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Project Description

Project Name: Mivida Business Park.

About Mivida Business Park Project: It is an integrated complex in New Cairo with a magnificent architectural design inspired by Santa Barbara, California, offering all the luxury of services, facilities, and leisure activities.

Mivida Business Park Location: Located within Mivida compound in New Cairo near the American University, 90th Street, and the road to Suez, it is only 20 minutes from Cairo International Airport.

Mivida Business Park New Cairo Area: it was executed on 100,00 meters.

Types of units: Units range among residential and commercial units, offices, and various facilities.

Units space in Mivida Business Parkstart from 120 square meters up to 390 square meters.

Units Prices: it starts from 3000000 EGP.

Mivida Business Park Payment systems: without downpayment and installments up to 8 years.

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Get ready to immerse yourself in an experience you won't find anywhere else, and be part of the innovative vision we offer in our unique and advanced project Mivida Business Park Mall New Cairo 

Emaar Misr for Real Estate Development has revolutionized the real estate market by building the largest investment edifice in the Fifth Settlement, Mivida Business Park Mall, where it has worked to provide all the ingredients for success so that you can start your investment project in the most luxurious vital areas in New Cairo, starting from the distinctive location and administrative and commercial units in different areas with eye-catching modern designs, in addition to the competitive prices offered by the developing company and flexible payment systems to enable you to easily obtain the unit that suits you. So don't miss the opportunity and be quick to book your unit in Mivida Park Fifth and enjoy all the features and services provided by Mivida Business Park project.

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Start an enchanting tour inside Mivida Business Park Mall New Cairo Fifth Settlement, where beauty and comfort come together to provide you with the perfect balance between work commitments and daily relaxation

The location of the Mivida Business Park Emaar Egypt project was carefully chosen, as the developing company put the essence of its expertise in choosing it in the heart of New Cairo in the most vibrant vital areas near Road 90, in addition to its proximity to the most important roads and main axes that facilitate access to it.

Most important landmarks and axes near Mivida Park Mall:

  • The distance between the Mivida Business Park New Cairo project and Nasr City and New Cairo is minutes.
  • The project can be reached from the New Administrative Capital within 30 minutes.
  • The mall is about 15 minutes from the Middle Ring Road.
  • The project is close to Rawdah, Tamar Henna, Andalusia and Lotus neighborhoods.
  • The mall is about 15 minutes from Road El Sokhna.
  • The mall is located near Spot Mall and Younite Mall.
  • Mivida Business Park Mall Fifth Settlement is 20 minutes away from Cairo International Airport.
  • The distance between the project and the American University is short.

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Join us and discover the beauty and creativity we have added to make our project an umbrella of sophistication and excellence Mivida Business Park Mall New Cairo Fifth Settlement

The developer was keen to make the project an architectural masterpiece and an attractive element for customers and investors by implementing designs that mimic luxurious European projects with the best materials and materials. He assigned the task of developing engineering plans and designs to the best architectural designers and engineers according to international standards and measurements. The mall is uniquely designed with modern and stunning facades made of shock and weather resistant glass, and the project is divided as follows:

  • Mivida Business Park Mall Fifth Settlement New Cairo was built on an area of ​​up to 100,000 square meters.
  • Green spaces and plazas occupied the largest part of the Mivida Fifth project, and the rest for units and buildings.
  • The mall consists of 11 buildings.
  • The project includes administrative and commercial units in different areas.

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Live the experience of choosing from a diverse and innovative collection of units and spaces, specially designed to suit all your needs and aspirations in Mall Mivida Business Park New Cairo Fifth Settlement

The precise division and utilization of spaces in Mivida Business Park Emaar Egypt has helped provide administrative and commercial units in different areas to suit all tastes, so the client can get the unit that suits his needs and the quality of his activity from the following areas:

  • The area of ​​commercial units in Mivida Business Park Mall Fifth Settlement starts from 120 up to 390 square meters.
  • The area of ​​administrative units in the project ranges from 120 to 390 square meters.

