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Uptown Cairo Mokattam Emaar Misr

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Project Description

Project Name: Uptown Cairo.

About Uptown Cairo Project: Emaar Misr is a sophisticated residential complex located on the highest plateau in Egypt, 10 minutes from Maadi.

Uptown Cairo Location: In the heart of Cairo especially Al Mokattam.

Emaar Uptown Cairo space: Approximately 1200 acres.

Uptown Cairo Units Types: Uptown Cairo Apartments for sale - Duplexes - Uptown Cairo Villa for sale - Townhouses.

Units Space: The apartment areas start from 147 m², Duplex spaces start from 282 m², townhouses start from 310 m², and villas have a starting area of 305 m².

Meter Price in Uptown Cairo: price per meter in apartments starts from 23,300 EGP, while it starts from 22,250 EGP in villas.

Uptown Cairo Developer Name: Emaar Misr.

Payment Methods: Payment of 5% downpayment provided that the remaining value will be paid over 7 years.

UpTown Cairo compound

Uptown Cairo is one of the projects of Emaar Misr and is characterized by its location in Cairo on the highest plateau in Egypt specifically in the area of Mokattam as the entire compound was built at an altitude of 200 meters above sea level, and it extends on 4,000,000 km, 1200 acres.

Only 20% of the total space of Uptown Cairo Mokattam compound has been utilized for the construction of residential units, while the remaining space is for the green spaces, facilities, and services.

this project is near the best residential areas in Cairo as follows:

  • 10 minutes away from Maadi area.
  • Uptown Cairo Close to Nasr City and Heliopolis.
  • Uptown Cairo is 15 minutes from Mohandeseen and New Cairo airport.

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Uptown Location

Uptown Cairo is located in El Mukkatam area in Downtown Cairo, although it is not a noisy and crowded site where Emaar Misr Mokattam project site has been carefully selected to be in a stable and quiet area and this project is one of the first and most prominent integrated residential projects in the Area of Al Mokattam in the Fifth Settlement.

The most important landmarks near Uptown Cairo Mokattam Compound:

The first entrance in Uptown Cairo: through the extension of Ramsis Street.

The second entrance: extended from Al Nafoura square located in El Mukkatam.

The third entrance in Uptown Cairo: from El Shaheed axis in the entrance of El Mukkatam after Wataneya Gas Station on the right of Mehwar El Shaheed.

This distinguishes the location of Uptown Cairo Mokattam Compound making it easily accessible through Emaar Drive Road, which connected it with the ring road and 6 October Bridge, as well as linking it directly to New Cairo through El Shaheed axis, which helped greatly in reducing traffic congestion in the center of Cairo, and ease the traffic between New Cairo and Downtown Cairo area, Uptown Cairo Mokattam compound is 10 minutes from Nasr city and Maadi, and 15 minutes from Cairo Airport and Mohandseen.


Emaar Misr Development Company announced one of its most important and luxurious phases in Uptown Cairo Compound, Moqattam, which is ALBA SPENDIA. It combines Latin elegance and Egyptian authenticity. It means "dawn" in Latin, reflecting the captivating beauty and charm that steals hearts from the first moment. This phase consists of numerous luxurious villas enjoying a panoramic view of the most beautiful natural scenery and the golf club. The units feature private swimming pools, children's playgrounds with a diverse range of games suitable for their ages, and designated areas for hosting barbecue parties and the most beautiful night gatherings.

Meticulously Crafted Units Await You Within ALBA! Choose What Harmonizes with Your Elegance

The address of enchantment and elegance in the heart of captivating Cairo is ALBA, where all units are carefully selected and inspired by luxury to suit those with refined taste. This phase is located near the Uptown Compound's golf club, featuring a collection of elegant villas overlooking the most beautiful natural scenery and iconic landmarks of Cairo. Here, you can escape the city's hustle and bustle to your private haven for a complete, upscale living experience.

