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Live excellence and prosperity at the heart of a villa in North Coast for sale!

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Project Description

Villa for sale in the North Coast

The renowned real estate agency has offered a luxurious villa for sale in the stunning North Coast area. This villa has been elegantly and lavishly designed to meet the needs of families looking for an exceptional haven on the sea shore.

The villa is situated in a distinctive location within an upscale residential village near one of the most beautiful beaches of the North Coast. The area is characterized by enchanting natural scenery and a serene environment, making it the ideal place to relax and unwind.

The villa has a spacious area and a magnificent design that matches contemporary and sophisticated taste. The villa comprises a number of wide and elegantly furnished rooms, in addition to a private garden and a breathtaking swimming pool overlooking the sandy beach. The villa also includes facilities such as private parking, a health club and sports playgrounds.

This villa is an ideal investment opportunity for those looking to live in a luxury coastal village or for those wishing to buy a distinctive vacation home near the sea. The villa is also a great option for those wishing to rent it out as a private resort for guests.

The agency offers attractive deals for interested buyers wishing to acquire this magnificent villa. Please contact the agency for further details about the offer and purchasing procedures.

Do not miss the opportunity to own a luxury villa in the North Coast and enjoy spellbinding scenery and absolute tranquility on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. This is the ideal place to fulfill your dreams of living in a private palace on the seashore.

Your guide to the top 5 North Coast villa resorts

The North Coast area in Egypt is one of the most popular tourist destinations attracting millions of visitors annually. Among those luxurious and thrilling destinations, there are numerous resorts that provide elegant and exclusive accommodation in luxury villas. Here is a list of five exceptional resorts in the North Coast area:

1. Sumed North Coast:
Sumed Village is one of the most beautiful resorts in the North Coast. It is characterized by its stunning design and a variety of luxurious villas. The villas in this resort enjoy breathtaking views over the Mediterranean Sea and provide all modern conveniences for the guests.

2. Caesar Island North Coast:
Located at the heart of the North Coast, Caesar Island is one of the most renowned resorts. It is distinguished by its elegant design and luxury villas that provide great privacy for the guests. The resort contains a variety of facilities and luxurious amenities such as restaurants, swimming pools, and a health spa.

3. Azha North Coast:
Azha is a luxury resort that provides spacious and modern villas in the North Coast area. The resort enjoys a strategic location on the seashore, and offers many facilities and recreational activities such as golf courses, swimming pools, and fine dining restaurants.

4. Levels Mountain View North Coast:
Levels Mountain View is a luxury resort in the North Coast that provides luxury villas and stunning natural scenery. The resort is characterized by its authentic architectural design and modern villa designs. The resort offers a variety of recreational amenities such as swimming pools, spas and barbecue areas.

5. Koun Ras El Hekma:
Koun Ras El Hekma resort is a luxury destination combining natural beauty and lavishness. This resort is located in Ras El Hekma village and offers enchanting views over the Mediterranean Sea and pristine sandy beaches. The resort includes a number of luxury villas that provide utmost privacy and comfort for the guests.

Choosing one of those stunning resorts in the North Coast area will allow you to enjoy a wonderful stay and an unforgettable experience combining luxury and comfort in one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Egypt.

North Coast villa finishing features

If you are considering buying a villa in the North Coast, the finishing you get is a very important factor. Good villa finishing provides you not only with beautiful looks and elegance, but also impacts your living experience and the villa's long term value. Here is a list of some North Coast villa finishing features you should look for:

  1. Modern and functional interior design:
    The villa should have a contemporary interior design combining elegance and practical functions. The indoor spaces should be wide and open, with proper room distribution and design flexibility to meet your personal needs.

  2. Quality and durability:
    The finishing should include high quality and durable materials. Attention to small details such as doors, windows, flooring, tiles etc. should be visible in all aspects of the finishing.

  3. Advanced technology:
    North Coast villa finishing should include various modern technological innovations. These can be smart windows, advanced lighting fixtures, smart control systems, built-in sound system and more.

  4. Safety and privacy:
    Your North Coast villa finishing should provide safety and privacy. The villa should have advanced security systems like surveillance cameras and alarm devices. It should also have a private garden or yard to eliminate close by neighbors.

  5. Enjoyable outdoor spaces:
    The villa should have enjoyable outdoor spaces to enjoy open air, like private swimming pools or sea-view terraces. These spaces should be aesthetically pleasing, comfortable and reflect a mood of relaxation.

  6. Community services:
    The North Coast villa complex should have the necessary community services like public swimming pools, gyms, sports playgrounds, and social facilities. This ensures a highly convenient lifestyle.

