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Sheraton Compound Al Mostakbal City Margins Developments

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Project Description

Project Name: Sheraton.

About the Project: Sheraton Residence Al Mostakbal City is considered one of the latest projects that has been implemented with the best materials and modern technologies in the field of construction. The green spaces have been increased and recreational spaces provided to meet the needs of the residents, in addition to providing facilities such as swimming pools, sports clubs, and beautiful gardens.

Project Location: In the heart of Al Mostakbal City in New Cairo.

Area of Sheraton Compound: 35 acres.

Types of Units: Villas - Townhouses - Twin Houses.

Unit Areas in Sheraton: Starting from 160 square meters.

Unit Prices: Starting from 24,000,000 Egyptian pounds.

Real Estate Developer of Sheraton Project: Margins Real Estate Company.

Payment Methods: Pay 0% down payment of the unit's value and installments for the remaining over 8 years.

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Join our world and enjoy the most beautiful designs and best experiences in the unique Sheraton Residence Al Mostakbal City compound, where creativity and excellence are in every corner

Margins Real Estate Company launched a luxurious residential project called Sheraton Residence - Sheraton Compound Al Mostakbal City, which is distinguished by unique advantages, including its construction on a vast land area divided between vast green spaces and the most beautiful natural scenery that captures the highest percentage of it, such as the landscape, sports fields, and water surfaces that differ and rival the modern era. It also gives the place pure charm and the positive spirit that many residents need within Sheraton Al Mostakbal.

The Sheraton Residence compound was also designed in the best distinguished geographical locations, namely in the heart of Al Mostakbal City, which connects to the main roads and axes that make it easy for you to reach in a few minutes. You can cover the shortest distances to move from Sheraton Compound to the most famous cities away from congestion, thus facilitating all clients the opportunity to move easily.

Care was also taken to design Sheraton Residence Compound according to international styles, and with the help of the most efficient architectural engineers, all quality standards were applied within it, combining luxury and elegance befitting the level of clients. Margins Company did not stop providing integrated services to its clients, as it offered a distinguished range of competitive prices suitable for all clients in Sheraton Compound. To facilitate everyone's ownership of a unit, flexible payment systems were offered to installment the total amount over years without interest. Seize the opportunity and hurry to book your unit within Sheraton Residence Al Mostakbal City....!!!

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Experience the luxurious life in the heart of the most peaceful and beautiful locations, Sheraton Residence Compound, where magic meets elegance

One of the most important factors that attracted many clients and investors towards the upscale residential compound Sheraton Residence is the distinguished decision of Margins Real Estate Company to choose the best unique strategic location in Al Mostakbal City, which connects to the most important main roads and axes that make it easy for you to reach in a few minutes as it is directly on the Middle Ring Road. You can cover the shortest distances and least minutes to move from Sheraton Al Mostakbal to the major landmarks and important institutions, achieving high traffic.

The most important advantages of the location of Sheraton Compound Al Mostakbal City:

  • Sheraton Residence Compound is located in the heart of Al Mostakbal City, directly on the Ring Road.
  • Sheraton Compound Al Mostakbal City is also close to the Suez Road.
  • Sheraton Margins project is only a few minutes away from the American University.
  • Sheraton Compound Al Mostakbal is very close to Cairo International Airport.
  • You can reach Cairo Festival City from Sheraton Residence Al Mostakbal City.
  • Sheraton Compound is close to major cities such as Rehab and Madinaty.

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Discover the pleasure of unique architectural design with Sheraton Residence Al Mostakbal City Compound, where we offer you an exceptional experience that meets all your aspirations 

The luxurious residential project that provides you with a distinctive living environment was established on a vast land area of 35 acres, which is enough for the largest vast green spaces of landscapes and beautiful natural scenery, and a number of charming water surfaces that capture 80% of the total area of Sheraton Residence project, giving it a unique atmosphere that suits all residents and giving it an elegant and distinctive appearance that befits everyone. The task of designs and applying the elegant artistic touches inside Sheraton Compound - Sheraton Compound Al Mostakbal City was also assigned to the most important and largest famous engineering companies, and it indeed played its role and applied the best international quality standards that combine luxury and elegance.

Moreover, the residential units in the large buildings inside Sheraton Residence vary in terms of areas and types. Care was also taken to provide exclusive and unique services through which you can enjoy the upscale and most integrated residential environment to suit everyone and provide them with the residential environment that offers them everything they are looking for, only exclusively at the luxurious Sheraton Residence Al Mostakbal Compound, so hurry to book...!!