Explore the Exclusive Opportunities and Benefits ISADORE Offers to Realize Your Dreams

This phase came as a distinguished and exceptional gift, a gated residential community where every detail pulsates with life. The developing company paid attention to the smallest details to provide residents with a rejuvenating, comprehensive experience. ISADORE consists of 34 villas with contemporary designs and distinctive colors that make you feel comfortable and distinguished while strolling through its streets, conveniently located near essential service facilities for residents to obtain their daily necessities with utmost ease.

Discover Exclusive Opportunities and Unparalleled Advantages at Villa AURORA and Build Your Future with Us

With each new dawn, you will have a new opportunity to live an enchanting, complete life at AURORA, located in one of the most vibrant locations in the heart of Uptown Cairo Compound, Moqattam. It consists of 155 carefully selected apartments with different practical spaces to suit those who prefer limited or larger areas, with contemporary designs executed by the most skilled consulting engineers using the finest building materials.

A Unique Experience in Creativity and Design, Enjoy the Upscale Life You Deserve Within REYNA

Mentioning REYNA evokes elegance and modernity. It is an upscale, gated residential community inspired by the beauty of global cities, comprising 39 villas for sale in Uptown Cairo Compound, combining charm and beauty. Here, you can choose luxury and stability with us, with luxurious residences, outstanding services, and unparalleled prices and easy payment plans to get everything you dream of.

A Journey Towards Luxury and Elegance, ELEVA's Outstanding Services Reflect Refined Design and Absolute Opulence

Invest in a place that provides you with ideal housing and a safe environment for your family, and renew your life at ELEVA, which exceeds all expectations. Located near the mosque, school, and Emaar Square, it epitomizes urban living. It also includes 172 twin-house units in the southeastern part of Uptown Cairo, each unit featuring a private area for added privacy and luxury.

Enter a World Where Life is Designed for Perfection, and Enjoy Every Detail of ALTO, Designed Specifically for You

This ALTO phase offers a diverse collection of the most luxurious residential apartments in Uptown Cairo Compound, ranging from 2 to 3 bedrooms, as well as penthouse units with contemporary, elegant designs that combine beauty, luxury, and comfort. The units boast an amazing view of vast green spaces, allowing residents to breathe fresh air and enjoy the utmost privacy. Here, you can indulge in the advantages of living in an integrated environment with extensive green spaces, recreational facilities, and diverse commercial services.

Make Luxury and Distinction a Daily Part of Your Life with the Exclusive Services We Offer at LEVANA

LEVANA, which means "the rising sun" in Latin, is an opportunity to discover a new level of luxurious living in Uptown Cairo Compound, where safety, outstanding services, and captivating nature come together in one place. Situated at the heart of the project near the Uptown Golf Clubhouse and beautifully elevated, it offers a range of services that cater to all needs for an upscale living experience.

Prepare to Immerse Yourself in an Experience You Won't Find Anywhere Else, and Be Part of the Innovative Vision We Offer at the Unique and Advanced TERENCIA

Now you can discover a new level of luxury and comfort at TERENCIA, where upscale living meets captivating nature at the heart of the golf community. It comprises a collection of independent villas designed using the latest construction methods and advanced engineering techniques on prime elevations, offering the units a stunning panoramic view of Cairo and the golf courses.

With Our Outstanding Services at THE SIERRAS, Rest Assured That Comfort and Luxury Will Be an Essential Part of Every Day in Your Life

This phase introduces an unconventional concept in the real estate world, with all its details inspired by simple architectural style and preserving the privacy of all residents. The units feature high-ceiling entrances that exude classic opulence and seamlessly blend comfort and luxury in the heart of Uptown Cairo Compound.