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Enjoy a colorful and unique life experience with the exclusive privileges offered by our elegant project Mivida Business Park Mall New Cairo Fifth Settlement

Mivida Business Park Mall Emaar Egypt has been designed to help you work in an environment full of everything you need, as the project offers many features you are looking for, which are:

  • One of the main advantages offered by Mivida Business Park Mall Fifth Settlement is the location which was carefully chosen by the developing company, close to the most important roads, axes and vital areas in New Cairo.
  • Commercial and administrative units are provided in different areas with elegant modern designs at attractive prices for purchase and ownership in Mivida Business Park Mall Fifth Settlement.
  • The mall is designed so that all administrative and commercial units enjoy panoramic views of the plaza and green spaces that provide a sense of comfort and enjoyment of being in the project.
  • There are jogging and cycling tracks in Mivida Business Park Mall Fifth Settlement to enjoy the beautiful nature and green spaces.
  • Paved paths and facilities for people with special abilities have been provided for Mivida Business Park Mall Fifth Settlement customers to facilitate movement and mobility without facing any difficulties.
  • The comfort of customers in Mivida Business Park Mall Fifth Settlement has been taken into account by providing elevators to move freely between the floors of the project easily.
  • There are solar panels surrounding the mall from the outside to convert clean solar energy into electricity used for lighting, making the project environmentally friendly.
  • Benches have been provided throughout Mivida Business Park Mall Fifth Settlement for the elderly to enjoy being in the project.
  • An area is allocated to collect all waste from the units and dispose of them in a safe and easy way away from the project to ensure its cleanliness and the comfort of unit owners.
  • Electronic gates have been provided for Mivida Business Park Mall Fifth Settlement to facilitate entry and exit from the project while providing unit owners with privacy and security.
  • There are highly trained security personnel in Mivida Business Park Mall Fifth Settlement to control security and order around the clock.
  • The project enjoys a high-quality security system with cameras distributed throughout Mivida Business Park Mall Fifth Settlement to monitor all movements.
  • Generators have been provided for the units in Mivida Business Park Mall Fifth Settlement that work directly in case of power outages to ensure normal life.
  • There are bathrooms on each floor of Mivida Business Park Mall Fifth Settlement equipped with all customer needs, as well as bathrooms for people with special needs.
  • Display screens and information boards have been provided on each floor of Mivida Business Park Mall Fifth Settlement to guide customers to what they are looking for easily.
  • Central air conditioners and showers have been provided in all the administrative and commercial units in Mivida Business Park Mall Fifth Settlement to ensure working and shopping in a comfortable environment.
  • There are emergency stairs in Mivida Business Park Mall Fifth Settlement that are used in emergencies to ensure the protection and safety of those in the project.
  • State-of-the-art alarm devices and fire fighting systems have been provided for rapid response and control of any emergency.
  • There is an intercom in all the units in Mivida Business Park Mall Fifth Settlement to facilitate communication with security personnel at the main gates.
  • A large mosque has been established in Mivida Business Park Mall Fifth Settlement to accommodate worshipers to perform religious rites, with a prayer hall for women.
  • The units are disinfected periodically in Mivida Business Park Mall Fifth Settlement to prevent the spread of diseases and ensure customer safety.
  • There is a call center service provided by a trained team to answer customer questions and provide top-notch hospitality services to enjoy being in the project.

With our exceptional services, make sure that comfort and luxury will be an integral part of every day in your life in Mivida Business Park Mall Fifth Settlement project

Once you own a unit in the Mivida Business Park Mall Fifth Settlement project, you will enjoy all the services that the developing company has been keen to provide to you, as the mall is uniquely serviced unlike any other investment project, which are:

  • Mivida Business Park Mall Fifth Settlement provides maintenance and cleaning services for units using the latest technologies by a specialized team to keep the project in its best form.
  • The project includes a large commercial area in Mivida Business Park Mall Fifth Settlement with stores for the most famous global brands and trademarks that customers need to enjoy shopping.
  • Fully equipped gyms are available with the necessary sports equipment for customers under the supervision of professional trainers.
  • Fun time can be spent in Mivida Business Park Mall Fifth Settlement through the entertainment area with electronic games suitable for all ages.
  • Mivida Business Park Mall Fifth Settlement customers get household goods and products through the presence of a large, fully equipped hypermarket.
  • Mivida Business Park Mall Fifth Settlement project customers can experience the most delicious Western and Eastern dishes with the finest ingredients in a range of restaurants and cafes designed in the latest international styles.
  • There is a recreational area for children in Mivida Business Park Mall Fifth Settlement that includes games and recreational activities to spend fun time in complete safety.
  • The project provides a health center to provide skin care, spa and Jacuzzi sessions by specialists for added luxury and enjoyment.
  • Equipped administrative halls with the latest audio equipment and display screens are available to hold meetings and conferences for businessmen.
  • A number of pharmacies are provided with medicines, cosmetics and medical preparations needed by customers at any time.
  • To facilitate banking transactions for Mivida Business Park Mall Fifth Settlement customers, more than one bank has been provided, as well as headquarters for well-known telecommunications companies, which ensures that visitors get all their needs in one place.
  • Large garages have been built over a large area of ​​Mivida Business Park Mall Fifth Settlement to safely park cars belonging to unit owners without being exposed to congestion and overcrowding.
  • There is an area for charging electric cars in Mivida Business Park Mall Fifth Settlement to keep pace with the latest developments and provide customers with modern technology.
  • To provide a comprehensive work environment for the owners of units in Mivida Business Park Mall Fifth Settlement, there are state-of-the-art warehouses for storing goods, as well as lockers for workers and owners.

