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Duplexes for sale in Sheikh Zayed City - 113 Properties for sale


Duplex for sale in Sheikh Zayed, Take the chance and make a reservation

Sheikh Zayed Duplexes are a unique and unprecedented residential experience, take the opportunity and get the best Sheikh Zayed Duplex for sale at competitive prices and affordable values to many customers, as Sheikh Zayed City has offered a lot of options in front of customers.

This high-end city has witnessed many giant projects and residential and commercial compounds that compete to be provided by the major real estate companies in the Middle East, also the client can follow with us the following lines to find out the most important benefits you can get by living in Sheikh Zayed.

Advantages of Sheikh Zayed Duplex for sale

Duplex for sale in Sheikh Zayed have spacious living rooms that make them look separate from the bedrooms, and this special division gives the customer the privacy they dream of, especially when receiving guests.

Many customers are looking for the best Sheikh Zayed Duplex for sale, as this high-end area is able to provide them with the comfort and privacy they dream of after the population density has increased significantly in the center of the country.

More details about best compounds in Sheikh Zayed

Why should you choose to live in Sheikh Zayed?

Many Egyptians and foreigners, especially Arabs, dreams of living in Sheikh Zayed City, as it enjoys many advantages that are not available in any other city, it provides residents with a healthy climate and a different lifestyle as well as containing basic and recreational services, follow with us to find out the most important features of Sheikh Zayed City, the most important of which are the following:

Excellent strategic location

Sheikh Zayed City is one of the new cities of Giza governorate, and it occupies a privileged position on the Desert Road of Cairo Alexandria, as it is close to many of the main roads and axes through which it is easy to reach the center of the Capital in just 30 minutes, the most prominent of these roads and axes include the following:

  • Al Wahat road.
  • The ring road.
  • Cairo - Alexandria Desert Road.
  • 26 July axis.
  • Rod El Farag Axis.

Charming Climate

Many customers are looking for a mild climate away from the high temperature in the center of the Capital, and here is Sheikh Zayed City city gives them everything they want, it is characterized by a mild atmosphere throughout the year, thanks to the city's height above sea level 220 meters.

Areas division of the city

Sheikh Zayed City is most characterized by the extension of green spaces along with the city, covering 40% of the total area of the city, and this helped to give a sense of comfort and recreation, while the remaining space was allocated for the construction of various urban buildings among apartments, villas, and duplexes, the buildings extend along with the city to the beginning of the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road.

Sheikh Zayed Area Services

For all those looking for duplexes for sale in Sheikh Zayed, you can now enjoy the many services available in this integrated city, the services needed by all customers, and this has made this city a self-sufficient vital integrated service center of itself, most notably are as follows:

Education services

Sheikh Zayed City has a lot of public and international schools and universities, educational services at the highest level to provide the needs of all customers, and here is a list of the names of schools and universities that will help you make the right choice, as follows:

First: Schools

  • New Vision International Schools.
  • Sheikh Zayed Primary School.
  • Amr Ibn Al-As School.
  • American International School
  • British International School.
  • Beverly Hills Language School
  • Al Amal Language School.

Second: Colleges and universities

  • Canadian International College.
  • Azharian Institute.
  • Nile University.
  • Cairo University.

Health services

It is among the essential services that are indispensable, which many customers are looking for before purchasing Duplex for sale in Sheikh Zayed, there are a number of health centers, hospitals, clinics, and laboratories, which provide the best-integrated health services 24 hours a day.

Houses of worship

The city contains a number of mosques and churches, the most important of which are as follows:

  • Al Salam Mosque.
  • Al Shorta Mosque.
  • Sheikh Zayed Mosque.
  • Khalil Al-Rahman Mosque.
  • Al Sahaba Mosque.
  • Bilal Bin Rabah Mosque.
  • St. Samuel Church 6 of October.
  • Saint Mary Church.

Recreational services

A golden opportunity for all those who want to buy Duplex for sale in Zayed, now you can enjoy a lot of entertainment services located within the city, this means that you can now enjoy the company of your friends and spend the best of times without having to get out of the city, and now we shall show you some of the entertainment services available in the city, the most important of which are the following:

  • Shopping Malls such as Mall of Arabia, Tivoli Mall, and Arkan Mall.
  • Restaurants and cafes at the highest level and the most famous of which include TBS, Starbucks, Maison Thomas, Coffe Shop Company, and more.
  • Cinemas to follow Arab and foreign movies, and the most famous of which include Galaxy Cinema in Mall of Arabia and iMax Cinema in Americana Mall.
  • Capital Business Park is one of the most beautiful entertainment venues in Sheikh Zayed.

Sheikh Zayed Duplexes prices

Many customers complain about the high prices of residential units in high-end cities so many real estate companies are competing to offer luxury residential units at affordable prices suitable for many customers in Sheikh Zayed.

Own your distinctive unit in the highest neighborhoods of Sheikh Zayed City at the appropriate prices depending on your conditions and material circumstances, there are many companies that provide duplexes for sale in Sheikh Zayed with full finishing, semi-finishing system, and other various finishes to suit all tastes, and you have to know that the prices of fully finished units are higher than the semi-finished units.

Prices of Sheikh Zayed Duplexes for sale vary depending on the location of the compound, the area in addition to the view, and the most important of these are as follows:

  • Capstone Sheikh Zayed compound executed by Paragon Development Company offers Duplex for sale in Sheikh Zayed with areas starting from 180 square meters and prices starting from 1,200,000 Egyptian pounds, you can pay 15% as a down payment and pay the rest over 7 years.

  • Life Park Real Estate Investment Company has provided luxury Zayed Duplexes for sale in Life Park Sheikh Zayed with areas starting from 300 square meters, price starting from 6500 thousand Egyptian pounds, you can pay a 10% down payment and pay the rest of the amount in installments up to 6 years.

Own your unit in the best areas of Sheikh Zayed and pay in convenient installments

The city grants all customers wishing to live in, many various residential units in installments in accordance with their financial circumstances, you can live in the most exquisite neighborhoods of Sheikh Zayed City, you only have to communicate with real estate companies that own the largest and the most famous residential compounds ever such as SODIC West Town, Palm Hills 6 October Compound, and Beverly Hills, as you can choose Sheikh Zayed Duplexes for sale in the 8th or 9th neighborhood, with a budget exceeding 7 million Egyptian pounds.