Experience the Choice Between a Diverse and Innovative Range of Units and Spaces at GOLF RESIDENCES, Designed Specifically to Suit All Your Needs and Aspirations

Enjoy stunning atmospheres and contemporary designs at GOLF RESIDENCES, where every detail is carefully crafted to provide residents with the utmost comfort and distinction. Obtain a distinctive apartment with a direct view of the golf course, combining elegance, simplicity, and luxury in every detail. Indulge in opulence and diverse outstanding services, as we offer you a wide range of facilities and recreational activities to cater to all needs and preferences.

HILLTOP GOLF VILLAS Phase in Uptown Cairo

Have you ever dreamed of waking up to a lush natural landscape and having an ideal atmosphere that refreshes the soul and relaxes the eye as well, then all of these requirements mean that Hilltop Golf Villas is one of the distinct stages in Uptown Cairo inside Cairo, specifically in the famous Mokattam area.

Hilltop Golf Villas is a special place that offers you many unique designs that are in line with modernity and the difference in the world of real estate now and allows customers to get a beautiful unit with distinctive decorations and engineering design that is different from the rest of the other residential complexes.

Uptown Cairo Mokattam compound has a number of important features, as it overlooks a large golf course in about 18 holes, which was designed by an international company in the field of designing playgrounds, and for more luxury and beauty inside Emaar Misr Mokattam project, work was done to have the place in many large spaces that give an aesthetic shape Unique to the place and let you live amidst the rich colors of nature.

In addition, this unique place has been allocated to luxury villas that vary in terms of design that take into account the privacy of the customer and the importance of the view he owns in his unit, as well as spaces that suit the size of families, whether small, medium or large.

In Hilltop Golf Villas Mokattam there are many different features, including green spaces, swimming pools, and also Crystal Lagoon on a large space, which makes Uptown Cairo Emaar Misr Mokattam project very integrated, in addition to a large commercial area and unique decorations for the entire place.

As for the spaces available in Emaar Misr Mokattam project units, they are diverse and are very compatible with the prices offered and the distinctive payment systems that work in the first place to provide greater freedom for the customer to own suitable units for him, and the spaces and prices available are as follows:

  • The spaces start from 350 m² up to 750 m².
  • There are more than appropriate prices and good payment systems because of the various advantages that the place contains

FOUNTAIN SIDE Phase in Uptown Cairo Compound

Fountain Side is one of the important stages in the Uptown Cairo compound, which is located in a unique location inside Mokattam, near several important places in the place, including that it is 10 minutes from Maadi and also not far from Heliopolis and other areas of Greater Cairo, which gives you a better opportunity to move between the sides of Cairo and also makes access to a place easy.

Wishing to live near large water bodies, check inside the corners of Fountain Side of Mokattam, because its residential units overlook many lakes and large fountains that dance in a very luxurious aesthetic form, which made your eyes overlook a wonderful scene that you enjoy just being near.

A different standard of living and a wonderful lifestyle is provided to you by Fountain Side, which is truly a special place and an integrated compound that gives you all the methods of happiness and enjoyment of the true meaning of luxurious life, and there are many features in the place, including schools and also a health club on large space and a number of swimming pools of various sizes and others.

In addition, there are a lot of spaces that have been worked on to be available in the place, and there are apartments in Fountain Side of various prices and sizes that suit the size of families, whether small, medium, or large, and provide its residents with all the facilities that are close to the units for the freedom of movement of residents Inside.

Uptown Cairo Mokattam compound is also characterized by being surrounded by a number of distinctive artificial lakes that give different views of the units in it, and the areas of these apartments start from 157 square meters and reach about 319 square meters, as for the prices offered in the place are seriously different and start on average from 4,800,000 EGP.

GOLF RESIDENCES Phase in Uptown Cairo Emaar

In order to enjoy a different life and live a truly quiet and comfortable life, you must first choose the place that will provide you with all this and more. If we talk about luxury in living, Golf Residence Mokattam should be one of the places to talk about, because it is indeed one of the unique stages in Uptown Cairo Compound.