Take a step towards excellence and luxury with the exclusive advantages we offer specifically for you in Sheraton Margins Compound 

The residential buildings available within Sheraton Residence Compound vary in terms of areas and types. They include various units designed to the highest level, and this was done to give clients the opportunity to choose their suitable unit with the desired area, which is what the major real estate company Margins strives for. It has been built on a vast area and provided units of the type "Townhouses, Twin Houses, Independent Villas". Within Sheraton Compound, you will undoubtedly enjoy the upscale living environment that provides you with what you are looking for. The areas inside start from 160 square meters and reach up to 500 square meters, and they are as follows:

  • Z Villa units in Sheraton Residence Al Mostakbal Compound - Sheraton Al Mostakbal City: their area starts from 150 square meters and reaches 220 square meters.
  • Townhouse units inside Sheraton Compound: their area starts from 362 square meters.
  • As for Twin House units in Sheraton Al Mostakbal project: their area starts from 440 square meters.
  • Independent Villa units in Sheraton Residence Al Mostakbal City Compound: their area starts from 482 square meters.

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Enjoy excellence and innovation, with Sheraton Residence Al Mostakbal City Compound we ensure that all your needs and expectations are met in the most splendid way - Sheraton Compound Al Mostakbal City

A comprehensive and unique residential compound launched by Margins Real Estate Company, which was keen to offer it to all clients looking for a comfortable residential environment, so we find that Sheraton Compound is distinguished by several different and unique advantages that provide you with an atmosphere of enjoyment, comfort and mental peace. These advantages include:

  • Sheraton Compound is distinguished by several unparalleled advantages, the most important of which is Margins Company's keenness on choosing the important strategic location for it in Al Mostakbal City, as it connects to the main roads and axes that make it easy for you to reach, and the distance separating Sheraton from the most important service areas is short.
  • Inside Sheraton Compound, a huge number of diverse residential units with different areas have been provided, giving you the opportunity to choose the most suitable one for you and your family, and they also feature unparalleled decorations.
  • The longest tracks and trails have been designed in the Sheraton Al Mostakbal City project, through which you can exercise in the morning or ride bicycles, away from cars for more safety and to prevent any accidents.
  • Margins Real Estate Company also took care to install modern surveillance cameras in Sheraton Residence Al Mostakbal City Compound, through which you can monitor all events taking place inside for more enjoyment of a unique atmosphere.
  • A large mosque has been designed inside Sheraton Compound, which is sufficient for a large number of worshippers, as it is designed in Islamic styles.
  • Inside Sheraton Compound, a number of water surfaces have been designed, represented in artificial lakes and water fountains that capture a large percentage of it, giving it a special charm and a soothing atmosphere for the nerves.
  • The planning for the construction of Sheraton Residence Compound was done on a vast area, which was divided between vast green spaces and the most beautiful natural scenery, in addition to the residential units capturing a percentage of it.
  • Inside Sheraton Residence Compound, there are a number of large garages, through which all residents' private cars are kept, preserving the external organization and preventing congestion in front of them.
  • The largest infrastructure has been designed inside Sheraton Al Mostakbal Compound, capturing a large percentage of it underground, including basic services that meet the needs of residents, such as electricity, gas, and sewage.
  • A number of electric power generators have been distributed in the Sheraton Al Mostakbal City project, which work automatically in case of any power outages for a civilized residential environment.
  • Inside Sheraton Residence, the best upscale feature has also been provided, as all units have been equipped with high-speed internet service, allowing everyone to use all modern technological means for more civilization and development.
  • Inside Sheraton Al Mostakbal City Compound, a vast area has been designed amidst the green spaces to hold barbecue parties and family gatherings for more luxury and enjoyment of a unique atmosphere with family.
  • For the luxurious residential compound Sheraton Al Mostakbal, the largest entrance and exit gates have been designed, facilitating your access to your unit without suffering from congestion, and they are also equipped with cameras for more security.

