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De Joya New Capital Taj Misr Development

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Project Description

Project Name: De Joya.

About De Joya New Capital: It is the latest project of Taj Misr Development within the New Administrative Capital.

De Joya Location: the New Administrative Capital, R8, plot No. B2.

De Joya Project Space: It was executed on a large area of 23 acres.

Units Type: Studios - apartments - duplexes - villas.

De Joya Units Space: It starts from 70 square meters up to 410 square meters.

Price per meter: it starts from 10,000 EGP up to 12,500 EGP and the units prices start from 700,000 EGP.

The Developer Name: Taj Misr Development.

Payment Methods: Payment systems vary to start paying from 0% up to 10% downpayment and installments period starts from 7 years up to 9 years.

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Dejoya New Capital Taj Misr

It is the latest project of Taj Misr in the New Administrative Capital, which has provided it with all the elements of success and luxury in De Joya New Capital Taj Misr, becoming a unique destination for anyone looking for a luxurious residential life away from pollution and crowds in a safe place where privacy, basic services, and entertainment which many people have long been dreamed of, and are now De Joya Taj Misr comes true on the New Capital land.

Live the luxury life experience in the heart of the most serene and beautiful locations, where magic meets elegance inside De Joya Compound New Administrative Capital

The real estate company Taj Misr decided to build its massive residential project De Joya in an important strategic location in the New Administrative Capital, specifically in district 8 R8 in block B2, overlooking 3 famous streets, each 70 meters wide, connecting the most important roads and main axes. It is located just minutes away from services and major institutions, allowing you to reach it in just a few minutes away from congestion.

Major landmarks close to De Joya New Administrative Capital:

  • De Joya Taj Misr New Capital is located next to the famous Diplomatic District in the area.
  • De Joya Compound is just minutes away from the tourist promenade and the Green River.
  • De Joya New Capital is close to the Exhibition Center and Mohammed Bin Zayed Axis.
  • Customers can easily reach the Opera House and Cathedral from De Joya New Capital in a few minutes.
  • De Joya New Capital is about 30 minutes away from the New Administrative Capital Airport.
  • De Joya New Capital is 10 minutes away from New Cairo.
  • Taj Misr New Capital is close to compounds in the New Administrative Capital such as Blue View and Reefy.

Join us and see how we have added touches of elegance and innovation to the design of our De Joya New Capital project

De Joya Compound in the New Administrative Capital has distinctive views and a prime strategic location. The area it was built on is vast, divided between lush green spaces, beautiful scenic landscapes that reflect the most unique features, spreading positive energy to residents. The units inside vary in sizes and types, including "residential apartments and studios", featuring luxurious architectural designs and décor. The services provided are integrated and designed to meet all your requirements.

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Area of Dejoya New Capital

Taj Misr Project Administrative Capital was built on a large area of about 23 acres to accommodate as many services and facilities as possible that provide the residents with comfort and privacy, and the proportion of buildings in De Joya Capital project is only about 21%.

The details of the available spaces in De Joya New Capital project are as follows:

  • Studio units space in De Joya starts from 70 square meters up to 80 square meters.
  • De Joya apartments at Taj Misr New Capital space ranges from 85 square meters up to 200 square meters.
  • De Joya New Capital villas spaces start from 310 square meters up to 410 square meters.
  • Duplex villas range inside Taj Misr New Capital in size from 310 square meters up to 410 square meters.
  • There are luxury apartments with spaces ranging from 70 square meters up to 410 square meters.

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Book your unit inside De Joya New Capital, and get many services available inside it

The real estate developer has established Dejoya New Capital on a large space that includes scenic landscapes of green spaces, charming water bodies, and a variety of high-end residential units with innovative designs and decorations in various spaces to suit all requirements, in addition to providing them with all kinds of endless entertainment and basic services, the most important of which are:

  • You can eat what you desire from international dishes inside De Joya New Capital restaurants, which are designed in the latest style and provide you with high-quality services for more luxury and enjoyment.
  • Distinguished cafés where you can have your favorite drinks in a calm and relaxing atmosphere at De Joya New Capital Project.
  • At the bottom of each apartment building, there is a large garage to accommodate the largest number of cars and reduce congestion and pollution.
  • Within De Joya New Administrative Capital, there are two clubhouses containing spa units, a sauna, a jacuzzi, and a private bathroom for women designed at the highest level to reach the highest degree of health care.
  • Commercial malls with a large space that includes within it a group of multi-purpose stores selling local and international brands and all consumer goods to meet the needs of the residents of De Joya New Capital compound.
  • A recreational area with amusement parks for children containing wonderful games and entertaining activities that the child can practice what he likes for more fun and enjoyment inside De Joya New Capital Compound.
  • Sports clubs include a wide range of games and sports activities, in addition to gyms with all kinds of modern devices and equipment for those who wish to take care of their physical fitness at De Joya New Capital Project.
  • Periodic cleaning services, garbage collection, and recycling in a safe way to keep De Joya Compound clean.
  • Dedicated halls for holding parties and special occasions such as weddings in De Joya  New Capital Project.
  • Dedicated areas in the middle of the landscape for barbecue parties for more relaxation and luxury inside De Joya Capital Project.
  • Long paths and special tracks inside De Joya for those who wish to practice various sports such as running, walking, and cycling away from the public roads of cars.
  • Public gardens and parks that include restrooms and seats so that the residents of the residential complex can spend time full of luxury and fun with their families in a calm and stable atmosphere at De Joya New Capital Compound.

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De Joya New Capital Compound Prices and Payment Systems

Taj Misr offers its customers the cheapest prices and the best payment systems that suit all potentialities, where the price per meter starts from 10,000 Egyptian pounds up to 12,500 Egyptian pounds, and the prices of units start from 700,000 Egyptian pounds, and De Joya  New Capital units are delivered either with full finishing or semi-finishing.

The payment systems that the customer can choose from are as follows: 

  • Installment over seven years in equal installments without a downpayment and without interest.
  • The customer pays 5% as a downpayment with the rest of the amount in equal installments for 8 years.
  • 10% is paid as a downpayment with the rest of the amount via installments in equal installments for 9 years without interest.
  • Maintenance payment of 8%.
  • Club House for studio units with 50,000 Egyptian pounds, residential apartments with 65,000 pounds, and garage 100,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • De Joya New Capital units shall be delivered within four years of contracting.

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Disadvantages of De Joya Compound in the New Administrative Capital

The "De Joya" compound is one of the distinguished projects that show the sophistication and development in the real estate sector. Although some investors may consider the three-year unit handover period to be long, this is a golden investment opportunity. Purchasing units during the construction period allows buyers to get a better price, especially since real estate values tend to rise once construction is completed.

The Executing Company of Dejoya Compound

De joya Administrative Capital is established by Taj Misr Development which is one of the largest real estate companies in Egypt, one of the largest Egyptian international construction companies, and has collaborated in the implementation of De Joya compound with "Space" company owned by engineer Medhat Durra, the largest engineering consulting company, and EICC owned by engineer Mustafa Khalil, the largest contracting company.

The company was founded in 2006 and since its establishment has presented a large number of giant projects, the most important of which are: 

  • South Cairo Court Complex.
  • The Social Club of Employees of the Central Bank of New Cairo.
  • Dyar Park Sabbour Compound in New Cairo.
  • Greens project for engineer Hassan Durra.
  • American School in Sheikh Zayed.
  • Badr Gardens Project.
  • The main center of Blom Bank Egypt in New Cairo.
  • The Address Compound by An Engineer Hassan Durra.
  • Construction of 32 buildings belonging to the armed forces in the R1 area of the New Administrative Capital.
  • Construction of 15 residential towers belonging to the New Urban Communities Authority in R3 area in the Administrative Capital.
  • Implementation of three residential administrative commercial buildings in the R5 area of the New Administrative Capital.
  • The main center of Blom Bank Egypt in New Cairo.

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Lone Star has also constructed a number of large projects in Qatar, the most important of which are:

Snap Finishing has offered a range of projects in Egypt, including:

  • Sheraton Dreamland.
  • Movenpick boat in the palace.
  • Burj Oman in Zamalek.
  • Samih Sawiris Villa in Zamalek in collaboration with Orascom Engineering Construction.

The Egyptian company owns a group of companies:

  • Taj Misr Development Company.
  • Lone Star, Qatar.
  • Snap Finishing Company.
  • Landmark Tourism.
  • Egyptian Hotel Services Company.
  • United Agricultural Investment Company.

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Over here it can be said that Dejoya is a luxury residential project in one of the Capital most exclusive new locations, where it is near a lot of vital places, it is located on a large area and includes a distinct range of important services and facilities that the entire population needs, and Taj Misr offers premium prices per meter in this luxurious project with easy payment systems.

Take the opportunity and choose the unit that suits your desire and potential and enjoy a new life in a compound that will fulfill your dreams and those of your family, a perfect life beyond imagination. Don't hesitate as the company has opened the pre-launch phase from now and for only 15 days.

What are the advantages of the New Administrative Capital?