There are many advantages that Uptown Cairo Mokattam compound has, and it is close to several important places in Cairo, including Maadi, Heliopolis, and the Mohandessin area, and it also provides many opportunities for easy transportation to and from Uptown Cairo Mokattam compound in a shorter time.

Being in Golf Residence carries with it many different lifestyles that are generally comfortable and have a high luxury and also allow the residents of the place an abundance of privacy and recreation amidst the vast green spaces that are spread throughout the place.

One of the advantages is the unique design that considers comfort and provides cycling paths away from the streets of cars to provide more safety and comfort in the place, and the distances between the units have been taken into account, which ensures that the occupant gets all the comfort and privacy within his unit.

Golf Residence phase has been allocated to studios and duplexes, as well as residential apartments, which consist of several rooms, up to more than 3 large rooms, and are designed distinctively, with many modern décors, and luxury is evident in every corner of it, and this is in line with the different taste of the residents and allows them to choose from More than one type of unit also.

The spaces of the units in Uptown Cairo Emaar Misr project start from 52 square meters and reach 254 square meters, and Uptown Cairo Mokattam compound consists of several designs of units, including one room and up to three large rooms, and a lot of suitable prices were provided for them, and the prices in the place start from 3,362,000 EGP.


Uptown Cairo Mokattam Compound is considered one of the important residential complexes in Mokattam, which is characterized by a large area divided into many stages and is characterized by the integration between them and some are overlooking the golf course and others overlooking the large artificial lakes and also there are a large number of units of varying size.

But if you dream of living amid the gardens and enjoying your eyes near the green spaces and the spacious landscape and inhaling the fragrance of happiness and joy, then it is Golf Vistas, which was planned in the opposite part of the wide golf course with about 18 holes, a beautiful green area that increases the splendor of the units’ view

There are a large number of elements of beauty in the place, the first of which is the design that combines luxury and practicality at the same time, in order to live in a different place that has more than different features, including sports fields, health club, artificial lakes, and a number of basic and recreational services for residents.

There are various units in the place, including residential apartments with a variety of rooms, up to 3 large rooms, as well as duplexes and studios, which vary in size and price, and there are many wonderful modern designs and decorations, and the spaces in the place start from 58 square meters.


There are many compounds in Cairo, but Celesta Hills Mokattam is considered one of the best residential compounds in the area because it has a great deal of distinction, both in the location near the areas of Maadi and Mohandessin, and also the distance between it and Cairo International Airport is not great.

In addition, it includes a very abundant amount of landscapes that keep you away from the noise and congestion of the city, but enter you into your world and give you more than one chance to have a quiet and comfortable life and feel that you are living amid lush natural gardens.

Uptown Cairo Emaar Misr project has a number of important features, including a large commercial mall that provides you with all your needs, as well as a large garage so that Celesta Hills is not crowded or has any sabotage of its aesthetic appearance, in addition to a special area for restaurants and cafes, which is close to the residential units in Uptown Cairo Mokattam compound.

The fascination that you will feel when you enter Celesta Hills compound in Mokattam is not easy because you will see many colors of happiness in it everywhere you step into the place, and Uptown Cairo Emaar Misr project has been allocated to luxurious villas of various sizes, which start from 287 square meters and the price in the place starts from 14,763,000 EGP.


Celesta by The Lake 2 is one of the phases of Uptown Cairo Mokattam Compound, which is close to several distinct and important places in the place and is easily accessible from the center of Greater Cairo, and this provides greater comfort for those working outside Uptown Cairo Mokattam compound and makes it easy and in a short time to reach his home.

Moreover, the place is dedicated to luxury villas that vary in size and have the most beautiful designs and preserve the residents’ privacy and freedom to live freely within the distinctive sides of Uptown Cairo Mokattam compound, which works in the first place to provide many spaces suitable for different customer tastes.


