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Mountain View New Cairo Compound - 10 Properties for sale


A tour inside Mountain View New Cairo, the highest of Fifth Settlement compounds

The real estate world has witnessed a qualitative change in the implementation of residential projects thanks to the launch of Mountain View project in Fifth Settlement to be one of the most prestigious projects not only in it but in New Cairo as a whole, the project did not occupy that privileged position without a reason but for the multiplicity of facilities and the magnificence of its designs and the spread of green spaces in its various corners and many other advantages enjoyed by its residents only.

Mountain View location

The vital location close to important service facilities and prominent facilities has given the project a strength point make it more distinctive than the largest residential projects located in many cities within Egypt, it is located in the heart of the Golden Square area, which is one of the highest areas of Fifth Settlement, which connected it to important cities, streets, and facilities such as:

  • Rehab City: you can reach its entrance in no more than 7 minutes.
  • Madinaty: The compound is right in front of it.
  • South 90th Street
  • American University: No more than a quarter of an hour away.
  • Cairo Airport.
  • Heliopolis and Nasr City.
  • Cairo Festival Mall: It can be reached in just 15 minutes.

Spaces in Mountain View Tagamo3

The charming views of green spaces and landscapes along with high-end service facilities is spread across many parts within the vast area of 500 acres occupied by Mountain View 5th Settlement wheres these landscapes have occupied the largest proportion of this vast total area, while the residential units have been built on only a small proportion, 18%, of the total project area.

Whether you are looking for a small, medium, or large-sized residential unit, compound Mountain View New Cairo should be your first choice, as it has plenty of spaces for all customers looking for apartments or villas for sale in Mountain View New Cairo, and the available spaces in each type are as follows:

  • Apartments: its area starts from 100 square meters up to 240 square meters.
  • Townhouse: This type has an area that starts from 300 square meters.
  • Villas: Starting in size from 500 square meters.

The project's surprises are not over yet, it tries to satisfy its customers in various ways, so it offers them fully finished residential units with the latest finishes and modern decorations that combine with the distinctive architectural design to add more luxurious and high-end touches.

Find out the features and services of New Cairo compounds

Services and features available in Mountain View compound New Cairo

This project has abandoned the traditional stereotype of many residential projects, it not only provides its customers with a place to stay but also provides them with integrated services both in terms of basic aspects of living and even recreational aspects, to achieve the true meaning of luxury and high-end life, its services and features include the following:

  • The presence of green spaces scattered throughout different parties within the project, so that the comfortable green color that enhances the feeling of relaxation and psychological calm is the dominant view of the compound.

  • There are swimming pools in more than one place within the compound, combined with green colors to give an ultimate stunning view.

  • Ensuring that all residents are fully safe by the presence of security personnel throughout the day.

  • A dedicated garage is available to all residents of the Compound.

  • Paying attention to the presence of beautiful views within the entire project gives it more luxury, so it is provided with parks, water fountains, and artificial lakes.

  • A range of restaurants is spread almost everywhere on the project and dedicated to providing high-end services to satisfy their customers.

  • A range of cafes is provided in various vast locations within the compound so that residents can easily access any of them.

  • The project brings to its residents the pleasure of shopping within its integrated commercial area, which has almost all products and brands available.

  • Allowing residents to engage in many activities within the social club set up in the project.

  • A clubhouse on a suitable area equipped with all the possibilities that provide a state of complete relaxation and tranquility.

  • There's no need to go out looking for a gym or fitness and relaxation venues because the project has a gym with a lot of modern sports equipment as well as a spa.

  • Facilitating holding barbecues or other celebrations for various occasions such as birthdays and others, by providing dedicated areas.

  • Seats for seating in the picturesque nature and the outdoors, where these places are allocated in the heart of the green spaces scattered in the Compound.

  • Pharmacies provide all medicines and medical supplies.

  • There are courts, some for football and others for tennis.

  • It enjoys a privileged location within Fifth Settlement, which makes it easier for residents to move to vital cities and important places, such as Madinaty, Rehab City, and American University.

  • All units are registered in Land Registry Office and all are licensed, to ensure that customers' rights are kept to the fullest extent possible.

About the owner company

The project has caused a huge outcry in the real estate sector since its launch because it bears the name of one of the largest companies engaged in the field of real estate development, Mountain View Developments company known for the implementation of the largest and most innovative projects, which always enjoy the splendor of design.

The company's excellence is due to being part of a large entity in the real estate market, DMG Holding Real Estate Group, this perfection was not only reflected in Mountain View New Cairo project but was also very clear in the company's other projects in which it was keen to make it integrated to achieve the self-sufficiency of its residents, these projects include the following:

Mountain View prices

Despite the luxury of the project and its many services and the excellence of its facilities, the prices of villas as well as the prices of apartments remain the best in the market compared to many other projects.

Mountain View 5th Settlement Villa is different from the apartment or townhouse, but whatever the type of unit all the prices offered within the Compound as a whole are the most suitable for all customers, whether looking for premium residential units at a reasonable price to stay in or even looking for a great investment opportunity. 

The payment methods in Mountain View Tagamo3

You will not think too much until you decide to buy a unit within the compound, especially after knowing the payment system provided to its customers, which is one of the best payment systems ever, which is to pay 5% of the unit price as a down payment upon purchase and the rest of the amount is divided over 8 years without incurring any additional interest at all, with the buyer receiving his residential unit during 2021.

Don't hesitate to buy your unit within Mountain View, so you don't miss the opportunity of living in one of the most luxurious Fifth Settlement compounds and enjoy the best services and leisure facilities available only on the premium projects.