There is no doubt that North Coast villa finishing plays a major role in achieving a comfortable and luxurious living experience. Before buying a villa, make sure you look for those features and compare between available options to ensure getting the best possible value for your investment.

A selected compilation of North Coast Villas

  1. Independent villas:
    Enjoy privacy and comfort in independent villas located right on the North Coast beachfront. These villas are characterized by elegant and modern architectural designs, spellbinding scenery and luxurious facilities. Enjoy private dinners in your garden or relax by your private pool amidst the charming sea views.

  2. Townhouse:
    Indulge in an exquisite and elegant townhouse design in the North Coast. Townhouses are an ideal alternative for small families or individuals looking for extra space. These villas combine comfort and elegance through innovative designs. Enjoy your small private garden and breathtaking sea views.

  3. Twin House:
    Let yourself fall in love with the lavish and refined design of a twin house in the North Coast. These double villas are an ideal alternative to independent villas and provide extra space for large families or friends sharing the stay. Enjoy your private pool and garden while appreciating the stunning beauty of the North Coast.

This selected compilation of North Coast villas is truly a great opportunity to enjoy a luxurious vacation and explore the beauty of the North Coast. Get ready for an exceptional experience in a fully equipped villa with all the comforts and amenities required for an ideal stay.

Sophistication and excellence in North Coast villa facilities and services

The North Coast in Egypt is one of the most popular tourist and residential destinations, where many luxurious villas are located providing a serene haven on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Investors and residents enjoy sophisticated facilities and services in these villas.

At the heart of the North Coast, villas shine by offering a rich variety of services and facilities catering to all customer needs, making it an ideal destination for a well-rounded summer vacation. These include:

  • Medical clinics and health centers operating 24/7.
  • Boat tours to explore marine life and magical natural scenery.
  • Cinemas screening the latest film releases in high quality.
  • Diverse swimming pools catering to all ages, as well as private pools for each housing unit.
  • Fully-equipped gyms for fitness.
  • A wide range of playgrounds including tennis, football, basketball courts, and golf courses.
  • Kids entertainment areas with art workshops and water games, fully secured for their safety.
  • Advanced security services ensuring 24/7 safety through guarding and surveillance cameras.
  • Designated open-air barbecue party areas.
  • Venues specifically set up for hosting events and celebrations.
  • Shopping centers offering a diverse variety of local and international products.
  • A hypermarket providing a wide assortment of local and international grocery items.
  • Diverse recreational activities including surfing, water skiing, windsurfing, kayaking, and sand skiing.
  • A professional rescue team ensuring safety on the beaches.
  • Regular maintenance services for villas and swimming pools.

These villas provide an experience of refined and safe living, with an emphasis on catering with everything needed for customer comfort and entertainment.

North Coast villas excel in providing comfort, lavishness and refinement in their facilities and services. These features make them an ideal destination for those looking for coastal homes that ensure relaxation, enjoyment of magical natural scenery, and unique experiences in serene and exclusive settings.

The road to buying a North Coast villa: Explore the available options

The North Coast in Egypt is renowned for its natural beauty and stunning blue waters, making it one of the most prominent tourist and investment destinations in the country. Among the popular real estate investments there is buying a luxury villa in that amazing area.

There are many options available for people wishing to invest in a North Coast villa; these options vary in terms of location, size, design. The villas distributed across this area also provide remarkable services and facilities to meet all residents’ needs.

Here are some of the available options for buying North Coast villas:

  • Villas in Gaia North Coast: located in a quiet coastal area and characterized by their vast spaces and elegant design. The villas here offer breathtaking views and easy access to the stunning sandy beaches.

  • Villas in Malaaz North Coast: The Malaaz area is one of the most luxurious in the North Coast. These villas feature stunning architectural designs and views overlooking the dazzling turquoise waters.

  • Villas in Cascadia North Coast: These villas are located in a luxury resort and offer vast green spaces and exclusive beaches for its residents. They are characterized by modern design and luxurious facilities.

  • Villas in Pali North Coast: Considered one of the most luxurious villas in the North Coast, distinguished by their contemporary design and strategic location of all the area’s facilities, restaurants and shops.

Buying a villa in Egypt’s North Coast is a great opportunity to enjoy spellbinding natural scenery and a lavish lifestyle. You need to consider factors like location, size, design and additional available features before making the purchase decision.

Without a doubt, buying a North Coast villa will provide you with a unique and luxurious experience nestled amidst gorgeous nature and magical blue waters. Choose the option suiting your needs and enjoy a serene yet thrilling life in this renowned tourist destination.