Celesta by The Lake 3 is one of the phases of Uptown Cairo Mokattam Compound, which is characterized by its unique location near several vital areas and many major institutions. Uptown Cairo Emaar Misr project has a variety of units, but all of them are of the type of villas, including stand-alone villas and townhouses of different sizes.


Combining luxurious living amid nature, living among people, and enjoying many activities with neighbors in one place, it is indeed your wonderful haven in which you will find luxury in many colors and allow you to get everything you wish for and more.

As for the features in the place, they are diverse and there is a lot of difference in them because they provide more than what the residents can wish for. Uptown Cairo Emaar Misr project has a large social club, a sports club, and a number of artificial lakes and fountains, in addition to a large number of units, including villas and townhouses with large spaces and reasonable prices.


It is interesting to find your complete comfort in the place where you live because it is indeed an integrated project with many advantages and allows residents to live with great fun and unprecedented luxury and enjoy a great deal of calm and stability that you are looking for.

Owning a residential unit is a good thing, but to own an integrated residential unit surrounded by many different advantages, it is wonderful and adds a lot of difference to the place you are in, and here is The Fourteen Golf Residences Mokattam Compound, one of the stages of Uptown Cairo, which is characterized by life Extreme puts it in your arms.

Uptown Cairo compound carries with it many different features and has more than something special and different right, including the great golf course and the presence of a school inside the place, as well as sports fields, shopping places, a children's entertainment area, and other elements of the real success of the place.

In addition, there are many units in Uptown Cairo project, including apartments of various sizes, with a wonderful view of the golf course, a number of distinctive artificial lakes, and more than a unique architectural design that allows you to enjoy your eyes with the most beautiful landscapes.

The spaces of the apartments in The Fourteen Golf Residences Mokattam start from 137 square meters, and the prices are competitive and start from 6,367,000 EGP. There are also very special and convenient payment systems available to get a fully-equipped unit most easily.

Most important features in Compound Uptown Cairo Mokattam

Uptown Cairo complex is a unique residential complex with many features that have made owning a residential unit within it a dream sought by everyone, one of its most important features is that it contains open wide green spaces for families and friends to gather in an atmosphere of fun and entertainment, and has many services that serve the owners and work on achieving comfort and well-being for them.

Uptown Cairo compound has a comprehensive commercial area that offers all the requirements, as well as a golf course, which is a favorite of a large group of residents of compounds, as well as enjoying the best food and beverages through restaurants and cafes, as well as a large shopping area.

The design of Uptown Cairo Mokattam compound is one of its most important features, as it is designed with high-level models and designs and conforms to the standards that must be followed by the real estate companies before the commencement of construction works, and the designs are inspired by nature and its beauty also Italian and Spanish architectural styles.

In order to bring out Uptown Cairo Mokattam compound with high quality for customers and investors, one of the major architectural companies has been contracted to provide all the means to achieve entertainment and comfort for the residents of Uptown Cairo Mokattam project, in addition to providing kids places to play safely, large-sized swimming pools, and track dedicated to lovers of walking and running, one of the highlights is containing an American university.

It has won some of the world's best awards with a high level globally which is proof of the level of excellence and the complete commitment to masterful planning that has transformed the region into a fascinating reality.

The most important services of Uptown Cairo Mokattam

Uptown Cairo project has many various integrated services, including:

