All Information about Degla Landmark Compound by Memaar Al Morshedy

Degla Landmark
Published at 2019-03-04

Information about Degla Landmark Compound

Degla Landmark Compound is from the special projects today in Madinet Nasr and it's an integrated residential and commercial project that has many important services, and entertainment means that act as a source of attraction for the citizens and investors.

The executing company designed it on the latest international designs, and a combination has been made between many arts in the residential compound like the modern architectural arts and sculpture arts.

What are the reasons made the location of Degla Landmark Unique?

Degla Landmark Compound project's location is considered from the special locations inside Madinet Nasr, as it's from the near projects to many services and vital points inside the city.

  • The compound is 4 minutes away from Teseen Street in the Fifth Settlement.
  • It's 5 minutes away from El-Ahly Club in Madinet Nasr.
  • It's 10 minutes away from Abbas Al-Aqqad Street.
  • It's near many roads that link it with other districts like El Nasr Road and the Ring Road.

Units of project Degla Landmark Nasr City

The Space of Degla Landmark Project

Degla Landmark Compound project in Madinet Nasr was constructed on 63 thousand square meters that equals 15 acres.

The company worked on providing many services for attracting many welfare lovers and living in the middle of the charming nature.

The residential units in the compound were designed in the shape of floors with different spaces to satisfy all the clients.

Also, it provided many entertainment and welfare means in addition to the green spaces on wide areas.

Information about the executing company of Degla Landmark Compound

Memaar Al Morshedy company is considered the executing company of the Degla Landmark project and the company launched this special project in April 2015.

The company is considered from the great companies in the real estate designing world in Egypt and it was established since 1983.

It works through its special projects on presenting a complete vision to keep up with the large architectural renaissance today all over the world.

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Major services of Degla Landmark Memaar Al Morshedy?

Memaar Al Morshedy Company provided some important services in Degla Landmark project like:

  • 2 Swimming pools.
  • Large Entertainment area.
  • All the residential units have a view on the services and features in the project or a view on 2 streets with 30 square meters' width or 2 street with 20 square meters' width, in addition to the swimming pools' view or the green spaces.
  • All the elevations of the residential units were executed by Carton Wall material and it's from the Soundproofing materials and it prevents the entering of the dirt and dust and reflects the sun rays.
  • Classy hotel entrances for all the residential buildings.
  • Private garage for each building.
  • Huge Commercial Mall.
  • Restaurants and Cafes.
  • Gym.
  • Security and Guarding.

Details and spaces of the units in Degla Landmark Compound

  • The residential units in Degla Landmark Compound were designed in residential buildings with hotel entrances and each building has 11 floors and 3800 units.
  • The company provided many residential units with different spaces for satisfying the needs of the clients.
  • The spaces in the compound start from 65 up to 158 square meters.

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The meter's price and the paying system for the residential units in The Compound

  • The price of the meter starts from 10,100 pounds.
  • The paying of the unit's price and be facilitated and divided on 6 years.
  • All the residential units are delivered on the red bricks with Alumetal windows that isolate the sound and water and electricity sources.




Security Playgrounds Swimming pools Shopping center Commercial area Mosque

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