What to know when comparing North Coast Villas

The North Coast in the country is one of the popular tourist destinations, featuring beautiful sandy beaches and enchanting natural scenery. And in recent times, owning a villa in the North Coast has become a dream achieved by many. With the increase in such demands, it becomes extremely important to know what to pay attention to when comparing North Coast villas.

Firstly, a person should consider their expectations and specific needs when looking for a North Coast villa. Do they want a sea-view villa or one close to main facilities like restaurants and stores? Do they prefer a villa in a gated resort with high security or an independent villa with a private garden? Such matters are important for comparison between available options.

Secondly, the geographical location of the villas and their proximity to beaches and other amenities should be considered. Location is one of the pivotal factors in determining a villa’s quality. Villas situated just steps away from the beach often tend to be more valuable and desirable for buyers.

Thirdly, the buyer should review specifications and available facilities in each villa. Features and services offered vary from one villa to another, so one should make sure that everything they need is available. These may include private swimming pools, beautifully landscaped gardens, parking space, fully equipped kitchen, gym and sauna, 24-hour security service and more.

Fourthly, the buyer should also keep in mind the suitable price for the villa. Price can be an important indicator for comparison between available options. One should check the real estate market and compare prices between similar villas in the area. Make sure the price matches the villa’s quality and offered features.

Finally, it is essential that the buyer considers taking the help of a professional real estate agent, with sound knowledge and expertise in the North Coast real estate market. The agent can help provide advice and guide the buyer towards selecting the right and reliable villa.

By keeping these tips in mind, you will be able to effectively compare North Coast villas and make the right decision catering to your needs, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable stay at our beautiful coast.

Get to Know North Coast Villa Prices: A Detailed 2023 Guide

In the growing real estate landscape of Egypt's North Coast, many investors and buyers are looking to learn about villa prices in this beautiful and developed area. To assist them in easily making their real estate decisions, we provide you with a detailed 2023 guide to North Coast villa prices.

The North Coast is considered one of the most attractive areas for buyers and investors alike in Egypt. It is characterized by its white sandy beaches, stunning natural scenery, and excellent services provided. In addition, the North Coast is located close to Cairo and Alexandria, making it an ideal vacation destination or real estate investment.

  1. Sumed North Coast

    • Chalets: Prices start from 1,500,000 Egyptian Pounds.
    • Payment Systems: Option for 10% down payment, with the remainder paid over 4 years.
  2. Caesar Island - North Coast

    • Polona Villa (345 sqm): Prices range between 9,500,000 and 13,000,000 Egyptian Pounds.
    • Venice Villa (320 sqm): Starts from 18,000,000 Egyptian Pounds.
    • Studios: Available from 825,000 to 950,000 Egyptian Pounds.
    • Twin House (285 sqm): Ranging from 6,450,000 to 7,790,000 Egyptian Pounds.
    • Payment Systems: 10% down payment, with the remainder paid over 7 years.
  3. Azha - North Coast

    • 1 bedroom chalets: Start from 2,600,000 Egyptian Pounds.
    • 2 bedroom chalets: Start from 3,200,000 Egyptian Pounds.
    • 3 bedroom chalets: From 3,900,000 Egyptian Pounds and above.
    • Twin Houses: Start from 7,000,000 Egyptian Pounds.
    • Payment Systems: 5% down payment, with the remainder paid over 8 years.

These projects offer various residential unit options, from chalets to villas and studios, with varying prices catering to different tastes and budgets, along with flexible payment schemes to facilitate the purchasing process for buyers.

It should be noted that these prices are subject to change and may be affected by various factors such as economic outlook, supply and demand, and real estate developments in the area. Therefore, investors and buyers are advised to contact experienced and professional real estate brokers to obtain accurate and up-to-date information on prices and available investments in the North Coast.

In summary, the North Coast provides extensive investment opportunities in Egypt's real estate market, and enjoys competitive and varied pricing. If you are considering purchasing a villa in this charming area, consulting real estate experts would be a prudent step to ensure you make the right decision tailored to your needs and aspirations.

Frequently Asked Questions About North Coast Real Estate Prices and Their 2023 Answers

The North Coast in Egypt is one of the country's most important tourist and real estate destinations. As a result, many people are interested in learning about prices and developments in the real estate market of this region. Here are some frequently asked questions about 2023 North Coast real estate prices, along with detailed answers:

  1. What are the expected 2023 real estate prices in the North Coast?

    • Prices in the North Coast vary depending on factors like location, property size, finish quality, and offered facilities. In 2023, prices are expected to remain stable or see a slight increase due to sustained demand for North Coast properties.
  2. Is it possible to find affordable apartments in the North Coast?