  • "Emaar Square" project: The largest shopping mall in Egypt, with an area of 250,000 square meters, featuring hotel apartments and luxury rooms, it is also home to the world's highest shopping districts, such as Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, USA, Las Ramblas in Barcelona, and Champs Elysees in Paris.
  • Club House: Creative and distinctive club combining the splendor of interiors with the spacious open spaces dedicated to enjoying golf, which makes visitors feel warm, enjoyment, and comfortable, and the club has recently been able to receive the World Club Award from the famous magazine "Golf Inc" by excelling in competition with 70 golf clubs globally, the club features Spanish style and the harmony of its colors giving it tranquility and highness.
  • As well as many rooms and facilities that allow various activities, such as celebrations, business meetings, and various events, as well as various restaurants.
  • Security and guarding Services: it offers the highest levels of security, safety, and privacy for owners in all its parts, it has an integrated security system that includes an integrated and closed television network to monitor all parts of Uptown Cairo Mokattam compound, as well as the outstanding security staff equipped with the best equipment and trained at the highest level.
  • American International School: No residential complex becomes integrated without an educational edifice, so this complex includes an American International School in collaboration with an American International Foundation, which was established on an area of 40,000 square meters, which gives students a high level of unprecedented education, located close to residential communities as it is just a few minutes away.
  • Residential Complex management: This department in Emaar Misr offers a number of unique features in terms of providing services and facilities to the residents to provide an integrated and unique lifestyle, consisting of a professional team at the highest level to provide the service at the optimum level, in addition to coordination between the different sections of the residential complex and its components to ensure the sustainability of the excellence of the services provided, and to support and establish various councils and committees for owners and coordination with local authorities to ensure compliance with the laws and all related provisions of joint property, and organize various social events throughout the year.
  • Social centers: Each residential complex has its social center to serve its residents, providing a meeting place for them to relax and engage in many social activities, it is ideal for meeting friends and strolling with family on weekends or afternoons, each with an open space, a lounge, a private playground for kids, a swimming pool and rooms dedicated to group games.
  • Spa: Featuring natural water resources and rich soil which has allowed the developer to establish a world-class spa to take advantage of the region's unparalleled assets, including exceptional services to residents through its distinctive facilities.
  • A full-service health club.
  • Many restaurants and cafes as well as Carrefour Market.
  • An area for kids' play and entertainment.
  • Tennis courts.

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The spaces of the residential units in Emaar Uptown Cairo

The residential units within Uptown Cairo compound varied among apartments in Uptown Cairo - duplexes - townhouses- Uptown Cairo standalone villas. As for the areas of the residential units in Uptown Cairo Mokattam compound are as follows:

  • The apartment spaces in Uptown Cairo start from 147 m², as the residential towers consist of a ground floor and four floors.
  • Uptown Cairo Duplex spaces start from 282 m².
  • Townhouses spaces start from 310 m².
  • Uptown Cairo Villas spaces start from 305 m².

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Uptown Cairo prices

Uptown Cairo Mokattam project has been divided in a different way to avheive balance between the services and buildings to meet all the demands of the population, it has been distributed to 13 areas, characterized by a variety of units types among villas, apartments, and residential units in order to provide units of a distinctive character for all, and Uptown Cairo Mokattam compound has been divided into standalone villas, duplexes, townhouses, and apartments of various sizes, with the availability of services and service facilities around them.

Emaar Misr was keen to provide suitable prices for purchasing units within its project, especially compared to the advantages and high-level integrated services, and the prices vary depending on the difference in the type and area of the unit requested by the customer, and all units are delivered with full Super Lux finishing, which is divided as follows:

1. Celesta Phase

This phase offers twin houses and villas as follows:

  • Standalone villa with an area of 305 square meters with a price starting at 20 million EGP up to 23 million EGP.
  • Standalone villa on an area of 387 square meters, with a starting price of 26 million EGP.
  • Standalone villa on an area of 478 square meters, with a starting price of 39 million EGP up to 40 million EGP.
  • Uptown Cairo villa for sale on an area of 720 square meters at a price starting from 68 million EGP.

2. Golf Vistas

This phase contains only apartments, which are as follows:

  • A 57-square-meter studio apartment priced at 3,300,000 EGP.
  • The apartment has an area of 140 square meters up to 175 square meters with a starting price of 5,700,000 EGP up to 8,000,000 EGP, which is either 2 bedrooms or 3 rooms.

3. Street of Dream

A dedicated stage for villas and twin houses, with an area starting from 300 square meters, with a starting price of 21 million pounds and up to 26 million pounds.