Do not hesitate and do not miss the opportunity, as amazing offers and comfortable payment plans are waiting for you to complete your ideal experience with us in Mivida Business Park Mall Fifth Settlement New Cairo

The developing company succeeded in achieving the difficult equation by providing units in different areas at competitive prices that cannot be compared to any other project, thus enabling the client to obtain the unit that suits his financial capabilities without financial burdens, and the unit prices are as follows:

  • The price per meter in Mivida Business Park units starts from 47,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • The total price of the unit in the project starts from 3,000,000 Egyptian pounds.

In addition to these prices offered by the developing company, more facilities have been provided through flexible payment systems with the lowest down payment and the longest payment period, which are:

  • A unit can be obtained in the Mivida Business Park Fifth Settlement project without a down payment and installments over 8 years.

Disadvantages of Mivida Business Park Fifth Settlement Mall

True, when there is a wide variety of units within a commercial mall, some may wonder about the extent of privacy and tranquility. But it seems that Emaar Misr took these considerations into account and adopted an engineering design that ensures separation between the different units and preserves privacy.

The multiple entry and exit gates contribute greatly to facilitating the flow of visitors and investors within the mall and reducing congestion. This ensures a more comfortable shopping and investment experience for customers, increasing the attractiveness of the project and making it an ideal choice for investors looking to invest in the Fifth Settlement area.

See for yourself how our real estate developer Emaar Misr turns challenges into opportunities, making real estate an easy and enjoyable experience for you

Emaar Misr for Real Estate Development, the developer and owner of Mivida Business Park Mall Fifth Settlement, is one of the leading companies in the Egyptian real estate market. It was established in 1996 and has proven its worth in the real estate market through a number of projects in more than 30 countries, the most important of which are:

Discover the 5th Settlement as Egypt's Beating Heart in the 21st Century!

Recently, many eyes have turned towards the 5th Settlement in Egypt, as it occupies an important and unique place in the heart of Greater Cairo. This neighborhood, with its innovative design and modern architectural engineering, has become a hub for major commercial activities and a destination for those seeking luxury housing and upscale hotels.

It has also been overflowing with commercial and investment opportunities over the past few years, witnessing the establishment of ambitious projects that included commercial and residential real estate developments, making it a major growth center in Egypt.

Among the prominent projects in the 5th Settlement, the Mivida Business Park Mall stands out as an icon of modernity and renewal, presenting an example of advanced architecture and showcasing a building and design style that keeps pace with the latest global trends. This mall is not only a landmark in urban planning but also represents a great opportunity for investors seeking advanced commercial facilities in the land of the future.

The Mivida Mall includes a collection of luxurious offices, innovative commercial spaces, as well as diverse shopping and entertainment options, alongside advanced service facilities and meeting rooms that meet all the needs of business leaders and visitors.

Ultimately, the 5th Settlement reflects the features of the new Egypt in the 21st century, offering those interested in investment and business development a wide range of promising opportunities. The Mivida Business Park Mall embodies this vision, and through its innovative design, modern facilities, and the investment opportunities it provides, it adds real value to the Egyptian economy and supports Egypt's vision towards development and modernization.

Why New Cairo? Because it's the key to your dreams of a modern, advanced life!

New Cairo is an important attraction in Egypt due to its modern and progressive characteristics, achieving an ideal balance between technological advancement and civilization. This massive city offers a unique blend of features that make it the perfect place for those aspiring to settle within an urban framework that strides towards modernity and development. Let's explore some of these features that solidify New Cairo's status as an exceptional destination:

First, it boasts a strategic location close to the city center, making it effortless to reach the heart of Cairo and its most important commercial and administrative centers, saving a lot of time.