    • Yes, there is a wide selection of apartments at different price points available in the North Coast. You can find affordable apartments, especially if you prefer newer or existing projects near the main beaches.
  3. Are there any luxury villas in the North Coast? What are the expected prices?

    • Yes, there are many luxury compounds in the North Coast that offer luxurious villas. Expected prices for these villas vary greatly and depend on factors like size, location, finishes, etc. Prices could range from several million to tens of millions of Egyptian Pounds.
  4. Are there other residential options besides apartments and villas in the North Coast?

    • Yes, in addition to apartments and villas, options like chalets and first row houses are also available. These options may be more suitable for people looking for fully-furnished accommodation or proximity to beaches.
  5. What payment options are available for purchasing North Coast properties?

    • Payment options vary from one project to another. Usually an initial down payment is required upon contracting, followed by equal installments over set periods of time before delivery. Full cash or cash plus installment payments may also be available for some projects.

These are some frequently asked questions about 2023 North Coast real estate prices and their answers. If you have any additional questions, it is advisable to contact a reputable real estate developer in the area for the most specific and up-to-date information.

North Coast Real Estate Project Evaluation: A Look at Successes and Opportunities

The North Coast real estate area is one of the most prominent real estate projects in Egypt, designed to be an integrated tourist and investment destination and is considered one of the most successful projects in the country. The area focuses on providing a unique coastal environment that combines natural beauty and encouragement of economic growth.

Since the launch of the North Coast real estate project, the area has seen tremendous growth in real estate interest and investment. Many luxurious residential developments, tourist resorts, commercial facilities and recreational facilities have been developed along the coastline. These projects have contributed to creating new job opportunities and boosting the local economy.

Investment Opportunities:
The North Coast real estate area is a destination for many local and international investors. The Egyptian government continuously seeks to attract more investment by providing investors with a wide range of incentives including tax exemptions and streamlined procedures for establishing businesses.

Additionally, the reasonable property prices in the area provide an attractive opportunity for investors and buyers alike. Demand for real estate and residential and commercial establishments in the North Coast also continues to steadily rise.

Future Challenges:
Despite the major successes achieved by the North Coast real estate project, there are still challenges that need to be addressed going forward. Among these challenges is sustainable development and preservation of the natural environment. Building for the future strategies that balance real estate growth with maintaining the beauty and cleanliness of the North Coast must be implemented.

In closing, the North Coast real estate project represents a golden opportunity for investors, buyers and tourists alike. It embodies Egypt's desire to boost economic development and tourism in the region. Growth and prosperity are expected to continue into the future, further solidifying the North Coast as a strong and attractive investment destination.

Discover North Coast Land: Basic Facts

Egyptian authorities have recently announced the discovery of a new land area in Egypt's North Coast region. This discovery is considered an important addition to the North Coast which is a major tourist destination in Egypt.

The North Coast area is located in the northern part of the country, extending along the coastline of the Mediterranean Sea. This region is renowned for its magnificent beaches and beautiful natural scenery, making it an attractive destination for travelers from all over the world.

Thanks to the new discovery, the North Coast area has expanded by about 300 square kilometers. Experts believe this new discovery will boost investment and tourism development in the region. Developers are expected to establish new residential projects, hotels, and tourist resorts on this additional land area.

At the same time, authorities will benefit from increased tourism revenues and parallel employment opportunities that will emerge from developing the new zone. Construction, real estate development and contracting companies will also be among the beneficiaries of this expansion.

Egypt has important archaeological, cultural and tourism sites including world famous landmarks like the Pyramids, Luxor Temple, and Abu Simbel. With the North Coast area in place, Egypt's overall appeal will increase and provide visitors the opportunity to explore the beautiful coastline and enjoy pristine sandy beaches.

This encouraging news comes amid Egypt's ongoing efforts to boost the tourism industry and increase Egypt’s global presence as a tourist destination. The new discovery is expected to boost investment in the North Coast and create new economic opportunities and jobs in the region.

Key Facts:

  • Discovery of new land area in Egypt's North Coast region
  • Discovered area spans around 300 square kilometers
  • Residential projects, hotels, tourist resorts expected to be developed on this new area
  • Increase in tourism revenue and employment
  • Egypt has important tourism and cultural sites
  • Boost investment and economic development in the North Coast

By exploring a new area in the North Coast region, Egypt is expected to undergo a growth spurt in its tourism industry and increase visitor numbers. With famous tourist sites and stunning beaches, Egypt will be an enticing destination for tourists from all over the world.