Payment Methods and The Delivery Date

Payment of 5% downpayment, with the remaining installments to be paid over 7 years, and the units shall be delivered during 2023.

Disadvantages of Uptown Cairo Mokattam Compound

Despite the sophistication and excellence witnessed in Uptown Cairo Mokattam compound, some residents expressed reservations about the large number of housing units, which may affect their tranquility and privacy. However, Emaar Misr for Real Estate Development paid special attention to providing wide spaces between these units, in addition to round-the-clock security and guarding services, which ensures residents the required comfort.

The most important details about the real estate developer of Uptown Cairo Emaar

Emaar Misr is the owner company, one of the largest real estate companies in Egypt that were listed on the Egyptian stock market in 2015. Over the past years, the company has managed to change the concepts of architecture and real estate in Egypt, and Uptown Cairo Compound is its latest project.

Previous projects of Emaar Misr

Note that the prices and spaces mentioned herein are for the Second half of 2023, and therefore it is changeable, and we, Real Estate Egypt, are keen to update the spaces and the list of residential and commercial units' types and prices constantly to keep the customer informed of the real estate market changes.

Investment Returns in Mokattam 

Mokattam represents a prominent investment hub in Egypt, and it constitutes a magnet for investors due to the promising opportunities it offers.

  1. Continuous infrastructure improvement: Contributes to enhancing the quality of life in the city and increases its real estate value.
  2. Strategic location: Its proximity to the capital Cairo facilitates access to major areas and increases its importance.
  3. Increasing population density: The population growth rate reflects an increase in the demand for real estate, which positively impacts the investment return.
  4. Availability of various services: The availability of educational, health, and entertainment services makes it an ideal place for living and investment.
  5. Growth of the local economy: A strong local economy supports investment opportunities and ensures a profitable financial return.
  6. Diversity of real estate options: The availability of various real estate options suits all needs and budgets.
  7. Rising real estate values: The continuous increase in real estate prices confirms the soundness of this type of investment.
  8. Active real estate market: The activity and strength in the real estate market is an indication of the available lucrative opportunities.
  9. Political stability: Enhances confidence in investment and provides a safe environment for investors.
  10. Natural beauty: Mokattam offers captivating natural scenery, making it an ideal place to live and invest.

Overall, investing in Mokattam offers a set of promising advantages and opportunities that combine stability, growth, and the potential for achieving satisfactory investment returns.

It is your gateway to realizing investments full of potential.

You Deserve Real Luxury... Compounds in Mokattam !

The Mokattam  area in the heart of Cairo emerges as a meeting point of elegance and excellence, where you can find fully-serviced residential communities that cater to the aspirations of individuals seeking a luxurious and exclusive living experience.

This area stands out as the prime choice for those seeking to achieve a balance between modern life and privacy, through the practical embodiment of luxury concepts in carefully designed living environments.

Mokattam is home to a collection of upscale residences that reflect high standards of quality and innovation, providing their residents with lifestyles crowned with safety and integrated services.

These residences are equipped with the latest designs and facilities that accommodate captivating recreational spaces, in addition to commercial services that elevate the living experience to new levels of luxury.

Safety is a cornerstone of the quality of life in Mokattam , as residential complexes are surrounded by advanced security systems that ensure the safety and comfort of residents, providing them with a secure and peaceful living environment, away from the hustle and bustle of urban life.

The strategic location of Mokattam adds another dimension to its appeal, as it facilitates access to other neighborhoods in Cairo, making it an ideal location for those seeking an exceptional quality of life.

Modern amenities and technologies adorn the facilities of residential complexes in Mokattam , ranging from precise monitoring and high security systems to continuous maintenance and cleaning services, ensuring the sustainability of a refined and distinguished living standard.

Mokattam has become a meeting point for those who love to combine modern urban aspirations with the delights of daily life in a luxurious environment, enhanced by a wide range of facilities and services that cater to all needs and elevate the quality of life for its residents.