Second, it takes pride in its well-designed urban planning and modern infrastructure, including an integrated network of roads and public transportation, ensuring smooth traffic flow and facilitating movement within the city.

Third, New Cairo is rich in various services, including hospitals, educational and commercial centers, in addition to restaurants and parks, providing a comprehensive and efficient lifestyle.

Fourth, this city offers luxurious housing options to suit all tastes, from modern apartments to opulent villas, all designed according to the latest standards to provide the highest levels of comfort and privacy.

Fifth, the employment and investment opportunities in New Cairo are diverse and promising, attracting the attention of investors and those seeking to establish projects or work in various fields, including industry, services, and technology.

Sixth, the city features a remarkable array of recreational facilities, such as parks, gardens, and cultural centers, providing residents with ideal places to relax and enjoy their leisure time.

In short, New Cairo represents a symbol of modern living within Egypt, opening its doors for everyone to enjoy its numerous advantages and high quality of life.

For Diversity Lovers: Various Housing Options Near Mivida Business Park!

Mivida Business Park offers an excellent work environment, but the opportunities don't stop there. Getting acquainted with the surrounding neighborhoods and exploring the available housing options might be a great idea. Here, we present you with a selection of attractive compounds located near Mivida Business Park, offering residents an unparalleled living experience.

1. The City of Odyssia: Enjoys a prime location in New Cairo and stands out with its contemporary designs, alongside the availability of all services and facilities needed by residents for a comfortable life. It also features vast green spaces that contribute to a peaceful and healthy living environment.

2. Aster New Cairo: Offers its residents the experience of enjoying luxury and elegance, with luxuriously and uniquely designed residential units, as well as private areas for recreation and sports activities suitable for all family members.

3. Layan Residence: Known as one of the preferred options in the 5th Settlement, with spacious apartments and excellent garden views, in addition to the availability of diverse recreational facilities, including a gymnasium, swimming pool, and social club.

4. Amorada: This compound offers the experience of living in a safe and integrated community in the 5th Settlement, with stunning residential units and green gardens. It also includes facilities such as swimming pools and sports courts, making it the ideal place for families.

5. Palm Hills: This area is perfect for those seeking tranquility and enjoying nature, as it is surrounded by gardens and green spaces. It offers luxurious villas and apartments, along with easy access to healthcare, educational, and commercial services.

6. Evora 5th Settlement: An exceptional choice for those seeking to live in luxury, combining luxurious villas and upscale residential units. Additionally, it offers recreational facilities such as restaurants, cafes, and golf courses.

Choosing one of these compounds near Mivida Business Park is a step towards a more diverse, luxurious, and comfortable life. These options allow you to live according to your taste and specific needs, so don't hesitate to choose the one that suits you best.

Smooth Real Estate Transactions: Tips and Secrets to Facilitate the Buying Process on!

Buying real estate is a very important step in one's life, and it must be done with utmost care and caution to ensure safety and trust in this process. Therefore, we will guide you through some valuable tips that will make your experience of searching and buying property online, such as on the website, a smooth and fruitful one.

First, it is crucial to determine exactly what you need from the property and how much budget you can allocate for this purpose. This will help narrow down the search and display only the options that accurately meet your requirements.

Taking advantage of the filtering and advanced search tools on is essential for identifying the most suitable option for you. You can sort by location, type, price, and desired property features, saving you time and effort.

Seeking the advice of professional real estate experts can contribute to making the buying journey smoother. These professionals can provide detailed guidance based on their experience and knowledge of the market, helping you make informed decisions.

Before making a purchase decision, it is important to visit to explore the various available offerings. Browse through the photos and read the details related to the properties to get a clear idea of what to expect.

Verifying the reputation of the real estate development companies is worth paying attention to. Familiarizing yourself with the reviews and experiences of previous users can provide a comprehensive insight into the reliability and quality of the development company.

Finally, taking advantage of the support services provided by throughout the sale and purchase process is essential. Having a support line where you can get assistance and guidance at any time can be the key to ensuring your satisfaction with the entire process.

By following these steps, you can expect a smoother and more effective real estate buying process, allowing you to achieve the best possible results in your pursuit of acquiring the ideal property.

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New Cairo

3,000,000 EGP


Emaar Misr

32 Units

without downpayment and installments up to 8 years.

it was executed on 100,00 meters.


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