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Azzar New Cairo Compound - 113 Properties for sale


Find out the features of living in Azzar

Azzar New Cairo is one of the most prestigious real estate projects owned by Reedy Group in the Fifth Settlement, where it hired one of the investment and real estate development companies to implement the project at the best level, which is Dorra Group.

Azzar New Cairo location

Location of Reedy Group Azzar is dynamic and strategic as it is clost to some important places in Fifth Settlement, including the following:

  • Azzar Compound New Cairo is just a few minutes away from the American University.
  • It is close to some of the famous residential projects in New Cairo, such as Mountain View 2, Villette Sodic, and Palm Hills New Cairo compound.
  • The company that owns the project has been keen to follow the latest international designs, which are very similar to the architectural designs of California, to become a distinctive trademark that attracts the attention of customers and residents, moreover, the designs are classy to suit all tastes and desires.
  • One of the advantages of Azar compound New Cairo site is that it is very close to the golden square area, which is one of the most vibrant areas in the Fifth Settlement, which includes a large number of large residential projects, which brings the population there an atmosphere of privacy and luxury.

Area of Azzar New Cairo

  • The entire Azar compound is located on a total area of about 25 acres.
  • Part of the space has been used for construction and residential buildings ranging among villas, twin houses, and townhouses.
  • Most of the remaining space has been used to implement service and recreational facilities, in addition to providing vast areas of picturesque green vegetation.

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Services available in Azar Hotel Cairo, Egypt

A wide range of comprehensive services are available within Azzar in Fifth Settlement that meet all customer requirements and needs, whether basic or recreational, including the following:

  • There are a large number of swimming pools within the compound, distributed throughout in a coordinated manner, to achieve a distinctive view of all residential units, the swimming pools have unique designs that make them distinct from the residential compounds located in the same area, where they are designed very innovatively, as it is very similar to the floating lighthouse resistant to gravity.
  • Green spaces and landscapes occupy a large part of the total area allocated for the implementation of the project, and they are located among the residential units, bringing the population more happiness, satisfaction, and positive energy.
  • There is a comprehensive commercial district with a number of large malls and stores with all the various products and goods bearing internationally renowned brands.
  • There is a large complex with a range of exceptional cafes and exquisite restaurants offering the best meals and delicious drinks.
  • The project's executing company did not lose sight of providing sports services for sports enthusiasts and maintaining their fitness, so it has provided a health club with the best international modern equipment.
  • Azzar New Cairo provides an entertainment area only for kids, equipped with a variety of games with all the security means.
  • In the middle of the greenery, there is dedicated and fully paved track is provided for jogging and walking in the early morning hours, and is also dedicated to cycling.
  • The owner company was keen to provide security and protection within the project, where there is a high level of security services, as well as trained security personnel throughout the day, in addition to high-tech surveillance cameras distributed throughout.
  • Club House is available equipped with state-of-the-art equipment.
  • There is also a 24-hour team of maintenance workers to repair the breakdowns immediately.
  • There is a leisure area on the sandy seaside, equipped with the best games and allowing all kinds of water activities.
  • In the middle of the picturesque green areas, there is a very large display for the sports matchs and the best movies, so residents can enjoy a pleasant view in the fresh air with friends and family.

Units areas in Azar Compound

The residential units in Azar Compound New Cairo vary and the spaces vary, including the following:

  • The distinctive townhouses spaces start at 237 square meters up to 287 square meters as amaximum.
  • The luxurious Twin House spaces is approximately 305 square meters.
  • Standalone villas in the compound range in size from 439 square meters up to 494 square meters.

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Azzar compound prices and payment systems

Despite the integrated services available within Azzar Reedy Group, its features in terms of dynamic location and luxurious international designs, the owner has provided residential units at competitive prices to suit a large segment of customers, and the prices of the villas are as follows:

  • Prices start at 14,900,000 Egyptian pounds for standalone villas.
  • Twin House luxury units are with competitive prices starting from 9,380,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • The prices of high-end townhouses starts from 5,800,000 Egyptian pounds.

As for payment systems for owning a residential unit within Azar compound, the company has provided easy, flexible, and varied systems, so that the customer can choose the right system for him/her, the systems are as follows:

  • System 1: The customer pays a contract down payment of only 5% of the total unit price, and then pays another 5% after three months after the first payment date, with the rest of the amount to be paid in full Six-year installments for standalone villas, or seven years for townhouses and twin houses.

  • System 2: A down payment of 5% of the unit price, after three months another 5% is paid, and then the customer pays the rest of the unit price in equal monthly installments over six years.

  • The owner company undertakes to deliver all residential units to customers within one up to two years from the date of contract.

The Owner company of the project

Reedy Group is the owner of Azzar, one of the largest cosmetics companies, so it has hired Dorra Group to implement its project in the Fifth Settlement at the highest level.

Dorra Group has also participated in this project and it is one of the largest companies in the field of real estate development, and its expertise extends for more than 79 years in the Egyptian market and achieved tremendous successes through the implementation of a number of projects ranging from commercial, tourism, and residential projects, which are implemented with high quality taking into account the standards of quality adopted globally, in addition to applying engineering specifications with accuracy, and the most important of its previous work include the following:

  • Address East New Cairo.
  • Executing Hadayek El Mohandeseen Compound.
  • Implementing Zayed Heights Compound.
  • Zayed 2000 Compound.
  • Designing of 13 towers in Qatar State.
  • Designing of 27 towers in Dubai.
  • It also has executed more than 35% of major projects in Sheikh Zayed.

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