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Hyde Park New Cairo - 266 Properties for sale


A Golden Opportunity of Life at Hyde Park New Cairo

Hyde Park Development Company has launched its latest project in the Fifth Settlement, which carries its name from which it derives strength and luxury and gives customers confidence and a sense of psychological comfort and credibility, it is a large residential project characterized by mild weather throughout the year and pure clean air because it rises 350 meters above the sea and has many qualities that make you attracted to it and prefer to live inside without thinking.

Hyde Park location

The location of this compound is its most important features because it is located close to a lot of important services and projects, as it is close to the main roads and streets, and the most important features of the site are as follows:

  • It is located directly on the regional ring road as well as it is very close to Al Ain Sokhna road.
  • It is the closest project to the highly-known 90 Main Street, which is famous for providing all residential and recreational services and projects.
  • The distance between the project and the American University was estimated at only 5 minutes.
  • Its location is in the middle of the roads and hubs that make it easier for residents to reach it from anywhere.

Hyde Park New Cairo master plan

It is considered one of the largest and most extensive projects of the Fifth Settlement because it is built on an area of a very large amount of about 1200 acres which is equivalent to 6 million square meters.

This area is huge and its internal divisions are characterized by the following:

  • The gardens and greenery are designed on a large area of up to 144 acres.
  • The large project area enables the establishment of a distinctive range of luxury five-star hotels, as well as a luxurious area dedicated to companies, major banks, and businessmen.
  • There is a large shopping mall built on 71 acres.
  • It has the largest sports club ever designed on about 42 acres, and there is a large hospital on 30.000 square meters.
  • It contains residential units with the largest range of spaces and shapes, as there are apartments, duplexes, recurring floors, in addition to apartments with a roof or garden, there are also private villas, townhouses, twin houses, corner, and middle.
  • The company has completed the construction of 1,112 luxury residential units, and there are 576 new residential units still under implementation.
  • The project has more than 14,000 private villas.
  • The complex has 1,700 shops.
  • The number of residential units in this project has reached 28,700.
  • The apartments are characterized by a variety of areas ranging from 185 square meters up to 233 square meters.
  • Townhouses have a space starting from 250 square meters.
  • Twin House units start with an area of 279 square meters.
  • Standalone villas are with an area starting from 727 square meters.

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Services provided by Hyde Park Egypt

This project is a dream that has finally been achieved on the ground, offering the population integrated and comprehensive facilities and entertainment without limits, where it has a variety of the highest services that achieve the happiness and comfort of the adult and the young, and here are the most important for example to let you discover more:

  • Its units enjoy modern and contemporary designs, there are units with Spanish and other on Moroccan style, and there are classic units for lovers of elegance and luxury.
  • The units have hotel entrances with international designs and decorations.
  • The buildings have modern high-speed imported elevators.
  • Enjoy healthy weather and clean air throughout the year away from all sources and types of pollution where there are large green spaces and gardens dedicated to hiking where there are rare sorts of plants and flowers with their aromatic fragrances and their pleasant shape for the eyes and comfortable for the souls.
  • Swimming enthusiasts will find a large number of swimming pools designed in many styles and different spaces suitable for use for all ages, where there are swimming pools for kids and others covered for women.
  • The water fountains give the place a pleasant and beautiful view.
  • Kids can play freely in their entertainment venues.
  • The highest level of security, with specialized security services operating continuously throughout the day.
  • Sophisticated digital surveillance cameras have been distributed everywhere in the compound.
  • There are parking and garages for residents to prevent car jams.
  • A Club House offers entertainment services.
  • A large number of restaurants and cafes serving delicious cuisine and refreshing drinks.
  • Dedicated shopping venues, malls, and stores have the goods that customers need.
  • There are a cultural club and a social club for more entertainment.
  • There are health clubs for women and men with gym and spa and equipped with the latest modern equipment.
  • Spaces within the gardens have been allocated where residents can hold their own parties and barbecues while enjoying a natural setting and stunning views.
  • There are treatment centers and clinics that receive patients throughout the day, equipped with the latest medical equipment and staffed by highly experienced doctors.
  • If you have important meetings or celebrations and seminars, you can hold them in the designated halls.
  • There are a number of cinemas and theatres that offer the population modern Arabic and foreign movies.
  • Don't be afraid of power outages because you won't feel it because there are power generators that work as soon as the power goes out.
  • The complex has a number of management offices for banks and large companies, and there are also ATMs.
  • It has more than one gate, all excellently secured and equipped with surveillance cameras, preventing crowding at the main gate.
  • It has a large central garden occupying an area of 600 square meters with plenty of recreational services for the whole family, there are places dedicated to rest and relaxation.
  • The project has universities, international schools, and nurseries.

Hyde Park New Cairo prices

The project offers very reasonable prices that are not comparable and competitive if the customer compares them to the exclusive entertainment services they receive as well as the comfort, tranquility, and beauty they will live in, as the prices of this project are the best in this area.

Hyde Park prices have been announced and the indicators were as follows:

  • The price of two-bedroom apartments with an area of about 145 square meters starts from 2,900,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • The apartment consists of 3 rooms and an area ranging from 185 meters, 199 square meters up to 207 square meters priced from 2,900,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • There are Hyde Park apartments for sale, which have four bedrooms with areas starting from 233 square meters, with a starting price of EGP 3,775,000.
  • There are Twin House units attached to a garden with an area of 269 square meters and a price starting from EGP 7,885,000.
  • There are townhouses for sale in Hyde Park with areas ranging from 247 square meters up to 250 square meters at a price of 6 million Egyptian pounds.
  • There is a villa for sale in Hyde Park New Cairo attached to a garden with areas starting at 328 square meters and with a price starting at EGP 12,860,000.

As for payment systems, customers can book their units according to easy payment systems, as follows:

  • A down payment of 5% is paid upon contract, then the customer pays 5% and 9% after three months, and then the rest of the amount is paid in installments for over 8 years.

  • Some units are delivered within one year of contracting, for areas ranging from 193 square meters up to 248 square meters, and prices start from 3,125,000 for residential apartments, about 6,425,000 Egyptian pounds for villas, and the payment shall be in installments over 4 years.

  • The rest of the units are delivered to customers within three and a half years from contracting.

  • All units are delivered with a semi-finishing system.

  • There are other payment systems in which the customer pays 10% of the unit price as a down payment, and then pays the rest in installments over 7 years.

It is worth mentioning that the company announced to the people the start of booking in the new phase of its project called "Hyde Park New Cairo Park Corner", which consists of units with the most beautiful views of Hydepark park.

The owner company profile

Hyde Park 5th Settlement is the latest launch by Hyde Park Development Company for its customers, the owner of the company is engineer Amir Siraj, the company has provided a large number of large projects that it has accomplished with large investments, the most important of which include Coast 82 North Coast, The Adders compound, a phase of Hyde Park Cairo, Za Mall New Capital in addition to Tawny October.

So Hyde Park Compound is a giant residential project that is considered a great opportunity for a distinctive new life that should not be lost, as it is a source of pleasure and elegant luxury life.