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La Vista Sokhna Resort - 127 Properties for sale


Detailed information on La Vista Sokhna Resort

It is a residential tourism project in Ain Sokhna's most prestigious locations overlooking the Red Sea, where customers and visitors enjoy the most beautiful times due to the availability of comprehensive services and the many advantages of La Vista Sokhna Resort, which make it a golden opportunity for high-end housing or investment alike, due to its distance from noise and pollution, which leads to a decent life and great profits.

La Vista Sokhna Resort location

The resort is at a prime location in Ain Sokhna, adjacent to several important landmarks. The following examples demonstrate the significance of the location:

  • It is located near the city of Zafarana, and the consumer just has to travel 35 kilometers to get there.
  • It is situated right on one of the Red Sea's most stunning beaches, with a 300-square-meter addition.
  • It is within walking distance of Suez city, precisely within 90 kilometers.
  • It's only approximately 25 square kilometers distant from the Porto Sokhna resort.
  • It is separated by only around 15 kilometers of magnificence.
  • It is only 142 kilometers from Cairo, making travel between the two cities simple.

The space of La Vista Sokhna Resort

Believing that the project’s large area is one of the most important factors for its success, the owner has already allocated an abundant space for the establishment of the village, which is an extension of La Vista 2, estimated at 45 acres, with a depth of 700 meters.

Buildings and residential units account for just 10% of the overall area, which is constructed in the shape of terraces of various heights, with the other 90% being utilized to create natural areas, gardens, and water bodies that provide people with psychological comfort and a sense of delight.

The unit space of La Vista EL Sokhna

There are flats, chalets, and duplexes with varying dimensions to fit all intents and opportunities, and in general, the spaces range from 70 square meters to 120 square meters, in addition to a villa for rent in La Vista Ain Sokhna. Knowing that all available residential and summer home units will be provided to clients with a completely finished system of the highest quality.

In La Vista Ain Sokhna, there are also chalets for sale with enormous spaces ranging from 110 to 210 square meters.

La Vista Sokhna Resort Services

The complete and comprehensive availability of services, whether main or recreational, that achieve comfort, luxury, and stability for the residents is one of the most important distinguishing factors of the village, which places it in a prestigious position and outperforms all tourism projects in the same area. The following are some of the most well-known of these services in the resort:

  • All of the units have a direct view of the sea, allowing them to take in the beautiful blue waves and relaxing ambiance.
  • Customers may enjoy special hours on the beach in specified areas.
  • There is an aqua park on the grounds.
  • Within the resort, there are auto garages for residents.
  • A lot of cafés provide clients the opportunity to relax quietly and enjoy the nice atmosphere while listening to calm music.
  • A 5-star hotel is part of the project.
  • Non-smoking rooms are available.
  • There are several swimming pools of all sizes that offer luxury and amusement to consumers of all ages.
  • There are covered swimming pools reserved exclusively for women in order to protect their privacy and give them a sense of personal freedom.
  • There are a number of games, both recreational and water activities, that may bring enjoyment, excitement, and fun to people of all ages.
  • Mosques for prayer are also available.
  • A play area featuring a variety of entertaining games aimed solely towards children.
  • Thanks to a selection of the town's most competent chefs, there are several restaurants serving the greatest meals and most famous dishes on a local and worldwide level inside the community of Vista Ain Sokhna.
  • Customers can participate in sporting activities on the playgrounds located around the community.
  • A high-end health club featuring a modern spa and a gymnasium outfitted with the most up-to-date international equipment.
  • A huge mall sells all kinds of supplies and items from well-known worldwide companies.
  • The majority of the resort is covered with lovely gardens and sceneries.
  • Providing security and guarding services around the clock, as well as installing surveillance cameras around the property.

Prices at La Vista Sokhna Resort

The owner of the resort was eager to provide housing units at affordable prices that would appeal to the majority of customers, as the square meter price is considered one of the best in the region, knowing that prices in La Vista Ain Sokhna vary significantly from one unit to the next, depending on the type and area, and the prices are as follows:

  • Beach view duplexes with a surface area of 250 square meters start at 4,690,000 EGP in La Vista Ain Sokhna.
  • The 220-square-meter townhouse has a starting price of 5 million pounds.
  • In the resort, there is a 180 square meters chalet for sale, with prices starting at 1,350,000 pounds.
  • Chalets with a space of 150 square meters and a private garden of 100 square meters are available for sale in La Vista Sokhna, with prices starting at 3,500,000 pounds.
  • Finally, the costs of the resort chalets begin at 2,500,000 pounds for a 140-square-meter home with three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

Payment Methods

When purchasing a residential home within the resort, La Vista Ain Sokhna provides its consumers with unparalleled large facilities. In the resort there are flexible and various payment systems are offered, with a reservation and contract advance of only 10% of the unit value, and the remainder paid in fixed installments without interest. The repayment period can be as prolonged as seven years.

Another option is to pay 20% of the entire unit price upfront and the rest over the course of six years in payments.

Owning company and previous business

La Vista Development Company founded the project, and it is one of Egypt's well-known companies with a strong reputation in the fields of marketing and real estate investment. It was founded in 1971 AD and has since built its glory and good reputation through many successful projects in various Egyptian cities such as 6th of October, New Cairo, Ain Sukhna, North Coast, Marsa Alam, and El Shorouk City. Among the most notable projects, it has completed are the following:

To inquire about the details of the residential units within the village, and the desire to book, and inquire about prices and payment methods, contact the La Vista Sokhna phone number directly.