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Make luxury and excellence a daily part of your life with the luxurious services we offer in our upscale project Sheraton Compound Al Mostakbal City

Sheraton Compound is considered one of the luxurious residential projects that is distinguished by different advantages and offers exclusive services that achieve everything residents are looking for, providing them with a comfortable and distinguished living environment that suits everyone. These services include:

  • Distinctive security services have been provided inside Sheraton Residence Compound, as a number of security guards have been assigned to work around the clock to maintain complete safety and a unique, problem-free residential environment.
  • Work has also been done to provide the largest fitness centers and large halls for various sports in Sheraton Compound, where you can maintain your fitness and ensure physical fitness for more vitality, and there are a number of highly skilled trainers to assist in achieving the desired goal.
  • Inside Sheraton Residence Compound, the largest halls have been designed, some for parties and others for private business meetings, designed to the highest level, with large audio and display equipment for more integration.
  • Inside Sheraton Al Mostakbal Compound, the largest hypermarket has been designed, which includes integrated services and offers food and various goods, allowing you the opportunity to shop and enjoy distinctive times.
  • At Sheraton Al Mostakbal City project, there is a luxurious shopping mall that displays all international brands, combining luxury and elegance that suits people of refined taste.
  • Large pharmacies have been designed inside Sheraton Al Mostakbal Compound, offering various imported medicines and medical services around the clock for more patient convenience.
  • Work has also been done to provide integrated medical clinics inside Sheraton Residence Al Mostakbal Compound, which includes a number of different departments, as well as a large number of doctors and the most efficient nurses, providing service around the clock.
  • Work has also been done to design cleaning and maintenance staff at the Sheraton Residence project, working around the clock, providing service at the highest level to maintain its elegant and distinctive appearance.
  • A distinctive entertainment area has been designed inside Sheraton Residence Al Mostakbal, including various games suitable for all ages, for more luxury.
  • Work has also been done to provide the best upscale educational services at the Sheraton Residence Al Mostakbal project, with international schools and nurseries providing educational curricula through modern technological methods.
  • Inside Sheraton Al Mostakbal City Compound, a number of restaurants and cafes have been designed, featuring distinctive decorations, serving delicious food and drinks amidst a cheerful romantic atmosphere.
  • Inside Sheraton Margins Compound, the largest transportation network has been assigned, through which movement between neighboring areas can take place without suffering from congestion.
  • Work has also been done to provide the largest spa and sauna centers at the largest integrated health center in Sheraton Margins Al Mostakbal Compound, where services are provided at the highest level for more relaxation and rejuvenation for all visitors.

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We offer you the best competitive prices and payment plans specifically designed to suit your budget at Sheraton Residence Al Mostakbal City Compound, to ensure a comfortable and ideal experience

Margins Company launched an exceptional residential project that rivals the modern era and was implemented at the highest level to suit all distinguished clients and investors. Exclusive unparalleled services have been offered, and unmatched prices have been announced at Sheraton Al Mostakbal Compound, considered the best in that area. Flexible payment systems have been offered to install the total amount over years without interest, as follows:

  • Villa units inside Sheraton Al Mostakbal City Compound - Sheraton Compound Al Mostakbal City: their price starts from 24,000,000 Egyptian pounds, and reaches 70,000,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • For serious booking of Townhouse and Twin House units at Sheraton Residence project: 300,000 Egyptian pounds are paid.
  • Independent Villa units at Sheraton Margins Al Mostakbal City Compound: you can pay 500,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • You can pay a down payment of 0% of the unit's price inside Sheraton Al Mostakbal Compound, and pay the remaining amount over 8 years.
  • Units inside Sheraton Residence Compound are delivered within 3 years.
  • Villas at Sheraton Compound Al Mostakbal City Compound are delivered with full finishing and modern air conditioning.
  • There are maintenance fees inside Sheraton Al Mostakbal City: 10% is paid.

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Disadvantages of Sheraton Compound Al Mostakbal City

With reference to the numerous advantages of the Sheraton Compound Al Mostakbal City, some clients may find the delivery date too far, especially those seeking immediate delivery. However, the company strives to deliver the units in the best possible way, and it's an opportunity worth the wait for the value it offers.

With us, get to know the real estate developer Margins - Margins Developments, which is distinguished by excellence and experience, where we turn your dreams into a reality you live every day!

Margins Company is a union of a number of major entities famous in various sectors, including contracting, real estate, and pharmaceutical industries. It has invaded many different places in Egypt and proved its worth in the field of establishing many projects that served the real estate market and gained great demand from clients and investors, thus gaining their great trust. We find that it has a distinctive imprint in a number of different projects in the New Administrative Capital, and it recently decided to enter the Al Mostakbal area and constructed a luxurious compound known as Sheraton Al Mostakbal City, offering many exclusive services and distinguished by luxurious advantages that suit everyone. It is still working with all efforts to launch and construct many projects that serve the Egyptian real estate market and its clients seeking luxury and elegance.

