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La Vista Gardens Sokhna Resort - 64 Properties for sale


Inside La Vista Gardens Sokhna Resort, own a unique summer unit

La Vista Gardens Ain Sokhna is a sophisticated resort that has attracted a large number of visitors due to its attractive architecture and strategic position. The resort assures its clients a revitalizing lifestyle dominated by all elements of comfort and elegance, where the attractive environment and stunning beaches, all of this made the search for the resort's chalets for sale a breeze. Day by day, the amount is significantly growing.

La Vista Gardens Sokhna Resort location

La Vista Company was able to choose the most important location in Ain Sokhna to be the headquarters of its tourism project, La Vista Gardens Ain Sokhna because it chose the most important location in Ain Sokhna, where the charming beaches and clear waters are located, as well as its proximity to high-end tourist resorts such as Laguna Bay resort.

The resort is also quite close to Cairo since the distance between the two cities is just 146 kilometers, which can be reached in a couple of minutes.

La Vista Gardens Sokhna Resort spaces

The resort was built on a 180-acre site with 1000-square-meter beaches, and the space was divided between construction and services, with development taking up the majority of the space.

Summer apartments at the resort range in size from 100 square meters to 180 square meters, with attractive designs that vary between villas and chalets, each with varied sizes to accommodate all requirements and interests.

It should be emphasized that all apartments available for purchase inside the resort will be delivered with complete Ultra Lux finishes in 2021, allowing for immediate occupation once the unit is acquired.

La Vista Gardens Sokhna Resort services

The resort is one of the unique tourist resorts that were created expressly for the convenience of clients, as it offers a wide range of amenities that provide a comfortable and worry-free living. The following are the resort's most notable and vital services:-

  • The resort's residential units all enjoy a lovely view of Ain Sokhna's most stunning beaches.
  • The resort features an international spa, jacuzzi, and yoga studio for people who want greater sophistication and elegance.
  • The resort has a variety of swimming pools with varied styles to satisfy guests of all ages.
  • The gym is equipped with a variety of cutting-edge sports types of equipment, guaranteeing that customers receive the best possible service.
  • Excellent restaurants provide a wide range of oriental and international cuisine cooked by a staff of highly trained chefs.
  • There are entertainment facilities for all family members with a variety of interesting and exciting games, ensuring residents have wonderful moments full of fun and excitement.
  • Cafes with worldwide decor provide their guests with a variety of hot and cold drinks to suit all tastes and preferences.
  • A high-end international health club is available at the resort.
  • Green spaces cover a considerable portion of the resorts, giving them a beautiful aspect of exquisite beauty and majesty.
  • Sports fields allow inhabitants to participate in a variety of sports.
  • Comprehensive medical services have been supplied at the resort in order to provide a high quality of health care to the local people.
  • Security and guarding services are provided on all sides of the resort in Sokhna to offer residents a suitable degree of safety and security, allowing them to feel safe and secure.

The resort's high-end services attracted a huge number of customers, who were convinced that the completeness of the services provided greater comfort and sophistication than other tourist resorts.

Pricing and payment methods

When compared to the many benefits and varied services accessible in the resort, the rates supplied by the company that owns the residential apartments inside the resort are among the finest in the real estate market.

The firm has offered chalets for sale in the resort for between 1 million and 900,000 Egyptian pounds, with the price varying depending on the type of unit, its space, and its proximity to the beach.

Payment systems have also been developed to allow each consumer to select the method that best meets their needs and skills, and these systems include:-

  • A 20% down payment is required at the time of contracting, with the remainder to be paid over the course of six years.
  • A 25% down payment is required, with the remaining balance spread out over five years.

Owning company and previous business

The project is one of the most important and prominent works of La Vista Development, one of the largest real estate companies in Egypt, which was founded in 1991 AD and has implemented a prominent group of works through which it has been able to prove its position in the Egyptian real estate market, the most prominent of which are:-

If you have good taste and want to buy a gorgeous summer unit, you can go to La Vista Gardens Sokhna and rent your preferred unit so that you may have a pleasant life and a memorable summer vacation.