located in the eastern expansions of the city.

  5. Reeva Compound Sheikh Zayed:
    Reeva Compound provides you with a distinctive lifestyle and a safe community. The compound is characterized by the presence of many world-famous restaurants and cafes, and an entertainment area for children with many fun games. The compound has a security team present at the gates and an integrated monitoring system to ensure safety in the area 24/7.

Comfort and Confidence: How to Purchase Your Unit in Cairo Gate Compound Sheikh Zayed Without Any Obstacles Through

If you are looking for a luxury residential unit in a prominent location in New Cairo, Cairo Gate Compound in Sheikh Zayed is the ideal choice for you. However, dealing with the property purchase process in the project can be complicated. To facilitate this process, you can rely on the website which provides you with everything you need to get your ideal unit without obstacles. Here are the steps you can follow to purchase your unit in Cairo Gate Compound Sheikh Zayed without any obstacles.

Step 1: Visit and search for Cairo Gate Sheikh Zayed

Go to and type "Cairo Gate Sheikh Zayed" in the search box to browse more about the project. You will find detailed information about the compound, such as available units, their prices, areas, and available payment plans.

Step 2: Contact Us

Using the phone number on the website, you can contact us to provide more information and answer all your inquiries, including payment plans and financing arrangements if needed.

Step 3: Book Your Unit

After getting the required information and answering all your inquiries, you can book your preferred unit in Cairo Gate Sheikh Zayed. will provide you with guidance and assistance in the booking process.

Step 4: Make Payment and Complete Contract

After reserving the unit, you will need to make the appropriate payments and complete the contracting process. You can rely on the team to accompany you through this process and ensure it goes smoothly and without any difficulties.

Step 5: Receive Your Unit

After completing all procedures and paying the remaining amount, you will be able to receive your unit in Cairo Gate Sheikh Zayed. You can go to the project and monitor the progress of the work and ensure everything is done according to the high level of finishes and services provided in the project.

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Shopping center
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Health club and Spa
Water Fountains
Aqua park
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it is located at Cairo-Alexandria desert road in front of Dandy Mall.

1,850,000 EGP.


Emaar Misr.

101 units

downpayment upon contracting and rest via installments over the longest payment period up to 6 years.

150 acres.


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