The New Administrative Capital in Egypt boasts a series of advanced features that place it among the leading and future-oriented cities in the country. Among these features are:

Advanced infrastructure: This capital was designed to become a smart city that embraces the latest technologies and advanced systems for managing lighting, energy, traffic, security, and more.

Diverse facilities and services: The city offers all kinds of necessary services and facilities such as schools, hospitals, commercial centers, hotels, museums, and green spaces, thus providing a comprehensive lifestyle for its residents.

Focus on sustainability: The New Administrative Capital was planned to be a model of a green, sustainable, and environmentally friendly city that relies on advanced technology to reduce negative environmental impacts.

Safety: This capital is distinguished by a high level of safety supported by the latest security systems and advanced technology, providing a safe environment for residents.

Economic potential: The New Administrative Capital serves as a launch pad for economic opportunities, whether in real estate, commercial businesses, or investments.

Transportation and communication networks: The capital possesses modern public transportation and communication networks that facilitate movement and communication within the city and with the rest of the country.

Strategic location: The New Administrative Capital is located in a strategic location near several major cities in Egypt, making it an ideal center for business and investment expansion.

Discover the advantages of the Residential District R8

Recently, a new distinguished project in the City of the Future was unveiled: the R8 Residential District, which is considered an attractive point for those seeking settlement and investment within an ideal living atmosphere. This district shines with its prominent position within the city, offering a sense of comfort and serenity through its vast green spaces and modern designs surrounding it.

The most notable features of the R8 Residential District, which reflect a futuristic vision of modern living, include the strategic location that facilitates access to essential and recreational services such as education, healthcare, and shopping centers. The contemporary architecture and unique engineering of the residential units also stand out, as they have been designed with styles that provide comfort and luxury for their residents, in addition to incorporating modern construction technologies to ensure the highest quality standards.

The captivating natural spaces are an integral part of the living experience in the R8 Residential District, providing residents with the opportunity to immerse themselves in a peaceful atmosphere and enjoy outdoor activities. Furthermore, the infrastructure for facilities and services, including shops, restaurants, and recreational and sports facilities, has been designed to meet all the needs of the residents and enhance their quality of life.

The safety of residents is a top priority in the R8 Residential District, ensured through advanced security systems and continuous security teams, instilling a sense of security in the hearts of the residents.

In short, the R8 Residential District represents an advanced vision of modern living, equipped with all the facilities, modern technologies, and security that residents need, all located in the heart of the City of the Future, making it an ideal location for living and investment.

For those seeking excellence and proximity: The best compounds adjacent to De Joya Compound in the New Administrative Capital!

The New Administrative Capital in Egypt is witnessing remarkable development in the real estate sector, with a group of residential projects emerging that offer a luxurious experience for residents. Among these projects, De Joya Compound shines as one of the bright stars in this space, surrounded by a group of upscale compounds that combine luxury and modernity. In this context, we will review a selection of prominent compounds surrounding De Joya, which represent ideal choices for those seeking excellence and refinement.

  1. Al Maqsad Residence Compound in the New Administrative Capital:
    Al Maqsad Residence Compound attracts those seeking to live in a modern and luxurious atmosphere. This compound benefits from its proximity to the Diplomatic District, increasing the ease of access to various services and facilities in the capital.

  2. La Verde Compound in the New Administrative Capital:
    La Verde Compound is an oasis of refinement and beauty, enjoying great popularity thanks to its unique designs and enchanting green spaces. Its prime location near De Joya Compound makes it an attractive choice for those seeking a comprehensive residential experience.

  3. La Verde Cassette Compound in the New Administrative Capital:
    La Verde Cassette stands out as one of the new residential projects, which includes a diverse range of residential units that meet the needs of all families, while providing recreational and service facilities to ensure the comfort and well-being of residents.

  4. Stella Park Compound in the New Administrative Capital:
    Stella Park offers a unique living experience by providing facilities and places for entertainment and relaxation, making it an ideal place to enjoy enjoyable moments.

  5. La Capital East Compound in the New Administrative Capital:
    La Capital Compound stands out with its modern design and diverse residential units that come with outstanding payment plans. This compound offers excellent services and recreational facilities, making living there an unforgettable experience.

All of these compounds reflect the extent of development and prosperity witnessed by the New Administrative Capital as a center for luxury real estate in Egypt, providing a diverse range of options for those seeking to settle in an environment that combines unique design and integrated services.

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Shopping center
Commercial area
Social Club
Health club and Spa
Water Fountains
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within the New Administrative Capital.

4,000,000 EGP


Taj Misr Development.

141 Units

10% down payment and the rest in installments for up to 9 years

a large area of 23 acres.


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