Experience Luxury Living: Prominent Compounds Near Uptown Cairo Compound in Mokattam !

The Mokattam area encompasses unique residential projects, located in proximity to the Uptown Cairo compound, distinguished by offering a variety of services and facilities that cater to the diverse needs of residents.

In this text, we take a look at some of these prominent residential projects.

1.Maadi Promenade Compound: This project stands out as one of the most important residential projects near Uptown Cairo, offering residential units with innovative architectural designs and luxurious finishes.

Residents here enjoy vast green spaces, captivating natural landscapes, and a variety of recreational and commercial facilities.

2.El Baron City Maadi Compound: This project boasts a strategic location near the Ring Road, offering luxurious residential units with modern designs.

It features recreational facilities, green areas, and shopping venues, making it an excellent place to live.

3.Cairo Town Compound in Nasr City: This compound stands out with its modern and diverse designs, including apartments and villas, as well as various services and facilities such as commercial areas, schools, hospitals, in addition to a sports club and green spaces that provide a peaceful living environment.

4.Capital East Compound in Nasr City: This project is distinguished by offering high-specification residential units with excellent finishes, and includes a wide range of facilities such as restaurants, cafes, shopping areas, as well as swimming pools and playgrounds, making it an ideal choice for living.

These residential projects near the Uptown Cairo compound in Mokattam represent excellent options for those seeking a peaceful and comfortable living experience while benefiting from a diverse range of services and facilities that easily cater to their needs.

Limitless Real Estate Investment: How to Finance and Purchase with Confidence in Uptown Cairo Compound in Mokattam through!

Emaar Misr occupies a prominent position in the real estate development sector, as the entity responsible for developing the Uptown Cairo compound project in Mokattam , aiming to provide approved and facilitated financing systems that enable clients to purchase in this prestigious complex.

We will explore how to effortlessly complete the purchase process in the Uptown Cairo compound, relying on data from the platform.

1. Convenient payment methods: Emaar Misr offers flexible payment options that cater to diverse client demands, including the option to pay a down payment of 5% of the property value, and installment plans for the remaining amount over a period of up to 7 years, making this an attractive option for those seeking to alleviate the financial burden in the short term.

2. Mortgage financing through the Central Bank initiative: Emaar Misr has partnered with the Central Bank's mortgage finance initiative to facilitate financing opportunities for those interested in owning a property within the Uptown Cairo compound in Mokattam .

The terms stipulate that unit prices will be competitive and comparable to prices in the Downtown area, providing investors with a valuable and secure opportunity.

3. Booking procedures and communication: For those interested in acquiring a unit in this luxurious compound, they can benefit from direct communication with Realestate Egypt through its website, where the company's representatives provide support in selecting the ideal unit and offering guidance to complete the purchase process with confidence.

4. The project's strategic location: The Uptown Cairo compound boasts an exceptional location in Mokattam , in the heart of New Cairo, combining proximity to the city center and easy access via major roads such as Heliopolis and Mokattam roads, adjacent to Nasr City and Madinaty, making it a haven for those seeking luxurious living away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Purchasing in the Uptown Cairo compound in Mokattam represents a unique opportunity to enjoy upscale living in a safe and comfortable environment, in addition to benefiting from facilitated payment plans and mortgage financing in cooperation with the Central Bank initiative.

If you are in search of your dream home in Mokattam , please consider the available opportunities at the Uptown Cairo compound.

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Swimming pools
Shopping center
Commercial area
Social Club
Health club and Spa
Water Fountains
Aqua park
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In the heart of Cairo especially Al Mokattam.

price per meter in apartments starts from 23,300 EGP, while it starts from 22,250 EGP in villas.


Emaar Misr.

161 units

Pay 5% of the unit value as a down payment, and the remaining value is to be paid in installments over 7 years.

Approximately 1200 acres.


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