The Great Importance of the North Coast Area on the Egyptian Real Estate Map

The North Coast area in Egypt is one of the most important real estate areas in the country, distinguished by its prime strategic location on Egypt's northern coastline along the Mediterranean Sea. The North Coast is one of Egypt’s unique tourist areas and dominates tourism in general.

The Egyptian North Coast is one of the most prominent and beautiful tourist destinations in Egypt, if not the world. This stunning coastline stretches over 1050 km, starting from El Alamein and going all the way to Marsa Matrouh, running parallel to the Mediterranean Sea and close to major cities like Cairo and Alexandria. The North Coast is divided into distinct zones, each hosting amazing residential and investment projects.

Key Zones in the North Coast:

  1. Ras El Hekma Zone:

    • Location: Extends 50 km along the Mediterranean Sea
    • Highlights: Spans around 11.5 million sqm, considered one of the most important investment areas in the North Coast
  2. Sidi Abdel Rahman Zone:

    • Location: North of Cairo, near El Alamein City
    • Highlights: Known for its picturesque natural landscapes and sandy beaches, with a variety of residential and commercial projects

Famous Villages in the North Coast:

  1. Zemarda Village:

    • Location: Km 53 on Alexandria - Marsa Matrouh Road
  2. Virginia Resort Village:

    • Location: Km 62 on Alexandria - Marsa Matrouh Road, near El Hammam City
  3. Marakeya Village:

    • Location: Km 51 on Alexandria - Marsa Matrouh Road
  4. Aidy Village:

    • Location: Km 77 on Alexandria-Matrouh Road, near Zahran Mall and Marassi Marina

This accurate information reflects the beauty and diversity of the North Coast, making it an ideal destination for real estate investors or second home buyers looking in this unique coastal area.

Economically as well, the North Coast also holds great importance in Egyptian real estate. It is considered a major attraction point for investors looking to invest in commercial and residential properties in Egypt. The real estate sector in the North Coast represents an important opportunity for investors to achieve high returns on investments.

The North Coast area is currently undergoing major expansion in the real estate sector, with construction activities rapidly increasing. It is witnessing the establishment of new residential communities, modern commercial and recreational facilities, making it an ideal place to live and work.

Additionally, the North Coast is also key to developing surrounding zones, with focus placed on providing necessary infrastructure like roads, airports, hospitals, schools and entertainment facilities.

There is no doubt that the North Coast area occupies an important place on the Egyptian real estate map, as it is considered one of the most famous and highly desirable areas. Thanks to the availability of beautiful locations and lucrative investment opportunities, the North Coast has a promising future for Egypt's real estate sector.

The Basic Steps to Acquire Your Dream North Coast Villa Through

The North Coast has always been an ideal destination for many people looking to spend a relaxing holiday or acquire a vacation home embracing the warm sunshine and beautiful natural scenery. If you dream of owning a North Coast villa, provides an ideal platform to make that dream come true. Here are some basic steps to help you acquire your dream villa through this trusted platform:

Step 1: Browse Property Listings
Before starting to look for a specific villa, browse through the available property listings on You will be presented with a diverse range of ideal villas catering to different needs and budgets. Go through the listings and head to villas that meet your preferences and requirements.

Step 2: Use Search Filters
Using the search filters available on the site, you can narrow down your search results and specify what you want in a North Coast villa such as preferred area, size, budget, number of rooms/bathrooms etc. These filters will help you identify options suiting your needs and taste.

Step 3: Read Details and View Photos
Once you've shortlisted specific properties, go over details of each and look at attached photos. Check the property description, key features, maintenance condition, and any other arrangements that come with it. Be sure to go over all available information before making a final decision.

Step 4: Contact Real Estate Agent
If you are interested in a property, get in touch with the real estate agent handling it using the contact information given in listing. Inquire about any additional details you need to know like pricing, payment terms, possibility of site visits etc. The agent can assist you in taking the purchase forward and provide professional advice.

Step 5: Inspect and Verify
When you decide to visit the specific villa of interest, we advise you to conduct a thorough inspection of the property and verify all information provided. Check condition of infrastructure, finishes, facilities available. Feel free to ask any questions or clarifications to the real estate agent.

Step 6: Conduct Legal Paperwork and Sign
If you are completely satisfied with the villa and wish to purchase it, you will need to conduct the legal paperwork and sign the purchase agreements. This may involve agreeing on payment terms, delivery arrangements, and any other relevant legal paperwork. Seek assistance from a real estate lawyer to ensure everything is done legally and properly.

With, you can fulfill your dream of living in the North Coast and owning your dream villa. Follow the outlined basic steps, browse through the best available villas, and choose a home suiting your taste and requirements. Get started now and prepare for fun and relaxing times embracing the magical charm of the North Coast.

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