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Apartments for sale in New Capital City - 3856 Properties for sale


Apartments for sale in New Administrative Capital within the best compounds and at the best prices

Choosing the Administrative Capital to look for apartments is the perfect decision for all those who wish to live in an upscale area that receives great attention from executives, especially that the apartments and the various residential units established there have attractive designs that satisfy the tastes of the elite and even make them eager to book units inside them before it is all sold out, and now we shall take you on a tour to learn more about apartments for sale in New Administrative Capital.

Find out the best compounds in New Capital

The best neighborhoods in New Capital City

The search for apartments for sale in New Administrative Capital shall proceed according to a smart plan and an insight to go to the best neighborhoods within New Capital to book apartments in it, so we explain a number of the most exceptional and most serviced neighborhoods of the Capital as follows:

The third residential district (R3)

If you are looking for apartments for sale in Administrative Capital at a luxury level, the third district should be your destination, especially since you will find too many options that you'll find difficult to choose from because of their excessive majesty and unparalleled excellence, where you have to choose from thousands of residential units distributed over 8 main neighborhoods located within the district, you will find not only apartments for sale but also villas.

The fifth residential district (R5)

It is the ideal destination for amateurs of living in a wonderful atmosphere that brings them back to the era of old Khediye Cairo but at the same time its French-inspired designs stand out wonderfully on its various buildings and then called it New Garden City, so it remains a distinct destination to buy apartments for sale in New Capital with luxurious designs that impress everyone who sees it.

The neighborhood occupies an area of 1,000 acres, which is supposed to be built on its land about 23 thousand residential units not only apartments for sale in Administrative Capital but also includes separate, connected, and semi-connected villas with a variety of designs, as well as a special area of residential towers with 2,000 residential and hotel units.

The seventh district (R7)

It was not classified as one of the Capital's most prominent districts for nothing, but thanks to the increase of high-end compounds, led by Armonia New Capital, in addition to overlooking vital and prominent landmarks such as universities, the Green River, and Mega Mall.

Many luxury compounds are scattered throughout this neighborhood on an area of 1,500 acres, the most important feature of the seventh district is that it connects its residents to many of the Capital's important places, such as the following:

  • The Presidential Palace.
  • The Medical City.
  • Government quarter.
  • Conference Center.
  • Houses of worship (Al Fattah Al Aleem Mosque, The Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ).
  • Ministries Complex.
  • Diplomats district.
  • The Green River.
  • The Culture and Arts city.
  • Opera House.
  • Regional ring road.

The eighth residential district (R8)

For all those wishing to book an apartment for sale in New Capital city within a luxurious and lively area they have to head to the eighth district, which is one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in the New Capital and extends over a wide area of 2500 acres, and the neighborhood is full of the most exceptional and most luxurious compounds such as De Joya New Capital as well as luxury hotels and residential buildings.

The neighborhood also features a sports club extends on a large area of 73 acres, in addition to the charming gardens and cheerful greenery in every corner of it, as well as a distinct view of the Green River.

The most exceptional compounds of the New Administrative Capital

Keep in mind that you choose high-end compounds when looking for an apartment for sale in Administrative Capital to ensure access to integrated services and benefits not available in any other residential project, and we explain a number of the most exceptional of these compounds as follows:

Il Bosco New Capital

A high-end project that extends on a large area of 200 acres, and enjoys luxurious designs that impress everyone for its unparalleled splendor, it offers its residents outstanding and comprehensive services so that they do not lack anything, the complex does not include an apartment for sale in New Administrative Capital only, but there are also villas and townhouses with areas ranging from 100 square meters up to 400 square meters.

The project offers its customers apartments in installments within New Administrative Capital with a repayment period of up to 10 years, and the size of the apartments ranges from 103 meters up to 337 square meters, therefore prices vary by area.

Sueno New Capital

The Administrative Capital offers apartments for sale in various residential projects, but the apartments offered in Sueno compound remain one of the most distinct and most luxurious apartments, the customer can choose from 12 residential buildings that include not only apartments but also duplex units, all of which have very sophisticated designs, ranging in size from 115 square meters up to 212 square meters.

Vinci New Capital

The client shall find residential apartments, townhouses, and villas within Vinci compound which are established on 110 acres, and the size of these units, included in the compound, vary in a way that serves all customers and provides them with different needs, as for apartments, it ranges in size from 122 square meters up to 159 square meters, they are suitable for small, medium and large families.

Pukka New Capital

It includes apartments designed at the highest level of luxury and with impressive designs that impress all customers looking for luxury residence, the Compound offers many spaces for apartments inside it starting from 106 square meters up to 227 square meters, thus giving a greater opportunity for buyers to choose the space that suits them so that they do not have to look in other compounds for suitable spaces if the compound is not integrated with all respects.

La Capital compound

Launched by a major company in the real estate sector, the French company Pyramids Developments, so the character that dominates in every corner is the extreme luxury and unmatched sophistication, where the company's creativity is reflected everywhere in the complex which includes apartments with areas ranging from 43 square meters up to 240 square meters.

Apartments for sale in New Capital City and their prices

An apartment for sale in New Administrative Capital can be owned at reasonable prices despite the many services and features that are rarely available in apartments located in other residential cities that do not compare to the vitality of New Administrative Capital, where the New Capital remains at the top of the most important and excellent major cities.

Apartments are offered for sale in the New Capital by more than one price, because the total price is determined by area, in general, the price per meter in the New Capital is estimated at 22 thousand pounds as a maximum, i.e. it can be less according to the specifications of the unit that the customer wishes to buy, as for apartments within the compounds, its price per meter starts from 9 thousand pounds as a minimum up to 13 thousand pounds according to the services and benefits provided in the compound.

Payment systems for purchasing apartments for sale in New Administrative Capital

Many customers are looking for apartments for sale in installments within New Administrative Capital as one of the easiest and best payment methods ever that are at the top payment systems applied in most of, if not all, residential projects in Administrative Capital, in general buyers will find very distinctive facilities in terms of payment.

There are apartments for sale in New Administrative in installments over several years, the repayment period may reach about 10 years in some apartments for sale with a down payment of 10% of the total value of the unit and the customer may need to pay a second payment within six months as approved by the company implementing the project.