Twin Houses for sale in the most luxurious New Cairo compounds

Twin Houses for sale in New Cairo is the goal of many lovers of luxury and those seeking a distinctive life in a more distinctive unit, and there is no more beautiful than Fifth Settlement and no higher than it to pick twin house inside and enjoy a high and quiet life in a place that quickly succeeded in attracting a large number of residents because they are sure that they realize their dreams and provide them with all the services that make them live a quiet and comfortable high life.

Twin Houses for sale in New Cairo

The fifth Settlement comprises a large number of high-end complexes with many forms of units, ranging from apartments, duplex units, private villas, townhouses, and twin houses.

When purchasing a residential unit, the customer must know the specifications of each type in order to be able to select the unit that suits his wishes.

There are twin Houses for sale in New Cairo with distinctive characteristics that distinguish it from any other units, as it is a unique form of villas consisting of two villas that are connected by only one side.

The other three sides have a private garden for each villa, and twin houses have the following characteristics:

  • Real estate experts liken these units to twins because the two units are similar and identical in the exterior, divisions, interiors, and spaces, and they are connected only unilaterally, and at the same time, each unit has its own privacy.
  • Life in twin house units brings privacy and security.
  • Each villa has its own entrance.
  • Each twin house has its own swimming pool, achieving the highest degree of privacy.
  • Twin Houses enjoy more privacy than other units.
  • Twin Houses is larger than the townhouses.
  • Twin House units are suitable for families, relatives, or friends who want to live in adjacent units while each family enjoys their freedom and privacy.

Twin houses in Bloomfields Mostakbal City

The Fifth Settlement includes a large number of residential compounds designed according to the latest luxury designs, and these compounds have twin house units characterized by their varied area and luxurious finishes, one of these compounds, Bloom Fields, and the most important features of this project are as follows:

  • A unique compound created by Tatweer Misr Company.
  • It is designed on a large area of about 410 acres.
  • It is located in a privileged location in the center of Fifth Settlement, just a quarter of an hour from the American University, it is also very close to the borders of the New Administrative Capital.
  • It has two international schools built on 9 acres.
  • Its services occupy about 18% of the total amount of project area, and the rest is for green spaces, water bodies, and residential buildings.
  • It has the largest crystal lagoons that give the units a stunning view.
  • There is plenty of entertainment and recreational areas.
  • The apartments that consist of three rooms, 2 bathrooms, and reception, are with an area range from 120 square meters up to about 240 square meters.
  • Areas of private villas, twin houses, and townhouse units range from 275 square meters up to 312 square meters, and there are villas with 3 floors.

Twin houses in Mountain View Icity New Cairo

You can find Twin House for sale in New Cairo within its most luxurious and most famous residential projects, Icity New Cairo, at Fifth Settlement offered by the well-known Mountain View Developments company.

It is a luxurious compound located in a vibrant location in the middle of Al Mostakbal city, close to Suez Road and the Ring Road, minutes from the American University and Madinaty, it is just 7 minutes from Al Rehab.

The complex has all the elements and components of a luxurious life, where green spaces have been given a large share of the space of the compound, and there are sports clubs, recreational services, and a large number of swimming pools to please adults and kids.

The spaces within it and the form of units are varied among villas, apartments, twin houses, and townhouses, and have plenty of spaces to provide multiple options for customers.

Twin House for sale in Riyadh Secon

Riyadh Secon is considered one of the important projects provided by Saudi Egyptian Construction Company - Secon, which has chosen a privileged location in El Koronfel Neighborhood in front of Al Rehab 2 and near Suez Road.

It is overlooking three large main streets, very close to The Future University and the American University, and it is very close to certain lively and commercial venues.

The compound units are of a variety of sizes and styles as there are twin houses for sale in Fifth Settlement within the Compound, and there are apartments with an area ranging from 145 square meters up to 280 square meters, consisting of three rooms, kitchen, terrace, living room, and 2 bathrooms.

There is also a type of apartment with an area of 160 square meters and another 170 square meters, as well as apartments with an area of 210 square meters, and another type with an area of 280 square meters.

Twin houses in Century City New Cairo

Vantage Urban Developments company offers a unique project, Century City, which has provided all the services that residents need in a way that makes their stay comfortable and happy.

The compound is located at the end of South 90th Street, which is a great strategic location, and it is close to the main roads and hubs of the Central Ring Road.

It is separated by two minutes from Ain Sokhna, and only 8 minutes away from the American University, while the New Administrative Capital is only about 10 minutes away from the project.

The project units are clearly diverse as there are Twin Houses is for sale in 5th Settlement, along with other forms of units from which customers choose according to their desires and tastes.

Beta Greens and Twin houses units

The experienced Beta Egypt company, which has been operating in the Egyptian real estate market since 1993, offers a summary of its expertise at Beta Greens 5th Settlement.

It is a high-end complex built on a large area of about 85 acres, with a total investment of about EGP 5 billion, it also located in a very special location close to the New Administrative Capital.

The project was built in six phases that lasted about five years, producing one of the most important projects in New Cairo.

Twin House for sale in New Cairo is available at Beta Geens New Cairo, which includes approximately 3,000 residential units ranging from residential apartments, standalone villas, penthouse units, twin houses, and duplex apartments, meeting the aspirations of a large segment of customers.

Twin houses for sale in 90 Avenue

Twin House for sale in Fifth Settlement where you can enjoy life inside it at 90 Avenue New Cairo, one of New Cairo compounds, the place where the complex was established is lively and distinctive in the heart of 90th Street and next to the Future University and the American University.

It is a luxury complex offering a variety of residential units with luxurious finishes and elegant decorations, with all the entertainment services and basic facilities, and you will find stores, shops, and amusement parks for kids.

The units in the compound are varied, their size and prices are incomparable.

We have presented the most important and popular compounds in this type of residential unit, twin houses, where its inhabitants enjoy privacy and freedom while allowing you to live next to your friends and relatives because twin house designs make you close and at the same time live in your unit with its own entrance and services without noise or inconvenience.