Botanica Compound New Administrative Capital

From 650,000 EGP
Status Under Construction
Delivery Date 2023
Developed by: New Generation Propertis

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Project Name: Botanica Compound.

About the Project: A unique compound in the best New Capital neighborhood, and contains all the necessary services for a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle.

Botanica Location: 7th residential neighborhood (R7) within the E2A area in the heart of the Administrative Capital.

Project Space: about 23 acres.

Unit Types: Units vary from duplexes - apartments - studios.

Unit Spaces: Apartment Spaces start from 70 square meters.

Price per Meter: Starts at 9,200 and reaches 12,000 EGP.

Owner Company: New Generation Development.

Payment System: The customer pays 10% as a down payment, and the remaining amount is paid in installments for up to 10 years.

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Botanica Compound is the New Capital’s Finest Project

Botanica’s great reputation is well-deserved, thanks to its wonderful designs and integrated services that the owner company provided to maximize the comfort of its residents. More importantly, it is located in a vital and upscale area within the New Administrative Capital, the largest Egyptian national project in the past few years.

Botanica New Capital Location

Botanica project’s location offers many advantages. First of all, it is located in the most luxurious part of the New Capital, the 7th residential district (R7) within the E2A area, which is a central area in the heart of the capital. This wonderful location provides many advantages as follows:

  • View of three major main streets up to 70 meters wide.
  • It's next to the diplomatic quarter, one of the finest neighborhoods in the New Capital.
  • Close to the service area as well as the central park inside the 7th district.
  • Proximity to the International School District

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Botanica Available Space

The 23-acre compound is not crowded with buildings at all, because only 19% of the project space was reserved for building, while the majority of land is dedicated to green spaces and service facilities so that residents can enjoy a healthy environment.

All the buildings of the compound have a wonderful design, inspired from the modern Italian style of architecture, which is known for its luxury and innovation. Each residential building has a ground floor topped with 7 upper floors. There’s about 966 apartments in the entire project.

Botanica takes into account the different needs of customers, which is why the units vary widely, and include duplex units and studios in the first phase, all in different areas in line with the different requirements of the real estate market, for example there are apartments with spaces starting from 70 square meters and up to 220 square meters (apartments starting from 120 meters have three bedrooms).

Customers have the opportunity to choose between many different spaces: 70 m2, 89 m2, 109 m2, 120 m2, 137 m2, 141 m2, 147 m2, 150 m2, 152 m2, 162 m2, 173 m2.

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Everything within Botanica encourages relaxation and recreation because it provides essential services that ensure a comfortable life for its residents as well as some extra services for a more luxurious lifestyle. These services include:

  • Plenty of green spaces to ensure a healthy and welcoming environment for the population.
  • Special attention was paid to the vegetation, which includes a number of rare trees and greenery that enhances the landscape and provides a healthier environment.
  • Surveillance camera system to ensure maximum security and protection for the residents.
  • Each building is provided with two electric elevators to ensure that there is no congestion inside a single elevator and thus provide greater comfort to its residents.
  • A private underground garage for the residents alone, ensuring that you’ll always have a safe place to park close to your unit.
  • The use of solar panels reduces pollution and provides an environmentally-friendly power source to the compound.
  • Beautiful water bodies, including artificial lakes and swimming pools that enhance the landscape.
  • Sports courts are available within the compound, so that you can practice your favorite sports without leaving your place of residence.
  • Children’s playgrounds give your little ones a safe place to play close from home.
  • There’s a large mall that extends along the façade of the compound, where residents can find everything they need to buy.
  • An integrated clubhouse, featuring a number of entertainment services all in one place, including a gym, a spa, and a women's swimming pool.
  • A track for jogging and cycling in a safe and scenic route.

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Unit Prices

Owning a unit within Botanica project is an irreplaceable opportunity because its prices are very reasonable despite its extreme sophistication and the integration of its services in an unprecedented way. The price per meter starts at 9,200 EGP and up to 12,000 EGP, depending on the specifications of each unit.

The biggest surprise that the project offers to its customers is that the prices offered includes the costs of signing up for club house. The garage is estimated at 50,000 EGP with the opportunity to pay for it in installments over the scheduled period of payment.

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Payment Systems

Easy payment systems are one of the most important reasons why Botanica compound stands out among the competition, because it confirms that the owner company puts the customers’ well-being at the top of its priorities. To book a unit, you only need to provide 10% of the total unit price as a down payment, the remaining amount is to be paid in equal installments distributed over ten years.

There’s no delivery fees or any other payments except for a 5% maintenance fee. In return, the customers receive a unit with semi-finishes, and are given the freedom to change the interior however they see fit.

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Owner Company Portfolio

A major project such as Botanica Compound can only be the property of a successful real estate company, which is New Generation Development. The company’s main aim was to create a fully-integrated residential compound, and we think they have succeeded in that regard.

New Generation Development is a merger between several large companies: Cairo Capital Developments and Emirates Misr, as well as Brickzey Property Management, owned by Engineer Ahmed Salim and Engineer Assem Fadel.

Botanica project was launched in partnership with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs after signing a strategic partnership with its staff committee for its development, which is undoubtedly one of the most important reasons for its excellence.

The portfolio of these several entities should give you an idea of the amount of experience involved in this project. Emirates Misr For Urban Development works in the contracting sector and occupies the leadership position thanks to its major projects launched in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and foreign countries such as China in addition to owning a major tourism company inside Egypt, while Cairo Capital Developments has an honorable history of more than 20 years in the residential sector within Egypt, among its most prominent previous businesses:

  • Primavera Compound 6 October Gardens
  • Lake West Compound Sheikh Zayed

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Dr. Mohamed Shawky is the architectural consultant for Botanica project, and is one of the leading architects in the New Capital in general. He won the title for the best Master plan in the New Capital for Botanica compound’s master plan.


  • Security
  • Playgrounds
  • Swimming pools
  • Shopping center
  • Commercial area
  • Mosque
  • Social Club
  • Health club and Spa

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