Most important previous projects of Margins Real Estate Company:

  • Oaks Egypt Tower Mall in the New Administrative Capital.
  • Zia Business Complex Mall in the New Administrative Capital.

Discover New Cairo's Services and Benefit from an Exclusive Package of Advantages

  1. Strategic Location: New Cairo is situated in the heart of a vibrant area in Egypt, making it easily accessible from various routes.
  2. Contemporary Architecture: The city stands out with its contemporary architectural designs that combine elegance and functionality, providing everything residents need.
  3. Diverse Service Options: New Cairo offers a wide range of services including medical, educational, commercial facilities, and entertainment venues.
  4. Advanced Security Systems: Residents and visitors enjoy a safe environment thanks to the modern security systems that ensure their comfort.
  5. Presence of Global Companies: New Cairo serves as a hub for numerous international companies, opening up attractive employment and investment opportunities.
  6. Unique Resident Perks: The city offers its residents and investors a range of exclusive services and activities, such as upscale restaurants and cultural events.
  7. Reliable Investment Opportunities: Investing in New Cairo is a reliable choice, given its potential for growth and economic expansion.
  8. Environmental Consciousness: New Cairo prioritizes environmental conservation through the use of eco-friendly technology and sustainable practices.

In summary, New Cairo is an icon of progress and modernity, offering an ideal place for those seeking quality of life and opportunities through its integrated services and exclusive amenities.

Experience the Captivating Nature and Discover Investment Returns in New Cairo

New Cairo holds a prominent position on the investment map of Egypt, serving as an attractive hub for those seeking promising real estate investment opportunities.

This area boasts several factors that draw investments, most notably its strategic location, which makes it a pivotal point for major projects. Additionally, it offers a modern and advanced infrastructure that facilitates business operations and enhances the investment value of properties.

With the rapid increase in real estate demand, the area is witnessing a rise in property prices, providing a significant financial return for those investing in New Cairo, especially with expectations of further growth and development in the near future.

Furthermore, New Cairo is a catalyst for economic activity, as its expansion in the business and commercial sectors contributes to the creation of new job opportunities and drives economic growth in the region.

In conclusion, New Cairo offers high-value investment opportunities supported by a strong infrastructure and a vibrant economic environment. This makes it the prime choice for investors seeking to achieve financial returns that exceed expectations in a stable and prosperous setting.

Wonders of Living: Alternative Options to Sheraton Compound Al Mostakbal City at Your Disposal!

  1. The Square Compound, Fifth Settlement: Offers contemporary residences within an integrated community featuring excellent services and recreational facilities for an elegant lifestyle.
  2. Galleria Moon Valley Compound, Fifth Settlement: Provides a family-friendly, fully-serviced environment, charming homes, and recreational options for all ages.
  3. Palm Hills Compound, Fifth Settlement: Offers the opportunity to live in tranquility with luxurious residential units and various recreational areas for everyone's enjoyment.
  4. Mountain View Compound, Fifth Settlement: Allows residents to enjoy captivating natural scenery and provides integrated facilities for a life of luxury.
  5. Villete Compound, Fifth Settlement: Promises a unique luxury living experience with modern designs and high-quality services for unparalleled comfort.

Choose your ideal residence from these alternative options to the Sheraton Compound in Al Mostakbal City and experience exceptional living in the heart of the Fifth Settlement.

Smart Real Estate Purchase: Learn the Steps to Acquire Your Property from Sheraton Compound Al Mostakbal City Through!

To own a property within the Sheraton Compound in Al Mostakbal City through the online platform, there are guidelines to follow to ensure a successful and smooth purchasing experience:

1. Browse the Website: The first step is to visit the platform and navigate directly to the section dedicated to the Sheraton Compound Al Mostakbal City.

2. Select the Property Unit: Using the filtering tools and options available on the website, you can specify the desired type of property, whether an apartment, villa, or others.

3. Review the Information: It is recommended to review all details related to the selected property, such as the area, number of rooms, and available project services.

4. Contact for More Information: If you need additional details or wish to schedule a site visit, you can directly contact the seller through the platform.

5. Visit the Property: It is advisable to schedule a visit to the property in person to ensure it meets your needs and expectations.

6. Negotiate and Complete the Purchase: If the property is suitable, you can proceed with price negotiations, payment terms, and then complete the necessary procedures and sign the contracts.

By following these steps, those interested in purchasing can easily own a property within the Sheraton Compound Al Mostakbal City, with the assistance of the online platform.

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