Za Mall New Capital

From 990,000 EGP
Status Under Construction
Delivery Date 2023
Developed by: Zaytoun Developments

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Project Name: Za Mall.

About Project: It is one of the highest malls in the heart of the New Administrative Capital and is also one of the most important projects of Zaytoun Developments.

Za Mall Location: it is located inside the New Administrative Capital specifically in the Downtown area.

Units Types: commercial units - administrative units - medical units.

Units Space: it varies among different and various small, medium, and large areas starting from 23 square meters up to 1000 square meters.

Units Price: The price per meter starts from 55,000 EGP.

The Developer: Zaytoun Developments.

Payment Systems: The customer can pay a down payment starting from 5% up to 35% and the rest of the unit value is paid via installment over a period starts from 5 years up to 9 years.

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Za Mall New Administrative Capital

A great shopping experience in Za Mall which is the highest mall of the New Administrative Capital, the Administrative Capital is of the largest new cities in Egypt, where many large projects are established that attract a large number of investors, a good example of this is this project which is located in a special place in the heart of the New Capital, which made it a great opportunity to invest on one hand and a special place for customers wishing to shop in a luxury mall on the other.

Project Location

Once you reach the New Administrative Capital you will find yourself inside the project, because it is located directly in front of its main entrance and specifically in the Downtown area, ensuring easy access on the one hand and being in a high and privileged place on the other.

The project site also featured that it is located close to one of the most important and largest streets in New Capital, 90th Street, as well as its proximity to vital cities and many important neighborhoods, such as:

  • The Green River.
  • Finance and Central Business District.
  • Expo City.
  • The Diplomatic Quarter.
  • Fifth Settlement.

All of these advantages that the mall site enjoys ensure that it attracts as many customers as possible to the various projects and stores that are in it, which confirms that it is a great investment opportunity.

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Area of Za Mall New Capital

Whatever the nature of the project the client is looking for a suitable location for it, he will often find what he wants within Za Mall project, because its large area has made it contain different types of units ranging from commercial, administrative, and medical with various small, medium, and large areas starting from 23 square meters up to 1000 square meters.

The multiplicity of choices within this project makes it the first and last destination for investors seeking a unique location and proper headquarters suitable for the nature of their businesses and projects, so they will not need to look elsewhere for specific areas or specifications.

The buildings and constructions do not fully occupy the space allocated to the mall, but there is a proportion of it has been allocated to the green spaces that add more sophistication and luxury to the entire place, and confirms that it is a project for the elite, whether investors or even customers (visitors of the mall).

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Services & Amenities provided by ZaMall Zaytoun Developments

It can be classified as an integrated project with all services and recreational facilities, due to the multiplicity of basic services it provides to investors and customers and providing additional amenities that are almost available only in it, and its services and advantages include the following:

  • 24/7 security services, ensuring that everyone at the mall feels safe.
  • Installation of state-of-the-art surveillance cameras with modern electronic gates to provide greater security.
  • Taking care of cleaning to the extent that ensures the preservation of the overall appearance of the mall and its different buildings.
  • Providing the various mall's units with high-speed internet service.
  • Installation of central air conditioning in the project buildings.
  • Allocating places with outdoor areas for cafes serving various beverages and restaurants serving local and international foods.
  • Taking care of regular maintenance works, which ensures that work is not disrupted for long periods due to any maintenance problems.
  • There is a mosque located on a large area, so residents will not have to leave it in order to find a place to pray.
  • The spread of delightfully colorful green spaces throughout the mall.

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  • There are a large amusement park area and entertainment area for kids, so they can have fun while shopping with the family.
  • The opportunity to watch the latest movies in cinemas in the mall's entertainment areas.
  • There are swimming pools that add more beauty and sophistication to the place.
  • The presence of picturesque manufactured lakes inside the mall that made it has a special character different from many other competing projects.
  • Its multitude of shops offers high-end products and international brands to suit all tastes.
  • The mall is equipped with electric elevators that facilitate moving among its different floors, which is also equipped with air conditioning.
  • Providing administrative and commercial offices in different areas, to ensure that the different needs of customers and investors are provided in one place.
  • The presence of medical units within Za Mall, each is designed to suit different specialties.
  • Provide places for those interested in fitness and a healthy life, such as gym and spa.
  • Facilitate the performance of various works by providing a small conference room and a meeting room.
  • Ensure a largely clean place, because 50% of the project is powered by clean solar energy.
  • Taking care of the exterior design of the project, where its entrances are luxurious with stunning views.
  • Provide CCTV in general.

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A short history of the owner company

All the services and benefits that the mall enjoys and surpasses other projects are credited to one of the largest real estate developers, Zaytoun Developments, which took over the development of Za Mall New Capital project in the New Capital.

The mall is considered one of the most important projects of Zaytoun Development Company, especially since it saved no effort in its implementation, but provided all its possibilities and expertise to come out honorably to make it within the forefront of the distinctive projects inside the New Administrative Capital as well, so it chose for it a very distinctive site and provided it with all the facilities and improvements that make it an integrated project that attracts major investors and the highest customers and clients.

Za Mall prices

The unit price within Za Mall New Capital varies according to many considerations, such as the size of the unit, its type, the floor in which it is located, so that the customer eventually finds himself in front of different price options, having full freedom to choose the price that suits him and is in line with his material potentials.

  • The price per meter in the units located on the fifth floor of the mall ranges from 55,000 Egyptian pounds up to 65,000 pounds.
  • The price per meter within the fourth floor starts from 65,000 and 75,000 pounds.
  • For third-floor units, the price per meter starts from 75,000 pounds up to 85,000 pounds.
  • The price per meter in the second floor units reaches 95,000 pounds and starts at 85,000.
  • The price per meter in the first floor starts at 95,000 pounds up to 105,000 pounds.
  • The ground floor price ranges from 130,000 Egyptian pounds up to 165,000 pounds.

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The payment methods

Although the prices of the project are suitable for all customers seeking excellent investment opportunities in major projects, the owner company has been keen to provide facilities when paying as well, to ease any material pressure on buyers, which will gain the trust and satisfaction of its customers.

Installment payment is considered one of the best and easiest payment systems, so it comes on top of the facilities provided by the owner company, and the payment methods available include the following:

  • First system: payment of 5% of the total unit price as a down payment with the remaining amount paid via installment over 6 years.
  • Second system: payment of 10% of the total unit price as a down payment with the remaining amount installment over 7 years.
  • Third system: Pay 10% of the total unit price as a downpayment, 10% as a second payment upon receipt, and the remaining is paid via installments over 8 years.
  • Fourth system: Pay 15% of the total unit price as a downpayment, 10% as a second payment upon receipt, with the remaining installment over 9 years.
  • Fifth system: Pay 35% of the total unit price as a down payment, with the first installment being paid after receipt, and the remaining is paid in installments over 5 years.


  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Commercial area
  • Mosque

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